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Found 4 results

  1. Name: DUDWAS Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/[U:1:362674768] Admin who banned you: Chef What kind of punishment was it (ct ban, perma mute/silence, server ban): perma ban Why do you want to be unbanned?: same reason as before and i do know its my fualt and will not happen again in the future. Why should we reduce or undo the mute/ban?: as i said i will not do this again in the future and i know it is all my fault.
  2. Hey I used to be a really big fan of deathrun and I still am, but I would really enjoy if GFL Brought it back! That was one of my favorite server's to play on CS:S. I would support and appreciate if anyone would have brought it back. I would encourage people to repopulate it. Hell, maybe it can even self-populate. Anyways, I would appreciate if you would bring it back.
  3. Hello, I was a former admin in GFL for the long lasting Deathrun server for about 2 years. I know that it's a bit later on since it has been down, and what happened with the server, but I have so many friends that was from GFL Deathrun, and nearly all of them that still play CS:S say that they would love for the server to be brought back. I've missed the server myself, and I check almost every week to see if I can find anything about the deathrun being brought back. I know that there are about zero Deathrun servers on CS:S that are English, and GFL had a very successful one, and I wouldn't be surprised if it was popular again. What I'm making this post about is because I think (And many others) that the Deathrun should be brought back, at least for a few months to see how it'll turn out. I'll help the server 24/7 and be active for most of my day. I'll have players invited, recruited and even help around with the server and getting it populated. I know the odds of how this could turn out, and if we could get a successful server manager, I believe this server could do mighty fine. I will have a poll set, please make your votes with a lot of consideration as I have a lot of hope for this server to be brought back. If you're a Division Leader, I please you to take this under consideration. Thank You!
  4. I will be using this thread to submit writings that I write on daily basis. So that everyone can see them. (I will update the OP and reply with the new writings each day as well) I never knew my life could be so painful without her, I don't feel whole without her by my side. We sought off to adventure the world together, but that will never happen. She got taken from me. I throw myself onto my pillow and start screaming. Then I start to cry, punch, kick, anything to get rid of this feeling, this feeling of dread, guilt, loneliness. Nothing works, I can't handle this anymore. I curl up into a ball under the covers. Hoping that maybe this is a dream, and that she will be here by my side, smiling, with all of her energy radiating off to me. She will make me content, even happy. I smile at the thought as I drift off to sleep. I hope that maybe, maybe, that can become a reality. I tried to grasp onto memories, to remember them, of us being together. Painful memories, that I can't hold onto. I wish, that I could forget, forget us ever being a thing. Surrounding me is memories, memories that will never truly become a reality. Will this be my life now? Walking blindly through the streets trying to find her? Or will it be of me trying to find another her? I may never know, but one thing is certain. I will always continue forward, always seeking a better future for myself. And by a random chance, I may become content with myself, with the world, once again. I always hated that boy, always her shadow. He's always around her, trying to pry into her life, surrounding her, trying to make her love him. He can never love her the way I do, I will shower her with gifts, making her feel special. I will make her feel safe, always defending her when needed. And I will guide her, making sure she never loses her way. But he makes a fatal mistake, messing with her in a way that will only make me snap. The boy is talking with her on one side of the room, making wide gestures with his hands, trying to convey something to her. Looks like he's trying to persuade her into something. But what? I ask myself, but I haven't got a single clue. The conversation grows worse, he keeps trying to make her accept on whatever he's trying to make her do. She shakes her head, trying to show that she clearly does not agree with him. Stepping backward each time he tries to gain up on her. Oh no, think to myself, this is going to get bad. He now has her cornered, no escape from whatever he plans to do to her, or make her do. My body stiffens as his hand touches her face. Grazing her cheek with his stubby fingers. He slowly proceeds onto her torso. Sizing her up against the other females in the room. She has endless curves, and a perfect body frame. And don't get me started on her face, she's like a angel. He stands there with admiration, like he owns her. His hands fidget with her shirt,and moves his hands around her curves. Then, his hands find the hem of her shirt, and he tries to raise it upward. Something snaps inside me. Anger consumes me, and takes over, not even registering my actions anymore. I make a dead sprint across the room, and jump on top of him. His face turns pale, his eyes widen, clearly surprised to see me pounce on him. My fists connects with his face, and continues to do so. He doesn't even try to defend himself, already claiming defeat. I ignore the pain in my hands right now, moving past the pain and focusing on the boy infront of me. His body goes limp underneath me, declaring that his body couldn't take it anymore, too much pain to bear. But I don't care that he can't do anything, rendering him useless. I don't care. I then proceed to kick him in his torso, aiming for his ribs. Bones snap and his face already looking like he just came from a fatal car crash, bruises already starting to form. But I don't care, he did this to me, to her. I suddenly notice a crowd already formed, engulfing us full of other bystanders watching, unmoving. I then see her, her face red, her expression clearly showing fear. ''You monster'' she practically shrieks ontop of her lungs. The gravity of what I just done, is finally settling in. I crumble to the ground, my heart shattering into a million tiny pieces. She will never love me, not after what I just did. Tears well up in my eyes, and they start to roll down my cheeks. The crowd parts to make way for cops, already placing cool metal around my wrists, and they start to dig into my skin. They start mumbling protocol and regulations, but I don't care anymore. Not without her by my side, conquering the world together, facing it head on. Everything now starts to move in slow motion, almost not moving. My hands move toward the holstered weapon, sweat rolls down my forehead. As I switch the safety off and curl my fingers around the trigger. Pressing the barrel into my forehead, making me instantly cold as ice. I squeeze my eyes shut, and I fire.
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