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Found 40 results

  1. Hello! I recently finished one of my latest TTT Maps and figured I'd suggest it here. TTT Damons Bridge I also have many other TTT maps all available for Garrys Mod. This includes Kirbycity, Closequarters etc also available in CSGO. Check them out here: All Damons Gmod TTT Maps
  2. SCP-602

    Yo finally finished SCP-602 for site 28 and though it'd be nice to release just the scp so you guys could check it out and see if ya like it. Better be good enough Saizy. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2111222668
  3. Site 28

    Site 28 "Site-28 is located in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City, New York, United States, and was initially established to contain SCP-602. Since then, this facility has been expanded into a full-fledged Foundation containment facility specializing in anomalous artwork and artifacts." (for reference - http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-602) Site-28 can be a map that surrounds an apartment complex. Anyone who enters the apartment complex gets attacked by SCP-602 but there is high rewards in the apartment building to make the effort worth it. I think a city-based site will be a change of fresh air. Any other alternative ideas will be fine, as GMod is quite limiting. I just think a new scenery change outside of a small town & barren landscape would be good. A lot of interesting ideas can come from this map.
  4. the original atix its way harder, longer defend and more fun with chill team (the map itself have a completely different layout and room) I remember back in 2015-2016 when fidler used to told us to keep extend the map until we win, it was good old time, I miss it but the result wasnt pretty since old one is different why not put both in nom? pls bring back? vote the poll ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  5. bhop_ragequit

  6. GFL_sniperarena(temporary name) So,just because i was bored, i made a custom map for TF2,now let me describe: The map is just 2 floating bases connected by two bridges with doors that switch between closed and open,and the bases have 2 floors. This is primarily intended for snipers,but other classes can play too.Might not look as good as other maps actually. Screenshots:
  7. made a map

    so i made a map called sniperarena probably rushed but then i also forgot to take screenshots and i cant attach BSPs so reply if you want to try the map
  8. New Map

    Name: Slender: The Eight Pages Map Type: Map Link(s): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1924238206 Rank(s): n/a Cost: Description: I am suggesting a map. Honestly, I'm not sure this will get in but I wanted to suggest this map because it is a dark map that was made with hide and seek in mind. There are secret spots that can be discovered and easy spots that can be hidden in too, the fog reaches far so it isn't too difficult to see people. I'm also open to suggestions, I could modify the map to have a little bit of light as to easily see players.
  9. Map suggestion

    Name: Coruscant Type: Map Link(s): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=605111678https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=605111678 Rank(s): Cost: Description: A small-medium sized map with plenty of spots. A map well balanced with hiders and seekers could be a fair map to add to the server.
  10. 64Tress Map v2

    Name: 64 Tress 0.2 Type: Map Link(s): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1849082436 Rank(s): none Cost: Description: This is the original 64 fortress map that i think we should use as this is what 64 fortress actually is CSS Textures same size map it just has a mario 64 vibe to it, for all them original players that played this game.
  11. rp_yantar Map

    Name: Yantar Type: map Link(s): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1858789063 Rank(s): None Cost: Description: Large map has alot of hiding spots and secrets a map that doesnt need any special Source please add this to the hns maps as we seem to not have alot of new ones so far.
  12. Name: 90s Town Type: Map Link(s): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1854338018 Rank(s): none Cost: Description: Stranger Things town bec why not ^_^ typical town has alot of space nothing really special just a ordinary map i have nothing else to do so i figured i may as well post a suggestion Shady
  13. Title says it all, there are different 2fort map variants and I think there should be a function for players to vote if they want to change the map to make it more interesting, maybe vote on a change once per week or once every couple of days, Ohmid told me it was suggested and denied but I'm bringing it back to the table because I really enjoy playing spooky fort, 2fort frosty etc etc. so yeah. Here's some images of the different variants
  14. THE ZE_MOLTENTEMPLE CONTEST! RULES: No admin abuse to win the map Z:R jump height must be 1.0 and no jump boost on humans, proof may be requested. There must be a demo available from the server There must be above 35 active players playing at the time of the wins. The map must be played in 'full mode' and not in 'normal mode'. START DATE: 06/05/2019 END DATE: 06/06/2019 ALL CONTEST SUBMISSIONS, PLAYER OR SERVER BASED, MUST BE SUBMITTED BEFORE THE END DATE. THIS CONTEST WILL BE PERFORMED ON ZE_MOLTENTEMPLE_A4 UNLESS THIS VERSION CONTAINS A GAME BREAKING BUG OR BECOMES IMPOSSIBLE TO BEAT IN WHICH CASE I WILL UPDATE THE CONTEST AND THIS THREAD! SPECIAL PLAYER REWARDS: Winning the map atleast once, but also fulfilling one of these special conditions will net you a SPECIAL UNIQUE PRIZE, that only YOU can claim (unless you tie, then this statement is a lie): Most map wins: The person with the most collective map wins between servers will earn a special skin of their choice in the beta and final versions of the map! You must have won the map MORE than once to qualify for this reward, if you have managed to wrestle a few wins, great! When I count the players at the end, I will be compiling winners by STEAM ID and in the case of a tie, I will raffle the prize and it will be rewarded to 3 people max out of the possible pool of winners. Climb Master: The person who has done the most triggers over the contest period AND won the map at least once will be awarded the grand super title of Climb Master! They will also earn a special skin in the beta and final versions of the map! MLG Bow Trickshot 360 NoScope: The best trigger shot (or even casual shot if it's good enough) shot will earn a game of their choice out of the prize pool (TO BE ANNOUNCED, SEE BOTTOM OF POST). To qualify for this reward you must send me a video of your most MLG trickshot with the bow, the most creative one (or multiple if I really can't decide) will get the reward. Glorious Leader: For this prize, the person who leads the map with the LEAST death/human loss will be rewarded, the way this will be calculated is a ratio of the humans alive at the end against the humans alive at the start. If there are multiple leaders in a tie or multiple leaders on a 'good' round, then all relevant leaders will be rewarded. The prize for doing this challenge is a game of your choice out of the prize pool AND a special skin in the beta and final versions of the map! (To qualify some evidence must of course be provided in the form of a video or otherwise.) Play of the Game: The best play that is sent to me in video form (it must be special in some way) will win this prize, to enter you MUST send me a video of what you believe is your 'play of the game'. If you win this reward you will earn yourself a prize from the prize pool AND a special skin in the beta and final versions of the map! OVERALL PLAYER REWARDS: Every win of the map you successfully partake in earns you an entry into the final prize raffle, after all the special rewards have been awarded, the remaining prizes will be raffled between everyone who won the map at least once, remember 1 win = 1 entry, so get those wins in for a higher chance of a reward! SERVERS: The valid servers for this contest are UNLOZE and GFL, if any other server wishes to partake in the contest please contact me and I will consider your server for entry into the contest. The server which beats the map first will earn a place on the final contest board(s) announcing the winners of the map! PRIZE POOL: The prize pool for the contest is not yet announced however watch this space, it will be soon!
  15. Here is a comprehensive list of all the things currently broken in Site61. I made this list to help Xy know what he needs to fix. He probably knows at least some of these, but I just wanted to make a list so it can be done easier. 1. A room which you can't access, yet items spawn in it The items are not in the picture, they are to the left on a shelf. The window doesn't break and the door can't be opened using the nearby console. I tried both. 2. You can't enter SCP 012's room There is an invisible wall blocking the way in. I think it has to do with loading zones. 3. You can't enter the spotlight room Just another loading zone error. 4. Invisible ladders These cables act like ladders and the only visible parts are the bottom parts. Edit: 6. - Disappearing shotgun shells Before reinforcement spawn After reinforcement spawn (I swear I didn't grab the ammo) Also I don't really know if this is a bug or not. This may be on purpose as Xy is testing the combat with shotguns. I don't know. Edit 2: 7. - Shotgun ammo counting as pistol ammo Note: I never picked up any shotgun ammo; however, I did pick up the maximum amount of pistol ammo. Probably just an ammo classification thing 8. - Floating and backwards 294 'Nuff said. 9. - Gate A opens on round start Xy probably knows about this one. Also, it is not a picture at round start, but I wanted a picture. That's about it. Oh yeah and the CP elevators that kill you when players stand in each other.
  16. The pocket dimension in area14 is a pain to get out of. It's literally a maze with only one way out. This gave me an idea. We should have a map that's just base on this hellish maze but bigger. ( Note: Someone does need to make this map if we all want it implemented. Not sure if @Ralsei will be up to the task. ) How it should work: Majority of players will spawn in as D Class with no items. There will be multiple SCP-106s (depending on server's population) that will also spawn with speed boost so they can catch up to the D Class. The D Class will of course have a 30 second head start so they make a run for it before SCP-106 spawns in. D Class will have to find the escape and get out alive if they want to win. SCP-106 has to prevent their escape if the SCPs want to win. SCP-106 should have some way to see players through walls within it's range. This is just so 106 doesn't get lost or can at least have an idea where it's targets are hiding. Images Where D Class will spawn. Where SCP-106 will spawn. What's it like to be in the pocket dimension maze. I think this map will be fun to use for our server. We can use this for events maybe. But I'll let you all decide. Tell me what you think.
  17. Look, I really don't know if this is supposed to go in map suggestions or whatnot, but it doesn't matter, because all I'm trying to do is get your attention to this intensely detailed map that Haxray just discovered, who's now holding me at gunpoint to make this suggestion. Anyways, instead of saying "pls add map thx bye", I'm going to style this suggestion with various images depicting certain locations in the map. Don't let the rp map type encourage you to dislike this map, there's some elements in this map that would fit Breach gameplay. I really can't exaggerate how amazing this map looks like without showing you pictures. Just see for yourself. A general main lobby room. An "afraid of heights" segment, similar to the HCZ test room. The main exit, topside. A surface area, filled with numerous buildings for cover (and camping). The D-Class cells. A section of the HCZ. A part of an office walkway. Uh, a party room? For lords who rave. A section of a hallway, showing the detail put into map geometry. A dormitory! Sleep is your best friend. Small bunker-like area, with several conjoined testrooms. A cafe! Blah blah blah. I could go on about some of the other seemingly flawlessly-designed areas of the map. Though, that would probably be way too long, so I hope these pictures gave you a general idea of the map. edit: forgot the link lol (right here)
  18. "Hello there!" This isn't my usual type of suggestion. Actually, this is kinda' unique to other suggestion. For the most part, it's not really a suggestion in a way. I'm trying to get feedback on the idea, and the map itself. Once it's finished, I'll upload it on the workshop, which is when I can pretty much actually tell the server that I have an actual map to add. Apprende? No? Good. This is WIP, so bare with me. (Based on the site referenced in SCP-1124: "Xenoplague": ILYENA (aka, Site-x19): http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-1124) POINTLESS BACKSTORY BUT WHATEVER So, while I was playing breach a couple weeks ago, I had this idea for a map stuck in my head. I had recently been trying to find any stuff on the origin of 682 for some reason, and I stumbled accross SCP-1124, which is related to SCP-682. A facility on Venus would be a weird but cool experience. Now obviously, I don't think other people would listen if I told them to construct an entire map as a suggestion, it would seem like a stretch. Well, I have decent experience in hammer. So, I decided why not make it myself? (You would be surprised. Hammer is actually incredibly easy to use; it's more drag & and drop than anything.) its literally easier to use than roblox studio lol Well, I'll be working on this map for quite a while. So far, I'm doing the LCZ right now. There's plenty of other rooms to finish, and containment chambers to furnish. (Random Staff Louge Room; lovely plants too.) (Security Gateway, based on the one from SCPCB, full with working gas.) (LCZ Armory) (Class-D Wing) (Random Meeting Room. Please don't shatter, glass is expensive.) These are pretty much all the rooms I have done right now. I'm going for a very different approach than the usual maps. However, I'm keeping Site-19 and Site-13 in mind for the baseline of what my map play as. This suggestion might be edited to add more. I have a lot of stuff planned. Please let me know if you want to see this map in the future. (Mhm, gas.) PLANNED CONCEPTS don't mind me just fantasizing about what to add. hopefully they do get added though Room Ideas: Anti-Gravity Zones (If Possible?) (suggested by Hunting4r2d2) Site Director's Office High-Security Nuke Room SCPCB-like 096's server room SCPCB Unity-like SCP-914 SCP-939's maintenence tunnels (939 will its own CC) Return of the Melon (easteregg) Execution chambers because why not More random offices A Cafe in EZ Emergency Evacuation Zones (Escape Pods substituting for gates, because you can't go outside, duh) An Observation Zone, with some appropriate skybox so the player realizes this ain't home anymore An HCZ with doors similar to Six-Eight-Two (The Game) (AKA you shoot the doors and they close) 860-2's "Den" SCP-055's CC WIP (part of 173's cc) Padded Room to lock up micspammers WIP (SCP-914, largely inspired by SCP:CB Unity)
  19. Map (not mine)

    New map? (Not mine) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=293574350
  20. Remove map

    Please remove the Star Wars map its very annoying when it gets picked
  21. Map (not mine)

    New map (not mine) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=135481707
  22. Well, here I am again with another suggestion. Prepare to watch your poor victims transform into solid matter before your eyes! This suggestion can be applied to Site-19, but in the context of the actual SCP-1730 article, would fit perfectly in Site-13. (Literal excerpts from SCP-1730, this is SCP-2845.) YOU ARE SCP-2845 You are a large, cervine-like (deer) entity. You have the ability to "transmute" your victims into instances of SCP-2845-1 SCP-2845-1 instances will alert you when other players enter their range. You must continously look at somebody for two seconds inorder to transmute them. You can only transmute one player at a time. Players who look at you while you are transmutating other players will be poisoned. (Side note: SCP-2845-1 are NOT controlled by players, and are entities.) Stats: Health: 2000 Primary Attack Cool Down: 6 Seconds Speed: Normal Walking Speed (Human Speed) Controls: LMB (attack): Engage Target/"Transmute" Player Description: SCP-2845 can "transmute" players who view him in two different ways. This makes him effective at targetting players at long-range, espesically in the surface zone. (Note: Transmutations count as kills) However, note that he must continously look at the player he wants to transmute for two seconds. This makes it so he can effectively wipe out members of MTF squadrons and what-not with a simple glare, but he can easily be evaded if they walk behind anything, covering themselves from SCP-2845's view. SCP-2845's primary attack turns its victims into SCP-2845-1. These are not controlled by players, as the way that SCP-2845-1 functions would provide a very boring experience. SCP-2845-1 will be highlighted in red when a human enters its range, allowing SCP-2845-1 to know where it is. They will also highlight when shot. When being highlighted, the instance can be seen through walls by SCP-2845. You can only transmute one player at a time. If you are looking at multiple people at once, the player with the most health (or just a random player) will be chosen. Players that are still in your field of view when you transmute a player will be poisoned (using "DMG_POISON", basically the same mechanic the poison headcrab uses). Like regular poison damage, players will regen their health, but it will essentially leave them weak for a small duration of time, leaving them vulnerable to other SCPs and players. (This is SCP-2845-1, super complex looking, I know.) (SCP-2845-1, in the original article, is just a hexagonal pillar, so you can't really get that much detail.) (The prop I use here is just a recolored and retextured "models/Mechanics/roboticslarge/a1.mdl". In-game, it should probably be improved with a more appropriate texture.) Possible Assets: So the model I'm using right here is straight from (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=453378755). Obviously, you probably don't want the NPC, so I suggest you just decompile the model for the server. I doubt that the model belongs to him anyways. "Thanks, and have fun." Oh yeah, and small shoutout to Mr. Z for some fixes.
  23. alrighty tighty here we go and remember to view this with a grain of salt 1. The map is very good in my opinion despite that you might've rushed this map and has some good potential for growth. 2. The surface is maybe a little bit too big. Tone it down a bit please. 3. Speaking of the surface, The Escape area is so far away from the main building, its practically impossible to escape if theres a person or 2 or more chasing after you. Unless your scp-999/a group of SCPs or D class/or no one is up top no escape for you. Sure, you could ignore the people, try to kill them, or so on, but if they're far away enough and have decent accuracy, your boned to the danger zone. 4. Found out night vision doesnt even work, makes everything green and thats all (NV would be helpful on this map C:) 5. Where are the rifles? i couldn't find any so far unless im that bad to find a single rifle. 6. Wheres the power plant 7. Wheres the black goo stuff 8. Wheres the thicc thrasher at or atleast some leeches (ok ill stop ranting about small things) Conclusion: Map is good, Feel is good, Gameplay is fine i guess and i think the darkish setting is a nice touch but surface needs big boi improvements (also all the doors,gates,and everything else can be opened without a keycard for some reason as of writing this, think thats a server error)
  24. Bold and Cursive Maps are on Rotation, all others are Admin Nomination only. EASY marked maps have a slightly reduced knockback and Humans earn 20 points by winning a round. NORMAL marked Maps have the default global knockback and Humans earn 40 points by winning a round. HARD marked Maps have a slightly higher knockback and Humans earn 80 points winning a round. EXTREME marked Maps have a even a little higher knockback and Humans earn 120 points winning a round. CROWDSPAWN marked Maps have spawn in crowd enabled. FAILNADES+SNIPERS marked Maps have a very high grenade knockback and snipers are enabled. FUNMODE marked Maps can be played with Funmode (Throwing Knives, Freezenades, Crowdspawn). Re_fy_Big_City_v10 EASY ZE_FFVII_Junon_B001 EASY ZE_FFVII_Mako_Reactor_V6_B08 HARD Ze_hell_escape_rc1 FUNMODE EASY bhop_frankerz_999xl_extreme EASY dev_trigger EASY mg_serpentis_temple_V1 EASY nippers_opus NORMAL ze_13_v2 EASY ze_2012_b3b NORMAL ze_30_Seconds__b21 FUNMODE EASY ze_666_crazy_escape_b3s NORMAL ze_AcuticNotes_v1_2s NORMAL ze_AlienShipArcade EASY ze_Ancient_wrath_v1_fix2 NORMAL ze_ApertureScience_OB FAILNADE+SNIPERS EASY ze_Avenir_Storage_v1 HARD ze_BALU_a1 EASY ze_Blackmesa_lambda EASY ze_DOOM_v1_1 NORMAL ze_ELEVATOR_escape FAILNADE+SNIPERS CROWDSPAWN NORMAL ze_Escape_Stroggos_b4 FUNMODE EASY ze_FFVII_Mako_Reactor_b2 NORMAL ze_FFVII_Mako_Reactor_v1_4_1 NORMAL ze_FFVII_Mako_Reactor_v3_1 NORMAL ze_FFVII_Mako_Reactor_v5_3 NORMAL ze_FFVII_Temple_Ancient_v3_3 NORMAL ze_FFXII_Feywood_b3_1 HARD ze_FFXII_Paramina_Rift_v1_4 HARD ze_FFXII_Westersand_v5_2 HARD ze_FFXII_Westersand_v7 HARD ze_FFXII_Westersand_v7_2 HARD ze_FFXII_Westersand_v8zeta1 HARD ze_FFXIV_Wanderers_Palace_v5_2f HARD ze_FireWaLL_lab_epidemic_v1a NORMAL ze_FireWaLL_laboratory_part1_3 FAILNADE+SNIPERS EASY ze_FireWaLL_laboratory_part2_3 FAILNADE+SNIPERS EASY ze_Flying_World_v2 NORMAL ze_Genso_Of_Last_b2 HARD ze_Genso_Of_Last_v1_2 HARD ze_Genso_Of_Last_v2_0 HARD ze_Genso_Of_Last_v2_2fix HARD ze_Get_To_The_Chopper_fix17 EASY ze_GoT_The_North_b4 HARD ze_Holmes_Escape_pf_2014c NORMAL ze_Inboxed_v1_5 NORMAL ze_Infected_Sewers_v6_5 NORMAL ze_JungleEscape_b3_6 NORMAL ze_JurassicPark_Escape_v1 FUNMODE EASY ze_Jurassic_Park_Story_v1 CROWDSPAWN NORMAL ze_LOTR_Isengard_v1_5 NORMAL ze_LOTR_Isengard_v1_9 NORMAL ze_LOTR_Isengard_v2_3 NORMAL ze_LOTR_Mines_of_Moria_v6_3 NORMAL ze_LOTR_Mount_Doom_v3 NORMAL ze_LOTR_Mount_Doom_v4_2 NORMAL ze_MGS_DisposalFacility_B2_1 NORMAL ze_Moon_Base_V1 FUNMODE EASY ze_MotanumInc_OB FAILNADE+SNIPERS EASY ze_NIK_allinone_v2 EASY ze_NY_marathon_v4_1 EASY ze_Nik_CV_island_v3 EASY ze_PKMN_Adventure_v8_6s_fix2 HARD ze_POTC_IV_v6_1 NORMAL ze_Paranoid_Reborn_v8 FAILNADE+SNIPERS NORMAL ze_Paranoid_Rezurrection_v11_5 FAILNADE+SNIPERS NORMAL ze_Paranoid_Rezurrection_v11_9 FAILNADE+SNIPERS NORMAL ze_Paranoid_Ultimate_v10_4 FAILNADE+SNIPERS NORMAL ze_Paranoid_v2 FAILNADE+SNIPERS NORMAL ze_Parking_v2a HARD ze_Parking_v3_1 HARD ze_Pidaras_v1_4fix3 NORMAL ze_PoncherMonkey_Shooter_v3_5 HARD ze_Portal_Story_v3_1 NORMAL ze_PotC_v3_4fix FAILNADE+SNIPERS EASY ze_RE4_castle_a3 NORMAL ze_RTCW_Ominous_Rumors_v1 NORMAL ze_Raccoon_Facility_v6b NORMAL ze_Ratrace_Aztec_b5 NORMAL ze_Rooftop_Autism_Runaway_v1_1 EASY ze_SAW_v2 NORMAL ze_STRANGE_escape_b3 NORMAL ze_SURVIVORS_b5 NORMAL ze_S_A_M_a40_css HARD ze_S_A_M_v1_3_css HARD ze_Serpentis_Temple_v1_1 HARD ze_Surf_Facility_Final NORMAL ze_TESV_Skyrim_v2_2fix NORMAL ze_TESV_Skyrim_v3 NORMAL ze_Temple_v2_1 NORMAL ze_Tomathas_staff_2_v1_1 EASY ze_UT2004_Convoy_v2_1 HARD ze_UT2004_Convoy_v2_2_1 HARD ze_XIII_Winslow_Bank_v2_2fix EASY ze_Zombie_Factory_v1 NORMAL ze_abandoned_project_v1_2 NORMAL ze_abfd_fix_labescape_vb6 HARD ze_abstract_escape_v1a EASY ze_accelerator_escape_final NORMAL ze_aepp_nano_grid2_b2s NORMAL ze_alien_mountain_escapez_fix EASY ze_alien_shooter_v7 NORMAL ze_alien_vs_predator_v4fix6 NORMAL ze_alien_vs_predator_v5 NORMAL ze_amkoescape_v1337 NORMAL ze_ancient_wrath_v2_test27 HARD ze_antartika_b2 HARD ze_antfarm_2vs NORMAL ze_antiker_zorn_v69_2 EASY ze_apollo_beta FAILNADE+SNIPERS EASY ze_arctic_escape_c1_fix3 FUNMODE EASY ze_arctic_escape_c1_fix4 FUNMODE EASY ze_artika_base_v1_2s HARD ze_ashen_keep_v0_3 HARD ze_asiangirl_beta7s EASY ze_assassins_creed_v1 HARD ze_atix_apocalypse_fix FUNMODE EASY ze_atix_apocalypse_v1a FUNMODE EASY ze_atix_extinction_b7 FUNMODE EASY ze_atix_panic_b3t FUNMODE EASY ze_avalanche_b6 HARD ze_avalanche_reboot_beta7 HARD ze_avp_v2si20 HARD ze_aztec_temple_v3c NORMAL ze_barrage_v1 NORMAL ze_bathroom_v2_5s NORMAL ze_biohazard2_rpd_v4e_004 NORMAL ze_biohazard2_sewer_v4c NORMAL ze_biohazard2_sewer_v4c_fix_3 NORMAL ze_biohazard_manor_v4a_004 NORMAL ze_biohazard_v2b_004 NORMAL ze_bioshock_v6_3 HARD ze_bisounours_party_v1_1 NORMAL ze_blackmesa_escape_final FAILNADE+SNIPERS NORMAL ze_blackmesa_remix_v3_6 NORMAL ze_bms_hl1 EASY ze_boacceho_p4s NORMAL ze_boat_escape_7_b1 EASY ze_boat_escape_jenz_v2_2fix FUNMODE EASY ze_boatescape101_v2_1 EASY ze_boatescape_s_ng EASY ze_boredom_v543656 HARD ze_bowser_in_the_fire_sea_v1e NORMAL ze_bp_infested_prison_b1a EASY ze_breakable_v1_8 HARD ze_canal_escape EASY ze_candy_star_a2 NORMAL ze_castlevania_64_v1 HARD ze_castlevania_64_v1_1 NORMAL ze_castlevania_64_v1_2 NORMAL ze_castlevania_v1_3 HARD ze_ccc_floator_mislands_v2s CROWDSPAWN NORMAL ze_chicken_lords_tower_b2 FAILNADE+SNIPERS CROWDSPAWN EASY ze_chicken_lords_tower_b2mix5 FAILNADE+SNIPERS CROWDSPAWN EASY ze_chicken_ranch_v2_1s NORMAL ze_christmas_beta3f NORMAL ze_christmas_infection_v2_3 HARD ze_chroma_v0_4 HARD ze_chroma_v0_5 EASY ze_chroma_v0_6 HARD ze_chronus_a1s EASY ze_citadel_episodic_escape_v04 NORMAL ze_city_b3 EASY ze_colorlicouspilar_fix NORMAL ze_colors_v1 NORMAL ze_corrup_beta3 NORMAL ze_corrup_rc HARD ze_crashbandicoot_v1fix NORMAL ze_crypt_v1_4s NORMAL ze_cubeworld_v1_0 EASY ze_cursed_ruins_v2s NORMAL ze_cyber_plague_2_0 EASY ze_cyberderp_v1_4 NORMAL ze_czs_cpu_ctrl286_ep1_v3 EASY ze_dangerous_waters_v1a FAILNADE+SNIPERS CROWDSPAWN NORMAL ze_dark_souls_ptd_v0_4 EXTREME ze_deadcore_s6 EXTREME ze_death_star_escape_v4_3 FUNMODE EASY ze_decadence_s2 EASY ze_deepice_v8 FUNMODE EASY ze_delta_escape_final FUNMODE EASY ze_demo_ten_keys_v1fix EASY ze_derpescape_itstime FAILNADE+SNIPERS CROWDSPAWN NORMAL ze_destruction_of_exorath_re3 NORMAL ze_destruction_of_exorath_v3_5 NORMAL ze_dev_r3 HARD ze_dev_r4a HARD ze_doom3_v1 HARD ze_doom_a3 NORMAL ze_doom_escape_v3_2 EASY ze_doorhug_and_solo_v6_2 FAILNADE+SNIPERS EASY ze_dragonball_snakeway_v1 NORMAL ze_dread EASY ze_dreamin_v1_8s NORMAL ze_dreamin_v2_1s EASY ze_dreamin_v2_1s_fix3 NORMAL ze_dreamin_v2csstest EASY ze_dust_escape_v1fix FUNMODE EASY ze_echo_boatescape_extended FUNMODE EASY ze_echo_snowescape_v3b FAILNADE+SNIPERS EASY ze_electrical_factory_b8 NORMAL ze_elevator_escape_jbg_final FAILNADE+SNIPERS CROWDSPAWN NORMAL ze_ep2_plant_b1s HARD ze_epic_end_v4_3 NORMAL ze_error_a0 NORMAL ze_eruption_escape_fix NORMAL ze_escape_citadel NORMAL ze_escape_horizon_c1v2 FAILNADE+SNIPERS EASY ze_escape_the_eye_ob_final FAILNADE+SNIPERS CROWDSPAWN NORMAL ze_escape_the_eye_remix_final FAILNADE+SNIPERS CROWDSPAWN NORMAL ze_eternal_void_v3_5a FUNMODE EASY ze_evernight_a2_2s HARD ze_evernight_a3_4_css2 HARD ze_exchange_innovation_v1bs NORMAL ze_facility_s3_2 NORMAL ze_fapescape_b4_1 NORMAL ze_fapescape_rote_v1_3f EXTREME ze_fapescape_v1_2 NORMAL ze_fartlocker_escape_v3s HARD ze_fast_escape_fix NORMAL ze_fear_extended_v1a EASY ze_ffvii_cosmo_canyon_v1_1 HARD ze_ffvii_cosmo_canyon_v1beta1 HARD ze_ffvii_cosmo_canyon_v2_1 HARD ze_ffvii_cosmo_canyon_v4fix HARD ze_ffvii_cosmo_canyon_v5fix HARD ze_ffvii_cosmo_canyon_v5test2 HARD ze_ffxii_easternsand_v1 EASY ze_ffxii_moko_temple_v1_1 NORMAL ze_ffxii_ridorana_cataract_t4 HARD ze_ffxii_ridorana_cataract_t5 HARD ze_ffxii_ridorana_cataract_t5_1 HARD ze_ffxii_ridorana_cataract_t5_2 HARD ze_ffxii_ridorana_cataract_t5_3 HARD ze_ffxii_westersand_v2_11a HARD ze_ffxii_westersand_v2d HARD ze_ffxiv_wanderers_palace_css HARD ze_ffxiv_wanderers_palace_v4_5s HARD ze_ffxiv_wanderers_palace_v5_1t2 EASY ze_floating_rocks_survival_v3 NORMAL ze_flood_v3 NORMAL ze_fog_tower_vfixed EASY ze_forestbunkers_v1_b3 NORMAL ze_forestbunkers_v2_fix EASY ze_forgotten_facility NORMAL ze_forius_just_run EASY ze_forius_just_run_fix EASY ze_frostdrake_tower_v1s EXTREME ze_frozentemple_b8_2 HARD ze_games_v2_2a FAILNADE+SNIPERS EASY ze_gameshow_v1_2 EASY ze_gargantua_v2_0 HARD ze_genso_of_last_v2_1 HARD ze_get_to_the_chopper_undead_6 EASY ze_gibletz_establishment_b6 NORMAL ze_gied_b2 EASY ze_gied_b3f EASY ze_global_crisis_a1 EASY ze_gods_wrath_v3_8b NORMAL ze_grand_boat_escape_v1_9 FAILNADE+SNIPERS CROWDSPAWN NORMAL ze_grau_a02_1_t1 HARD ze_grau_a02_1_t2 HARD ze_grau_s2 HARD ze_gray_bridge_fraud_v1 EASY ze_greencity_v1_1 NORMAL ze_grey_b2_4 EASY ze_gris_css HARD ze_gris_fyk HARD ze_halloween_house_b4s HARD ze_halo_poa NORMAL ze_halo_v1_2 NORMAL ze_halo_v4 NORMAL ze_harry_potter_v1_3 HARD ze_harry_potter_v2_1 HARD ze_haunted_lab_escape_v2c FAILNADE+SNIPERS EASY ze_hazard_escape_ob FAILNADE+SNIPERS EASY ze_hellz_rescuebase_v1 NORMAL ze_hellz_rescuebase_v5_b1 NORMAL ze_hidden_fortress_v1_0 NORMAL ze_hidden_temple_v2_5e NORMAL ze_highway_escape_v2 EASY ze_hobbit_escape_a4 NORMAL ze_hobbit_escape_b2 NORMAL ze_hold_em_v10 HARD ze_holmes_escape_pf_v4a NORMAL ze_holyshit FUNMODE EASY ze_horizon_sky_escape_b1s EASY ze_hsc_a4_5 HARD ze_hypernova_v2 NORMAL ze_iamlegend_b2 FUNMODE EASY ze_ice_hold_b2 FAILNADE+SNIPERS EASY ze_icecap_derp_unloze_v420 FAILNADE+SNIPERS EASY ze_icecap_escape_act2_b3s NORMAL ze_icecap_escape_v3 FUNMODE EASY ze_icecap_escape_v4 FUNMODE EASY ze_icecap_escape_v5 FUNMODE EASY ze_icecave_escape_v2 EASY ze_illya_b2 HARD ze_illya_b3 HARD ze_impossible_v1_1error EASY ze_indiana_jones_iv_v2_4 NORMAL ze_indiana_jones_v4a_004 FAILNADE+SNIPERS CROWDSPAWN NORMAL ze_industrial_dejavu_v3_3_1 HARD ze_industrial_plant_v2_2 EASY ze_infected_sewers_v4 NORMAL ze_infected_space_lab_extended NORMAL ze_infected_tramway_v3_3 NORMAL ze_infectedcity_v1 EASY ze_infested-industry_v2_b10 NORMAL ze_infiltration_final FAILNADE+SNIPERS NORMAL ze_infiltration_final_v4l_004 FAILNADE+SNIPERS CROWDSPAWN NORMAL ze_infinite_run_final_fix3 EASY ze_interception_b4 NORMAL ze_isla_nublar_v2_1 NORMAL ze_island_escape_sg_01 FUNMODE EASY ze_ismellmagicintheair_v3s NORMAL ze_italy_town_v3 NORMAL ze_jeff_v2 EASY ze_johnny_nukem_b8_1 HARD ze_journey_v1_2 NORMAL ze_jp_lostworld_v3_i3d EASY ze_jungle_escape_v1_2 NORMAL ze_jurassicpark_firewall_b4 FUNMODE EASY ze_jurassicpark_v2_10_ob FUNMODE EASY ze_jurassicpark_v2_1_ob FUNMODE EASY ze_kraznov_poopata NORMAL ze_l0v0l_b1 NORMAL ze_l0v0l_v1_2 NORMAL ze_l0v0l_v1_4 HARD ze_last_man_standing_b6 HARD ze_last_man_standing_v4_2 HARD ze_last_man_standing_v5 HARD ze_last_stronghold_v2b EASY ze_lazers_v1 NORMAL ze_lazers_v2_2fix NORMAL ze_lazers_v2_3 NORMAL ze_legoland_crackheads_v2 NORMAL ze_lemonysnickets_v1_3 NORMAL ze_letum_beta EASY ze_licciana_escape_v2 FAILNADE+SNIPERS CROWDSPAWN NORMAL ze_licciana_xmas_v1 FAILNADE+SNIPERS CROWDSPAWN NORMAL ze_lila_panic_escape_hellz_v2 NORMAL ze_lila_panic_escape_v3_1 NORMAL ze_lolxd_final_s HARD ze_lostcoast_v1_1 EASY ze_lotr_helms_deep_v5 FAILNADE+SNIPERS NORMAL ze_lotr_isengard_v2_3fix NORMAL ze_lotr_minas_tiret_v4_1 NORMAL ze_lotr_minas_tirith_v2_2fix HARD ze_lotr_minas_tirith_v3_3 HARD ze_lt_somewhere EASY ze_luck_matters_v1ds HARD ze_luigismanison_fix2 NORMAL ze_m0w0m_a2 EASY ze_m0w0m_a4 EASY ze_madness_v2_1 FAILNADE+SNIPERS EASY ze_magala_castle_final_s NORMAL ze_magic_carpet_v1_0 NORMAL ze_manhattan_project_a4 EASY ze_mario_tower_v4 FAILNADE+SNIPERS CROWDSPAWN NORMAL ze_mars_escape_v1_2a FUNMODE EASY ze_mcpx_b1 FAILNADE+SNIPERS EASY ze_meatropolis_v1_1 HARD ze_meatropolis_v2_0 HARD ze_meatropolis_v2_1 HARD ze_megaman_a6 HARD ze_memehell_test3 HARD ze_military_escape EASY ze_minecraft_adventure_v1_2c HARD ze_minecraft_esc_reborn_v0 EASY ze_minecraft_v1_1 FAILNADE+SNIPERS CROWDSPAWN NORMAL ze_mirrors_edge_reborn_v2 NORMAL ze_mirrors_edge_reborn_v3_3 NORMAL ze_mirrors_edge_reborn_v4_2 NORMAL ze_mirrors_edge_reborn_v4_3 NORMAL ze_mirrors_edge_v2 NORMAL ze_mirrors_edge_v2_pf_final NORMAL ze_mist_v1_3 EXTREME ze_mixture_3de_v1f2 EASY ze_moltentemple_p1t1 EXTREME ze_moltentemple_p1t2 EXTREME ze_mountain_escape_bbo_v1 FAILNADE+SNIPERS NORMAL ze_mountain_escape_ultimate_fix FAILNADE+SNIPERS NORMAL ze_mountain_escape_v5_zy FAILNADE+SNIPERS NORMAL ze_mountainpass EASY ze_mountainpass_b6a FAILNADE+SNIPERS CROWDSPAWN NORMAL ze_mountainpass_v3_1 EASY ze_mumbo_jumbo EASY ze_mytex_escape_v3 FAILNADE+SNIPERS CROWDSPAWN NORMAL ze_namvsbalu EASY ze_naruto_v2_6e NORMAL ze_necromanteion_v3_1css HARD ze_necromanteion_v3_1s_fix HARD ze_negative_legacy_xf4s HARD ze_neko_canyon_v1_3 FUNMODE NORMAL ze_nightmare_dimension_v2_6fix NORMAL ze_noir_b1 NORMAL ze_nomercy_revisited_v5_1 HARD ze_nostromo_escape_beta_9 FAILNADE+SNIPERS EASY ze_nostromo_v1_0f NORMAL ze_notredame_v1_3 NORMAL ze_nuke_v2 NORMAL ze_ocarina_of_time_v1_0 HARD ze_ocean_base_escape_v4 NORMAL ze_omega_b3 FAILNADE+SNIPERS EASY ze_onahole_v3s_fix HARD ze_opti_variety_missions_p1 EASY ze_otakuroom_v5_6fs NORMAL ze_outbreak_v2_1 FAILNADE+SNIPERS EASY ze_outlast_v1 NORMAL ze_palm_island_nav72 FUNMODE EASY ze_paper_escaper_v6_6c2 HARD ze_paper_escaper_v7 HARD ze_paper_escaper_v7_1 HARD ze_paradise_v1 FUNMODE EASY ze_paranoid_classic_b4 NORMAL ze_parkers_pit_b8 NORMAL ze_parkour_fix NORMAL ze_path_of_corruption_c2 EASY ze_percocet_v5_s EASY ze_peter_mansion_v1 EASY ze_phantasy_escape_fixed_b1 EASY ze_piranesi_sakura_b1 NORMAL ze_pirates_port_royal_v3_6 NORMAL ze_pirates_port_royal_v5_4s2 HARD ze_pirotexnik EASY ze_pirotexnik_v1fix EASY ze_pitchblack_v5 FUNMODE EASY ze_pizzatime_v4s HARD ze_pkmn_adventure_v7_2s HARD ze_pkmn_adventure_v9_1s HARD ze_pkmn_adventure_v9s HARD ze_pkmn_adventure_v9s_fix HARD ze_pokemon_adventure_v1_1s EASY ze_poon_streetscape_b4 EASY ze_por_island_v4_fix FAILNADE+SNIPERS NORMAL ze_portal_story_v3_2 NORMAL ze_predator_ultimate_v1 NORMAL ze_predator_ultimate_v1_3 NORMAL ze_predator_ultimate_v3 HARD ze_pro_defend_v1 EASY ze_project_alcaria_v1_5s NORMAL ze_prototype_v2 NORMAL ze_puta EASY ze_racetofinishv3 EASY ze_rainbow_factory_b1 NORMAL ze_random_escape_b6 EASY ze_random_escape_b7_3 FAILNADE+SNIPERS NORMAL ze_random_v10_fix FAILNADE+SNIPERS NORMAL ze_random_v9 FAILNADE+SNIPERS NORMAL ze_ravenholm_escape_b1 EASY ze_ravenholm_v04 NORMAL ze_rawnscape_b2 FUNMODE EASY ze_rebicefacility_e01_v1 NORMAL ze_reloaded_v1 NORMAL ze_resident_evil0_2_3 EASY ze_resonance_cascade_v3_2_1 NORMAL ze_retribution FAILNADE+SNIPERS CROWDSPAWN NORMAL ze_retribution_rc FAILNADE+SNIPERS CROWDSPAWN NORMAL ze_river_escape_v3_fix FAILNADE+SNIPERS CROWDSPAWN NORMAL ze_rizomata_s1_2 HARD ze_rizomata_s1_3 HARD ze_rizomata_z33s HARD ze_rocket_escape_r1 FAILNADE+SNIPERS EASY ze_rollermine_factory_2010 NORMAL ze_roof_adventure_v5s NORMAL ze_rooftop_reborn_v3_2 NORMAL ze_rooftop_runaway1_v4 FUNMODE EASY ze_rooftop_runaway2_v5 FUNMODE EASY ze_rooftop_runaway_extended_v6 FUNMODE EASY ze_rooftop_runaway_xmas_v1 FUNMODE EASY ze_runforyourlife_v2 EASY ze_sandstorm_f NORMAL ze_sandstorm_f1 NORMAL ze_sandstorm_v7_7 NORMAL ze_santassination_css2 EXTREME ze_saw_final NORMAL ze_sc_turtles_v5fix FUNMODE EASY ze_scifi_alpha EASY ze_sdp_30_seconds_remake_v1_3 FAILNADE+SNIPERS EASY ze_secret_escape EASY ze_sewage_processing_b7b NORMAL ze_sewer_escape__final_jbg FAILNADE+SNIPERS CROWDSPAWN NORMAL ze_sg1_missions_v2_1 FAILNADE+SNIPERS CROWDSPAWN NORMAL ze_shaun_of_the_dead_b3 NORMAL ze_shaurma_escape_v1_0 NORMAL ze_shaurma_v3_b07 NORMAL ze_shaurma_v4_a02 NORMAL ze_shaurma_v4_a03 HARD ze_shortnight_v2 FUNMODE EASY ze_showdown_v4_1 FAILNADE+SNIPERS CROWDSPAWN NORMAL ze_showdown_v7_dfix FAILNADE+SNIPERS CROWDSPAWN NORMAL ze_shroomforest2_v1 NORMAL ze_shroomforest3_b3 HARD ze_shroomforest3_b6_2 HARD ze_shroomforest_v4_5 NORMAL ze_siberia_1990_v1_2c NORMAL ze_simple_teamplay_v2 EASY ze_simpsons_escape EASY ze_sit_caelum_paradisus_b4 NORMAL ze_sit_caelum_paradisus_b4_a3 NORMAL ze_sit_caelum_paradisus_b7s NORMAL ze_skill_escape_v09s NORMAL ze_sky_athletic_v5_final NORMAL ze_sky_temples_v2as HARD ze_skyscraper_city_v5 FAILNADE+SNIPERS CROWDSPAWN NORMAL ze_slender_escape_b4 NORMAL ze_snowcrash_escape_vfixed1 EASY ze_solstice_redux_b1 NORMAL ze_something_ordinary_v2 EASY ze_sorrento_escape_2011 FUNMODE EASY ze_sorrento_escape_v5 FUNMODE EASY ze_sorrento_night_v3 FUNMODE EASY ze_sorrento_xmas_v4 FUNMODE EASY ze_sorrtento_resonate_v1 NORMAL ze_space_flight_v1_1 NORMAL ze_space_race_v1_1 HARD ze_space_station_ob NORMAL ze_space_stationob_fix NORMAL ze_space_stationzz_ob NORMAL ze_spaceflight_v2 NORMAL ze_spacestationflee_c1v2 NORMAL ze_sst_b2_1 NORMAL ze_sst_v2_b2 NORMAL ze_stalker_monolit_a5 HARD ze_stalker_ultimate_v2_3 HARD ze_stalker_ultimate_v3 HARD ze_stalkermonolit_v5 HARD ze_stalkermonolit_v6 HARD ze_standart_map_final_fix NORMAL ze_standart_map_final_fix2 EASY ze_stargate_escape_v8 FAILNADE+SNIPERS EASY ze_starwars_v2fix NORMAL ze_stone_pit_v2_b5 HARD ze_submarine_base_13 NORMAL ze_suborbital_s1 EASY ze_sunkentemple_v3_1s NORMAL ze_sunlight_v2_0 NORMAL ze_super_mario_64_v2_b6 NORMAL ze_super_metroid_v5 NORMAL ze_surf_Alpha_fix EASY ze_surf_danger FAILNADE+SNIPERS CROWDSPAWN NORMAL ze_surf_facility_v2_3 NORMAL ze_surf_facility_v3_pre2 FAILNADE+SNIPERS HARD ze_surf_gypt_v1_3s NORMAL ze_surf_sahok_t5_9 EASY ze_surf_vortex_v1_9s NORMAL ze_surface_a1 HARD ze_taboo_carnation_v2 HARD ze_temple_escape NORMAL ze_temple_raider_b4 EXTREME ze_ten_keys_b2fix HARD ze_tesv_a3 NORMAL ze_tesv_skyrim_v4fix NORMAL ze_thelostworld_redux_101jj FUNMODE EASY ze_thelostworld_redux_GFLfixed FUNMODE EASY ze_thousand_steps_b7f NORMAL ze_three_eyes_b1s HARD ze_thriller_escape_fix NORMAL ze_tilex_escape EASY ze_tilex_escape_sakura_v1_4 NORMAL ze_tilex_ultimate_v2_13s_fix2 HARD ze_tilex_ultimate_v2_13s_fix3 HARD ze_timeline_v5_2 NORMAL ze_timesplitters_betaX FAILNADE+SNIPERS CROWDSPAWN NORMAL ze_timesplitters_v1_2 FAILNADE+SNIPERS CROWDSPAWN NORMAL ze_titanic_cqd_v2_fixed FUNMODE NORMAL ze_titanic_escape_v2_3 FUNMODE EASY ze_tkara_v1 EASY ze_tloz_stone_tower_temple_v1 NORMAL ze_toaster_v1_2 HARD ze_totally_new_wester HARD ze_totemo_roka_b5s HARD ze_traak_b1 NORMAL ze_trainescape_final FUNMODE EASY ze_trainstation_b1 FAILNADE+SNIPERS CROWDSPAWN NORMAL ze_trainstation_tunnels_a2 NORMAL ze_trials_v1fs HARD ze_trip FAILNADE+SNIPERS NORMAL ze_turokbase2_v2 EASY ze_turokbase_v4 NORMAL ze_tv_station_v2 FAILNADE+SNIPERS NORMAL ze_tv_station_v3_fix2 FAILNADE+SNIPERS NORMAL ze_tyranny_v5_2 NORMAL ze_tyranny_v5fix NORMAL ze_umbrella_hq_b8 EASY ze_underground_escape__final FAILNADE+SNIPERS CROWDSPAWN NORMAL ze_undertale_g_v1_2s2 NORMAL ze_undertunnel_escape_b3a EASY ze_v0u0v_a6 NORMAL ze_venice_escape_b1 FAILNADE+SNIPERS NORMAL ze_venice_escape_b2 FAILNADE+SNIPERS NORMAL ze_vietnam_beta2 EASY ze_vile_sewers_a3 EASY ze_village_escape_v3 EASY ze_virus_v2test3 EASY ze_volcano_escape_v4 FAILNADE+SNIPERS NORMAL ze_voodoo_islands_v4_007 FUNMODE EASY ze_voodoo_islands_v8_2 FUNMODE EASY ze_voodoo_islands_v8_5 FUNMODE EASY ze_voodoo_islands_winter FAILNADE+SNIPERS EASY ze_warped_v1_1 NORMAL ze_wasteland_escape FAILNADE+SNIPERS CROWDSPAWN NORMAL ze_wily_fortress_a1 EASY ze_winter_v4 EASY ze_worldcrisis1_srt EASY ze_worldsV0_2a EASY ze_xiii_winslow_bank_v2 EASY ze_zk_colour_sick HARD ze_zk_fapescape_a11 CROWDSPAWN NORMAL ze_zk_mall_of_zombies_v1_2 EASY ze_zombie_city_finalfix EASY ze_zombiemod_corporation EASY ze_zombierig_ultimate_v1_2 NORMAL ze_zombierig_v4_3 NORMAL ze_ztastic_v2 EASY zh_icecap_colosseum_gfl_v4_2 EASY zh_lava_colosseum_b1 EASY zh_lava_colosseum_b2 EASY zm_4way_tunnel_v2 EASY zm_ATIX_apocalypse_b6 FUNMODE EASY zm_atix_helicopter-phone FUNMODE EASY zm_atix_helicopter FUNMODE EASY zm_boatescape5_remix FAILNADE+SNIPERS CROWDSPAWN EASY zm_boatescape6_remix FAILNADE+SNIPERS CROWDSPAWN EASY zm_green_escape_final EASY zm_lila_panic EASY zm_maze_2_d EASY zm_melong_dow_deathwater_b1 EASY zm_melong_dow_learjet_b1 FUNMODE EASY zm_no_mercy_v1 FAILNADE+SNIPERS EASY zm_resident_helicopter_v8 FAILNADE+SNIPERS CROWDSPAWN EASY This file was last automatically generated on 2018-12-21 23:59:01.667054543 +0000 UTC. 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  25. New Map

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=966396062&searchtext=experimental fun map that me shadowpip nukethefox and harakoni found while looking through maps to suggest had cool secrets and spots and overall could be a fun map for hns.
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