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Found 95 results

  1. There were things I left out in the original suggestion and I changed a majority of things such as health, attack damage and it's LMB and RMB. And if you have trouble reading this (Mr Z) then go down to the bottom. There will be a copy and pasted version but without any colors and at the default text. SCP-312's Wiki: http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-312 SCP-312 is an organism composed of very thin tissue layers and filled with atmospheric gases at a slightly higher temperature than the surrounding air. SCP-312 preys upon large mammals and shows a strong preference for humans. Feedings will increase SCP-312's mass and movement speed. It's tentacles are venomous and when it stings it's prey with it they will be paralyzed. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SCP-312 Stats Team: SCP Team Health: 1150 Attack Damage: 15 Attack Speed: Rapid Movement Speed: Human Sprinting Speed Spawn: SCP-205's Containment Mechanic LMB: Venomnous Sting (Attack)(Explained in Information) RMB: Wrap/Grab (Explained in Information) Special: SCP-312 is permanently flying 2nd Special: When SCP-312 kills somebody, it gains more health Information LMB (Vemomnous Sting): When SCP-312 hits somebody with this, it will force the enemy to walk instead of sprint for 2 seconds RMB (Wrap/Grab): SCP-312 wraps it's tentacles around an enemy and carries them for 5 seconds. When your holding them you can move freely, giving you the chance to lift them to high places and drop them when those 5 seconds are up. Purpose: Sneaky/Surprise Attacker/Potential Support _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Playermodel: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=893255163 Giant Red Jellyfish _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ For people who can't read the confusing categorized colors and size of text. (Mr Z) SCP-312's Wiki: http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-312 SCP-312 is an organism composed of very thin tissue layers and filled with atmospheric gases at a slightly higher temperature than the surrounding air. SCP-312 preys upon large mammals and shows a strong preference for humans. Feedings will increase SCP-312's mass and movement speed. It's tentacles are venomous and when it stings it's prey with it they will be paralyzed. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SCP-312 stats Team: SCP Team Health: 1150 Attack Damage: 15 Attack Speed: Rapid Movement Speed: Human Sprinting Speed Spawn: SCP-205's Containment Mechanic LMB: Venomnous Sting (Attack)(Explained in Information) RMB: Wrap/Grab (Explained in Information) Special: SCP-312 is permanently flying 2nd Special: When SCP-312 kills somebody, it gains more health Information LMB (Vemomnous Sting): When SCP-312 hits somebody with this, it will force the enemy to walk instead of sprint for 2 seconds RMB (Wrap/Grab): SCP-312 wraps it's tentacles around an enemy and carries them for 5 seconds. When your holding them you can move freely, giving you the chance to lift them to high places and drop them when those 5 seconds are up. Purpose: Sneaky/Surprise Attacker/Potential Support _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Playermodel: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=893255163 Giant Red Jellyfish (I hope this looks more appealing)
  2. Brief Description: SCP-896 is a MMO(Likely world of warcraft) that causes increases to your character stats to affect you in real life if you use your name as the avatar. Investing in too much of a single stat over the other causes your physical skills to deteriorate over time. SCP-896-A is one of several d-class used in an experiment regarding SCP-896 who invested all of his points into endurance, and tried to escape alongside two others. Stats: Health: High for a SCP(Think around the same health as 2845 or even 610) Speed: Slow(Perhaps only slightly faster than 682's base speed, or perhaps exactly the same) Spawn: Unused containment cells on 1730 and 02. Not sure on other sites Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=105153463 Brief Gameplay description: SCP-896-A is armed with a shield as his basic weapon. It does 50 damage a hit and has high knockback, but swings incredibly slowly and has a short range. This is made up for by two other abilities he has access to, a charge ability and a taunt ability. His charge allows him to move with a sudden burst of speed towards a specific target. Upon imact with the target, does percentage based damage(so more damage to a scp-035 or a tau-5 than to a normal person, and ignores damage reduction from armor). This ability should have a 20 second cooldown and be tied to the R button(same as other scp special abilities). Should end after a set amount of time if he is unable to reach his target. His second special ability is Taunt. He activates it with his right mouse click and upon being used, forces everyone in range to face him and walk in his direction. He also gains a 30% damage resistance(may need to be higher, idk) during the duration of the taunt(as taunted players can still shoot at him, as can un-taunted players). Taunt on players ends after 5 seconds. SCP-896-A, much like during the escape event in the original article, is intended to mostly serve as a movable 'wall' or barricade for players. While he is still capable of killing people on his own(by a combination of his charge + a swing or taunt + swing), his main usefulness comes from blocking off potential routes of escape or tanking(literally) damage for other scps. While there already exists several scps with a large health pool, they tend to not be very effective when it comes to serving as a tank or meatshield for other scps due to how they are intended to be played or(ironically) large hitboxes. In essence he is a support scp similar to 681. Where as 681 focuses on area denial while being really squishy on its own(provided you can actually hit its admittedly weird hitbox), 896-A provides more active protection as well as being tankier. Suggested Swep/model for shield: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=380702193 Best looking shield I could find on the workshop, and comes with attack animations for the swing(as well as already having the damage and knockback built into the weapon). Taunt Swep: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1628472725 Charge Swep: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1613402560 While I dont expect you to literally use these sweps, im linking them as they could serve as a useful reference. In particular the charge swep is super close to how 896-A's charge should work minus for having knockback.
  3. Brief Description: SCP-239 is a reality bender with nearly infinite amount of power, kept under control by being made to believe it can only use its power in the form of 'spells'. Permamently kept in a coma after an incident. Stats: Health: 200-300(Should be low-ish health for a scp) Speed: 'Standard' SCP speed(Same speed as 049) Attacks: Explained in gameplay description. Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1654787671 (I mean 239 thinks shes a wizard, and the age mostly matches... wouldn't mind a better model tbh). Spawn: One of the existing and empty containment cells on site02 and scp-1730/site13. Uncertain where she could spawn on the other maps(especially site-19). Gameplay Description: 239 has access to several different 'spells'. She can select them by pressing the key binded to them(This is shown via a custom hud). Magic Bolt: Her basic attack, essentially. Does 25 damage a hit and is ranged. Fired with the left mouse button. No 'cooldown'(minus for delays between attacks). Lightning Bolt: Deals 50 damage and applies a slow, if the attack hits. Regardless if it hits or misses, goes on cooldown after being fired. 10 second cooldown Magic Blast: Hits a target causing an delayed AOE explosion that deals 50 damage. Regardless if hit or miss, goes on cooldown. 17 second cooldown. Blood Curse: Fires a 'curse' affecting a single player. Repeated attacks on the same person heals the SCP and slows the target. 10 second cooldown baseline in the swep, might need to be changed to 20 seconds or even 30 seconds. Calamity: Has to be charged first by taking and dealing damage. Upon reaching fully charge, does AOE damage around the SCP and heals. Calamity is able to charge itself off its own damage. 239 is essentially a squishy scp with a lot of potential ranged power and healing ability if she gets the chance. She would likely lose any direct fight with groups but easily handles a 1v1 situation. Her low HP(might even need to be lower than the 200-300 range, not 100% sure) ensures that she will die quickly if she is played poorly. Calamity is a incredibly powerful crowd wiping ability once she has it available and even being able to possibly fill itself a second time if a large enough group is hit, but also gives away her position and requires her to get close to groups, which should generally give away that she has the ability ready. I believe the variety in her spells/abilities would give her an unique playstyle compared to the other ranged scps currently in the game(2845 and 378 after it has taken a host, to a lesser extent 076-2 counts as well due to being able to throw his sword) as she is more damage focused but has severely less HP than the others, and is better against single targets than groups. Link to Swep: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=940672885 Answers to questions im already expecting: "Isn't she able to turn people into her 'friends' simply by believing they are her friend?" Yes, but outside of the fact that gameplay wise it would cause massive overlap with 049, 610, and even 678, she wouldn't exactly be viewing the people who put her into a coma as friends. (Even if it might be fun to add an special interaction between her and dr.clef. Maybe just make Dr.clef/lambda-2 have a higher chance to spawn if she is in the round). "Why is she attacking the foundation?" Because they put her into a coma for who knows how long against her will? "Why is she casting 'blood magic' to heal herself? That doesnt seem to really fit." Outside of it being the most fun sorta 'spell' weapon i could find to make interesting gameplay, shes already been stated to be able to basically do whatever she wants, even if she believes its through 'casting spells'. She believes she can heal herself by hurting the people attacking her, and she does.
  4. SCP-2324's Wiki: http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-2324 Description: SCP-2324 is a phenomenon associated with the western honey bee and its parasitic interaction with humans. SCP-2324-A denotes a human infected with SCP-2324. The injection mechanism for SCP-2324 is through a specialized bee sting to a living human. A fully infected SCP-2324-A instance is clinically dead, but maintains life functions under a new, altered consciousness controlled by an unknown means, presumably by bees within the body of the individual instance. The brain of an SCP-2324-A instance is replaced with a new structure superficially resembling a beehive3, in which regular honey bees produce, nurture, and deploy biologically modified, notably more aggressive honeybees via the nostrils, mouth, and other cavities. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SCP-2324-A Stats Team: SCP Objects Health: 2700 Attack Damage: 15 Attack Speed: Fists Attack Speed from the Special Round: SPC Breach Movement Speed: SCP-049 speed Spawn: Replacer Spawn for SCP-610 (Meaning both SCP-610 and SCP-2324-A cannot spawn in a round naturally) Mechanic LMB: Literally the fists from the special round: SPC Breach RMB: Release Bees (10 second cooldown) Special: If SCP-2324-A is damaged there is a 10% chance bees will release Information RMB (Release Bees): With this you can release bees! (Duh...) You take 30 damage to yourself when using this useful RMB! The bees will be called SCP-2324 and 2-4 of them can spawn! Spectators are called out to be these useless- I mean useful bees! They are also weak since so many can spawn in such a short time. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SCP-2324 Stats Team: SCP Objects Health: 40 Attack Damage: 25 Attack Speed: Rapid Movement Speed: SCP-076-02's Speed Spawn: SCP-2324-A's current location Mechanic LMB: Sting (Attack) Special: Self-Damage Special 2: You will die in 1 minute after spawning Information Special (Self-Damage): If you successfully hit someone you will deal 10 damage to yourself! Useful! So if you kill someone (Which you probably wouldn't) you'll die with them! You know how when bees sting someone the bee dies. Yeah. I learned that from Bee Movie. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Playermodels/Models: SCP-2324-A: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=512862886 SCP-2324: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=545462989&searchtext=Bee
  5. Suggestion by @Loudnoise918. Description: SCP-3108 is a heavily modified metallic NERF-brand gun, and is paired with SCP-3108-1, a NERF-brand dart. When paired together, they "nerf" whatever it hits, making it "inferior". Weapon stats: It has 6 shots and no reserve ammo, but ammo cannot be replenished. Occupies the pistol slot. Upon hitting someone on the SCP team, they are instantly changed to be a different SCP. Upon hitting someone that is a human, they are instantly killed and transmuted into a random item. Suggested Spawn Area: Spawns anywhere pistols would spawn. Suggested model: A retexture of the Half-Life 2 revolver that is yellow, or it could be gray.
  6. SCP-3108 "The Nerfing Gun" Alright, now that I have your attention with this obnoxious color, I have a idea. Ever since Nighthound brought up the idea of the nerf gun, I've just thought of a idea for funsies, like usual. Oh, if you see @The1337Gh0st's post, it's because Nighthound has their ideas, whiles I have mine. SCP-3801 Description: Stats: Damage: None Attack Speed: Slow (Due to only having one bullet) Clip Size: 1 (See Above) Magazine: 30 Reload Speed: Slow Spawn Area: Any place where a pistol would spawn, and make it replace the pistol slot. Specials: The effect here would be for it to have a randomized (Or mash it all up together I don't care) effect for 30 seconds or 1 minute, such as: Blindness Slowness Item Stripping Maximum HP to 75 (For Humans and Perm) Take away one quarter of a SCP's HP (Perm) Bleeding 795's rat effect Remember, these are just ideas however. Effects are up to Xy. However, comment below for effects you think I should add. Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1588345531&searchtext= Use the maverick, or use 1337's idea and a retextured version of the HL2 revolver. I mean Nighthound's idea is cool too check it out I guess I don't know
  7. SCP-073's Wiki: http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-073 _________________________________________________________________________________ SCP-073 Stats: Team: Researchers Health: 2200 Movement Speed: Human Walking / Running Speed SCP-073 is able to pick up items. Spawning Items: Nothing Mechanic: Special: When SCP-073 is damaged by someone, the person who damaged 073 takes half the amount of damage they dealt to SCP-073. (SCP-073 is still damaged.) Special 2: SCP-073 resists bullets Weakness: SCP-073 cannot hold any SMGs, Rifles, Pistols, Stunsticks, Crowbars. Weakness 2: SCP-076-02 can damage SCP-073 without getting damaged too. _________________________________________________________________________ Playermodel: hostage02 (Comes with GMod)
  8. SCP-1504's Wiki: http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-1504 Short Description: SCP-1504 is a Caucasian male, standing at 1.95 meters tall. The subject’s appearance is unremarkable, aside from a small birthmark on its right shoulder. SCP-1504’s anomalous traits include its inability to be harmed or killed. All actions carried out by SCP-1504 will be perceived by surrounding individuals as being within expectations for the situation. SCP-1504 has been known to attack personnel who will then believe circumstance or their own doing has hurt them. The subject is able to affect electronic and automatic systems. SCP-1504 Stats Team: SCP Objects Health: 3300 Attack Damage: 30 Attack Speed: SCP-1471's Attack Speed Movement Speed: Human walking Speed Spawn: SCP-008's Room (Currently No SCPs spawn in 008's room.) Mechanic LMB: Punch (Attack)(Explained at Information.)(5 Second Cooldown when going back to body) RMB: Security "Hiccups" (140 second cooldown)(Explained at Information.) Information LMB (Punch): When SCP-1504 uses it, it looks like it stopped moving to anyone who is looking at it but it's moving. Just invisible. This lasts 15 seconds and this can be an enemies chance to attack SCP-1504 since it's body isn't moving. SCP-1504 will see it's own body but it can move sorta like a DM Ghost but it can see and damage players. It'll do it's attack on anyone it clicks with LMB. After 1504 "attacks" people two times it'll gain control of it's body again. I hope that wasn't confusing. RMB (Security "Hiccups"): You may be asking "MAX WHY THE FUCK DOES IT'S RMB LAST 140 SECONDS!" And I have the answer to that. It's RMB opens every door at the same time. Even doors that require keycards to open. But this won't open gates. If that's too laggy or too hard to code then just make open doors that require keycards to open. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Playermodel: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=762970313
  9. This is one of the many suggestions that @Doomnack suggested me to suggest. SCP-844's Wiki: http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-844 Description: SCP-844 is an amorphic mass composed primarily of human bones, large amounts of dust and a form of luminescent fungus which is red in color. SCP-844 is predatory and highly mobile, having demonstrated the ability to hide from assailants by moving across walls and ceilings. It has a particular method of hunting involving lure tactics, which it has abstained from using since arriving in Foundation custody, although on arrival it did attempt to use provided bovine to lure researchers nearby. When hunting, SCP-844 will firstly attempt to lure a human target, usually between the ages of six to twelve, into a fairly secluded area. SCP-844 accomplishes this by leaving a trail of red, viscous liquid when hunting, which quickly coagulates into a semi-solid edible mass. Once there, SCP-844 will settle itself into a poorly-lit area and using a number of hooked barbs stored within its main mass, secure the victim into place. SCP-844 will then use a variety of physical methods to incite the victim into vocalizing distress. This is primarily realized through the use of the sharpened bones that make up a section of its mass. During this process, SCP-844 takes great care to ensure that the wounds inflicted are non-fatal, so that this victim can be re-used for further hunting. And then if someone goes to investigate the noise, it will swiftly attack and they all die! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SCP-844 Stats Team: SCP Objects Health: 1150 Attack Damage: 40 Attack Speed: 1471 Attack Speed Movement Speed: Fast (More Than Human Sprinting Speed) Spawn: SCP-008's Room Mechanic LMB: Attack RMB: Lure Deploy (35 Second Cooldown)(Explained more in Information.) Reload: Leap and Hang (Explained more in Information.) Information RMB: Lure Deploy SCP-844's RMB is gained after killing another player. If you successfully kill a player, you are able to deploy the lure. It's appearance will look like the person you just killed. (Example: 844 kills Researcher, deploys, looks like Researcher) The deployed lure will then say the stuff SCP-939 would say in the game SCP: Containment Breach such as "Hello?" After this you can go find somewhere to hide. Once a player get's near the deploy you are able to see them from a highlight similar to 2521. If you press RMB again while the deploy is out, you will kill the deploy and teleport to the deploy. Reload: Leap and Hang This is similar to SCP-372's leap but slightly different. SCP-844's leap goes more vertically and almost no horizontal movement but the leap goes higher. You can also hang on the ceiling by pressing Reload in the air again. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Playermodel: SCP-844: (Retexture everything to a meaty red) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1276030302 It's an SCP-999 playermodel but looks like an absolute abomination. Different from the SCP-999 model the server uses. It even has some animations and it makes it look even more terrifying.
  10. Look, I really don't know if this is supposed to go in map suggestions or whatnot, but it doesn't matter, because all I'm trying to do is get your attention to this intensely detailed map that Haxray just discovered, who's now holding me at gunpoint to make this suggestion. Anyways, instead of saying "pls add map thx bye", I'm going to style this suggestion with various images depicting certain locations in the map. Don't let the rp map type encourage you to dislike this map, there's some elements in this map that would fit Breach gameplay. I really can't exaggerate how amazing this map looks like without showing you pictures. Just see for yourself. A general main lobby room. An "afraid of heights" segment, similar to the HCZ test room. The main exit, topside. A surface area, filled with numerous buildings for cover (and camping). The D-Class cells. A section of the HCZ. A part of an office walkway. Uh, a party room? For lords who rave. A section of a hallway, showing the detail put into map geometry. A dormitory! Sleep is your best friend. Small bunker-like area, with several conjoined testrooms. A cafe! Blah blah blah. I could go on about some of the other seemingly flawlessly-designed areas of the map. Though, that would probably be way too long, so I hope these pictures gave you a general idea of the map. edit: forgot the link lol (right here)
  11. Here's another generic suggestion, for an SCP that can be taken in two different approaches. Site-13 Exlusive SCP, because it better suits the theme. (Lure for people to vote for new maps <3) As an SCP that appears on virtually all maps, like how 2845 was originally designed for Site-13 but it was thrown into most other maps because deers are cool. You could potentially bum some people out by making it map exclusive, but in a way it could add better interest into voting for other maps, and would make Site-13 more interesting. Anyways, as one of the most prominent SCPs in SCP-1730's article, I decided to come up with an idea to allow a way for this guy to be introduced, whatever his name is. If someone knows what his actual name is please let me know, but a lot of people seem to call him exactly what I named this post, so whatever. Leave what you think about this in the comments, don't forget to subscribe and hit that notifcation bell too. You are the Writer on the Walls You are a "vaguely humanoid entity", who is capable of producing lethal cognitohazards on surfaces. You can "open your eye", making you dangerous to view for a few moments. Kill everyone and escape the facility. Spawn Location, Site-13: HCZ Electrical Center This room doesn't affect the tesla gates or gate functions or anything like that. It's purely aesthethic, and there's no harm putting it in here. (this place) Spawn Location, Site-19: 012's CC The cell is currently vacated anyways. Wouldn't hurt to put it there if you this is implemented on other maps. (The cognitohazard looks like this.) Gameplay Mechanics: Controls: Primary (LMB) - Write Special (RMB) - Open Eye -Special takes two seconds to trigger. -Any type of grenade explosion erases written cognitohazards. Stats: Health: 1730 Primary Cool Down: 12 seconds Special Cool Down: 24 secs Speed: Breach Human Walking Speed Achievements + Points: Like most other SCPs, The Writer earns points by killing people. No achievements are related to this SCP. Description: The writer is defenseless with the lack of a melee attack, and as such it relies heavily on its cognitohazards and high health for survival. On primary, it prints a cognitohazard on the wall (puts a decal and invisible entity). Any players who view the cognitohazard are engulfed in flames, and this effect continues for two seconds after viewing as stopped. In the event that The writer is utterly surrounded by enemies, it can effectively "flashbang" all enemies nearby, using his special. It takes two seconds to deploy, but all viewers are instantly engulfed in flames for 10 seconds. Cognitohazards can be "mopped off" the walls by grenades. Don't ask how, it's a Foundation thing. That's basically it. A big scary robot dude, that draws dangerous stuff on the walls. Players playing as the SCP can utilize common spots where players pass through, using its abilities to place "traps" around the facility. Here's the resource by the way. It's appropriate for the overall look of the Writer, albeit more mechanical than ever. Resources: The Writer: (right here) This is the part where I stop.
  12. WITH THE JANITOR YOU CAN CLEAN THE MESS. NO NEED FOR OUR LORD MR. CLEAN BECAUSE THE JANITOR IS HERE TO SAVE THE DAY. The Janitor Stats: Team: Janitorial Team / Janitors / Or Just the Researchers Team Health: 100 Movement Speed: Human Speed Spawning Items: Keycard: Yes (Janitor Card) Weapon: Yes (Mop) Other: Water Bucket (Deploy able) Item Information: (Only for the new items) The Mop THIS REVOLUTIONARY DEVICE CAN BE USED AS AN CLEANING ITEM AND A WEAPON! LMB: Whack with your mop (15 damage)(Rapid) RMB: Throw your mop (30 damage)(Have to grab it back)(THANKS @Duc2000!!) E Button: Clean (CAN CLEAN VARIOUS THINGS BUT IT NEEDS THE BUCKET TO MAKE THE MOP WET!) Special: If you press E on a deployed bucket while holding the mop, the mop will be wet and you can clean stuff by pressing E on something messy! Cleanable Stuff: SCP-610 Roots! Blood! Special Special: IF A WET MOP HITS 457 OR 334, IT'LL DO EXTRA DAMAGE! (50 damage) The Water Bucket LMB: Deploy Special: If SCP-457 or 334 walks on it, it will do 100 damage on it! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Playermodel/Models: The Janitor: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1622062128&searchtext=Janitor The Mop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=896035550&searchtext=Mop The Bucket: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=765062489&searchtext=Bucket BLESS US WITH THE JANITOR NOW!
  13. SCP-525's Wiki: http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-525 Description: SCP-525 consists of multiple disjoined arthropod legs. The base of each leg ends in several minute hooks capable of perforating flesh. SCP-525 is covered in short, fine hairs, and is quite brittle. When alone or in proximity with fewer than six others, SCP-525 is inert. When eight components of SCP-525 are brought within range of each other the legs will immediately crawl into a group and attach themselves into a single entity, referred to as 525-1. At this stage, the speed of its locomotion greatly increases, and it will attempt to make contact with the closest human or similar. When a suitable animal is found, 525-1 will climb directly towards the animal's eye. Having centered itself over a socket, four legs will secure the eyelid while the others extract the eye. Despite 525-1's rapid movements, extreme care is taken not to damage the eye during the extraction, severing the optic nerves and central retinal vein. Once the eye is free from the original owner's socket, 525-1 will implant the base of each leg into the eye. If allowed to remain, 525-1 will lay what appear to be eggs in the socket of its host before climbing off. When in possession of an eye, 525-1 is no longer hostile and its movement is somewhat impeded. Over time, the eye dehydrates, eventually turning the same reddish colour as SCP-525. After 2-3 weeks, 525-1 will abandon the eye and begin to search for another. SCP-525-1 (Eyeless) Stats: Team: SCP Objects Health: 650 Attack Damage: 20 Attack Speed: Rapid Movement Speed: SCP-076-2 Speed Spawn: SCP-008's Containment Chamber Mechanic: LMB: Perforate (Attack) RMB: Attack Eye (3 second cooldown if misses)(New RMB if successfully taken eye)(15 second cooldown if didn't take the eye) (Explained more at information.) Information: RMB (Attack Eye): If you use SCP-525-1's RMB, you will lunge similar to 372 but shorter than SCP-372's lunge. If you land on someone while using the lunge, you will latch onto their face for 4 seconds. If you press your RMB again, SCP-525-1 will do 10 damage opening the eyelid, pressing RMB after that will pull the eye out dealing 30 damage and bleeding. If you press RMB after taking the eye, you will deal another 5 damage while laying eggs inside the enemies eye. Once SCP-525-1 get's off the enemy with it's eye, it will become SCP-525-1 with the eye. Let's just call it SCP-525-1 (Eye) 1 Minute after laying the eggs, the eggs will hatch, spawning next to where the enemy currently is and creating another 525 (Eyeless) from the spectators team. The created 525-1 is the same as the original 525-1 and it can get eyes too. If the enemies eye is taken, they will have worse vision. (Red around their vision and that weird visual effect 372 has when it's cloaked.) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SCP-525-1 (Eye) Stats: Team: SCP Objects Health: 650 Attack Damage: 15 Attack Speed: Rapid Movement Speed: Human Walking Speed Spawn: The same player who was the eyeless 525-1 if they take an eye from an enemy. Mechanic: LMB: Perforate (Attack) RMB: Remove the Eye (Explained more at Information.) Special: The eye will be removed a minute after having the eye. Heals 150. If health is full then SCP-525-1 gains more health. Extra Special: 80% Bullet Resistance Information: RMB: Removes the eye and becomes back into the eyeless form. Gains 150 health. More tankier than SCP-525-1 (Eyeless) but is weaker and slightly slower. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Models / Playermodels: SCP-525-1 (Eyeless Form): (Smallest Spider in Picture 3) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1424781264 SCP-525-1 (Eye Form): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1424781264&amp;searchtext
  14. Time to smash. You know not every SCP rewards you for fighting them. Though obviously, SCPs are meant to be a threat, and you aren't supposed to be hunting down them for a prize as much as they should be hunting down you. However, shaking up things a bit, feel free to grab a couple of m&m's from this anomalous piñata when you get the chance. Though, I hope you that not every candy is the same, especially the type you get from strangers, and most especially the type you get from sentient party props. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ You are SCP-956 You are a sentient piñata, filled with candy that isn't exactly 'safe' to eat. You drop various candies after being hit, though they aren't entirely meant for human consumption. With your trusty bat you found in the dump, go beat up humans as revenge for them killing your own kind! Spawn Location, Site-19: 012's CC Blah blah blah, cell's vacated, don't worry. This is fine. Gameplay Mechanics: Controls: Primary (LMB) - Smash! Secondary (RMB) - Party Crasher! Passives: -Upon being taking damage, you drop regular candy! +Upon killing someone, they drop strange candy! You can pick up dropped candy for health! -Party crasher takes 2 seconds to arm, before the actual swing. +Party Crasher's swing briefly causes movement inversion introduced with a screen shake, for 5 seconds. (use secondary to initially stun your victims, finishing them off with primary) Stats: Health: 956 Primary Cool Down: 1 Secondary Cool Down: 7 Primary Damage: {25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50} Secondary Damage: {75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100} Speed: Slightly Above Breach Human Running Speed Achievements + Points: Like most other SCPs, SCP-956 earns points by killing people. No achievements are related to this SCP. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This suggestion allows include an item. "Strange Candy" (SCP-956-1) -Spawns from SCP-956's kills. Appears identical to 330 candy, albeit with a name change. -Item Type: Consumable Item -On use: suffer a series of disorienting events, include screen blindness, sound distortion, and movement inversion for 9 seconds. -For Humans: heals slightly less than SCP-330 candy. -For SCP-956: heals slightly more than SCP-330 candy. Purpose: The FDA label reads: not approved for babies, or humans as a matter of fact! Though, sentient party props may enjoy. Note: see description for explanation and regards to SCP-956. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Description: Whenever SCP-956 kills someone, they drop numerous instances of SCP-956-1 on death. Whenever SCP-956 takes damage, they drop red/blue/yellow candy on death. For Humans: Upon consuming strange candy, they suffer disorienting events. (the effect is negative) For SCP-956: Upon consuming strange candy, it's the same experience as consuming candy from SCP-330. (the effect is positive) For Humans: Upon consuming SCP-330 candy, nothing bad happens. (we all know that; the effect is positive) For SCP-956: Upon consuming SCP-330 candy, they suffer the same effects as strange candy would have on humans. (the effect is negative) Essentially, SCP-956 can only eat strange candy safefully, while it cannot eat candy from itself without being disoriented. Human classes cannot eat strange candy without being disoriented, but since candy dropped by SCP-956 is normal, they are free to use candy dropped by SCP-956. Resources: The Sentient Piñata: (right here, just please extract this because there's some other useless models) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A bit of lore-bending, though I tried to keep with the general concept of SCP-956. As always, please let me know what you think in the comment section, blah blah blah, you get the idea. like favorite and subscribe
  15. WARNING: This may have lore breaks. If you are injured by these lore breaks it is not my fault because you read the warning. SCP-993's Wiki: http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-993 Quick Description: SCP-993 is a children's television program called Bobble the Clown starring a character that's a clown called Bobble the Clown. If anyone at the age of 10 or up watch this program they will immediately black out until the show is over. If anyone at the age of 9 or under watches Bobble the Clown they will see some pretty fucked up stuff including cannibalism, murder and torture. If they are exposed to SCP-993 for too long, they will pretty much be scarred for life and can result into psychotic and schizophrenia symptoms. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SCP-993 Stats Team: SCP Objects Health: 1200 Attack Damage: 15 Attack Speed: Rapid Movement Speed: Human Sprinting Speed Spawn: Replacer spawn for SCP-1471 (Meaning they both cannot spawn in the same round naturally.) Mechanic LMB: Dramatize? (Attack)(Explained more in Information) RMB: Black Out (25 second cooldown) (Explained in Information) Reload: Teleport to an random player with an Radio or Any S-Nav. Special: Only players with an S-Nav or Radio can see and be damaged by SCP-993. (Explained more in Information) Information LMB (Dramatize): Dramatize is SCP-993's primary attack. It deals 15 damage but it's a rapid attack. The more SCP-993 damages a player, the player will experience some weird stuff that only they can experience such as, Random Flashing, Laughing sounds coming from nowhere and if SCP-993 damages you enough, it will damage you mentally so much that you will start killing your own teammates and you will become part of the SCP team. Players who do become part of the SCP team are able to kill Class-D, Researchers and MTF Guards and you will be allied to the SCP Objects team. And they keep all of their items. Their health and speed will be kept the same so it's just a person allied to the SCP Team similar to a Serpent's Hand Member. RMB (Black Out): Black out will blind every player with a Radio or any S-Nav for 3 seconds. While they are blinded, SCP-993 get's a speed and damage boost until the blind is over. (15 attack damage becomes 25)(Speed changes into 076-2's speed) Reload: It's the same special as 1471, teleport to anyone with a radio or a S-Nav. Special: Anyone with a radio or any S-Nav will be able to be seen and be damaged by SCP-993. If someone with an S-Nav holds their S-Nav to navigate, the screen will become a picture of SCP-993. SCP-993 can only see people with a Radio or S-Nav just like 1471. (Picture: http://scp-wiki.wdfiles.com/local--files/scp-993/993.jpg) (And we do have some 9 year olds in the server so that works.) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Playermodel: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1118827309&amp;searchtext=Clown (Blue Clown)
  16. This is the part where I ramble on to make this suggestion seem long. Don't really need to though. This is also the part where I introduce that this is just a collection of tweaks that could potentially be added to affect gameplay as and against SCPs. having one of these suggestions alone will probably be an understatement, but there aren't that many to include so don't worry, this isn't like my novelties suggestions where you'll be reading off lists. Anyways, here some of the tweaked SCPs. SCP-372 No longer passively uncloaks. When disguised, jumping repeatingly will uncloak SCP-372. (Each jump has a 10 second cooldown while disguised) (When not disguised, feel free to spam all you like.) Slight health buff. (just 100 more health, not that much) Note, SCP-372's "name" is still visible with the crosshair. You can still see this whether he's cloaked or not! I'm pretty sure we all had times when we were inconvienced by 372's uncloak passive at one point or another. It's unfair that RNG basically decides when you uncloak. This allows 372 users to be more stealthy, but also makes sure cloaked 372s can't just jump all the way to the exit, especially on the surface, making so its actually challenging for 372 to escape, allowing players an actual chance to stop a breaching 372. Keep in mind, the fact that one may catch "glimpses" of 372 is still present, in the way that his name can be seen with the crosshair. Unlike passive redisguise, he doesn't stick out like a sore thumb when he uncloaks in the most awkward area. Glimpses of 372's name are a lot more common than you would expect, especially inside the facility, still giving players an edge of 372's presence. SCP-610 Model change: uses a poison zombie playermodel. Slight speed upgrade for all every 610-related class. (not as fast as a running player, but faster than walking players) Screen gets a red vignette effect that progressively get darks as time continues. This change may seem pointless, but it makes 610 stand out more from the crowd, while still retaining the "fleshy" feeling that 610 instances present themselves with. It also helps players differentiate the true 610 from a horde of other 610 instances, allowing them to take note for the real vector of the infection. Due to 610 being a bit disliked on the server, upping their speed makes them a challenge to encounter, creating a real outbreak when 610 is present. The vignette is a fun way to show how deep the player is into the transformation process. SCP-795(oh boy) Significant health buff: 1300 HP. (see explanation pls) Cat Scratch!: Deals bleed. (It's a cat afterall) Mice speed is reduced, for compensation of small hitbox. Chance to turn into mice is changed slightly, now 15%. It's kinda' scary thinking that 795 has notoriously lower health than your average SCP-372, and has nearly as much base health as a zombie. While yes, difficulty plays a part, and even regarding 795's passive when attacked, you need to consider 795's gameplay compared to other SCPs. SCP-795 is an offensive SCP, also known as the "type that runs right into your face". This includes SCPs like 106, 457, 096, 049, and even 1048 (though due to its small hitbox it has lower health). SCPs in that category are decked with health, because their playstyle expects mass resistance on the part of players; they will likely be experiencing gunfire at them all round. Because of this, 795 is well deserving of a health buff. Even considering that people that damage it may turn into mice, in an event where it's utterly surrounded by numerous armed MTF and whatnot, it will lose a majority of its health, which isn't that much to begin with anyways. It's not like 795 has any real means to play stealthily or anything. It cannot cloak like 372, or drive people away from it like 066, or teleport away like 1471. In order to play as 795, you usually have to be chasing people around, which is not the type of gameplay that 795's health is suited for. SCP-1471 Slight health buff, nothing too special. (probably 250 more) Infected can be seen through walls. (see explanation pls) Your best friend!: Infected can hear 1471 speak (using vc and chat) through every radio channel. SCP-1471 is honestly a fairly good class, though some other people may disagree. A slight amp in health may be appreciated, though 1471 has teleportation to cover for it. You're not meant to run straight at gunfire as 1471. In all honesty, the fact that 1471 only can hunt infected people feels more like of restriction on gameplay than any real use. To provoke the feeling of stealth and support that 1471 could have had, and to let players know that there is an entity eerily stalking them, SCP-1471 can see infected only through walls. Instead of relying purely on its teleportation to hunt down victims, 1471 can utilize this to navigate to their victim. The last tweak is purely a fun way that 1471 can toy with its victims, and to give the impression that 1471 is truly a really weird friend they found on an app. Though, pressing R will disable 1471's radio speak if it wants to privately converse with other SCPs. SCP-2845 Envy of the Saturn Prophet!: SCP-2845's attacks get faster each he "misses" (doesn't kill a person with his attack). When he kills someone, his attack speed resets. Attack speed has a max obviously, which is 1. This represents the time it takes for his attack to "explode". SCP-2845 could technically "charge" his attack when he encounter someone by targetting nobody, especially when the round begins. OR (alternate choice) Wrath of the Saturn Prophet!: SCP-2845 can use his attack, twice. This meaning, he can have a max of two of his attacks active at the same time, allowing him to target large crowds of people more efficiently, making him the godly menace that he was meant to be, It is arguable whether 2845 is OP or not. Though, SCP-2845's attacks are meant to be used against unsuspecting people, which mean typing people, unsuspecting campers, and people opening doors, it's becomes apparent that it's incredibly hard to predict where a person goes to properly time your events. You can pick one of the two different attack improvements I suggested. I personally love the Wrath one better, due to being easier to code, and makes being near 2845 more unpredictable and chaotic, which brings amps the fear of encountering him. Both attacks though, make SCP-2845 a more competent SCP to deal with. SCP-066 Slight health buff, that's really it (just 250 more HP) SCP-066 is slightly lacking in the health department, but you know, unlike what a lot of people may say, 066 is powerful when utilized correctly. SCP-066 is an ambush-type class, meant to surprise players who least expect it, which is why its health is signifcantly lower, giving players the impression that they aren't exactly meant to rush at people. SCP-939 Blah blah blah, another slight health buff. (just 100 more HP) SCP-939 is as fine as it is. A small health buff could compensate for its large hitbox, and 939 does have an aggressive playstyle when not disguised, so a small health tweak is welcomed. Not much needs to be changed about 939, the fact that it now redisguises and that killing other people makes it redisguise faster is amazing. SCP-682 ROAR!: You probably get the point, so I'll be quick. 682's only real sound is the soft thudding of bodies when it kills a swarm of TRO and whatnot. Other than that, it's completely mute. A roar could add depth to 682's class, just simply making it seem more, well, like 682. Though, it could also be used to telegraph 682's presence, and whether the player might be screwed if it happen to be charging behind them. SCP-378 I hope you are aware of this, but fix the healing item bug. (SCP-378 cannot use healing items) Currently, 378's bug with health kits and SCP-500 completely breaks gameplay, regarding classes playing against SCP-378. You probably know what it is because you've seen it in-game. Look, if you wanted to keep this, you could at least make medkits and 500 heal 100 HP and not simply revert them to their max health. In turn, if you were to tweak medkits for that you would need to dial down SCP-378's health. Agh, ok I'm done here. Some of these might be implemented, because there's is no need to implement every single thing on this list, unless you really want to. And of course, not every thing on the list may be viewed to the same standard of each other. If you have any comments or concerns, leave it below.
  17. SCP 553's Wiki: http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-553 Description: SCP-553 is a butterfly looking thing that has sharp wings because of it's material that is similar to quartz. When an instance of SCP-553 is damaged, it produces a special sonar that let's the other instances of 553 know. SCP-553 attacks by using their sharp wings. There are these things called crystal seeds which are like eggs that make more instances of SCP-553. SCP-553 (Original Instance) Stats: Team: SCP Objects Health: 800 Attack Damage: 15 Attack Speed: Rapid Movement Speed: Human Sprinting Speed Spawn: Replacer Spawn for SCP-610 (Meaning both of these SCPs cannot spawn in the same round naturally.) Mechanic: LMB: Cut/Slice (Attack) RMB: Lay Crystal Seeds (60 second cooldown) Special: Sonar Details/Information: RMB (Lay Crystal Seeds): SCP-553 lays 3 crystal seeds, each crystal seed can be destroyed and it has 150 health. Every 10 seconds, an instance of SCP-553 will hatch from the crystal seed. One crystal seed is capable to make 2 instances of SCP-553. So if the 3 crystal seeds survive, there will be 6 new instances of SCP-553. Once the 2 instances are created, the crystal egg will disappear. Special (Sonar): If SCP-553 is damaged, all of the SCPs in the SCP Objects team can see SCP-553 by a highlight similar to 2521. The highlight will last 10 seconds before disappearing. This will help SCP-553 survive since the SCPs are able to know where 553 is an could potentially help SCP-553 out. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SCP-553 (Created Instance) Stats: Team: SCP Objects Health: 150 Attack Damage: 10 Attack Speed: Rapid Movement Speed: Human Sprinting Speed Spawn: By the crystal seeds Mechanic: LMB: Slice/Cut (Attack) RMB: Sprint Special: Sonar Details/Information: RMB (Sprint): Increases Movement Speed similar to SCP-457 for a short period of time. Special (Sonar): Already explained at the details/information of the original instance of SCP-553 but make the created instance's highlight blue instead of red. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Models/Playermodels: Crystal Egg: (White Crystal) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=944141639&amp;searchtext=Crystal SCP-553: (Brown Winged Butterfly) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=781361305&amp;searchtext=Butterfly
  18. Oh no. The Serpent's Hand are raiding the Facility. Make sure the Serpent's Hand doesn't breach any SCPs. Ingame Mechanics Half of the players spawn as TRO Guards and the other half spawns as Serpent's Hand. There will be special TRO Guards such as the TRO Pyro and there will be a commander. All of the playable SCP's rooms take a level 5 Keycard to open. If a Serpent's Hand get's inside of one of the SCP rooms, they have successfully breached an SCP. The Serpent's Hand can breach multiple SCPs. Random Spectators are chosen to spawn as the breached SCP. Example: Serpent's Hand enters SCP-173's room. A random spectator is chosen to spawn as SCP-173. All of the SCPs will spawn in their normal spawns. All of the breached SCP's health is lower. (900 Health for every breached SCP except for 682, 106 and 610.) (1300 for SCP-682 and SCP-106 and SCP-610) The time is the same as a normal round. Serpent's Hand Member Stats: Health: 100 (Edited)(Thank you @Doomnack) Movement Speed: Normal Human Speed. (Can walk and Run) Team: SCP Objects Spawn: Random NTF Spawns Spawning Items: Gun: A Random SMG Melee weapon: Stunstick Radio: No. (People in the SCP team have their own non-existent radio that works like a normal radio but for the SCP Team only.) Keycard: O5 Healing Item: Random Serpent's Hand Members will have a First Aid Kit. If any items aren't included that means they don't have it. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ TRO Guard Stats: Health: 100 Movement Speed: Human Speed. (Can walk and Run.) Team: MTF Guards Spawn: TRO Guards Spawn Spawning Items: Gun: A Random Rifle (Edited)(Was previously SMG)(Thank you again @Doomnack) Melee Weapon: Stunstick Radio: Yes. Keycard: 4 Healing item: No. If any other items aren't included that means they don't have it. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Goals: MTF Guards: Defend as many SCP spawns as possible and kill all of the Serpent's Hand. Serpent's Hand: Breach as many SCPs as possible and kill all of the MTF Guards SCPs: Kill any MTF Guards in sight and escape.
  19. I'm gonna' make this quick, because there's not much I really need to say. Presenting SCP-1161, again. However, in a more physical appearance. I was bored, so I took it upon my self to quickly code SCP-1161. And by quickly, since I kinda' suck at lua, it took two days when it should have probably taken 30 minutes lol. It's pretty functional due to its relatively simple code however, and I tested it in a multiplayer game. I see no real reason why it shouldn't be incompatible. If there are somehow any issues, I'll try to fix them fat screenshot below I updated my subscribe = gay addon (link here don't click pls) to include the SCP-1161 swep. It's a swep, has no viewmodel (because it doesn't really need one), has a gmod-included world model, and using primary displays the title of the section with a small excerpt being printed in the chat. If you want, you can just extract the weapon so you don't have to install my gay ass addon anyways. Though, a small reminder this is a suggestion, and even though I coded this in the game you can still chose not to add this, and I'll be perfectly fine with that. Let me know what you think in the comments, and this is the part where I leave now.
  20. Welcome to my double suggestion, mashed into one. Why one? idk. Only one suggestion walks out of here alive, or none at all. Anyways, I wanted to see if I could make my suggestions smaller. Truth is, having obscenely big suggestions is not really appealing, and completely pointless in the long run. So I decided to trim my style a bit. In this suggestion, two different SCP concepts will be presented: Anyways, let's start off with the Father Grigori look-alike. Turns out SCP-027-2 has completely lost it. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ You are SCP-027-2 You are an anomalous human man, with several abilities pertaining to the manipulation of vermin. Your special releases a swarm of hazardous vermin, which can travel through doors, windows, etc. Your presence contains a deadly poison effect, signifying others when you are close but also alerting you to their location. Kill everyone and escape the facility. Spawn Location: LCZ Testroom Since glass cannot be broken until grace period ends, he can remain in there, saying hi to any visitors that come by before he begins his rampage. (meh, if you want you can make him spawn in 008's chamber, which I think may be vaccant) Gameplay Mechanics: Controls: Primary (LMB) - Punch Special (RMB) - Send Swarm +Passives: anybody close to you is poisoned and highlighted. (radius is a bit smaller than 066's attack radius) Stats: Health: 1350 Attack Damage: 10 Primary Cool Down: 2 secs Special Cool Down: 15 secs Speed: Breach Human Walking Speed Achievements + Points: Like most other SCPs, SCP-027 earns points by killing people. No achievements are related to this SCP. Oh and btw, the point of having a description is to clear up things that the other stats can't, and confirm some design choices for any devs. Description: SCP-027's swarm is a player-controllable attack, which causes SCP-027's view to be focused on its swarm. SCP-027's swarm is represented by a cloud of of brown stuff, distinct with a constant sound of flies humming. You could use the effect from thrown bugbait if you can. Upon walking into SCP-027's cloud, the user is instantly disoriented. Staying in SCP-027's cloud deals exponential amounts of damage to the user, beginning with 1 however. The cloud travels roughly as fast as a player but can travel through doors and windows. SCP-027 cannot use its swarm to escape, luckily. Upon taking damage, SCP-027's swarm is destroyed and SCP-027's focus returns back to itself. SCP-027 cannot move during it's attack due to only controlling its swarm. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ That's one down. Doomnacks comments and shit: SCP-027 was designed to test with the idea of poison-based damage, recycling the DMG enumeration that the poison headcrab uses in HL2. I also wanted to toy with the idea of SCPs actually walking through doors, which is a thing that not even 106 has nor needs. Here's SCP-860-2. Honestly, I kinda' like this one more due to already being known by a majority of people in Breach, and just for fun since its already present in SCP:CB. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The dimensional border that the door presents has been shattered. The state of seperation between the blue dimension and reality has been rendered obsolete. You are SCP-860-2 You are a stalker-like entity that lurks in the depths of SCP-860-1. Claw your victims to death in a movement-paralyzing attack. Escape your dimension, and kill everyone in the facility. Spawn Location: SCP-860-1 Spawns near a random exit door for convenience. Doors obviously don't open until grace period is over. Gameplay Mechanics: Controls: Primary (LMB) - Pounce Special (RMB) - Predatory Vision +Passives: anybody inside SCP-860-1 is instantly highlighted red on the map. +Passives: enemies who have been attacked by you are "marked" for 10 seconds, giving you a highlight of their location. +Passives: while pouncing, damage is reduced by 15% -Passives: several weaknesses while pouncing, see description. +Passives: entering SCP-860-1 rapidly heals you. (+25 HP per second) -Passives: taking damage halts regeneration for 10 seconds. (prevents 860-2 from regening health while fighting in 860-1) Note!: Playermodel has a large hitbox (thiccbox). Be mindful near walls and doors! Stats: Health: 860 Pounce Damage: 15 Primary Cool Down: 2.5 secs Special Cool Down: 10 secs Speed: Breach Human Running Speed Achievements + Points: Like most other SCPs, SCP-860-2 earns points by killing people. Achievement! - The Right Man in the Wrong Place: Die at the hands of SCP-860-2, just when the guardian happened to take a stroll in the forest. Description: SCP-860-2's pounce is short, though can be used to efficiently kill people who are near it. It is roughly the size of half of an average Site-19 room, and in regards to 372 and 1048-B, is a lot shorter. When successful contact is made, the victim and 860-2 are frozen in place while SCP-860-2 rips them into pieces. (similar to the hunter from L4D) The victim can still use their items in the process of likeful death. When a victim is being pounced upon, SCP-860-2 can use primary to deal 15 damage every 0.8 second to the victim. Unarmed victims are the most prone to SCP-860-2's attack, as described bellow, but this also comes with a weakness. If SCP-860-2 takes more than 100 damage while pouncing a victim, the victim is released with BLEEDING damage. If SCP-860-2 is hit twice with a melee weapon once, regardless of damage, the victim is instantly released BLEEDING damage. SCP-860-2's special briefly shows all potential victims nearby in a large radius equal to several rooms. Use this to debrief other SCPs and most importantly, yourself on the location of people nearby. Personnel detected are shown for two seconds before promptly fading. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Resources: SCP-027-2: Default Father Grigori Model included in GMOD SCP-860-2: right here There's 860-2, which like I said, I would honestly prefer more if SCP-027 wasn't added and this was added instead. Doomnack's comments and shit: several concepts of SCP-860-2 were borrowed from old and forgotten ideas of mine, and some ideas from the current server. The predatory senses was inspired by SCP-363's old suggestion, and 860-2's pounce and damage vulnerability during pouncing is borrowed from SCP-1048-C from my old 1048 suggestion. The ability to see people through walls is definitely inspired by SCP-2521, which may be removed soon. I'm feelin' a bit more creative, so I'll throw in an item in reference to SCP-860's 3rd exploration log. It's best that it is implemented alongside SCP-860. "The Axe" "Pretty sharp to be honest, but I have a hunch this wasn't exactly used for the right reasons." -Guaranteed spawn everyone round, in SCP-860's dimension, but rarely outside the foot of the door. -Item Type: Active Weapon. -Sharp Swinger: deals 25 damage on use + BLEED damage. Purpose: A finer variant of a melee weapon. Have fun slicing your opponents! Anyways that was it. I hope this wasn't confusing to read. If you have anything to say about either SCP-027 or SCP-860-2 or even the axe, feel free to comment on your respective topic.
  21. If anyone has played against or as SCP-173 then you know how broken he is. Sometimes blinking doesn't work near him or his blinding special is broken and doesn't work. So I decided to make a "better" 173 without the blinking effect. Stats: Health: 5000, because without the blinding special he would be able to get gunned down very easily Lmb: Normal neck snap instant kill. No delay Rmb: Go through vents, based on cb, every 30 seconds Speed: Current 173 speed Spawn: 173's containment chamber Rmb special: This special would allow 173 to teleport to rooms, when someone is not looking. He can pick the vent of his choosing by pressing R to open up a menu on the different rooms he can tp to. Extra: if this is even possible I would like 173 only be able to tp to a room with no players in it, but this might not be possible putting coding in the picture These are the different rooms 173 can tp to
  22. SCP-1507's Wiki: http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-1507 So SCP-1507 was my first suggestion ever, so there were a few issues. I am now (sadly) going to make a revised suggestion of SCP-1507. Description: SCP-1507 is a plastic lawn flamingo that is hostile to all staff of the SCP Foundation. SCP-1507 attacks by scratching and puncturing with it's metal stands. SCP-1507 is weak to the same forces as normal plastic. SCP-1507 Stats: Team: SCP Objects Health: 570 Attack Damage: 15 (30% Chance of Bleeding) Attack Speed: Rapid Movement Speed: Human Sprinting Speed Spawn: Replacer Spawn for SCP-681 (Both SCPs cannot be in the same round.) Mechanic: LMB: Scratch (Attack)(30% Chance of Bleeding) RMB: Puncture (Stuns both SCP-1507 and the enemy it's using Puncture on.)(Deals 25 damage to enemy)(100% chance of Bleeding to the enemy.)(18 second cooldown) Weakness: Players who wear the a vests have a lower chance of bleeding from SCP-1507's LMB and RMB. Each vests changes the bleeding chance differently. Details: Players who wear a vest have a lower chance of bleeding. Each vest has a different decrease in chance of bleeding. Example: 30% (LMB) hits an enemy with a MTF Guard vest. The 30% chance of bleeding decreased to 20%. -Guard Vest (TRO): 10% less chance of bleeding from SCP-1507's LMB and RMB. NTF Vest: 15% less chance of SCP-1507's bleeding effect. NU-7 Vest: 20% less chance of 1507's bleeding effect. Fire Resistant Vest: 10% less chance of bleeding from SCP-1507. Hazmat Suit: 5% less chance of bleeding from SCP-1507 Tau-5 Vest: 15% less chance of 1507's bleeding effect. -Epsilon-9 Vest: 10% less chance of 1507's bleeding effect. It's RMB stuns both SCP-1507 and the enemy it used it on for 4 seconds. Both SCP-1507 and the enemy are vulnerable to any attack. Playermodel: Use the Lawn Flamingo from 1950s Pack II. It is called pinkFlamingo. 1950s Pack II: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=663083175&amp;searchtext=1950s+pack+II
  23. Sorry gonna' make this quick but I'm pretty sure that a small part of us were dissapointed by 681's model change into a small plain white balloon. Though obviously, it had to be done because despite what would be thought of a free game, not everybody has tf2. I decided to repair the famous balloonicorn by putting the model as an addon, which was really simple honestly. Here it is bellow: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1652147592 disguised it for my friends lol Plus if you want the model comes with an extra BLU skin, so I guess you could set it to a random one when it spawns, just for fun really.
  24. Sadly, no, it's not a book of boxbox's guides. Anyways, this is a continuation of the massive itemposts I've been doing lately. Don't mean to flood the suggestions forum, even though, that's obviously what I'm doing. But I'm honestly liking writing these types of suggestions because instead of making serious SCP suggestions, I've been making suggestions that I actually enjoy comically or gameplay-wise. See this as whatever you like, but here's a neat way to spend leisure time in game, and maybe you could learn things along the way. SCP-1161: "How-To Guide" -Spawns in item location. Only found in Site-19 for consistency of its readings. -Item Type: Active Weapon -On use: a random hint is messaged to the player; knowledge is power. Purpose: A fun little thing to entertain bored players, but could genuinely help new players to the game and maybe teach experienced players some stuff they didn't know. SCP-1161 presents different sections in its reading, including: Containment Breaches and You: how to NOT die in Situations of Certain Doom. (presents knowledge on general things to avoid) The Class-D Monthly by the New Foundation Times: Top 25 Ways to Escape! (presents knowledge on general ways to escape) A Beginner's Guide to the Various Anomalies of Site-19: Featuring Guest Star Dr. Clef. (presents knowledge on various SCPs, hinting their capabilities) The title of the section is messaged to the player, followed by the actual message itself. (the rest is kinda' long, read the possible responses if you wish) Containment Breaches and You: how to NOT die in Situations of Certain Doom. Truth is pal, men dressed in orange aren't meant for this world. Might wanna' avoid the guys with the long guns. I don't know what kind of operation they were running here before, but you might want to keep an eye out for big scary monsters, okay? If you're lucky enough, you may find some healing items around this place. Look for shiny lil' red things especially, those are really good. Dude, I don't know how to explain this to you, but blue and orange don't mix. Let there be guns, said the Lord. And let there be people to shoot them with, said the Lord. Buddy, if you want to get ouf of here alive, I suggest arming yourself if you haven't already. You know stunsticks are waaaaay cooler than crowbars. Well, you can swing faster with a crowbar, but a stunstick does more damage! Neutrals are called neutrals for a reason, and you might wanna' back out of their way before things get ugly! I heard there's people coming to get us out, soon. At least, I hope they are, assuring that you're not orange of course. There is no god comin' to save you, sadly. But there are heavily-armed military men busting in any second, I can just feel it! Hey, four eyes. If you're reading this, I suggest getting far away from those dumb "D-Boys" while you still got consciousness! Hey, TRO's, a wise man once said: "remember, no orange". Make best use of your men while you still have them, colonel! I'm counting on TRO like you to save the day, well, I'm assuming that you're a TRO, heh. If you see an orange blobby thing coming down your flank, be prepared to hug. Hug once, hug twice, hug as many times as you please. If there's one good use for orange slimes, it's when it's the type of orange slime that tickles you! To all of the unfortunate prisoners still in this hellhole, remember one thing, "blue equals bad, green equals good". Hey Class-Ds, I suggest not shooting the mysterious peeps in green. I mean, it's not like they're TRYING TO SAVE YOUR HEADASS! TRO arrive at the 2 minute and 8 minute mark. Make use of that information of whatever way you want to. The Class-D Monthly by the New Foundation Times: Top 25 Ways to Escape! Gee, I wonder if the entrance zone is where the entrance is. You might want to skidaddle while you still can. There are two gates, and as such, two possible options to escape, if you haven't noticed already... TRO tend to be less alert around Gate B, fellow D-Boys. Use Gate B to make a stealthy escape. Watch yourself at Gate A, fellow D-Boys. There's almost bound to be a crowd of TRO there. A wise automated script once said: "Stuck behind gate a? Use !gatea to open it". Mind that Gate B may be a bit unstable at times. Utilize the "Remote Door Control" switch in the electrical center to try and pry the gate open. Due to an unfortunate fault in Gate A's wiring, they spontaneously open at the 5 minute mark. Engineers are still baffled till' this day. Top 10 questions scientisst can't explain to this day: Number 1. HOW COME THE HEAVY CONTAINMENT ZONE COMES BEFORE THE LIGHT CONTAINMENT ZONE. LIKE SERIOUSLY. Utilize doors as cover, especially against gunfire. Just note that all doors are made out of paper, making them easily bullet penetrable, so don't stand infront of it! You might want to be careful of that big, loud, scary, electrical shock thingamabob. Disable it in the electrical center. The electrical center allows for easy change of various options within the facility. Use it as your advantage. You might not want to draw attention to yourself, especially when you may be outnumbered. Sometimes, it's best to avoid SCPs while you still can! You might not want to escape the facility around the 2 minute or 8 minute mark, namely if you happen to be wearing orange. The surface allows limited cover against gunfire; it may not worth messing with spawnwaves. A Beginner's Guide to the Various Anomalies of Site-19: Featuring Guest Star Dr. Clef. If you ever come in contact with the statue, just remember one thing: don't blink. Beware the corrosive man. His pocket dimension may be your final resort. Don't listen to what he says. He's not the cure, and he certainly nowhere safe to touch. He wants to burn. Don't let him, especially not on you. Remember, when dealing with exceptionally shy people, the best thing to do is to ignore them. He just wants tickles! Just give it to him already! He may claim to be sincere, but that mask on his face tells researchers otherwise. Yeah, the farmers were disgusting, but guess what he thinks about you! His lies do not shadow the truth. He's not one of you, but he shares your voice. You can't see them, but they can certainly see you. But all you need is equipment. In the corner of your eyes, it lurks for you. Just wait until you get a glimpse. Keep your distance from it, don't let the grasp of darkness consume you. The swordsman is quite skilled in the art of movement, but his lust for blood consumes him. They're just kids afterall, but they do make a damn good task force! He's may be a deer, and may possibly be a prophet, but he's certainly a god, and he stares into your being. Don't say it. If you say it, he will see you. It can't see you, yet. Might want to avoid electronics for a little while. You are not Eric, and it knows that. Don't stand around, waiting for the yarn to scream. Do not look into the face of the soapstone, for their presence lingers. Not everything is at it seems, and for some reason, this applies to cats. It's out, and it's pissed, and it's, helium? They hate for you, but not until you hate with them. Read the encylopedia, at your own risk. It is the cure, the only cure, the true cure. And it's red too. Didn't your mother ever tell you to take two please? The clockwork machine's confines are more than just the limb of the broken god. Let its refinements aid you. The hole grants you a second chance at the fortunes you have ignored from the past. Did I ever tell you this book is likely the coolest book out there? Who needs aids or Daevas when you can have knowledge! A word of advice, from the man who knows too much: "I wouldn't want to wake up, but unfortunately, you must". A word of advice, from the man who knows too much: "This is a dream, the last dream you'll ever have, for nightmares are coming". I forgot what to write down here. I think it was something green and circular, I'm not too sure though. SHARKS DON'T LIKE BEING PUNCHED SORRY!!! God, that took waaaay too long for an item that purely serves for slight advice and acts as more of a joke. I hope this gets somewhere though. This is my last suggestion for the item-scp-apocalypse, I'm going back to my hiding hole.
  25. Hey if you're reading this, let me be the first to say, congratulations! For what reason you may ask? Like I said before, "Long story short, turns out Site-19 has been hiding a lot of stuff within its walls." We're not just hoarding freakishly-sized lizards. Well, we are, but not just that! Anyways, there are other hidden objects, item, and tools stored away within the confines of the facility. Just a matter of time before someone gets their hands on them. Note: this suggestion is a continuation of the original SCP Objects Overhaul found right here, featuring nine eight other items that may be possibly added in the game (SCP-207 has been modified but made an appearance). These SCPs may prove pointless in certain occasions, but in other circumstances can affect an entire situation. In all honesty, it all helps flesh out the feeling that we're undergoing a containment breach and somebody can steal the many anomalies we have anytime they please. Some items synergize or negate others, so watch out for that too. Also, quick modification to other suggestion. SCP-1123 can be picked up with a hazmat suit on as well as SCP-714 of course. However, it cannot be used against users with a hazmat suit or SCP-714. "Well, that's enough chit chat. I've got a rocket to launch." ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SCP-063: "The World's Best Tothbrush (sic)" -Spawns in item location. -Item Type: Active Weapon. -Poke!: deals only 1 damage to players. It's a toothbrush, what did you expect. -On use on gates: deals enormous amounts of damage, at a rate slightly higher than SCP-106. Purpose: Stuck behind gate a? Use !gatea a literal toothbrush to chisel your way out. Especially useful if the commander is "special". Strange Eyedrops -Occasionally replaces eye drops. -Item Type: Consumable Item -On use: user instantly teleports to the pocket dimension. Purpose: A one-time use for getaway situations. Though be mindful, it's the pocket dimension. Medkit (tweaked) -Spawns in item location and other medkit spawns. -Item Type: Consumable Item -Instantly heals the player by +75 HP. -Takes 3 seconds to use. Reason for Tweak: I honestly don't like how it instantly heals you to 100 on use, as it makes it almost identical in function to SCP-500, which SCP-500 should clearly be more distinguished than the medkit. It would also help make fights more balanced with people who are loaded with medkits. Tau-5's Cybernetic Regenerative "Doohicky" "It looks like it still works, uh, kind of" -33% chance to spawn after killing a Tau-5. -Item Type: Passive Item -Item can be enabled/disabled using the RELOAD key. -May spontaneously go on healing sprees, rapidly healing the player like Tau-5's HP regeneration. -May spontaneously go on damage sprees, rapidly damaging the player as an "inverse" to Tau-5's HP regeneration. Purpose: An uncommon but fancy prize for killing Tau-5, though be mindful of using it. SCP-268: "Cap of Neglect" -Spawns in item location. -Item Type: Passive Item -The player is completely cloaked, most of the time, when equipped. -Taking damage will drop the item instantly. -Running for too long will drop the item; it's a bit "slippery" today. -Note: the player's name can still be seen by other's crosshairs. Purpose: Perfect for evading enemies, such as MTF in the EZ. However, it is not recommended to ignore the risks involved. SCP-1074: "Stendhal's Nightmare" -Spawns in SCP-178's chamber, uncommonly. -Item Type: Passive Item + Entity -Item spawns in its entity form, facing the wall. -On use: SCP-1074 is added to your inventory. -While holding SCP-1074, movement speed is reduced to a walk. -On use (with item): plant SCP-1074 at your location. -Viewing SCP-1074's front for more than one second freezes the viewer in place for 5-10 seconds. -The teammates of SCP-1074's user are not affected. Neutrals beware. Purpose: A placable "trap" for unsuspecting victims. are we cool yet? SCP-018: "Super ball" -Spawns in item location. -Item Type: Active Weapon + Entity -Item spawns in its weapon form -To prevent RDM, teammates of SCP-018's users are ignored. This not include its original user. -On use: deploy SCP-018 by tossing it forward. -On each bounce SCP-018 is accelerated -On contact: damage is scaled by SCP-018's acceleration. -On contact with an SCP-class player: SCP-018 is turned into an item. -SCP-018 has a cap for acceleration for performance reasons, though it travels quite fast. -Max damage is 250. -The teammates of SCP-1074's user are not affected. Neutrals beware. Purpose: An unconvential game of fetch. Though, it may prove uneffective if the ball continously misses. SCP-262: "A Coat of Many Arms" -Spawns in item location. -Item Type: Passive Item -User no longer has any item limit restrictions. (Ex. they can carry every type of gun in the game) -User commonly drops weapons, which may prove awkward in combat. Purpose: A large coat for your item needs. Comes with arms too! But not every arm agrees how to work together, especially regarding which items they like. SCP-956: "Child Breaker" (Pinata!) -Spawns in certain specific locations around the map. -Item Type: Entity -Item has 250 HP. -On break: drops 3-6 strange candy! -Wait, strange? Purpose: Pinata time! More candy, because why not? Also I wish this thing could detect whether you are some squeaky 8 year old so it would smash you into pieces but sadly that can't happen, not today at least. "Strange Candy" (SCP-956-1) -Spawns from SCP-956, though may rarely replace a candy from SCP-330. -Item Type: Consumable Item -On use: suffer a series of disorienting events, include screen blindness, sound distortion, and movement inversion for several seconds. -On use: heals slightly more than candy from SCP-330. Purpose: Why you shouldn't take candy from strangers, but hey, candy is still candy! SCP-1079: "Dr. Wondertainment's Bubblebath Bonbons!" -Spawns as an item, though may rarely replace a candy from SCP-330. -Item Type: Consumable Item -On use: Heals +15 HP. -On use: Damage is reduced by 50% for 5-10 seconds. Sweet sugar clots! -Screen is tinted pink, slightly disorienting the user. -The more that are consumed the more disorienting the screen becomes. -Eating more than 3 in a round kills the user in sweet pink blindnesss. Purpose: Caaaaandy, but at a slight cost. SCP-999's Lost M&M -You feel giddy inside! -May rarely replace a candy from SCP-330. -Item Type: Consumable Item -On use: Slowly regenerate +100 HP over time. -On use: speed is increased for several seconds. -Screen is slightly tinted orange! Purpose: So that's where it went, huh? SCP-427-1: "Flesh Beast" note: this is an addon to the SCP-427 suggestion in the first part. -The result of sustained usage of SCP-427 from VOL. I of this suggestion. -This is an SCP class. -On attack: deal {75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100} damage. -Movement speed is extremely slow, the same speed as docile SCP-682. -Spawns with 800 HP Purpose: This is designed to be the most unfun and probably weakest SCP in the entire game, as it is supposed to serve as a reminder to players not to wear SCP-427 for too long. Uses that one poison zombie player model I mentioned earlier. The misc. items are below: SCP-2270: right here SCP-1161: right here Vol. 1: right here (I'm pretty sure if you comment on that it's sorta' necro'ing, so if you have anything to say about those SCPs leave it here) also, shoutout to haxray's SCP-2953. fox gun pls
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