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Found 7 results

  1. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1851728491 add this to the shop? how much does a brotha gotta donate to get this added in immediately
  2. Music?

    Add a radio or jukebox that could be free or a buyable to purchase per use of something like 10k point.
  3. Title says it all. I was fine with the Halloween models for the Halloween event, because I assumed they would only be staying for Halloween. However, it seems they are a permanent addition to the server now, which I am NOT a fan of. Several of the models(Sans, Dr.Mario, Tails, sonic) are shorter than the normal person, and look incredibly stupid and out of place, even for breach standards. They give an unfair advantage due to having a smaller hitbox(while their view height is still the same). There is also no way to actually obtain these models anymore, which makes the problem even more extreme.(Besides, this was a issue XY had in the past where he said no to several models for having the same problem). On top of that, the limited pointshop options available to members could easily make people believe the Halloween models are VIP exclusive models, therefor giving the image/illusion of being pay to win. This is obviously a bad thing. Removing them would do less harm than leaving them on the server.
  4. Bodygroups Fix

    So uh this was written by @SmoresWaffle but the "Start Topic" button physically didn't exist for him so I guess I'll do it for him lol so here's what he said okay. I suggest getting this fixed and having the separate model bodygroups work for themselves, but I don't think it will get fixed for a while so I'm putting a guide in the suggestion. So have you been messing with the new models that have bodygroups but won't change when you change them, or have gone to Casual Grill, changed her hair, went back to the new models, and they were different? I was testing and found out that the bodygroups are dependent of the Casual Grill's bodygroups. Here's how they affect Megumin: Casual Grill Bodygroup 0 - Megumin has cape and has hat Casual Grill Bodygroup 1 - Megumin has cape and no hat Casual Grill Bodygroup 2 - Megumin has no cape but has hat Casual Grill Bodygroup 3 (you'll need to slide closer to 4 than it says you need to, or it will be 2) - Megumin has no cape or hat Casual Grill Bodygroup 4 - Megumin has cape and has hat As for the police model, different things happen, like having no hair with a hat, being bald, and having an anti alpha head (you see the eyes and other things through it).
  5. FOR PEOPLE SEEING THIS FROM GOOGLE, go here instead https://github.com/Fabiassassin/ps_bodygroupselector Okay this is just for customization and is in no way important. I made (I'm using that phrase too much) some coding to add a bodygroup picker for certain playermodels in the pointshop A bodygroup could be anything from Hair styles, to hats, and other accesories if the playermodel has them It is not automatic but there aren't infinite playermodels in the HnS pointshop anyways It basically adds function ITEM:Modify to the playermodel lua and enables the modify option, like when modifying a trail color If you replace a lua file on the server rename it so it stays the same as the older file (To avoid people loosing the pm) Also rename the FileName variable Lua files were moved to GitHub https://github.com/Fabiassassin/Gmod-Pointshop-BodygroupPicker Images below, outdated
  6. I think I managed to make a jump pack trully invisible, instead of being a bullet (It's still a bullet but resized to 0), at least I can't see it. ITEM.Name = 'Invisible Jump Pack' ITEM.Price = 1750 ITEM.Model = 'models/weapons/w_bullet.mdl' ITEM.Bone = 'ValveBiped.Bip01_Spine2' function ITEM:OnEquip(ply, modifications) ply:PS_AddClientsideModel(self.ID) end function ITEM:OnHolster(ply) ply:PS_RemoveClientsideModel(self.ID) end function ITEM:ModifyClientsideModel(ply, model, pos, ang) model:SetModelScale(0, 0) model:SetRenderMode (RENDERMODE_TRANSALPHA) model:SetColor (Color (0, 0, 0, 0)) pos = pos + (ang:Right() * 7) + (ang:Forward() * 6) return model, pos, ang end function ITEM:Move( pl, modifications, ply, data) if pl ~= ply then return end local bdata = data:GetButtons() if bit.band( bdata, IN_JUMP ) > 0 then data:SetVelocity( data:GetVelocity() + Vector(0,0,100)*FrameTime() ) end end
  7. So i was thinking, instead of making about 85 percent of the skins vip/supporter only, how many just charge them less for obtaining skins / boosters? and allow members to be able to buy all the skins/boosters at normal price. Of course if your aim is pay to win then please continue, I mean lots of servers do it so its really just up to you ( I was just thinking this would fall better since there seems to be a "no blacklist" mentally on the server , giving everyone access to all items in the shop would help ). A more complicated solution, would be to add vip points, basically vip/supporters would get vip points for free every week or month , and there could be maybe some really fancy items ( not 80 percent of the entire shop though, like 10-20 percent) that would only be able to be bought using vip points. If you add a lootbox system (where you can buy boxes that have a small chance of giving you vip points ) or a normal point to vip point transfer system then that would also allow members to get vip point only items, of course it would take longer for us but that's the point. Make sure to vote on the poll
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