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Found 2 results

  1. 👉 ~~ Deliberately Inspired by: @Salad's Story and "The 100" Tv-Show Series ~~ 👈 𝕯𝖊𝖘𝖈𝖗𝖎𝖕𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓: 157 years after the year of 2020, came a time where a nuclear war took place and destroyed civilization. All left of humanity remained above in a spacecraft, revolving around the "uninhabitable" planet in which they called Orb, but we recognize as planet Earth. A spaceship housing humanity's lone survivors sent only 75 involuntary individuals back to Orb, in hopes of the planet now being tenantable. This planet will soon be seen as a beautiful home by the survivors, but later, will realize that this place that they called beautiful, is nothing but a dystopia. Can they find what it takes to survive? -- 𝕸𝖆𝖎𝖓 𝕮𝖍𝖆𝖗𝖆𝖈𝖙𝖊𝖗𝖘: @Ben @Aurora @Nick @Shuruia @FrenZy @Pyros @Skittlez -- (...Part I...) As Pyros and Skittlez sat in the cafeteria during their leisure time, there was an unexpected loud alarm. Almost right after came the bright flashing red lights as well. -- “Emergency escape pod is preparing to launch!” Says the emergency broadcast system, echoing throughout the rooms of the space station. -- “What’s going on?!” Pyros yells through the windows to the council room, where the directors were sitting. “Oh! It must be nothing… there’s probably been some kind of inaccurate alarm trigger for the heat detectors or perhaps one of the batteries went low again. No worri-'' Nick explains but got suddenly interrupted with an unexpected explosion that shook the floor beneath everyone's feet. As people dropped to the floor, Pyros began to say, “Well you better fix that damn battery.” Nick and Aurora glances back to the stationing computers in front of them and read the alert that is flashing obnoxiously upon their screens. It quoted, “Emergent Gas leak! Eject at once!” Ben knocks his cup of coffee over from getting frightened by the message on the screen. “... what in the hell?” says Frenzy as he kicks his feet off the desk, pauses his "Tom and Jerry" film, and finally puts out his cigarette. Nick gets up from his chair and rushing out the door to the hallway where Aurora scarcely follows. "Where are you going? We have to sort this out together!" yelled Shuruia from the council room. Nick and Aurora continue to stroll down the hallway, giving no response. “Sir, we’ve never had a drill for this-” Aurora exclaimed while her and Nick continue to rush down the hall. “You and I both know what we have to do.” Nick replies as calmly as he was able too. “Yeah? What’s the biggest idea, because right now… I think we know our new destiny …” Aurora says in a disheartening tone. “Aurora, I love you, but shut the hell up.” Nick pleads while getting more and more irritated under pressure, but later adds, “Negative remarks are the last things we need- besides… you heard the loud announcement. We're gonna have to be forced to depart from the station.” Aurora seems startled and replies with, "Depart? ... Really? Like in hell- Where would we even go!?" Nick stays silent, trying to come to terms with what he is about to say himself. "Our only option. Planet Orb." “I- No … Nick, I love you, but that's absurd. For all we know, that planet could intoxicate and kill all of us in a matter of seconds! The human race hasn’t been on that planet for centuries-” Aurora tries to explain but Nick Interrupts her with, “Well- It doesn’t look like we got much of a choice right now!” Nick says while finally reaching the end of a tunneled hallway, and pulling an abnormally large lever that opened to a miniature sized room. As oxygen begins to flood the room that he opened, Aurora and Nick both step in. -- “System Failure. Abort!” Announces the pre-animated loudspeaker, causing more panics than before. Screams and cries shouted from the children and parents. “Emergency Escape Pod is almost ready for departure.” Screams the emergency broadcast system once again. -- “Nick. Nick. Nick! Aurora, you there?” Shuruia cries through the walkie talkie that’s wired to Nick's chest. “What is it, Shuruia?” Nick asked. “All the rooms are getting excessively hot. I think a fire already started in the room where the batteries are- so we sent Ben to go check it out. He hasn't come back since! The computers now say that we only have about 3 minutes left to abort. Can you do what ever you are doing, quicker?" “Listen very closely… we are going to have to evacuate using the one space pod which I can easily do for us. The harder part is that the pod has a max capacity of 75 people. Even then, we will have to start cramping up the area and piling on top of each other.” Nick explained to Aurora but also Shuruia through the Walkie-Talkie. “Shit. What do you want me to do?” Shuruia asked. “Right now, you are with everyone while Aurora and I are separate. Therefore I really need you, Ben, FrenZy, Skittlez, and Pyros in charge of getting the juveniles and the smarter individuals over here to Aurora and I, where the shuttle is. I also really need one of you to go after Ben. He needs to be here for when we depart.” Nick orders. “Nick.. I- .. I don't-” Shuruia says but soon after taking a huge sigh and attempting to coming to terms with the situation of what they will have to do next. “.. we'll do it. I'll also try to look for him myself.” Shuruia says, finishing his first statement. “Look, this is hard on all of us. I know what I'm asking is not only a huge felony against our guidelines but we have to get this figured out one way or another. The human race depends on the four of you right now. Just get them over here in time, please.” Nick urges. “Right. We will.” Shuruia says, dispatching from the W-T. Nick and Aurora clear the shuttle area for everyone to quickly compile against each other to safety. "They have to get here! It's been too long." Aurora says frantically. Before Nick could reply back, they both start to hear the stampede of people running down the hall. Nick sticks his head out of the doorway and motions the group to his direction. "Over here. Quickly. Please." Nick shouts. "Is everything ready to go?" Pyros asked Nick as they arrived down the hall. "Yes." Nick asked. "Now, where is Ben?" "We looked everywhere, we couldn't find him but I'm certain that he was aware that we were aborting the station before he went to go check out the fire. " Pyros reassured. "Great. We will wait." Nick said as he pointed him and everyone else inside the pod. While everyone begins to overflow the area, Nick squeezes in the front seat, setting up every last thing for departure while the others force the juveniles to cooperate. They shoved every last person that were chosen from the crowd to board, putting them in their seats to buckle them up. Finally, the council members squeezed in last. After everyone was settled in, Skittlez stayed stiff at the front door. "He'll be here." Skittlez said, peering down the hallway to where Ben would appear. "We are down to seconds. We need to go." FrenZy adds while the fire around the station turns to be outrageous. "We aren't leaving without Ben. Besides, the Pod isn't fully ready for departure yet either way. I don't even know what will happen if we attempt to leave without the shuttle being ready! Anything could happen. We need to wait just a few more seco-" Nick says in a panic but getting interrupted again but a substantial explosion that trembled the entire pod hysterically. "We are out of seconds. We need to leave if we want to make it out alive. Skittlez, close the damn door!" Pyros yells. As the flames start to increase in every direction, everyone knew it was the time to leave. Skittlez tilts his head down in dis-satisfaction but soon says, "I'm not leaving without Ben..." Nick feels sick about the situation, especially without having any type of solution. His respect for Ben and Skittlez were on exceeding standards but the human race was now in his possession. "Skittlez... get in the shuttle and close the door. Or I will be forced to leave you." He eventually proceeds with saying. "Screw you, Nick." Skittlez says, darting out of the door, down the hall in hopes to find Ben. The last and final abrupt explosion carried rapidly down the remaining halls and rooms in the station... rupturing Skittlez and Ben's bodies, perishing their corpses into nothing but ashes. Everyone fell silent. "Fuck." Nick says while finally running to the back of the ship to seal the door shut and placing himself back into a random seat... feeling nothing but guilt. "Someone press the button!" one of the juveniles yelled. "Oh- fuck this. MOVE!" FrenZy screams as he pushes through the group of people, getting to the front of the Pod. He slams his palm down on the button that Nick refused to touch. The shuttle quickly dispatches from what was left of the Space Station, sending everyone back in their seats with a massive jolt. While the shuttle was being launched into Orb's atmosphere, they experienced extreme turbulence and trauma. While then coming to an instantaneous stop after a final thrust to the ground. Everyone remained in their seats while hoping it all came to a final stop. Nick unbuckles his seatbelt and the others follow. He stands up, feeling addled on what the next move should be. ".. Should we open the door?" Says Shuruia. "No. We don't know if it's safe yet-" Nick replies. "I'm so tired of this 'to-be-safe' shit. Listen, either we open that door or we die of dehydration- and that's if we don't drown in each others piss before that." Says FrenZy while he strides over to the huge lever. FrenZy makes eye contact with Nick, waiting for some type of objection that would be anticipated. Nick stands there, clueless of what to say or what the right call would be. Before anyone could get another word out, FrenZy pulls the lever down to decompress the airlock leading to the outside... 💙(If you enjoyed what I wrote so far, I would be more than happy to create a part II! Let me know.)💙 [ The format looked very uninviting to read and distorted with all of it clumped together, so I apologize for the unusual line spacing and/or other mistakes. ] Written by, Bue. // Blue_Panda130
  2. Anyone a fan of the graphic novel V for Vendetta or has seen the movie? What do you like about the film? What do you like about the book? I just want to hear some opinions and see if people know what i'm talking about.
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