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Found 5 results

  1. Okay so firstly, this post is both very serious and not very serious. If you do not agree with some of the things said here, you can give your opinions on each weapon in your own way. I want this to be a forum where everyone can give their opinions on each weapon. But of course, a lot of this is subjective. Remember that everyone has an opinion. Be civil, be nice, and be reasonable. You can either quote a post and give your response to it, or you can scroll down to the bottom of this forum post and get the same template I use here. The Primary Weapons Automatic Weapons Mac-10 This weapon is an unsung hero. If you have ever looked at a damage log and saw damage from a Mac 10, it's damage to a person's body is negligible at best. However... A single headshot does 38 damage... Let that sink in for a moment. This gun has the fastest fire rate of almost every gun in this server... And does 38 damage to the head PER BULLET. If you go for the head, it only takes 3 shots. Go. For. The. Head. The only reason why the shotgun is better is because of two things: The shotgun is better at mid and long ranged combat, and your ammo typically lasts a little longer with the shotgun. So pretty much the shotgun is a better all around weapon, but this gun is really damn effective at close range. M16 This thing is... Sorry but no. Just no. G5 This thing is actually pretty damn good. It doesn't show up on every map, but when it does I most definitely suggest you pick it up if you want a weapon that is reliable in most ranges. But if you're using your primary for close quarters combat, use a shotgun or a Mac 10 over this. Rifles The Scout/Rifle This thing is inaccurate as hell sometimes. I don't like this gun very much. G3 There is two add-ons that I know of that have this weapon. First there's the add-on that makes the G3 incredibly overpowered and ridiculously good, essentially a better Deagle that takes less skill and is better at longer ranges. Then there's the G3 on this server... Which is complete shit. Other Shotgun I'd marry this gun, bang it, and raise a family with it. The Secondary Weapons Semi-Automatic Deagle Scratch that, I'll have a threesome with this gun and the shotgun. I might still bang this one afterwards because this is my favorite gun in the whole game. Pistol This is pretty much the Mac-10 of secondary weapons. It's very effective, but is overshadowed by the Deagle (Like how the Mac-10 is really good, but it is overshadowed by the shotgun). This thing does pretty considerable damage to the head. If you have good aim, you could use this as a pretty reliable secondary weapon. Seriously, this gun can get the job done. Automatic Glock Eh. The template (with traitor and detective weapon template in case you want to add that): The Primary Weapons Automatic Weapons Mac-10 M16 G5 Rifles The Scout/Rifle G3 Other Shotgun The Secondary Weapons Semi-Automatic Deagle Pistol Automatic Glock The Traitor Weapons The Detective Weapons
  2. KEEP IT FRIENDLY AND CIVIL! What makes you lose your marbles? What makes other people lose their marbles? Get the discussion going! Remember to keep it friendly and civil with each other, this is just for fun! I'm really interested in how this goes. Just post a topic that's close to your heart, wait for others to reply and debate it out! Keep the chains going Remember to keep it friendly and civil with each other, this is just for fun! May the odds be ever in your favor.
  3. After talking to people on css i decided to make a poll on which one is the best song? (Because of the limit of questions i can have, i could only put 20 of their songs on so i picked the most popular ones according to the internet. I also put them in random order to avoid bias. Sorry if your favorite song wasn't on the list!) Also this is all opinionated so don't get angry.
  4. I wanna make this a reality
  5. What is the best gamemode in gmod in your opinion. Could be DarkRP (scrub), Cinema, TTT, Murder, etc. Let me know P.S. recently mine is breach
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