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Found 8 results

  1. Music?

    Add a radio or jukebox that could be free or a buyable to purchase per use of something like 10k point.
  2. I'm pretty sure the reason I am not getting 5000 points for joining the discord when you first join is because there isn't one to join, so we should have one if not already.
  3. What is the best gamemode in gmod in your opinion. Could be DarkRP (scrub), Cinema, TTT, Murder, etc. Let me know P.S. recently mine is breach
  4. Hey everyone, my friend -snip- who is the head admin of the gmod murder servers, is looking for friends on snapchat. If you wanna send pics with a pretty cool dude, add him: -snip-
  5. Hey guys. It's me Winter. For all of you who don't know, I'm the GMod Murder Manager. I'm making this thread to let you all know that I'm taking a leave of absence until Sunday night/Monday. I just today lost an aunt to cancer and I'm driving down to Pennsylvania for the memorial party (Very upbeat person, actually requested a party instead of a memorial service for when she passed.) I'll be gone from tomorrow until Sunday or Monday. I'll be home Sunday night but unsure if I'll be able to be online. Just letting all of you guys know since this will be my explanation for my inactivity. I will be online tonight (February 1st) but starting tomorrow I will not. (I still have school.) Thanks. I'll probably still hang around the forums a little bit (I got a phone) but I won't be on my computer or on any of the servers. Thanks, [email protected]
  6. It seems as if there has been a recent update on the servers with new items added to the shop and other work done the the servers themselves. With the update the the store I suddenly have missing textures for skins and items that I had been able to see before. A message on the server had said that I would be able to find a link to the addons for the textures on the website forum, but I was unable to find that. So if someone has the link to the addons so that I can download the textures, I would appreciate it.
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