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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys! I would like to know more about Y'all. Put some of your favorite bands/artists that you like. I listen to pretty much anything depends on my mood really but I like Joji, Khalid, Tame Impala, Neon Indians, EDEN, Kendrick Lamar, Post Malone, Avenged Sevenfold, Breaking Benjamin, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Khai Dreams, Mxmtoon, Cavetown, Jinsang, Blackbear, Daft Punk, Styx, Kansas, Arctic Monkeys, Panic! at the disco, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Neighborhood, Amine, 6lack, and Glass Animals and probably a million other bands I could name. What are some of your favorites?
  2. Hi! I'm new to GFL, but I love animals and have a ton of them. Who here has reptiles, show me My reptile obsession started with my ball python Will, he's a lavender Albino. I have two bearded dragons one Is named Elliott he is 8 months old and weighs 400 grams and he's a porker I got him as a hatchling. My other dragon Saphira is very special to me. I got her at a yard sale of all places where a 10-year-old boy "lost interest" in her. I took her in immediately seeing as she was extremely underweight and she had obvious MBD and tail rot. I got her and took her to the vet and was given antibiotics and a powdered food I had to prepare and feed her through a syringe. Every day I patiently fed her and gave her antibiotics as she struggled against me cause she was not used to being held. I also bathed her every day in medicated baths and wrapped her tail with a special ointment and kept it clean. When we returned to the vet she was so much better. She was gaining weight and her color was coming out and her tailrot was gone so there was no worry of the need to amputate. To hear a vet tell you-you're doing a good job is so heartwarming and inspiring. It made me realize that reptiles are my passion. So things were going very well until suddenly she stopped eating. I was scared outta my mind. I took her to the vet and got everything tested on her. I got blood, fecal, an ultrasound, and an X-ray. I nervously sat with her on my chest as the vet analyzed the test. She called me back and showed me these little white balls in saphiras stomach. It was eggs!! After her not being healthy her body started forming eggs and becoming healthy again. The X-ray showed that her body was gaining fat and her bone density was improving. I put the xrays to show. But now she is gaining weight slowly and getting stronger by the day. My newest reptiles is a Mack snow leopard gecko I got in November. He's great at tech support and got 700 notes on Tumblr lmao. He still doesn't have a name I can't pick so if you have recommendations please tell. Today Saphira sat on my chest and napped as I was spectating TTT and was dead, she now trusts me so much she just lays on me and sleeps for hours. Anyhow sorry for this long ass post. My computer is stupid so I had to retype this so it will never be as good as the original but I tried my best to recreate what I had :'( Also sorry for bad spelling and grammar, its 5am and I spent 2 hours retyping this over and over again don't expect much from me. But drop them sick reptile pics
  3. Hello....for those of you who don't know me my names DeadAtNooN, my real name is Cruz Meraz, I was born September 3rd 2002. I grew up with my family being attached to them, then things changed... I wanted to stay how I was, Childish, humoristic, and not having a care, but my family as I was growing up yelled at me for it, although they were the ones who taught me to be this way- Hyper genic...Even in school I was like this, but then I started to realized because of this I wasn't very intelligent having F's in almost every class, I smelled, and was childish so people made fun of me....I was very hurt when I was being made fun of, so I started becoming more offset, or dull...I was depressed, but I didn't know how to deal with depression at the time given I was Eleven so I just was sad all day....but then one day my little brother tells me to try this game called Garry's Mod. I turned down the offer because I thought It wasn't worth my time and irrelevant to my life, but a few days later I thought I would give it a try given I had nothing else to do and I had no friends to talk or hang out with. on that day I went to one server, and one server alone, and that was [GFL]Murder_minecraftcity_v4f_r2 That was the first server I ever played and I will never forget it....There were multiple people on...I don't remember exactly but I remember there was Malicious Matt, Exotic, and Charie I was on the server and I didn't know the rules at the time so I Rdmed Charie which sent her into a rage to "Roast" me and so I commented something that made her leave which made Matt and Exotic laugh and I kept saying very rude things about her, and a few days after I had gotten a mic because Matt wanted to hear me, she got back on with OtakuSupreme who was only an Admin at the time but is now a Division Leader and he muted/gagged me because I was causing trouble, and I admit that I deserve it....I probably still do...but then me and Matt became good friends, he was a Member, as we called them "a Regular" and I was a random. I soon learned the basics of how to juke really well and I learned this watching the regulars, such as [God]Dead_SoulXII(An really old name (he was also only an Admin at the time, now a Server manager) after a while I got along with Charie, Exotic, and Shia and I started to talk to that main group because my first real friend, Matt, had left me for idk what but I realize it was probably for a good reason, and I was talking a lot with those three, next thing I know I get back on the server, and matt was acting normal, but I realized the way we acted were assholes, and I got mad at him for making fun of a girl, I went from server to server to find her to apologize to her for Matt, causing me and him to get into a fight that lasted a long time, eventually we got back along but then he had left me again...he needed to go to college...but about four months of me playing on that server not leaving, and I became the best at "Juking" I proclaimed my self the "Juking God" and I made new friends, but then Matt gets on, he was rusty and he was quite......that was the last I ever got to play on the server with him...I had made a lot of friends on the server, I was surrounded in them on the server, but then something changed, it was mid 2015 coming close to an end, and I realized that all of those friends I had made starting leaving me just like my family did, just like Matt did...they gave me so much attention that I was in a wall of delusion thinking they would always be there with me staying like the fountain of youth....I had loved them all like family...and once again my family got tired of me and moved on...In 2015 I applied for admin because I was on the server for about a year, at the time Bigtime was a manager, Deadsoul was to, and Exotic was the Head admin. I put in the application.....but no one replied....Then Bigtime says they knew I put it in, but chose not to answer I believed that it was because we were close friends and didn't want me to become an admin because of how I was, and Bigtime puts the final decision. he said I was too young, immature and I wasn't on construct often. I'm not saying he was wrong, nor am I trying to make him the bad guy. I'm just telling you how deluded I was thinking I would make for a Good admin. In the past two years I put in five more admin applications, and they all said the same thing. I was immature, and I still am. the same thing happed with the "matt thing" but with different people...it was happening over and over again with many people..they all left me....some people like: Gamer, Zangie, psychobird25, Wszumi, Geko, Spooky, Wheatly, Brownpear, Dre, tay, kiko, kitty......I talked to all of these people constantly...I loved to talking and laughing with....but they left...I still talk to four of them...but all I do is ask if they're ok...they say yes, and then I say "ok, sorry" sometimes they asked "Sorry for what?" I told them Sorry for bothering......they don't say anything back...meaning I do bother them and they are/were tired of me.....I asked them if they were ok, but really I just wanted someone to ask if I was ok...and some of them did...those were the best friends I had..One of them actually became my girlfriend for a while, but I was again childish....the people who asked me how I was I'll never forget they were: Tay, kitty, wheatly, and brownpear.....I love you "Guy's" even though you're girls....Maybe transgendered?(¬‿¬) just kidding....but eventually they got tired of me reapeating the same words "you ok?" and even though they asked me I didn't want to bother them...but who knows..maybe if I would've told them they would have stayed and I wouldn't be alone...but I can't change that now...and I'm sorry to you girls......but in the end the people I had so much fun with left me....I even still play on the server almost everyday.... but the thing is I play alone....every so often a random joins...but that's it....but when I get off I notice people start playing, and when I get on they got to spectators or just leave...in the end I wind up how I was before...nothing to do..No one to talk to...Crying in my room...hated......Alone.....
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