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Found 13 results

  1. So this is kinda dumb, but I feel as though I have to do this cause 90% of the people that go onto CT have no idea what they're doing. T Freedays A freeday is a day where the T was freekilled or unfairly killed in some way, wether it be a game bugging out or some other reason. They will be glowed green at the start of every round/when they were glowed. Sometimes, like if a warden does !glowhalf and glows all the T's a new color, that T still has a freeday. This will be indicated by the circle above their head that is green. IF you do not see this, the person is either unglowed, or you need to turn on Jailbreak Icons. To turn these on, do !settings. As a "glowed" T, they are allowed to do anything they want, aside from: Teamkilling via button press/T game Rebelling interfering with warden/CTs (E.i Standing and strafing directly in-front of warden preventing him from placing markers/seeing, use some common sense, you know what you're doing.) T's are however, allowed to: Roam freely until unglowed Ignore warden orders until unglowed Play any and all games, including games currently being played by T's Play around with CTs (more below.) This is a very simple concept to understand, and it is super easy to figure out. CT interaction Typically CTs are typically capable of understanding the rules. But, there are a small set of people who don't sadly. So let me explain. Lets start here. Rebelling. If a T is glowed, and he knifes a ct when the CT is NOT baiting, that is Rebelling. Here are a few example scenarios: A T on a freeday runs toward/chases a ct with no reason and kills the CT. This is rebelling. A T on a freeday is running around aimlessly and accidentally knifes a CT. This is not rebelling. A T on a freeday playing around with a CT stabs the CT, taking his gun on purpose. This is rebelling. A T on a freeday starts breaking a T secret/does a T secret. This is rebelling. A good way to tell if a glowed T is rebelling is to see if he is shooting at you. If he's shooting at you, typically that means he's rebelling. You should shoot him. Basically just use common sense. Got it? Good. Next part. DO. NOT. BE. NAZI. This is something that happens a lot. When a T is glowed, all they want to do typically is just have some fun from the usual hell that is playing as a T. Don't gun down a T that has to run through a CT to get to wherever he needs to go. If he doesn't hurt anyone, what harm is he doing? All he wants to do is just go and do his shit. A CT recently did this, and then decided it would be great to pull direct quotes from the rules. They are as follow: From: Prisoner rules. 2. All prisoners not obeying warden’s orders, in secrets/vents, armory or within knifing distance of a guard are considered rebelling. 5. As a prisoner with a freeday, you are not exempt from being considered a rebel with the exception of obeying warden’s orders. He used this as a justified reason to kill the T. The freeday simply ran through a gaurd just to get to the game he wanted to play. He made no indication of rebelling whatsoever. Please please please don't be like this. All it does is make you look like an idiot and kill someone doing nothing wrong. Basically just use common sense. Got it? Good. Next part. You can play with freedays CT. Believe it or not, people actually enjoy messing around. Have some fun with the freeday, just don't let it interfere with the round, and try not to die. <3 Use big brane, not smol brane.
  2. I took a 2-week break from jailbreak to enjoy the luxurious life of Minecraft. I came back to hear the most god awful sound ever to pierce my ears I've ever heard. so, I continued playing for some time. As I've played the past few days I've noticed an incline in new players. I like new players and I hope GFL grows bigger with these new players that enjoy our servers. But, the biggest turnoff I've noticed for new players is the number of people that talk over warden. I try to consistently and thoroughly say orders through the mic spam. I am suggesting that admins talk and decide if they want to enforce the following rules more to help prevent free kills, spam, and overall toxicity. 1. Do not talk over warden. 2. Do not spam, this includes both voice and chat. 3. Only the WARDEN may give direct orders. these 3 rules are the rules I'm suggesting admins give warnings or gags and try to enforce to help ensure the longevity of the server. I appreciate all the admins and respect them for the toxicity they put up and patience they show. the 3 rules listed above have been a problem the last few days I've played and I have seen countless freekills because ct's/t's are talking over warden. also I've noticed freekills when other ct's are yelling orders like they are the warden and new players get confused who to listen too. IF all the admins start enforcing these rules more than in the past I believe the jailbreak server will have less stress and have more fun days and nights for all the new players coming and going. Yes, I understand I can ! tmute 0-999 or ! ctmute 0-999, but doing this takes a lot of fun away from the game as I can't interact with my fellow ct's/t's also doing ! tmute will just cause dead t's to talk after the timer is up which then causes admins to waster time to warn and gag players for talking while dead. as a Warden, I shouldn't have to stop mute t's and or ct's, just so I can give clear orders. I would like to enjoy giving/listening to orders than conversating if with fellow players. Thank you admins, for your fight against cancer. p.s. this a suggestive constructive criticism post. I respect all admins and just want the best for new players and the community.
  3. @Racc is a fantastic painter coloring on any wall possible i personally have been killed by his wonderful paintings because i cant see the marker. Racc is by far the most advanced painter in all of csgo. Here are just a few of his paintings. Please Appreciate this great painter we are not worthy of his presence and painting skills. All viewers please admire @Racc 's motivational and inspiring paintings.
  4. It was firstday freeday and i was sitting behind a pillar and i started to get shot at and killed and I peaked and shot a T that was looking at me next to the guy with the gun. I understand i freekilled the wrong guy but moose told me i dont know how to play ct and ct banned me. I have been commited to follow and learn the rules and try and help new players learn them. Many other active admins would give me a warning or understand from playing with me constantly that i freekilled him on accident and not on purpose. Admins please help. I also have heard there is a number where u can see if u have been ct banned before, i honor and am proud of my clean record and would like this ct ban to come off.
  5. I have been playing on the jailbreak server for 5-6 months. Whenever I play on CT i try not to break any rules and give the T's a fun day but sometimes i'm yelled at or told politely by people/admins that have been playing on the server for a long time. They tell me these rules that exist but i can never find the rules anywhere, example : revoking a freeday/glow with 2 people alive. there are many rules i cant find that i get told are rules or unspoken rules. how am i suppose to know what these unspoken rules are by getting warned or yelled at by people. I've been told the rules got deleted. If so, I'm just asking or suggesting a staff member please work towards all the rules being wrote down somewhere so I can know the rules. I would like to apply for admin but feel unqualified when i don't know about all these unspoken rules i cant find. Some admins tell me these rules exist and act like i should know them when they aren't even posted on the website. Please Help so others aren't confused like me.
  6. Link to video (file was too big) ------> https://streamable.com/e4dc9 Its not finished yet but i'm still working on it. Tell me your opinions
  7. Hey guys, I was banned from GFL a few years back because I thoughtlessly typed a command in console that would supposedly reduce my framerate (something with setting the host framerate to a certain value) while playing JB. I didn't even think about the ramifications then nor did I even think to clarify the situation initially, but now that I'm starting to play Gmod again I was wondering if this ban could be lifted. I've been hoping to return to the community and servers, and would greatly appreciate if I could be given the chance to. Thank you.
  8. Hi I would like to adress what has happend sir ok so i got banned in game admin chat spamming appreantly while i was doing stuff like reporting freekill and stuff then chef says type in admin chat one more time you are banned and I did and i know its my fault i should have not typed it. the ban is Permanet so i cant do anything and also i learend my lesson from fourm spamming sorry to you all admins. I will never do this again i know that i was imature but i have grown since that ban and forms ban i would like a unban but if you dont unban me its ok because it is my fault in the first place and i would like to apolagise.
  9. Thanks to an anonymous admin for tipping me off to this. For all it may concern I will be signing up for Jailbreak Admin in the coming days. I am currently trying to complete the requirements. The main being the 65 hrs. required. ALL ADMINS WHO ARE CURIOUS may PM me for why I'm trying to become an admin.
  10. I was wondering after looking through the GFL Staff, why there isn't a Division Manager for CS:GO JailBreak. I am hoping to get an answer from an Admin or Roy. Another question would be how do you become a Division Manager.
  11. When seeing admins in action, they seem like just normal people with higher positions. I have seen multiple slays, team-swaps, com-bans, ending !lr's. Admins have given me some of the best support and tips I could ask for. Some of them being PurpleExod and Worgee. I am curious about how far an Admin's ability can stretch before something is out of his/her control.
  12. I just want to see which one the community thinks is better, I love both :).
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