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Found 4 results

  1. So, I tried joining one of my favorite GMod servers but it wasn't working. One of them is a HogwartsRP without a server pack thing. But this one does (I think). So, I tried it but it didn't work either. It keeps getting stuck on "Downloading materials/pointshop/masks/uka.png.bz2" and it just says "Not responding" Is there a datapack I can download to fix this?
  2. This has been an increasingly annoying event where people abuse !spec to avoid being a specific role on special rounds(it also happens on normal rounds but a lot less commonly). In particular, 2 special rounds stand out as having massive amounts of !spec abuse. Escort: People abuse !spec on the MTF team to spawn as d-class, making it nearly impossible to tell who the actual original d-class was and causing it to be woefully unfair for the MTF. Bright in the Screen: People abuse !spec to respawn as researchers. They may be unarmed but enough people doing this once again flips round balance on its head. I've seen all sorts of people abusing this, from users to staff(not gonna say any names here, i dont want to start throwing shade on anyone directly no matter how much i t annoys me), so i would like to suggest a simple fix for these 2 special rounds in particular. On escort, make people who late spawn(the !spec abuse is joining spectator then unjoining spectator to late spawn) spawn in as MTF instead of d-class, and make people spawn in as redacted instead of researchers on bright in the screen.
  3. Every single time SPC Breach comes around, theres always people who keep punching their teammates as soon as round begins. MTf team and D-class team alike. ITs nearly impossible to keep track of everyone whos been injured by a teammate, and it never stops happening. Announcements to the chat doesnt seem to solve the problem, neither does taking extreme measures and slaying people who do it instantly. It keeps happening, and its annoying. Theres also the massive amounts of accidental team kill on this round due to the nature of how the brawls turn out. So i would like to please request that friendly fire gets disabled for SPC breach round. It would make it a hell of a lot easier on the staff, get rid of constant deaths or injuries caused by people who aparently lose all common sense as soon as the round begins and start punching every thing that moves, and just generally make the round more fun instead of a stressful mess.
  4. About Me Page

    I have the choice to view my own about me page while looking at my profile, but if I go onto another persons profile, I do not have the choice to view their about me page. Examples: My profile Another persons profile I have asked other people about this and they are having the same issue.
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