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Found 3 results

  1. Here's another generic suggestion, for an SCP that can be taken in two different approaches. Site-13 Exlusive SCP, because it better suits the theme. (Lure for people to vote for new maps <3) As an SCP that appears on virtually all maps, like how 2845 was originally designed for Site-13 but it was thrown into most other maps because deers are cool. You could potentially bum some people out by making it map exclusive, but in a way it could add better interest into voting for other maps, and would make Site-13 more interesting. Anyways, as one of the most prominent SCPs in SCP-1730's article, I decided to come up with an idea to allow a way for this guy to be introduced, whatever his name is. If someone knows what his actual name is please let me know, but a lot of people seem to call him exactly what I named this post, so whatever. Leave what you think about this in the comments, don't forget to subscribe and hit that notifcation bell too. You are the Writer on the Walls You are a "vaguely humanoid entity", who is capable of producing lethal cognitohazards on surfaces. You can "open your eye", making you dangerous to view for a few moments. Kill everyone and escape the facility. Spawn Location, Site-13: HCZ Electrical Center This room doesn't affect the tesla gates or gate functions or anything like that. It's purely aesthethic, and there's no harm putting it in here. (this place) Spawn Location, Site-19: 012's CC The cell is currently vacated anyways. Wouldn't hurt to put it there if you this is implemented on other maps. (The cognitohazard looks like this.) Gameplay Mechanics: Controls: Primary (LMB) - Write Special (RMB) - Open Eye -Special takes two seconds to trigger. -Any type of grenade explosion erases written cognitohazards. Stats: Health: 1730 Primary Cool Down: 12 seconds Special Cool Down: 24 secs Speed: Breach Human Walking Speed Achievements + Points: Like most other SCPs, The Writer earns points by killing people. No achievements are related to this SCP. Description: The writer is defenseless with the lack of a melee attack, and as such it relies heavily on its cognitohazards and high health for survival. On primary, it prints a cognitohazard on the wall (puts a decal and invisible entity). Any players who view the cognitohazard are engulfed in flames, and this effect continues for two seconds after viewing as stopped. In the event that The writer is utterly surrounded by enemies, it can effectively "flashbang" all enemies nearby, using his special. It takes two seconds to deploy, but all viewers are instantly engulfed in flames for 10 seconds. Cognitohazards can be "mopped off" the walls by grenades. Don't ask how, it's a Foundation thing. That's basically it. A big scary robot dude, that draws dangerous stuff on the walls. Players playing as the SCP can utilize common spots where players pass through, using its abilities to place "traps" around the facility. Here's the resource by the way. It's appropriate for the overall look of the Writer, albeit more mechanical than ever. Resources: The Writer: (right here) This is the part where I stop.
  2. Description: SCP-334 is a sentient pile of superheated plasma that believes it is an ordinary fox and resembles an ordinary fox. It normally only feeds on normal prey, however, if it goes for several weeks without any form of food, it will attempt to 'devour' any unlucky individual who crosses its path. Deaths are caused by third degree burns due to SCP-334 being super-heated plasma, where it then promptly turns any remaining matter into plasma which it absorbs. Upon absorbing plasma, it is known to become energized, moving faster. Stats: Health: 500-1000 Speed: Same as 457 base speed(non-sprinting) Spawn: Site-13 replacing 457 spawn for that map Gameplay Description: SCP-334 would start out relatively weak, having only 2 options to attack. The first is a radius of damage around it, same range as scp-457's, however it cannot actually kill someone, as it wont lower their HP past one. Their right click is a weak close range melee attack that does 25 damage. However, whenever they kill someone with this attack, they gain 250 health and movement speed, capping at slightly faster than sprint speed after 10 kills(Hp gain has no cap, similar to old scp-106). Model: Due to lack of better alternatives(only normal fox player model has no animations/or is an anthromorphic fox), using flareon from the eeveelution pack would work. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=252519802
  3. SCP-3143: http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-3143 Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=474029314 Health: 200-400(not really sure, tbh). Weapon: Any revolver that is suitable. Brief Description: Scp-3143 is a living fictional anomaly which believes itself to be a detective named Murphy's Law, straight out of a Noir film. Despite its nature as both uncontained and anomalous, it has helped the foundation on at least one occasion in regards to a containment breach regarding SCP-3043. The foundation want him contained despite this, due to his dangerous and unpredictable nature. Gameplay description: Spawns as 'reinforcements' alone and armed with a high damaging revolver(40-50 damage per shot and should have a lot of reserve ammo). Is hostile to all other SCPs, as well as MTF and Ci. Not hostile to researchers or d-class. (Murphy wishes no ill will towards the foundation outside of not wanting to be contained, and as such is only shooting back at the MTF/NTF and Ci trying to capture him/terminate him.) Bonus: If someone is willing to create a custom entry 'announcement' for SCP-3143, it should be narrated by SCP-3143 itself instead of by the normal announcer in 'noir' style. Basically, 'reinforcements' that aren't just CI or foundation sided spawns to make the reinforcement spawn more interesting. Could possibly be made to only spawn on site-13, if wanted.
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