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Found 7 results

  1. make the musket hold 1 in the chamber, not fucking three. that's not how muskets work and it would make people happier i think. if the person can't hit shit, that's their problem.
  2. ill be back on the server tomorow SCP-1124-1 Stats (if its not 1124-1 let me know in replies) Health: 500 Damage: No Damage Ability: If SCP-1124 Clicks On A Player, They Turn Into SCP-1124-2 after 30 seconds (plus being able to climb/leap like 372) SCP-1124-2 Stats Health: 900 - 1000 Damage 25 (ability 45) Ability: Can Sprint/Able To Shoot Acid At People That Does 50 Damage When Lands On Someone, And They Start To Lose 2 Health Per Second, The Effect Wears Off After 10 Seconds PMs SCP-1124-1's PM 378 PM SCP-1124-2's PM https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1252436007&searchtext=Xenomorph Spawnpoint: SCP-008 Containment Chamber Feauture: Can be cured by 500
  3. SCP-029

    SCP-029 The Daughter Of Shadows: SCP-029 Will Be Spawned With A Crowbar That Does As Much Damage As A Stunstick. SCP-029 Will Be Able To Pick Up Weapons SCP-029 Will Have 500-600 HP If SCP-029 Gets A Weapon, The Weapon Will Do x2 Damage PM: Alyx
  4. You Are SCP-4208 You Are A Mutant Garfield, You Must Kill All Humans And Escape You However Require Lasagnas Around The Map, You Can See Lasagnas Through Walls You Do 45 Damage Per Shot And Can Sprint. You Can Smell Humans For 20 Seconds Seconds As A Ability AKA Seeing People Through Walls For 20 Seconds PM: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=905415234&searchtext=garfield Health 1300 - 1400 - 1500 max if pm doesnt work just get a random garfield pm i can smell you jon
  5. SCP-860-2

    New SCP: SCP-860-2 AKA the purple cat thing from SCP CB in SCP-860-1. PlayerModel: Search Up SCP-860-2 in GMod Workshop and there should be a player model made from novux Damage: 25 Normal, 50 Ability Health: 900 lowest - 1100 most health Random Features: SCP Able To Sprint, SCP Attacks as fast as the crowbar. Ability: A Rage Mode That Goes For 10 Seconds, The Rage Mode Make SCP-860-2: Sprint Faster, Does 50 Damage Per Shot. Spawnpoint: SCP-860-1 (forest) oh ok then: its me indo
  6. SCP-217

    Remember When 035 used to team with D Bois AND SCPs? I Wanna See If I Can Make A Little Replacement Of It, SCP-217 (The Clockwork Virus) SCP-217 is a D Boi, or D Class Who Got Infected By The Clockwork Virus, And Is Now A Kinda Cyborg D Boi! PlayerModel https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/?id=120687001&searchtext=cyborg+PM Spawnpoint: Random D Class Cell SCPs can not team with the d bois apparently according to people even though no admin has warned me for it, and ive heard a admin said it was allowed back then Health: 200 (least health as possible) 250 (most health as possible) Hostile To: MTF Neutral To: Researchers, AND CI just to add something different Items To Spawn With: Crowbar, Medkit, Level 3 Keycard, And Needs To Find Guns On There Own. Fists That Do 35 Damage Per Shot (since his arm is made out of metal) And Is Able To Drop Items. oh ok then: (plus its me indo) wait what: if u cant find the playermodel just search up a cyborg playermodel and just use whatever cyborg playermodel u want.
  7. SCP-2427-3

    SCP-2427-3 Is a creature made of electric wires with a metal bald human head, creature capable of speech and could be able to lure humans. SCP-2427-3 should be able to sprint as fast as a human, should do 25 damage per shot and abillity is permanent, able to climb on walls and leap like 372.
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