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Found 9 results

  1. I never thought I would write one of these for a while but I’m afraid that it has come to that time. I resign from being Server Manager on Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II and from GFL entirely. I have done this mainly because of the lack of communication I have been getting from higher-ups. I have tried contacting people of various positions such as Directors, Team Leader, and other Server Managers. I have tried to bend the wire of possibilities for the server as it was endless in my mind, but the lack of communication is stopping that. The reason behind it I may never know but I can only come to one conclusion. My division is most likely the most irrelevant, and the least important since the game is small. That is understandable. What is not understandable is that I try to communicate with other members of GFL to create special events, and such. I am flabbergasted because they gave me Server Manager only after 3 weeks of being a part of GFL. I am ashamed because I was never properly told what to do. Yeah, manage the server and what not, but I wanted to do more for this server, but they have stopped every attempt to try something new because of the higher-ups not knowing anything about the game. In all honesty, I believe the PVKII division should be permanently shut down. Everyone left the PVKII Division because of the unattentiveness of Directors. I was the last to remain, and I felt like I could change the server for the better. Sadly, you can’t keep building the road... it eventually ends somewhere. My last request is to shut down the PVKII Division. Not only is it almost always empty, but it’ll help by making the bills a little cheaper. Anyway, I’m sorry if I let anyone down, and I wish this community wouldn’t focus only on Garry’s Mod. If you know nothing about a game, don’t get a server on that game. I saw these on other resignations so I’ll do the same. If I didn’t mention your name, that’s because either I never knew you, or you were the reason to why I did this. @X2D You were the only Director that actually cared for my Division, and even though you didn't know how to help, you still tried. I hope you do great things in your life, because your a really swell guy. Take care! @Benroy I never spoke to you much, but I thank you for helping me when I needed help, even if you didn’t know how to help me. @tealchicken I never spoke to you before, and you did nothing on my server, but you seem like a cool dude, and I hope you get better grades. Have a good one buddy! @Glenn_ You were a sick dude to be around, and I thank you for working so hard to get me to where I am. Sadly, I see the truth behind your resignation. I hope you have a great road ahead of you, thank you. Honestly, thank you! @Chef_ You are a cool dude, and I like you. You were (almost) always there when I needed you, and you were a reliable person. You deserve to get admin on other GFL servers. I wish you the best of luck in your future. And I hope you deny the request to be Server Manager, so you don’t make my mistakes. See ya dude! @JGuary551 You were always the guy picked on, and you were good at being an admin, and I had limited time around you, but I hope you do well in your journey of life. Stay Ga... I mean stay Guary... :3 @NOT-LAW You were the guy who afk-ed the server. That’s kind of all I knew you for, but I hope you do good doing whatever you may do. Thanks for accepting me as a Server Manager too! @TheJitFace You were a funny dude, and a great guy to talk to. I hope our paths cross again, and I hope you get Admin on Purge! @Raptor Jesus I will see you along with Ninja tomorrow, or by the Weekend. I would hope that this awares director of this message so they do a better job of listening to sidestream divisions. I will repeat my final request, and I hope that it’s done for the sake of PVKII.. If I missed anyone, sorry. It’s been an honor being a Server Manager and being the quickest to become Server Manager. I one day may return here to triumph again, but it's very unlikely. Thank you, and goodbye.
  2. Well, I be resigning off of the Imperial RP server as Game master. To avoid confusion, I am not quitting GFL. I am still gonna be apart of the Event Management Team or even become staff on other servers. The main reason why I am resigning off from the Imperial RP server is because I am bored and tired with it. What I mean by that is that playing on the server, doing events on the server, I don't find that fun anymore. I want to do other things and more events that I can enjoy and have fun with making. I created lots of events on the server, some being horrible, and some being the most amazing event people have seen. Before I resign from Imperial RP, I will be doing a special event, killing off certain characters that I made throughout the server. Once that is done, I would get my rank as Game master role and the commander of the Nova Corps removed as well. I am planning to help out with the Breach server with staff as I see how would that go out. I have plans for certain servers that could help promote it and increase the server's player base, such as the Imperial RP server, but I first discuss it with the event management team about it and the server managers managing the server. It was fun being as game master and I wish the best of luck for the server. Special Thanks to certain people on Imperial RP @Site Director Halcyon being one the main reasons I became Game master in the first place. I was inspired by the length and plot of events he made. @TheRealGayLord for helping me out during events and being a great friend on the server. @Maxis Great Commander on the server. You showed leadership and of course, also being a great friend on the server who I can talk to about things on the server and out of the server. @Glenn_ thanks for the support, saying my events were great and I can see that you enjoyed them thoroughly and absolutely loved them @Worgee he wanted to be on the list, there ya go. You can feel special now, buddy. Of course finally, @RickGrimesTM and @King_Wailord for being great server managers for the server. I wouldn't be a game master without you guys. Well, time to prepare for my last event and everything that I would need for it. I had a lot of great experiences and see you later on the server. The event will be on today on 3:00 PM EST, either there being no people at all or at least some.
  3. I am resigning from GMod Hns & PH for several reasons. One is because I started staffing PH with the hopes to revive it, seeing that this is done the server doesn't really need more staff as there is almost like no rules to break. So I'd rather just be a player for now on since it doesn't need much administration and I don't want my Admin status ruining the experience for now. With HnS I just have been really inactive and feel like I'm not on there enough. I should really be playing more but I haven't because I have been on different GFL servers that I enjoy slightly more and I don't have enough time on the server to apply so I don't know how my application was accepted, the quilt of that is also sort of the reason. So nothing against anyone from those servers as I might reapply in the future.
  4. First off, I want to start this by saying thank you to everyone who supported me here. To those who didn’t, still thank you for being you. Anyways, on to this stuff. This is been on my mind for awhile. Maybe about 4 months or so, but I wasn’t too sure. But obviously with this post, it is official. I am resigning from all my positions (the 2 I actually have lol). I just have no desire to play computer games anymore. School is getting harder, my parents are being even harsher on me with schooling, so I really have no time to play. On to the "mentions": @Rcool64 - the one who made me admin in the first place. I have extremely high respect for you. I hope you excel with everything in life. @Maskiee - You kept me along after Rcool left, and we didn’t always see eye-to-eye, but I enjoyed the talks we had. @Winter - Fuck you Sagan . In all seriousness, I want to thank you the most. You’ve put up with me and my mood swings, my begging to you about certain things, my cockiness, everything. Especially with everything you have to deal with, I am almost positive I’ve made some of it harder than it needed to be. Thank you buddy. @NotMotder - The first admin I ever met, back on TTT last year. Was always friendly to me. I’ll never forget that. @Violator - Maybe I’ll come back one day just to make a few false reports on you and piss all your admins off. Sorry in advance . @Xy_ - Another huge thank you. Same as Winter, you put up with my shit on Breach. Again, I’m sorry I never lived up to what I said I was going to do for the server. @RickGrimesTM - Gave me the opportunity to be one of your admins on Jailbreak. Those were some fun days. Thank you for trusting me to do that. @Kubnair - HMU on PlayStation sometime. Just don’t call me Eugine and we will be fine. @PB-n-J - What color is next for you ? For real though, thanks for putting up with me and my million questions. Just remember to watch your back on TTT when I’m on . @myPHART - How did I forget you? Long Live mySHART. Lol, take care friend. Another long time friend. @Fx280 - cunt (jk love you) @Severely_Artistic - happy? @Astro - HOW DID I FORGET YOU? Probably one of the most cancerous admins out there . Just remember I convinced you to apply for admin @Aquaticfilly0 - AquaTitty There’s probably more out there, but these are the one’s that stand out to me. Thank you all again. Until next time, love all of you. -EJ
  5. okay i would like to thank @Thomasdavid097 for the warning about steam account agreement, now i change my mind about to not sell my steam account, but i still like to remove my membership, just demote me from member to player or something
  6. Welp, the thing I didn't want to happen happened. Well to all my Purge players out there i am sorry I haven't been able to get on like I used to. And to all my Purge staff i am sorry im not by your side being a admin like i always do. Reason Why I am resigning is because of my inactivity and Sadly my resignation has been lingering in the shadows since late July. I feel like having to deal with purge admin apps and other related shit that I really shouldn't apart because of my inactivity and I don't want anyone feeling a certain type of way. I will be on forums 99% of the time sooo you will still see my ass on forums trolling all the purge admins+ And members. But I am happy this time i resign on good terms... Now the remembrance part of this topic. @ButterKing5000 I do appreciate that you gave me the chance to become admin again on purge. I remember yo ass as a lil vip making reports. @Shuruia I am sorry about you not being red. But I am also jelious of your good manners and half of the shit you say I don't understand because you talk too white .. Sometimes you gotta talk southern with me. I would love to see you do that. @flyingjoe32 im sorry I wasn't able to be a senior admin withcha. But I am also curious to what you sound like. @stevepwnsyou9 thank you for giving me spnoser and always calling me black man. @Dreamm a person who I can fuck with. @DoctorDJ smartass, younger than I thought you would be. @Hero never really hung out with u. But from what I know you are a good person and a very good admin. @Lemon this mofo is a good admin. Some of the sits he has been on I would tracked the dude ip and sent some cans of whoop ass. @DaPainWayne im glad yo ass got admin so you can start taking admin reports instead of making them shits. @Illusion im glad yo ass got admin. @Urule55 You, me, and @Thomasdavid097 was supposed to get demoted together. Dude never sent in that video. Guess he was just mad Thomas banned his friend. @Gowther had to find your damn name in admin Pm's. Stahp changing yo damn name. Also. This isn't the end of @SuperFineMan on purge. There will be one mysterious Spooky day that I will make yet another comeback to the server. @flyingjoe32 probably will be manager during that time tho... My last wish as an admin... MAKE ME FUCKING USEFUL ON FORUMS!!! I wish everyone the best in life. [email protected]~
  7. To start off i just want to say it was great knowing and meeting people on GFL. It was truly a fun experiece, i got to meet people that i will be freinds with for a long time, and for me, that really means alot. And now the reason i am leaving is because of the lack of fun on the CSGO JB server. Even though i was admin for a while on the server, there was still toxic people from all around. Hence a fucking daycare. But that shaped me into turning into a better man and gave me more responsibility to take care of. Which was fun in all honesty. I just want to thank the following people for being a true friend @Dogger @bballallan @iPro @Ahsim @King_Wailord @Bizarre @harry @CCookie @Cypher @Darkling @Zeb @Aurelien @nocheat @Halohawk @c0dfish @Wonder_Woman @Herbert @Johaw @PaulaDeen and a couple other guys i just forgot. Love ya guys, and it was great to be here.
  8. yeah. I wasn't planning to do this for a while, but I simply don't have time to do anything server-related, and I won't anytime soon. I've been procrastinating things that I should've done a while ago, such as adding maps, testing plugins, etc. I'll still probably spend a good amount of time on the forums (simply cause it's a habit now) and comment on posts, my opinion will just barely matter. I'll still probably use teamspeak and discord, so I'll be easy to contact. I've tried to set up the servers to be able to go on as best I could (Dust 2 doesn't need many plugins and can grab anyone as a manager, and I've recommended someone as a manager for Bhop), so I'm sure they'll do fine. I guess that means a list of shoutouts? @Jermsquad - i miss you. come back. @Also_dead (Hatty) - Thanks for being there when I needed someone to rant to, or wanted someone to play Genji with. @Otter - You were someone that I could always rant to (and I was someone you always ranted to), whether it be about something extremely stupid or something that actually made sense. Just get better internet and you're good to go. @HackingPotato - I'll keep sending you shark selfies PogChamp @Dead (Panda) - Put on a fucking shirt already. god damn. @Nubz - keep doing you. xd @Shuruia - I needed to copy @SaladFlake, so thank you for being better than me. Ta ta. @Dano - Not exactly sure why you use this color. Thanks for teaching me basically everything I know about the servers and managing in general (for CS:S). @Syrus - Not sure why you use this color either. stop that. @Joshy - Thanks for all the wonderful, well-typed posts to read, as well as all the Joshy directory photos to like. @GLiTCh - Good luck with Purge, especially with the shitshow happening with it right now. @Thomasdavid097 - thanks for giving me a chance with bhop and dust 2 lol. wouldn't've been able to do it without ya @Wilford_brimleyy - @SwegBuster - you aren't getting left out, don't worry. @Bigtime388 - Will still send you memes in kik. no problemo. @Nomelie - fuck you for calling star wars garbage. I take that personally. @Rcool64 - get an actual pc and then i'll give you a different shoutout @Roy - I'll still keep memeing you in discord. #RoyChamp @Reeve - Good luck with bhop. I'll try and give you any help I can if you need it, so feel free to pm me. @Telemetry - stop putting lil weeb girls in the shoutbox. it hurts the soul @harry - @Korowa - ur still bad @Darkling - there u go bb and finally... @Cypher - your an internet Bitch bro if I met you in real-life I would slap the fuck out of you. You act all badass cause your names red you are on a fat power trip with a fuck in your ass it's you who's killing GFL and Mark my words it will crumble with you in that position. You and shuria side on everything like it's going out of style you support some esports bullshit and it's not even GFL. It's some third party kids who live in la there a joke they think there good but they haven't even played against a real team. Pull your head out of your add no one can even see it from your point of view the way you see things. Bitch thanks for everything, I guess TL;DR There isn't one. Read the whole thing, you lil shit. resignation train v2? #makeithappen
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