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Found 8 results

  1. Hi everyone, I have two things to announce. Rust We are rebooting the Rust division. @virusking is coming back to manage our new vanilla server located in the United Kingdom. For those that do not know @virusking, he used to manage a few very successful CS:GO servers for us back in 2015 and early 2016. He also manages a very successful Rust server located in Finland that fills to ~100 players daily average (250 players peak when wiped). Therefore, he has a lot of experience within Rust. He may also be helping with our Squad and CS:GO division in the future. The new vanilla server is up right now. The IP is If and once this server starts filling up, we will be requesting a high-end machine to be built by our hosting provider (probably including an Intel i7 9th gen processor hopefully overclocked). With that said, if this server does well, we will open one in the United States and perhaps start adding modded servers to our rotation. Pirates, Vikings, & Knights II I would also like to announce that we made @TheJitFace manager of our Pirates, Vikings, & Knights II server. There is also a possibility we will be moving it to the United Kingdom. However, for now it will operate on our NFO machine unless we decide to move it to GS06 (GMCHosting). Please invite your friends and add the server(s) to your favorites if you're interested! The CS:GO division will be getting a reboot soon by @iTaco and I. We will be announcing something soon! Thanks!
  2. I never thought I would write one of these for a while but I’m afraid that it has come to that time. I resign from being Server Manager on Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II and from GFL entirely. I have done this mainly because of the lack of communication I have been getting from higher-ups. I have tried contacting people of various positions such as Directors, Team Leader, and other Server Managers. I have tried to bend the wire of possibilities for the server as it was endless in my mind, but the lack of communication is stopping that. The reason behind it I may never know but I can only come to one conclusion. My division is most likely the most irrelevant, and the least important since the game is small. That is understandable. What is not understandable is that I try to communicate with other members of GFL to create special events, and such. I am flabbergasted because they gave me Server Manager only after 3 weeks of being a part of GFL. I am ashamed because I was never properly told what to do. Yeah, manage the server and what not, but I wanted to do more for this server, but they have stopped every attempt to try something new because of the higher-ups not knowing anything about the game. In all honesty, I believe the PVKII division should be permanently shut down. Everyone left the PVKII Division because of the unattentiveness of Directors. I was the last to remain, and I felt like I could change the server for the better. Sadly, you can’t keep building the road... it eventually ends somewhere. My last request is to shut down the PVKII Division. Not only is it almost always empty, but it’ll help by making the bills a little cheaper. Anyway, I’m sorry if I let anyone down, and I wish this community wouldn’t focus only on Garry’s Mod. If you know nothing about a game, don’t get a server on that game. I saw these on other resignations so I’ll do the same. If I didn’t mention your name, that’s because either I never knew you, or you were the reason to why I did this. @X2D You were the only Director that actually cared for my Division, and even though you didn't know how to help, you still tried. I hope you do great things in your life, because your a really swell guy. Take care! @Benroy I never spoke to you much, but I thank you for helping me when I needed help, even if you didn’t know how to help me. @tealchicken I never spoke to you before, and you did nothing on my server, but you seem like a cool dude, and I hope you get better grades. Have a good one buddy! @Glenn_ You were a sick dude to be around, and I thank you for working so hard to get me to where I am. Sadly, I see the truth behind your resignation. I hope you have a great road ahead of you, thank you. Honestly, thank you! @Chef_ You are a cool dude, and I like you. You were (almost) always there when I needed you, and you were a reliable person. You deserve to get admin on other GFL servers. I wish you the best of luck in your future. And I hope you deny the request to be Server Manager, so you don’t make my mistakes. See ya dude! @JGuary551 You were always the guy picked on, and you were good at being an admin, and I had limited time around you, but I hope you do well in your journey of life. Stay Ga... I mean stay Guary... :3 @NOT-LAW You were the guy who afk-ed the server. That’s kind of all I knew you for, but I hope you do good doing whatever you may do. Thanks for accepting me as a Server Manager too! @TheJitFace You were a funny dude, and a great guy to talk to. I hope our paths cross again, and I hope you get Admin on Purge! @Raptor Jesus I will see you along with Ninja tomorrow, or by the Weekend. I would hope that this awares director of this message so they do a better job of listening to sidestream divisions. I will repeat my final request, and I hope that it’s done for the sake of PVKII.. If I missed anyone, sorry. It’s been an honor being a Server Manager and being the quickest to become Server Manager. I one day may return here to triumph again, but it's very unlikely. Thank you, and goodbye.
  3. Not too long ago, I was appointed the server manager on a GFL server for a game called Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II. In the time I have been staff, there have been 2 massive hits to the staff team. One of them is right now. Firstly, the game is free on Steam for everyone, and its a Half-Life mod. The staff number before the major low blow was this... Server Manager = 1 Admin = 3 This is it now... Server Manager = 1 Admin = 2 Doesn't seem that bad right? Wrong! Let me explain quickly... We had 4 staff members in total, we confirmed lost one (not an active one) a few days ago. I was also informed once PURGE comes out, another staff member will be resigning to become staff on PURGE. On the bright side, we did hire one new admin, but not too long ago. The server needs staff, but not an overload of staff. I will be only accepting at most 4 new staff members. You apply here: https://gflclan.com/forums/forum/707-admin-applications/ The format is here: https://gflclan.com/forums/forum/171-pirates-vikings-knights/ The questioning is tricky, but if you're 9 years or older, you can at least comprehend what is written. I wish you all luck, and if you have any questions, contact me via Steam, Discord, or the Website.
  4. This will be the format for when a player reports someone. You must follow this format exactly. Failure to do so will result in an automatic denial of the report due to incomplete format. YOUR Steam ID: The steam ID of the person reported: Summary of the Situation: Proof (screenshot/video/eyewitness/etc): Follow this simple format, and you will be likely to get that person investigated.
  5. This PVKII announcement brings good & bad news. The unfortunate news is… - We won’t be able to switch server hosts for private reasons. - I haven’t found a developer to work with me on the project yet. But, the good news is… - We could switch from a location in the US to EU. This will be a small update, but I wanted to aware you guys since significant in determining my plans for the server. Thanks for reading this, and I should have another update out when something juicy comes along.
  6. I have officially created the concept changes for the PVKII Knights Team. My intentions are to buff the stats of a character that are weaker compared to others and nerf the cards that are stronger compared to other characters. Take a look, and look at the changed stats, tell me what you think before I even think about implementing it into the game. (ch) = Charged Weapon [rounded] = The number that was originally retrieved was not a whole number and was rounded to the nearest whole number. *All of the damage stats are for characters NOT wearing armor !!!!! (OLD)Heavy Knight: Health: 125 Armor: 215 Speed: 190 Damage for Special: 260 Two-Handed Sword: 107 (ch) 79 Sword: 52 (ch) 40 Shield: 10 (ch) 5 Special: 25x5 (25 per hit) (NEW)Heavy Knight: Health: 125 Armor: (-15)200 Speed: 190 Damage for Special: (-10)250 Two-Handed Sword: (#/1.1) (-10)97 (ch) (-8)71 Sword: (#/1.3) (-12)40 (ch) (-9)31 [rounded] Shield: (#/1.5) (-3)7 (ch) [rounded] (-2)3 [rounded] Special: (#/1.2) 21x5 (21 dmg per hit) [rounded] (OLD)Archer: Health: 100 Armor: 80 Speed: 210 Damage for Special: 165 ShortSword: 56 (ch) 42 Crossbow: Unaimed: 70 (far) 45 (close) Aimed: 100 (far) 60 (close) Headshot: Unaimed: 110 (far) 70 (close) Aimed: 145 (far) 90 (close) Longbow: 80(far) 47(close) (charged) 15(close) (not charged) Special: 120 per player (NEW)Archer: Health: 100 Armor: 80 Speed: (-10)200 Damage for Special:(+80) 245 ShortSword: (#/1.25) (-11)45 (ch) [rounded] (-8)34 [rounded] Crossbow: (#/1.35) Unaimed: (-18)52 (far) [rounded] (-12)33 (close) [rounded] Aimed: (-26)74 (far) [rounded] (-16)44 (close) [rounded] Headshot: (#/1.25) Unaimed: (-22)88 (far) (-14)56 (close) Aimed: (-29)116 (far) (-18)72 (close) Longbow: (#/1.25) (-16)64 (far) (-9)38 (close) (charged) [rounded] (-3)12 (close) (not charged) Special: (+10)130 per player (OLD)Man-At-Arms: Health: 105 Armor: 130 Speed: 225 (special): 270 Damage for Special: 210 Halberd: 75 (ch) 56 Mace & Buckler: Charged: 60 Not Charged: 40 Charged: 10 Not Charged: 5 Crossbow: Unaimed: 55 (far) 30 (close) Aimed: 77 (far) 40 (close) Headshot: Unaimed: 85 (far) 50 (close) Aimed: 105 (far) 70 (close) Special: +45 Speed Duration: 5 secs Fart Cloud Lifetime: 3 secs Effects: 120% damage intake, and inability to perform perfect parries (NEW)Man-At-Arms: Health: (+5)110 Armor: 130 Speed: 225 (special): 270 Damage for Special: (+15)225 Halberd: (#*1.09) (+7)82 (ch) [rounded] (+5)61 [rounded] Mace & Buckler: (#/1.1) Charged: (-5)55 [rounded] Not Charged: (-4)36 [rounded] (#/1.5) ALWAYS Charged: 7 Not Charged: 3 Crossbow: Unaimed: 55 (far) 30 (close) Aimed: 77 (far) 40 (close) Headshot: Unaimed: 85 (far) 50 (close) Aimed: 105 (far) 70 (close) Special: +45 Speed Duration: 5 secs Fart Cloud Lifetime: (+0.5)3.5 secs Effects: 120% damage intake, and inability to perform perfect parries
  7. Announcement #2: 10/5/18 This announcement is for the developers at GFL Gaming. The PVKII server needs some work, and I haven't found an established developer for it, so I am asking the community if any developers are willing to work for my server. Requirements: Gotta work for GFL Must know SourcePawn (or SourceMod) Must be patient It's not that difficult, but I just need some easy maintenance on the server. It won't be hard or take long, and I most likely won't be asking for you every 12 hours, but I need someone who is willing to be there when I need them. Thank you! - Dobbi
  8. Announcement #1: 10/4/18 This announcement is to let everyone know of the following changes that have, or will be taking place. The server was changed from '24/7 bt_island' to '24/7 LTS w/ lts_arena, and lts_cathedral' Psychostats was installed on the server The map time was dramatically decreased Fast Respawn was altered These next features are not 100% confirmed to be on the server but are my biggest intentions Change the Location of the server from [US] to [EU] Make the server have realistic damage Rework how the stats plugin gives you points Let me explain my three changes for those who are confused... Change the Location of the server from [US] to [EU] Now let's face it, PVKII is a dead game. Max 50 players if we're lucky. Those 50+ people are mostly from other parts of the world, such as Russia, Finland, or even the Czech Republic. The amount of North & South American people playing this game does not compare to the number of people in Asia playing this game. I want these people to be able to join the server more and have a better connection. Ping for people in the Americas won't be that bad, but its to attract more people to our server. Plus, every popular server is EU, so that would also be why I want to change. Make the server have realistic damage This change will make us unique compared to other servers. I have always noticed that everything in this game is overhyped. The damage is too high, attack speeds, speed, jumping, etc. I want to make it more realistic so fights last longer, and gives new players to the game a chance to fight back against the pro players & potential hackers (this game has many... trust me...). Not only will the damage be reduced, but I will try to also adjust the attack speed. I also want to rework entirely how people get their specials. Here are some specs for a few of the characters... Archer - (I ain't looking up the actual names of the weapon... xD) Butterknife - 5-10% Decrease Bow - 25-35 % Decrease Crossbow - 5% Decrease To compensate for the Archer's massive downgrade, its walking speed will dramatically, it will be slightly slower than a Berserker. Skirmisher - Sword - 35-50% Decrease Gun - 5% Increase Keg - 25% Increase The speed of the Skirmisher will be reduced as well. It will still be the fastest character, but it won't be incredibly fast. Huscarl - 2-Handed Axe - 8% Increase Throwing Axes 4-6% Increase Shield Sword - 5% Increase Shield - 2% Increase Its speed will remain constant since it's already the slowest in the game. Rework how the stats plugin gives you points This change should be simple enough. Because of the changes with maps and such, the point system is now unbalanced and must be adjusted accordingly. Some of the changes are, but not limited to the following... +1 Each Kill +2 Most Valuable Player -1 Death (Of any kind) +1 For every three Assists +1 For every three Kill Bonuses +1 For every six Assist Bonuses -10 For leaving +2 Domination +3 Revenge The scores will NOT be reset. I also plan on having special events that not only give you a permanent special ranking on the server but also increase your points by +250! There will also be misc. changes such as... Adding more maps Longer fights until Sudden Death Make a full voting system that isn't unbalanced Make ranks show next to the person's name in the scoreboard menu Add more colors to chat And a lot more! I want to know your input, so tell me if you like the ideas, hate them, or don't care enough because PVKII is a dead game. - Dobbi
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