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Found 1 result

  1. It has come to my attention, and to, quite possibly, many others, about the country of Finland not actually existing. Recently, these rumors have proven true. Take figure A, a map of the Nordic states: ~ From this map, clear evidence can be provided asserting that Finland, does not in-fact, exist as a nation, and instead is a small Japanese fishing village located just north of the Estonian/Russian coast. This village is cited (in many "true" sources) as Helsinki of course; but let's examine the name. Helsinki, can be broken down into Hell-Sink-Ki under pronunciation; Hell - Of course, a place of dread and often sited to be below the world. Sink - A verb, of course, to sink is self-explanatory, but why is it here. Ki - "A Japanese thing that is Japanese because it sounds Japanese, also is close to Koi so fish yes" * - Iosef Stalin, shortly before his failed Winter War with Eastern Sweden. an interesting note is the key link between "bottomless pit" of hell and sink, as if these two suggest that Finland may exist in real terms underwater, but as a nation is a complete myth. Still not convinced? Examine figure B Finland is a strange pseudo-nation, and it is my belief, and that of many others, that it was "created" as a false nation of which others should aspire towards. (Take note of the excessive GNP ($) per head) It is clear that Finland is just "too good to be true", I mean, if America, the Greatest** nation in the world doesn't have this GDP per head, it can't exist (Canade-ia is fake but for other reasons, we don't take about Canade-ia) For further evidence, take a look at Figure C: "Where's Finland" you might ask, well, where have you been through this whole article, IT DOESN'T EXIST! Checkmate fisherman of Eastern Sweden, we all know that Finland isn't real! Your Tax Evasion hovels and pseudo-hidden-Atlantis sub culture will soon be ridden out! Therefore, with unquestionable evidence, i can conclude that Finland is a myth, and people should be scorned for mentioning that it "actually" exists. We know the truth. will you? *Originally spoken in russian **Sourced from statistics of the Industrial revolution (1860+)
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