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Found 8 results

  1. Okay so the last month (quarantine period) i found my self really intrested in playing League of legends again and i am kinda tryharding it since it was my favorite game since when i touched a pc . My hours in the Surf timer servers have dropped to like 0 per day , so i think it is time for me to retire from the GFL surf timer admin team. I will miss you all really much but since most of the times i quit a game i kinda get back to it after a few months i dont think it will be a long time to see me again on the servers hope yall doing great . Much love ❤️
  2. Well, the time is finally here. I made a post like this about a month back but I was talked out of it by several people. But this one is it, this is real. I can't say for sure if I'm leaving GFL but I am resigning from HNS. Personal issues have caused me to have to leave the server. Just how it is. They always say "don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened" and I am smiling. While I took breaks from time to time, I've been playing on the Gmod Hide And Seek server since all the way back in 2016, maybe even in 2015 but I don't recall exactly. I've made many friends on there, some I'd consider lifelong friends and close friends. It's time I don't regret and I'll never forget. Now to the mentions and thanks yous- @FrankAL no I will not play AoE2 with you @Harakoni we butted heads often and had issues but I always respected you. Your time as manager was filled with so much turmoil, you didn't deserve that (and thanks for letting me be admin under you) @littleshake one of the better friends I made on HNS, you're too awesome @BrotherWolf one of the nicest genuine people and a great admin, I'll miss you man even when you cheat at golf @spookyowo @Zexired @Nix Pardus oi ya Aussie cunts (and thank you Zex for giving me the chance to be admin) @DragoonMCL for the love of god, I don't watch anime @mbs no maple syrup for you @GoddessAthena Nicki Minaj's ass @Booster bork @Clufy come back pls @Fafy our lord and savior, praise to thee (and thank you for allowing me to be an admin for you) @HomelessDog smol Aussie @R3DD3AD thanks for your help keeping me sane @PopcornGoesPopping @Jamie-Jay @KryptekBlu3 good luck you guys @Shabby sorry for how everything turned out dude Last but not least @Rennadai thanks for letting be an admin under you as well. Great admin, great manager and great person. Good luck with the future of the server, I know you'll do well Well, with that said I guess it's time to go. This isn't an instance where I'm resigning but I'll be around or whatever. I think this is the real goodbye. See ya'll when I see ya, stay safe with this COVID-19 shit. Take care 💗
  3. Honestly, I don't think this is a surprise at this point. I've been apart of the GFL TTT community for a little over four years and have enjoyed it for both its management and its player base. During these years I have played the game almost nonstop, on all night and all morning which surprises me that I got through high school while doing so. It was something that I could do on top of managing a social life, grades and a part time job, however a year ago that changed when my son was born. My wife and I had been living together already which was tough during the pregnancy despite our child being planned. Still I found time to play. After he was born, my time was much more restricted. What little free time I had I normally spent doing hobbies I enjoyed that I could easily put down and pick up later, but TTT wasn't one of them. Now, I've sadly lost interest in general. I thought it was time that I made it official, that TTT (as well as the entire GFL community) is something that I simply don't have enough time to be apart of anymore. I had some wonderful experiences with the members here, whether midday or during the night when I couldn't sleep and wanted to waste some time. I also don't wish to make anyone feel left out, so I won't tag anyone but @MilkMan (Simply to let him know of my resignation) I appreciate the memories I've made here, thank you.
  4. I never thought I would write one of these for a while but I’m afraid that it has come to that time. I resign from being Server Manager on Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II and from GFL entirely. I have done this mainly because of the lack of communication I have been getting from higher-ups. I have tried contacting people of various positions such as Directors, Team Leader, and other Server Managers. I have tried to bend the wire of possibilities for the server as it was endless in my mind, but the lack of communication is stopping that. The reason behind it I may never know but I can only come to one conclusion. My division is most likely the most irrelevant, and the least important since the game is small. That is understandable. What is not understandable is that I try to communicate with other members of GFL to create special events, and such. I am flabbergasted because they gave me Server Manager only after 3 weeks of being a part of GFL. I am ashamed because I was never properly told what to do. Yeah, manage the server and what not, but I wanted to do more for this server, but they have stopped every attempt to try something new because of the higher-ups not knowing anything about the game. In all honesty, I believe the PVKII division should be permanently shut down. Everyone left the PVKII Division because of the unattentiveness of Directors. I was the last to remain, and I felt like I could change the server for the better. Sadly, you can’t keep building the road... it eventually ends somewhere. My last request is to shut down the PVKII Division. Not only is it almost always empty, but it’ll help by making the bills a little cheaper. Anyway, I’m sorry if I let anyone down, and I wish this community wouldn’t focus only on Garry’s Mod. If you know nothing about a game, don’t get a server on that game. I saw these on other resignations so I’ll do the same. If I didn’t mention your name, that’s because either I never knew you, or you were the reason to why I did this. @X2D You were the only Director that actually cared for my Division, and even though you didn't know how to help, you still tried. I hope you do great things in your life, because your a really swell guy. Take care! @Benroy I never spoke to you much, but I thank you for helping me when I needed help, even if you didn’t know how to help me. @tealchicken I never spoke to you before, and you did nothing on my server, but you seem like a cool dude, and I hope you get better grades. Have a good one buddy! @Glenn_ You were a sick dude to be around, and I thank you for working so hard to get me to where I am. Sadly, I see the truth behind your resignation. I hope you have a great road ahead of you, thank you. Honestly, thank you! @Chef_ You are a cool dude, and I like you. You were (almost) always there when I needed you, and you were a reliable person. You deserve to get admin on other GFL servers. I wish you the best of luck in your future. And I hope you deny the request to be Server Manager, so you don’t make my mistakes. See ya dude! @JGuary551 You were always the guy picked on, and you were good at being an admin, and I had limited time around you, but I hope you do well in your journey of life. Stay Ga... I mean stay Guary... :3 @NOT-LAW You were the guy who afk-ed the server. That’s kind of all I knew you for, but I hope you do good doing whatever you may do. Thanks for accepting me as a Server Manager too! @TheJitFace You were a funny dude, and a great guy to talk to. I hope our paths cross again, and I hope you get Admin on Purge! @Raptor Jesus I will see you along with Ninja tomorrow, or by the Weekend. I would hope that this awares director of this message so they do a better job of listening to sidestream divisions. I will repeat my final request, and I hope that it’s done for the sake of PVKII.. If I missed anyone, sorry. It’s been an honor being a Server Manager and being the quickest to become Server Manager. I one day may return here to triumph again, but it's very unlikely. Thank you, and goodbye.
  5. So HnS has been broken for a while and i dont feel like i force myself to play to the point i borderline abuse for fun and its just very boring so i have decided to resign from my role even though i will come around to play sometimes but im going to focus on school and not get on as much so here is some people that made me not resign Honorable Mentions @PsquawOsaurus you were my favorite person on gfl and we are good friends anyway thanks for everything you did when you were manager @Harakoni you were the admin that sponsored me right when i started playing thank you very much @Diablodoggy28 You were a good person before you even got admin anyway have fun on your adventures @cancerous_cunt you were one of my best friends in GFL @mbs Mbs we gotta play minecraft again :D @Zexired good admin youll probably get manager @nelso531 was a trial just like me and was a friend of mine have a fun time @BlockHero funny guy likes your jokes have a nice time with probably getting admin @Clueless C. honestly half of the time havent seen you on HnS @Doot. Funny guy loves ya @NukeTheFox honestly havent played we you enough to even know you @Musical loves your voice good luck on your app @RickGrimesTM im going to be joining back cwrp very soon @Mistarpotato You Got Rekted Scrub @littleshake you were the reason i didnt close my app loves ya your a good friend @bnewton played with you once @Clufy loves ya you were the person that got me to resign @Fafy good friend and we have some fun in the past @sciguy429 WELP IM STUCK OMG HELp @TheSushiColony likes ya when you play @MB101 you sponsored me as well thank you @FrankAL loves you as a admin and you teached me the hallway spot @Nix Pardus played with you a couple times it was fun Anyways that was all the people i have met while in the gfl community i may come back but i may just abandon dont know yet Bye All
  6. Hey all, it's me Ethan, but you probably know me as Psquaw. I got admin on HnS back in October of last year and it was truly special for me to be a bigger part of the server I love. I worked my way up until I eventually got to be senior admin, which was probably the height of my time at GFL. After a while, the previous manager, mbs, resigned, leaving the position in a sort of limbo for a couple weeks. After a bunch of stuff I don't remember I was given the position of manager, and it has been a privilege to have. In that time there's certainly been some ups and downs, but in the end my goal was to make the server a fun and welcoming place for people to play on. Also I was admin on cwrp for a few days. Through GFL I have met some of my best friends (who will be listed at the end of this post), which is what has always kept me playing on the server. Back when I first became admin, it truly felt like a team. I remember when we all used to hang out in discord, and play a bunch of games together. That's what I'm gonna take away from this whole experience. Hanging out with you guys is some of the most fun I've had. As to why I've chosen to resign, to be honest, I just have too much going on. I have a job, school's about to start, I'm about to start driving, etc etc. I just can't handle that much pressure on me all at once. I hope yall can understand where I'm coming from. One final note before I start shouting everyone out. I'm sorry if it ever seemed like I was ignoring you or doing nothing for long periods of time. I feel like I should have said sooner than this post that I have really really severe social anxiety, so talking to people about things isn't really my strong suit. That's also why a lot of people got second or third chances, I just hate upsetting people. I've been trying to work on my anxiety, so I just wanted to apologize to anyone who took anything the wrong way. Now onto THE MEAT These are some people who really made an impression on me in my time with GFL @Logic301 boi you are my best friend that I've made in GFL, come back @You should kill yourself i also one of my best friends I've made in GFL, thanks for being there for me to talk to @mbs quite the cool dude. we should play bedwars again sometime @littleshake If it wasn't for you, I probably would've quit a long time ago. Thanks for believing in me @IDKEMBER another one of my best friends in GFL. We gotta play rocket league again @Zebra @ButterKing5000 and @Xy thank you guys for all the help with how to do stuff with the server @Mistarpotato if it wasn't for your little scheme I wouldn't have seen what I was doing wrong, so in the end you did help the server @Jat another one of my best friends in GFL. I'm glad you're back on the admin team for HnS @Zexired Imo the best admin on the team (no offense everyone else) hope to play with you again @Harakoni yugoslavia @Clueless C. Still one of the best admins. I hope you are r e f o r m e d now. @Fafy really dude thank you so much for all you've done to help the server @Diablodoggy28 even before you got promoted you were a huge help to the server, thanks @MB101 @Impaled @Eucalyptus @DOOMSlayer_ @Marshmello @oat @SamuelG. @shelby and whoever else I'm forgetting I miss hanging out with you guys in discord. That shit was the best. @sciguy429 sorry we always messed with you. You're a good guy and I hope to see you again @cancerous_cunt gay @TheSushiColony still a good noodle @FrankAL far and away one of the best admins on the team. Remind fafy to give that luffy pm to whoever comes after me. @Musical my boi you have the most sexi voice in all the land. Sorry we never got to test maps together. You deserve to be promoted. It won't let me @ anyone else or press enter to make a new line so to the rest of the HnS staff team you all were great, and I'll really miss you guys. I will still hop on from time to time, so don't worry about that. And to the cwrp staff I might come back to that server someday soon. To end this off I just want to say thank you to everyone in this amazing community for giving me this amazing opportunity. I won't forget you guys.
  7. I've Been Thinking About This For A While In My Empty Head Of Mine, Since Gowther First Resign From Being A Admin, & I decided To Leave Purge For A While & Hope The Community The Best.
  8. As you have noticed, I have not played JB at all recently, this is due to not finding interest in the gamemode anymore and thereforeI am resigning as an admin from JB. I want to thank @HackingPotato for giving me the oppurtunity to be an admin, altough I was extremely cancerous . And thank you @denros, @bballallan, @PaulaDeen, @Sajco, @qzed, @Dogger, @Leks, @iPro, @KeeD, @Addy, @Darkling, @King_Wailord, @FlippySpoopy, @O5-X_Council, @Johaw, @Ahsim, @PParrot, and @Swishizzo, for serving with me. Don't get me wrong, I am not quitting GFL, but I am quitting CSGO JB, so you're still stuck with cancer. @Cypher fak @Bhoot.exe and @bobe,
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