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Found 1 result

  1. Hello fellow gamers, today I am pleased to announce we are going to be releasing GFL’s Minecraft server! There have been multiple iterations of a GFL Minecraft server released in the past, but this time we have taken the time to get everything right before sending it out into the world! Both myself and @Ben Roy have been working on getting the server ready for a considerable amount of time! We are finally pleased to say the server is just about ready. We have also managed to acquire multiple plugins to be able to create a unique experience on our server. This has been a joint effort between both myself, Ben and the dev team (shoutout to @Nick), these plugins include features such as: Custom user management plugin that loads the current perks Custom essentials plugin Youtube (syncs rank for streamers on youtube) Report plugin (has discord support) ? I would also like to give a shoutout to all the people who helped with building! @King_Wailord (Helping with all of the builds) @Worgee (Helping with all the builds) @mario_the_man (Help building survival spawn) @KatieDear (Helping build the survival spawn) @MisterJw (Helping with the survival spawn) The server is currently running version 1.8 - 1.13.2. This is going to be a network server that will allow us to expand with minimal downtime. Server Specs: Intel i7-7700K OC'ed, 4.7 GHz NVMe for faster loading Hosted in North America Server Rules: Global: Please respect all players Listen to Staff No Hacking / Cheating / Unfair Advantages Abusing a glitch in any form is frowned upon. If you have found a bug in any form, please report it immediately after finding it. No Scamming / Deception for gain No Obnoxious Behavior No Spamming No Advertising No Begging to become Staff Minecraft Alt Accounts are allowed but however Usage of alternate accounts to bypass a punishment is not allowed. Usage of hacked/stolen accounts is not allowed. Usage of cracked accounts is not allowed. Use common sense. Survival: No Begging No Stealing Building is okay but: Build at least 15 blocks away from other buildings. No begging for lost items or spawned items Skyblock: No griefing No scamming/stealing No killing others (In non-pvp areas) No selling any in-game items or kits for real life money Discord: You will be noticing we have a new category on the GFL Public discord. You will be able to chat with players in-game, as well as players within the discord! You will be able to use this command, called ”.iam minecraft” to opt-in to do this ability. We will be hosting two game modes, Survival and SkyBlock. These plugins are unique and we’ve tweaked them to make it better, along with improving the functionality for users such as configuring a shop and much more! Skyblock Plugins: AuctionHouse Stores A custom Skyblock plugin Ore Generator Crates Kits Survival Plugins: Item Banks Stores McMMO Dynmap Random Teleport Crates Kits As soon as we release the server on January 1st, we would like you all to come over to Minecraft and participate in our events for Survival and Skyblock. Survival will be hosting an event with double xp for mcmmo for a week! Skyblock will be hosting an event with double income for the same time period. Perks: Kits Unique Battle gear depending on what server you are on. Personalized tool sets for each rank. Crates Rarity Items via crates, options to get other rare crates with voting! Custom nicknames and prefixes depending on rank! Depending on the rank, ability to gain cash/exp faster to share with friends! We will be doing custom ranks eventually with discord and badges on the forums, to tell the difference in donations. If you have any feedback on the server or you can recommend any additions, feel free to PM me(@SwegBuster) | @Ben Roy or message us on discord @SwegBuster#7001 | @Benroy#7151. Thanks!
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