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Found 9 results

  1. Future of rust

    Hey guys, Here's a quick link to the official update page for rust where you can check out what the future will have in store for Rust in general https://rust.facepunch.com/roadmap/
  2. Rust update channel

    https://www.twitch.tv/rustafied Above is the linik for the Rust update channel sending each thursday and more. If you are interested in rust you should check it out to stay up to day
  3. Both game and server updates are posted here!
  4. Post suggestions for the server down below and why you think they should be added!
  5. Hello Everyone! We're going to be releasing a server for Rust based in Europe on the 10/19/2017 whenever the update goes live for all to enjoy. If you're curious for what the server has to offer then here is a list of things that will be included: -50% Crafting time Kits Teleportation and Set Home features Skins command for Supporters and VIPs to apply any skin they want to their weaponry/attire Trade command for easy trading Clan system No Decay Quick Sort There is no increased gather rate and no plugins that will effect the loot tables (this is to try and keep it as vanilla as possible) Two week wipe schedule (may change at any given date) IP: To connect to the server once it's been released type in console: Connect or search for GFLClan under "modded" Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed the small cinematic I put together and I hope to see you guys there on launch day!
  6. Directors: @RickGrimesTM STEAM @Roy STEAM Server Manager: @Worgee Admins: Note: Admins do not have access to spawn in items, that access is restricted to Server Manager+. If you see anyone abusing their powers please report them to @RickGrimesTM or @Worgee.
  7. Rules: 1. Do not cheat in any way shape or form as this will result in a permanent ban across ALL our servers! 2. Respect everyone and don't impersonate others. 3. Do not abuse exploits/glitches (Basing inside rocks, duping, e.t.c) ________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you break any of these rules expect to be punished accordingly! If you see anyone breaking any of these rules please message an admin with valid proof!
  8. Hello Rust lovers & Players I was hopping if i can group up a GFL army/Clan in rust of about 10-15 (players max) To join me this Wipe which is thursday and build the Biggest FORT ever FORT stands for First OP Rust Tower
  9. I would like to become a server admin in rust i am a good player multiple hours played and good person in reasoning and discussing problems with ppl