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Found 3 results

  1. Mc_Nugs Unban

    Name: Mc_Nugs Steam ID: STEAM_01159528215 Banned by: Milk Man (Told by other staff) Ban Reason: Ghosting Why should you be unbanned *I was not ghosting- I was playing SP (by myself) for only 4 rounds. I didn't even have my mic set up. I was in DM (deathmatch) asking people to join " Use DM" so i could pvp while waiting ( I was bored) when I got banned. *I dont know what I did or what I typed to make staff think i was ghosting, the thing I wasn't and never have. I find ghosting to be unfair and ruin the game. *The only thing i can think of that i did that might have been simi-bad was asking a Guy to stop being toxic when he was having a insult back and for with an anime guy(but that isnt ghosting) *Im not a cheater,ghoster,toxic or bad person. i wish to be unbanned because i enjoy the server and dont want to jeopardize that. *I never mass rdm and I play on the US server sorry I cant find the app for it. But I follow all rules all the time.
  2. so umm guidelines is spelt wrong in the automatic repeated message through chat and please fix for my eyes sake!
  3. ***Ban appeal resolved by TLAR via private message. Forum may be closed/resolved. Thank you!*** Name: SkydivingSquid Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:81405515 Banned by: TLAR Ban reason: "RDM/L" Why you should be unbanned: I pressed F9 in game instead of F8. I was attempted to watch my death scene to prove I did not RDM. F9 places me in a solo match. Within 10 seconds I was banned for "RDM and leave" by @Tlar. I have played at least 10+ hours with TLAR and have never even received a slay from him. I have followed the rules strictly and even have an Admin Application in. I do not RDM, and I definitely do not RDM and leave. I didn't even have time to get back into the server. Furthermore, I did not RDM. A guy reported me from a previous round because I shot at him for sniping people. I wanted to check the death scene before his T buddy killed me. I had done 26 damage to the guy, but he reported me. The report was finished (I responded to it), but had hit F9 before the admin checked it out. Regardless. I feel the ban was unwarranted and was done far too quickly . . . I couldn't even get back in fast enough. Please reverse the ban. I am a VIP on this server and have an active Admin request in. I follow the rules strictly. I do not RDM. I don't even get slayed. . . @TheSadBandit @MilkMan
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