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Found 21 results

  1. @Zebra @GLiTCh @Shuruia @Dano @Skittlez @OGMartin might i add that we all probably wish it was a dream.....
  2. Hey I am trying to hide some dead bodies do you guys know why good hiding places? I tried hiding it under the White House but they got mad at me.
  3. Astute Americans! Heed my call! He plagues our Single Cell Society's, and wreaks havoc on Class-Determined. If you hear his sirens call, wanting refuge in the tranquil neighborhood of SCP-914. Or if it's the tone of a lil' too friendly neighbor. Check Tab, for it may be Michael Myers!
  4. Item #: SCP 3426 SCP 3426 during a state of transporting personnel to surface area. Object Class: Safe Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3426 is to be debriefed to personnel visiting and or currently hired at Site 19 (See: Debrief Article 3426-A). Security Personnel are to be provided with a Clearance level 04 keycard, to be turned in after shift. Only Security Personnel assigned to SCP-3426 are authorized to operate door control systems pertaining to SCP 3426, labeled Procedure-3426 Icarus. Under no circumstances should the door controls be interacted with, till all faculty are secured within the internal area of the elevator. Due to lack of emergency control systems within SCP 3426, Security Personnel assigned are to come equipped with (1) Handheld radio device. Capable of transmitting at a minimum of 67 Hz in order to report failures & medical concerns. Description: SCP-3426-A is a Cable-Borne elevator produced by █████ ███████████¹, for usage in transporting of up to 5 personnel, and lightweight materials coming from Site-19’s Gate A & B entrances. Although normal in appearance and functionality as a standard vertical lift elevator. The cause of classification as an anomaly are due to the properties of its hermetically sealed elevator doors, SCP-3426-B. and the 20 meters of space comprising the elevator shaft, classified as SCP-3426-C When personnel entering the elevator unauthorized during the enactment of Procedures-3426 Icarus make contact with SCP-3426-B, and or are in the middle of SCP-3426-B’s trajectory path. Will face the immediate crushing of internal bone structure, and organs necessary to continue life; afterward faced with evaporation of all traces of personnel effected, and or face irreparable bodily harm (See: Incident Report 682-3468-A)² Investigations are still ongoing into using SCP 3426-B as a means of terminating SCP-682. Despite Foundation efforts; particularly by Site 19’s engineering team, in the effort to mitigate or reduce the force of SCP-3426-B. The current standing force of SCP-3426-B’s two elevator halves are estimated to be ███████████, or ████ times that of the Hiroshima explosions, despite it's acceleration suggesting only slight bone fractures would be the maximum of damages conceivably possible during cross reference testing with a non-anomalous Cable-Borne elevator produced by [REDACTED]. Addendum 1: SCP 3468-C During research into the mechanisms which could comprise SCP-3426. Research members discovered through usage of wall penetrating radar, that there is no elevator shaft within SCP-3426, Despite archived records of SCP-3426’s construction displaying detailed blueprints of the elevator shaft, correlating to actual measurements of the distances between the 2 rinstances of SCP-3426-A. Research into the phenomena is still ongoing. Addendum 2: Reclassification Despite heavy concerns by Foundation Personnel for there own well being, and after committee review. Project Head Xavier Yiannopoulos has disapproved the re-classification of SCP-3426 as Euclid, on the grounds of SCP-3426 being able to be easily contained. And the details of its anomalous properties already well known and instructed upon in Debrief Article 3426-A. Deliberation is still ongoing however; for Thaumiel reclassification of SCP-3426, due to its anomalous properties being able to stop or hinder the escape of Euclid & Keter SCPs stored in Site-19. Additional Notes: A company known for the manufacturing of industrial & commercial elevators. Incident involving 682 & 3426
  5. Am I the dankest meme on GFL? ANd ArE ShIT pOSTS FuNNy
  6. What would you consider the most memorable song from your generation (every 10 years) Ex: Fireflies by Owl City 2000-2010
  7. I believe Gmod is pretty big meme, but why not make it bigger.
  8. Oy, I'm collecting rapperdan memes for a creative, innovative project. Here are the ones I have, please post as much as you have: Please post anything you got, avoid duplicates. Thanks a lot.
  9. I didn't post this in suggestions as I most likely would have been yelled at for shit posting there I need my own thread for this thanks @Astro see why this would come in handy?
  10. Valve

    Company: Hey Valve can we borrow some assets for a game? Valve: Sure, just change it up a bit. Company:
  11. What players think we do... vs what we really do. ( Yes, this is really terrible. )
  12. I'm probably so behind on the crazy internet meme world (aka Vine/YouTube) but I don't give a damn. My meme is John Cena. p.s. This is for your personality, not your favorite meme. The one you feel suits you the most.
  13. Hello everyone this is my reaction to the summer sal. im broke i spent to much money and as a whole fuck me. im broke again # back to work today is 7/3/16
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