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Found 10 results

  1. Hey @MilkMan, I just wanted to say your server is not #1 no more. Breach is better! Now prove me wrong
  2. Ask me anything! (Non-Toxic Version)
  3. I saw a few of these circling around and figured I'd try it out. Ask me anything!
  4. Here's a question, where were you before you joined GFL? Just write a small or big paragraph about the things you've been doing before you joined GFL. I guess I'll go first. I use to play Halo a lot back in the day. But then my Xbox decided to kill itself. So I got myself a PC instead of a new Xbox. I started playing Garry's Mod and joined a murder server. There I met 4 cancerous but cool guys. ( David, Tyson, Sev, and Striker. ) One of us will be the murderer and the other the bystander with the gun. And we will kill all the players except ourselves. ( Delaying the round. ) We called ourselves the spooky scary skeletons. ( We had the skeleton player models and we spammed the spooky scary skeletons song in voice a lot. Yea I know we were retarded. ) After months of chaos, we got perma banned. 3 of the guys decided to disappear and move on. With one of them becoming admin on a swrp server. It was just me and David. David and I were the most chaotic in the group. After our ban, David and I will go on Dark RP servers and bring chaos and cancer. And to be honest it was fun. But all fun things must come to an end. David's computer died. And it's been over a year since. So with David gone I was all alone going to different servers. But it wasn't the same. I lost interest in Garry's Mod because of that. But thanks to the lord Violator, I found GFL's TTT server. There I found other chaotic cancerous fucks like me. I felt welcome. But I'm gonna be honest, I wish I can go back to the old times. I had a lot more fun with the old guys. Pissing off admins and players was my specialty. But look at me now. Now I'm the admin who is getting pissed off by players. Well there's my shit story of what was I doing before I joined GFL. So whats yours?
  5. Friend: So Kite is it close to being finished? Kite: Oh yea its getting there. Do know this, I get 3400 ping at least once everyday. Trust me ask Xy or any of the breach players.
  6. Life as a Server Manager with Violator. Whose in this damn shitty shit post? @Violator, @Zebra, GMod Server Managers, and this non-important guy, @Kite9867. By Kite9867 and Classy ( He didn't do shit. ) Violator: Alright so. Welcome to the team. GMod SM: Cool thanks! Violator: Now since you're a server manager, you gotta learn some new things. I'm going to go take a shit while Zebra teaches ya these things. GMod SM: But- Violator: Alright Good. See you in an hour. 1 Day Later Violator: Alright back. Learn anything? GMod SM: Yea but- Violator: Alright good. I'll have Zebra handle this. I'm gonna go take a shit again. 2 Days Later. GMod SM: Hey uh Vio... The server just crashed and I- Violator: I'M OUT OF TOILET PAPER! 1 week later. Violator: Need anything? GMod SM: No I'm good. Violator: Alright nice. GMod SM: Well actually there is- Violator: Ok cya. Gonna go jerk- errr read while I take a shit. 1 Hour Later. **THAT FAST?!** GMod SM: SERVER IS UNDER ATTACK HELP! Violator: QUICK SAVE THE PORN! GMod SM: WHAT ABOUT THE SERVER? Violator: FUCK THE SERVER! I WAS GONNA SHUT IT DOWN ANYWAYS! 2 Weeks Later. GMod SM: Well the server is now dead. Violator: Atleast we saved the porn. GMod SM: So what happens to me now? Violator: Yes. GMod SM: Wha- oh no! Please no! VIO HAVE MERCY! Violator: Yes. GMod SM: NOOOOOooooooo- *demoted* 2 Minutes Later. Violator: Alright welcome. Kite9867: Why am I here? Violator: Fuck wrong person. *Violator banned Kite9867 permanently for ( I'll unban you once I'm done taking a shit. )* Repeats. Could've been longer but I'm too lazy. Hate it? Good. Now fuck off. Shit Post Awards "10/19 He really is non-important." ~GFLClan 2017 "Deserved that ban." ~Community Advisors 2017 "Who the fuck is he?" ~Admins 2017 "Stop fucking tagging me." ~2017 & Violator 2017 Alright bye. Dropped my sandwich.
  7. Heyo, here's a game. Say something you like about someone else. If someone mentions you, say what you like about them, and then say something nice about someone else. (I got the idea in three seconds after looking at the roast thread) I'll start. What I like about @Nap14hockey is how he's always helping me when I need it. Really kind person.
  8. The man... The myth... *sigh* The fatass... This is m' face.
  9. YOU NEED COUNTER STRIKE: SOURCE IN ORDER TO ATTEMPT THIS CHALLENGE While I was trying to find ports for a certain map for minigames, I decided to have fun with the original map. The map is mg_splintercell_v2_fix. Gamebanana link here: http://gamebanana.com/maps/164077 The challenge will be done on a single player map meaning you alone will complete it. In this map, you are on the terrorist side while there are 3 CTs as bots. Your objective is to get the intel and bring it back. To do this, you need to do these 4 steps: 1. Get the keycard from the conference room. 2. Shoot the generator to temporarily turn off the power. 3. Open the vault with the keycard and grab the intel. 4. Return the intel to the spawn room. RULES: -You must complete this map with the bots on every difficulty level. The expert level is tough. -3 Bots on CT, you are alone on T. -You may not use map exploits or cheat in any way. -It is game over if the guards kill you or you kill all 3 guards. -You have 5 minutes to complete this task. The weapons that you spawn with are a USP-S, a knife, and a smoke grenade. You also can use your night vision goggles by pressing n. Night vision goggles are useful for when you shut the power off. There are weapons around that map that you may pick up and use. NOTES: -The expert mode guards are VERY accurate and are guaranteed to pretty much head shot you the second they see you. -Sometimes, the door where you put the intel in the spawn room won't open. Just put it on the red square and you can count that as complete. HALL OF FAME GOLD (Completed all 4 difficulties without killing any guards): Rcool64 SILVER (Completed all 4 difficulties and killed 1 guard): Crusti BRONZE (Completed all 4 difficulties and killed 2 guards): *Remember, you fail the mission if you kill all 3 guards.* Comment below any thoughts on the mission as well as if you completed it so I can add you to the Hall of Fame. Good luck!
  10. anyway, i made this cause i'm bored and tired and was playing SSB4 and was like "you know what? i can't be the only loser that plays this game" so i made this, enjoy.