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Found 7 results

  1. Due to a post made by duc on another thread, i've decided to post a few 'item' scps. Scps that aren't alive or anything like that, simply useful items that can be picked up and used in some way. This is the first one as I can reuse most of my original suggestion for it SCP-2953: Fragments of a rock with ties to japanese mythology. Had fragments of the rock turned into bullets in order to be weaponized. Individuals who touch the rock(or get shot by the bullets) transform into an ordinary fox(Albeit still with their intelligence. Ingame: A special pistol loaded with a single scp-2953 fragment would spawn somewhere on the map. Upon shooting a non-scp(would be way too overpowered if it affected scps), the person shot gets transformed into a fox. They gain increased movement speed, but lose all access to items(Items they had on them should either drop or disappear, whatever is easier), and have a melee attack that does 50 damage. The shot itself does no damage, and the transformed player keeps their original team. They can be returned to normal by using a scp-500 on them(same way you cure a scp-049-2 zombie). Model: Could use an existing pistol model already for the weapon. If it needs to stand out the hl2 pistol would be an okay choice.(It doesnt really matter what the actual weapon looks like, but it might be better if it stood out). Sadly there is a current lack of proper fox models on the workshop. Potential alternatives include using an eevee model like 334 uses, or the 023 model despite it being a wolf instead of a fox. Link to 023 model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1368927958&searchtext=SCP-023
  2. SCP-3108 "The Nerfing Gun" Alright, now that I have your attention with this obnoxious color, I have a idea. Ever since Nighthound brought up the idea of the nerf gun, I've just thought of a idea for funsies, like usual. Oh, if you see @The1337Gh0st's post, it's because Nighthound has their ideas, whiles I have mine. SCP-3801 Description: Stats: Damage: None Attack Speed: Slow (Due to only having one bullet) Clip Size: 1 (See Above) Magazine: 30 Reload Speed: Slow Spawn Area: Any place where a pistol would spawn, and make it replace the pistol slot. Specials: The effect here would be for it to have a randomized (Or mash it all up together I don't care) effect for 30 seconds or 1 minute, such as: Blindness Slowness Item Stripping Maximum HP to 75 (For Humans and Perm) Take away one quarter of a SCP's HP (Perm) Bleeding 795's rat effect Remember, these are just ideas however. Effects are up to Xy. However, comment below for effects you think I should add. Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1588345531&searchtext= Use the maverick, or use 1337's idea and a retextured version of the HL2 revolver. I mean Nighthound's idea is cool too check it out I guess I don't know
  3. SCP-133

    Scp-133: instant hole http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-133 Lore: SCP-133 are a set of six hundred and thirteen (613) black, circular pieces of a waxy, paper-like material 5 cm in diameter. When placed against a solid surface and rubbed, SCP-133 will instantaneously "transfer" to the surface and create a circular hole. Testing has shown that SCP-133 is capable of penetrating up to 61 cm of structural grade steel, though the exact degree of penetration is reduced by extremely smooth or highly dense materials. In game: In game scp-133 would be a usable item that spawns around the map in harder to get spots (like the lcz armory or 079's cell) and can be used once per pickup. Apon use on a door, window, or gate, it will let the player clip through it and come out the other side. This can be used to escape dangerous situations or as a substitute for a key card on some doors.
  4. SCP-127

    SCP-127: the living gun Lore: SCP-127 appears at first to be an ordinary mp5k sub machine gun, however after further observation, it is 100% organic inside of its metal casing. SCP-127 requires only water, calcium and proteins to survive. SCP-127 is capable of semi-automatic and full auto fire (when switched an audible groan can be heard). The magazine (typically 60 shots) is entirely attached to the gun and can not be removed in any way. After firing all rounds the magizene will "regrow" in 3-5 days. In game: Scp-127 would be available in the LCZ armory and would have 60 rounds as stated with most the same properties of the mp5 already in game. However it would regenerate its 60 rounds every minute, making it valuable to pick up. The player would not be able to pick up ammo for it however, making it only reload when it regrows.
  5. Hey if you're reading this, let me be the first to say, congratulations! For what reason you may ask? Like I said before, "Long story short, turns out Site-19 has been hiding a lot of stuff within its walls." We're not just hoarding freakishly-sized lizards. Well, we are, but not just that! Anyways, there are other hidden objects, item, and tools stored away within the confines of the facility. Just a matter of time before someone gets their hands on them. Note: this suggestion is a continuation of the original SCP Objects Overhaul found right here, featuring nine eight other items that may be possibly added in the game (SCP-207 has been modified but made an appearance). These SCPs may prove pointless in certain occasions, but in other circumstances can affect an entire situation. In all honesty, it all helps flesh out the feeling that we're undergoing a containment breach and somebody can steal the many anomalies we have anytime they please. Some items synergize or negate others, so watch out for that too. Also, quick modification to other suggestion. SCP-1123 can be picked up with a hazmat suit on as well as SCP-714 of course. However, it cannot be used against users with a hazmat suit or SCP-714. "Well, that's enough chit chat. I've got a rocket to launch." ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SCP-063: "The World's Best Tothbrush (sic)" -Spawns in item location. -Item Type: Active Weapon. -Poke!: deals only 1 damage to players. It's a toothbrush, what did you expect. -On use on gates: deals enormous amounts of damage, at a rate slightly higher than SCP-106. Purpose: Stuck behind gate a? Use !gatea a literal toothbrush to chisel your way out. Especially useful if the commander is "special". Strange Eyedrops -Occasionally replaces eye drops. -Item Type: Consumable Item -On use: user instantly teleports to the pocket dimension. Purpose: A one-time use for getaway situations. Though be mindful, it's the pocket dimension. Medkit (tweaked) -Spawns in item location and other medkit spawns. -Item Type: Consumable Item -Instantly heals the player by +75 HP. -Takes 3 seconds to use. Reason for Tweak: I honestly don't like how it instantly heals you to 100 on use, as it makes it almost identical in function to SCP-500, which SCP-500 should clearly be more distinguished than the medkit. It would also help make fights more balanced with people who are loaded with medkits. Tau-5's Cybernetic Regenerative "Doohicky" "It looks like it still works, uh, kind of" -33% chance to spawn after killing a Tau-5. -Item Type: Passive Item -Item can be enabled/disabled using the RELOAD key. -May spontaneously go on healing sprees, rapidly healing the player like Tau-5's HP regeneration. -May spontaneously go on damage sprees, rapidly damaging the player as an "inverse" to Tau-5's HP regeneration. Purpose: An uncommon but fancy prize for killing Tau-5, though be mindful of using it. SCP-268: "Cap of Neglect" -Spawns in item location. -Item Type: Passive Item -The player is completely cloaked, most of the time, when equipped. -Taking damage will drop the item instantly. -Running for too long will drop the item; it's a bit "slippery" today. -Note: the player's name can still be seen by other's crosshairs. Purpose: Perfect for evading enemies, such as MTF in the EZ. However, it is not recommended to ignore the risks involved. SCP-1074: "Stendhal's Nightmare" -Spawns in SCP-178's chamber, uncommonly. -Item Type: Passive Item + Entity -Item spawns in its entity form, facing the wall. -On use: SCP-1074 is added to your inventory. -While holding SCP-1074, movement speed is reduced to a walk. -On use (with item): plant SCP-1074 at your location. -Viewing SCP-1074's front for more than one second freezes the viewer in place for 5-10 seconds. -The teammates of SCP-1074's user are not affected. Neutrals beware. Purpose: A placable "trap" for unsuspecting victims. are we cool yet? SCP-018: "Super ball" -Spawns in item location. -Item Type: Active Weapon + Entity -Item spawns in its weapon form -To prevent RDM, teammates of SCP-018's users are ignored. This not include its original user. -On use: deploy SCP-018 by tossing it forward. -On each bounce SCP-018 is accelerated -On contact: damage is scaled by SCP-018's acceleration. -On contact with an SCP-class player: SCP-018 is turned into an item. -SCP-018 has a cap for acceleration for performance reasons, though it travels quite fast. -Max damage is 250. -The teammates of SCP-1074's user are not affected. Neutrals beware. Purpose: An unconvential game of fetch. Though, it may prove uneffective if the ball continously misses. SCP-262: "A Coat of Many Arms" -Spawns in item location. -Item Type: Passive Item -User no longer has any item limit restrictions. (Ex. they can carry every type of gun in the game) -User commonly drops weapons, which may prove awkward in combat. Purpose: A large coat for your item needs. Comes with arms too! But not every arm agrees how to work together, especially regarding which items they like. SCP-956: "Child Breaker" (Pinata!) -Spawns in certain specific locations around the map. -Item Type: Entity -Item has 250 HP. -On break: drops 3-6 strange candy! -Wait, strange? Purpose: Pinata time! More candy, because why not? Also I wish this thing could detect whether you are some squeaky 8 year old so it would smash you into pieces but sadly that can't happen, not today at least. "Strange Candy" (SCP-956-1) -Spawns from SCP-956, though may rarely replace a candy from SCP-330. -Item Type: Consumable Item -On use: suffer a series of disorienting events, include screen blindness, sound distortion, and movement inversion for several seconds. -On use: heals slightly more than candy from SCP-330. Purpose: Why you shouldn't take candy from strangers, but hey, candy is still candy! SCP-1079: "Dr. Wondertainment's Bubblebath Bonbons!" -Spawns as an item, though may rarely replace a candy from SCP-330. -Item Type: Consumable Item -On use: Heals +15 HP. -On use: Damage is reduced by 50% for 5-10 seconds. Sweet sugar clots! -Screen is tinted pink, slightly disorienting the user. -The more that are consumed the more disorienting the screen becomes. -Eating more than 3 in a round kills the user in sweet pink blindnesss. Purpose: Caaaaandy, but at a slight cost. SCP-999's Lost M&M -You feel giddy inside! -May rarely replace a candy from SCP-330. -Item Type: Consumable Item -On use: Slowly regenerate +100 HP over time. -On use: speed is increased for several seconds. -Screen is slightly tinted orange! Purpose: So that's where it went, huh? SCP-427-1: "Flesh Beast" note: this is an addon to the SCP-427 suggestion in the first part. -The result of sustained usage of SCP-427 from VOL. I of this suggestion. -This is an SCP class. -On attack: deal {75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100} damage. -Movement speed is extremely slow, the same speed as docile SCP-682. -Spawns with 800 HP Purpose: This is designed to be the most unfun and probably weakest SCP in the entire game, as it is supposed to serve as a reminder to players not to wear SCP-427 for too long. Uses that one poison zombie player model I mentioned earlier. The misc. items are below: SCP-2270: right here SCP-1161: right here Vol. 1: right here (I'm pretty sure if you comment on that it's sorta' necro'ing, so if you have anything to say about those SCPs leave it here) also, shoutout to haxray's SCP-2953. fox gun pls
  6. Player Doomnack has joined the server Long story short, turns out Site-19 has been hiding a lot of stuff within its walls. Not big lizards, deadly sculptures, skinny white people, or any type of monster. Items, artifacts, a lot of weird collectibles that most staff have hidden. Anyways, this isn't like my normal suggestion. This is a spew of different ideas that prominently feature different item SCPs that are featured in SCP:CB and the actual wiki. I figured if SCP-1025 was added, then the idea of adding more collectible and entity-based SCPs is no longer foreign. I know we have stuff lke SCP-294, 458, and 330, but those SCPs are in common use by players due to their phyiscal apparency and exetremely helpful use. These SCPs may prove dull, but can be useful when criteria or other circumstances are met correctly. Some of these SCPs synergize or negate others, and have varied functions, so enjoy some weird collectibles. "Well, that's enough chit chat. I got a rocket to launch." ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *part of suggestion SCP-714: "The Jaded Ring" -Spawns in random LCZ location -Item Type: Passive Weapon -User is immune to SCP-049's infectious properties -User is no longer affected by SCP-795 -User no longer achieves bad symptoms from SCP-1025 -User is no longer affected by SCP-966's special -User can detect SCP-939 (may be op) -User takes 10% less damage from all sources -Movement is slowed to a walk *User can safefully pick up SCP-1123 *User can see the identity of the user of SCP-034 *User is immune to SCP-209 Purpose: protection from minor dangers and mind-affecting hazards. Slight hardening too, but all at a cost of speed. SCP-1123: "Atrocity Skull" -Spawns in random LCZ location -Item Type: Active + Passive Weapon -Having SCP-1123 in your inventory rapidly deals damage to its user (probably -8 per 0.5 seconds) and is unusable -SCP-1123 can only be safefully handled when SCP-714 is equipped -Using SCP-1123 on another player inflicts SHOCK -SHOCK causes a player to remain frozen for a few moments, unable to use a weapon (similar to 999 stun) -SHOCK degenerates their health similar to passively holding 1123 without 714 -Does not work on SCPs Note: encouraged to use some weird screen effects when 1123 is affecting you, maybe motion blur and vignette Purpose: literal skeleton taser, well, if you have protection SCP-1499: "The Gask Mask" -Spawns in random LCZ location -Item Type: Active Weapon -On use: teleport to SCP-1499's dimension, vanishing from normal view -On equip other item or drop: reappear in the exact same location -Useful for getting away from danger -Deploy has a 1 second delay -Health slowly degenerates by -1 in dimension Note: SCP-1499's dimension is not physical, since most maps lack it anyways. Just put the player in really far map coordinate and blind their view. Purpose: the unconventional escape route SCP-034: "Obsidian Ritual Knife" -Spawns in random HCZ location -Item Type: Active Weapon -SCP-034 deals 25 damage on use -On use on human class (victim): flawlessly and instantaneously disguise as their class and playermodel -Regular class rules apply before disguise; use to become a spy -Disguise fades away based on damage done -Each hit grants 30 more seconds till disguise fade -Disguise dissapears instantly if the original victim dies Purpose: that engineer is a spy SCP-427: "Lovecraftian Locket" -Spawns in random LCZ location -Item Type: Active Weapon -On equip: heal slowly with +5 per second -On equip: user deals 15% more damage -Can be (optionally) created by putting SCP-500 in SCP-914, but should spawn normally -Prolonged use will slowly kill the user (around 20-30 seconds) Purpose: increased strength and health, with a cost SCP-207: "Cola Bottles" -Spawn Location: EZ Cafe -Item Type: Consumable Entity (similar to SCP-458) -On use: Heal 50 HP -User takes 10% less damage from all sources -User deals 5% more damage -User travels 10% faster -User will instantly die in one minute, make it count Purpose: use cautiously in situations where you are at your last stand and there no other options left, or are wholesome enough to sacrifice your presence for others SCP-109: "Infinite Canteen" -Spawns in random LCZ location -Item Type: Passive Weapon -User deals 5% more damage -User travels 15% faster -User's deploy speed is slightly increased Purpose: well, speed is cool SCP-209: "The Sadist's Tumbler" -Spawns in random HCZ location -Item Type: Active Weapon -On use: the closest human enemy in a certain range is frozen in place for 15 seconds. -Victim cannot use weapons, move, or rotate their view -Wreak havoc on your weakened enemies -User takes 50% less damage during this period -User moves 50% slower OR cannot move out of the range -Cannot be used for another 45 seconds after use -Range is defined as a small circle, roughly the size of a room, surrounding the user. Purpose: useful for taking out lone enemies, but user may be overwhelmed by crowds, even with 50% less damage SCP-035 (Class-D): "Possessive Mask" -Item Type: Entity -Dropped on death of 035 -May appear in its CC if 035 hasn't spawn, sometimes I had an idea for a latching 035 before, just want to see if it gets far. -On use, user becomes 035 with slightly lowered health. No new weapons are added. -Only usable by Class-Ds Purpose: continue the legacy (eh, wiki accurancy) Also, with SCP-1025. Can we see more helpful diseases as well? I'm pretty sure several other people have listed some stuff we can use. That was a lot to process. I might add more if I want to, but I think the list is good enough. These ideas were designed to be 'iffy; they may need to be nerfed or even buffed. If you have any feedback it is completely welcome. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ OH NO SELF-PRIDEFUL UPDATES THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING OH GOD OH F- Haven't made an update in a while sooo The two medical siblings Anomalous artifacts A familiar painting, (1074 not included, sadly; I leave room for additions) A very cuddly "pen" A very peculiar apple tree, I have an idea for its function Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. Patches got out again, but I doubt he went far anyways. do not forget the melon Also this is totally not inspired by this post totallyyy
  7. Another SCP item suggestion. Modified from original suggestion and split into individual post. SCP-1627: A kind of mushroom that, if consumed when the mushroom is covered in the user's blood, completely heals them and renders them essentially invincible to damage. However, 1627's instances will starve if they don't 'feed' by touching another person. The person touched is fully healed for a short period of time, but then slowly dies usually to natural causes. Gameplay Effect: A 1627 mushroom would spawn somewhere on the map. Upon someone using the mushroom, they become a scp-1627-A. They remain their original team and model however, and the following happens: -Fully healed upon use -Heavy damage reduction effect -Slowly loses health over time(Bleed but never ends) -Can touch a hostile or neutral player. This sets their health to 100, but causes them to constantly lose health, similar to bleed. This can be cured by scp-500 -Heals from damage done via the 'touch'. Alternatively, you could make SCP-1627-A and SCP-1627-B scps that spawn normally, without being tied to the item. SCP-1627-A: Model: A d-class model(Im aware this could cause confusion at range. That is the point, and any 1627-A instances would be a d-class used for testing the mushroom) SCP team sided, obviously 200-300 health Passively loses health over time Upon clicking on someone, said person gets a never ending bleed unless they use a scp-500, and damage they take heal scp-1627-A over time. SCP-1627-A can use items(Might need to lower health to 150 or something). SCP-1627-B: Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=312489252 (Yes, im aware of what its based on. But it looks incredibly close to the description given of SCP-1627-B entities) SCP team sided 100-150 health Can use right click to possess someone, instantly killing them and taking their appearance and role(as far as anyone else can see). Can use items and weapons like this, but slowly loses health over time. Upon the host 'dying', the scp returns to its normal form. This ability has a cooldown of 10 seconds upon leaving a host to avoid being easily spammed in a fire fight.
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