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Found 36 results

  1. 1 Random SCP starts in 682's chamber, rest are d class. SCP has 1000 health no matter what SCP they get. When a d boi kills the SCP they turn into a random SCP and continue the killing spree, health is reset back to 1000. This is kinda like trying to get the infinity gauntlet in Fortnite, everyone will be scrambling to kill the SCP first and have fun killing their buddies. A problem that might arise from this could be that when the round ends when the SCP is killed not allowing the transfer to happen. Don't know if their is a way to stop that from happening or not, a solution could be to split the spawn ins from d boi to d class and researchers. This round could be quick if more dangerous SCP's get chosen or pretty slow if the SCP is less dangerous. dis is da one 👌
  2. Been seeing a lot of requests for removment for a few of the special rounds but not a lot of ideas on improving the current ones. Here's some smol ideas I came up with on the fly: O-5 Retrival: Same basic layout except O-5 spawns in with 5 body doubles. Also move O-5 spawn further back possibly to office near 173's chamber to stop quick escapes. 106 Funhouse: Scrap 106 and change to 079's Funhouse. Instead 3 079's spawn in to change up gameplay. Replaces overall slow experience from 106 version. Hide and Seek: Every 30 seconds the soup message box is given to a random spectator asking them if they want to snitch to the Seekers. If they accept a message with pop up to all researchers that a Seeker has received a hint and can see them. Gives same ability as 2521 letting you see through walls, lasts 20 seconds. Stop spawning researchers with the 035's their is virtually no time to find a spot with them literally right next to you. Put an 035 in a random SCP cell to spread them out and give researchers some breathing room. Team Deathmatch: Working off someone else's idea, give players ability to regen health like in COD. Also have both NTF and CI spawn in with no vests giving both sides a somewhat equal advantage. Weeping Angels: Move all 173 spawns into the 173 chamber to stop guard rush and quick round end. SPC: DISABLE FRIENDLY FIRE
  3. A piece of paper was found in the site's mailbox reading this, ScAveNGer HUNt! A Weird Skull - 500 pts Some Strange Metal - 750 pts Cool 3-D Glasses - 600 pts Expensive Green Ring - 1000 pts Stinky Gas Mask - 800 pts Bathtub Ducky - 950 pts A Cow's Bestfriend - 850 pts Secret Plant Stuff - 420 pts At the start of the game you spawn in as researcher and are tasked with finding these scp objects which instead of being put in their respective places are put in random locations. Spawning locations for researchers should be same as hide and seek or even more spread out. This should be a quick special round, since once all objects have been found and escaped with the round will end. Objects will only give you points if you escape with them. You should get a message when someone has picked up one of these objects. May need to put more than one of the same objects when their are more people than objects. Researchers should have access to all door just like in Hide and Seek. Might want to use this round as an alternative to Hide and Seek. Well let me know what you guys think of this or any tweaks you might have.
  4. This round is just like a normal round except three class Es spawn. The class Es are equipped with special gear and have 200 hp. The equipment they have consist of: The raygun (the damage will have to be dimmed down for balance.) A orb launcher And the taser they already have. Each classy can only have one of these along with a keycard and pistol. The reason I think this would be a fun round is because class Es added a new strategy for every class in the game. If you have any ideas or anything to add to this special round put them down below because I couldn't think of anything else to make this round more special lul.
  5. I've noticed more and more that people love their special rounds. The problem is that it feels like half of the special rounds can be really boring. Not only that, but it can also really be annoying when people constantly vote for special rounds when you just want to play a standard round. I've thought up some tweaks that I feel special rounds could use. I also threw in some new special round ideas. - Tweaks/Changes - I don't know if it is intentional, but you can vote for a second special round during a special round if everyone votes during the 1 minute grace period. I would suggest removing this; however, some people might be opposed, so let me know what you think. Like I said earlier, some of these special rounds really are boring. I'm talking about O5 Retrieval, 106's Funhouse, Hide and Seek (for me its boring), BrightInTheScreen (in its current state), and Trouble in SCP Town. I'd suggest to remove/rebalance O5 Retrieval and 106's Funhouse as the majority of players don't really find them fun. (At least, I don't like them) Maybe Trouble in SCP Town too. - New Round Ideas - 079's Funhouse (a completely original idea) - There are 3 079s. They all share the same health and same UI with the same cooldowns. There are 3 of them so they can cover more area. - The rest of the players spawn as Class D with radios. They can either choose to escape or chose to attack the 079s. - There are no reinforcements (besides the SH that 079 spawns) - There are increased O5 keycard spawns Karaoke Night (i'm not sorry) - A completely normal round except there is no intercom limits. (All micspam rules still apply) - Have fun. SCP: Containment Breach (this one is meant to be spooky) - Only CB SCPs spawn: 173, 049, 106, 096 - The human's vision is constantly limited like in BrightInTheScreen. The vision would be limited to being a bit smaller than a Site19's hallway length. (Door to door) - The SCPs are nigh unkillable (9999 health). 049 zombies aren't included and have the standard health. (Optional) - All SCPs start at 682 speed, but will slowly gain speed as the round continues. (Except for maybe 096/173?) The SCPs speed will continually increase past the normal speed capacity. I planned to add more events including Class-Es but Class-Es just need to be reworked. The only real unique thing about them is the 1-shot 300 damage taser. That's it. Let me know what you think about these events, suggest your own below, yadda yadda
  6. Based off of a certain SCP article(and i mean loosely). Same as a normal round except only 2 scps spawn normally, regardless of player cap. However, every 3 minutes anyone who is not in a locked room changes to the SCP team.
  7. One in the chamber is a pretty simple round, you have a pistol and 1 bullet. If you hit your shot you kill the player and gain 1 additional bullet. If you miss your shot you will have to resort to your stunstick. Rules: > Round length is 5 minutes. > Gameplay takes place on the surface, elevators down to the facility are locked. > No items, just your gun and your stunstick. > Players are split into 2 teams. One team is MTF and spawns at Gate A, other team is CI and spawns at Gate B. > The 2 gates in-between Gate A and Gate B cannot be opened until the round has started. > Each player has one life only, so make it count! > The game ends when all of one team has been eliminated or the time runs out. It's a pretty short round but i think it would be fun to play. Since the gameplay takes place in an open space objects such as boxes or vehicle props should be added so players can hide behind them if needed. Feel free to add other rules/ideas.
  8. 173 has breached containment yet again and while chasing a poor d-class it stumbles into SCP-038 or the everything tree, this can't end well. Basically I wanted the event to look something like screen in the dark with an overwhelming SCP to human ratio, but these 173's are different from the typical one. Base Stats: Health half of the current 173 Speed 682, based on the fact that they are slower to react according to the test log Also their size is medium to small since they are about half of the size of the original 173 These 173's should also be able to move even if they are being looked at May want to also disable their secondary attack so it gives people more of an advantage
  9. Based off of a decently funny and popular J article. Round setup: -D-class are replaced by researchers.(AKA, they start with level 2 keycards and look like researchers, but are considered d-class role) -Guards/MTF are replaced with random hostile SCPs instead(Minus for scp-939) -Researcher team spawns as random friendly scps(so scp-999, 035, 073, 2639s, any possible additional friendly scps added down the line) as well as 939. -MTF spawns are exclusively Serpent Hand and Chaos Insurgency spawns. -Instead of normal SCP spawns, Random MTF units are chosen.(Aka, so a eplison-9 with a flamethrower, dr.clef, a normal NTF, a tau-5, or a hammer down). Round Description: Essentially a normal round gameplay wise, just with really messed up and weird spawns. the SCPs are the guards and researchers, the D-class are researchers, reinforcements are exclusively CI or Serpent Hands, and the 'SCPS' are random MTF special units.
  10. Oh no. The Serpent's Hand are raiding the Facility. Make sure the Serpent's Hand doesn't breach any SCPs. Ingame Mechanics Half of the players spawn as TRO Guards and the other half spawns as Serpent's Hand. There will be special TRO Guards such as the TRO Pyro and there will be a commander. All of the playable SCP's rooms take a level 5 Keycard to open. If a Serpent's Hand get's inside of one of the SCP rooms, they have successfully breached an SCP. The Serpent's Hand can breach multiple SCPs. Random Spectators are chosen to spawn as the breached SCP. Example: Serpent's Hand enters SCP-173's room. A random spectator is chosen to spawn as SCP-173. All of the SCPs will spawn in their normal spawns. All of the breached SCP's health is lower. (900 Health for every breached SCP except for 682, 106 and 610.) (1300 for SCP-682 and SCP-106 and SCP-610) The time is the same as a normal round. Serpent's Hand Member Stats: Health: 100 (Edited)(Thank you @Doomnack) Movement Speed: Normal Human Speed. (Can walk and Run) Team: SCP Objects Spawn: Random NTF Spawns Spawning Items: Gun: A Random SMG Melee weapon: Stunstick Radio: No. (People in the SCP team have their own non-existent radio that works like a normal radio but for the SCP Team only.) Keycard: O5 Healing Item: Random Serpent's Hand Members will have a First Aid Kit. If any items aren't included that means they don't have it. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ TRO Guard Stats: Health: 100 Movement Speed: Human Speed. (Can walk and Run.) Team: MTF Guards Spawn: TRO Guards Spawn Spawning Items: Gun: A Random Rifle (Edited)(Was previously SMG)(Thank you again @Doomnack) Melee Weapon: Stunstick Radio: Yes. Keycard: 4 Healing item: No. If any other items aren't included that means they don't have it. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Goals: MTF Guards: Defend as many SCP spawns as possible and kill all of the Serpent's Hand. Serpent's Hand: Breach as many SCPs as possible and kill all of the MTF Guards SCPs: Kill any MTF Guards in sight and escape.
  11. SCP-3199 are pale human-like creatures that eat live prey and lay eggs. Stats: Health: 2700 Speed: 017's speed lmb: Scratch and bite rmb: Lay egg Spawn: 049's containment chamber Specials: The lmb will do 15 damage rapidly and heal 3199 with however much hp the player he killed started with, which means he can get almost all of his hp back if he kills 999. There is no delay and 3199 cannot get more hp than what it started with. rmb would take half of 3199's hp away, giving it to a egg which would be a player pulled out of spectators. The player would be stuck as the egg for 20 seconds who can not move until the timer is out. The egg would have the same "melee" attack as 2845 except a player would have to be close to it for 5 seconds. Once the egg has hatched, the player would have the same stats as the starting 3199. (Example: the first 3199 has 200 hp, it lays a egg giving the egg 100 hp and taking 100 hp from itself, once the egg has hatched both the mother and hatchling can lay more eggs taking away 50 hp from them and giving their new eggs 50 hp.) The lowest hp 3199 can lay up to is 2 and the delay would be 20 seconds. Scp-3199 model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=257870201&searchtext=Zombie Fits the description of pale and hariless better than 049-2. Another option could be the poison zombie model that comes with Garry's mod but that's not necessarily as pale as this model. Egg model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=123820979&searchtext=Egg "Mother Hen" special round This special round would have all of the players except one be Tau-5. The one player would be a 3199 with 9000 hp. The tau-5 are tasked with killing all of the 3199 instances. 3199 and its many offsprings are tasked with killing all of the tau-5 and laying as many eggs as possible.
  12. A special round based on one of the funniest 'new' articles on the site. Round Setup: -D-class spawn but are referred to as civilians/voters on the scoreboard. -No Researchers spawn -Only one SCP spawns: SCP-4444. -Only one MTF spawns: Dr.Bright with a george bush model. Round gameplay Description: No items or weapons spawn on this round, and gate a and gate-b cannot be opened. Every other keycard locked door can be opened without a keycard. Both Dr.Bright and SCP-4444 share the ability to change the roles of the civilians/d-class to be on their team. (Dr.bright = foundation team, 4444= scp team). The round ends in victory when one side gets all of the civilians under their control. (yes, they can convert converted civilians). Timer on this round would be shorter. If time ends, winner is whoever has more voters. Additionally, SCP-4444 can instead kill a voter. He can only do this 3 times in the round. Model for Dr.Bright: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=347799005 Model for SCP-4444: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=514192579
  13. Ok so i have this awesome idea for a special round no this isn't a shitpost Special round name : Mondays ok so basically all the SCPs in this round is just scp 795 BUT They all have Garfields as their skin n o w h e r e s t h e b e s t p a r t whenever they turn people into rats they actually turn into lasagna and thats it, please like and subscribe
  14. Because i like tossing these in on special round suggestions, another silly short story) ======================================================================================================================================================= He was all alone. No amount of training could prepare him for this. The training covered almost anything anyone could think of. SCPs breaking out of their cells. Memetic hazards spreading throughout the facility. Assaults by external forces. Sabotage caused by spies or traitors within the personnel ranks. Hell, even the possibility of a reality bender sending a horde of pissed off sharks to go punch everyone to death. But not this. As he rounded another corner, he was relieved to see the armory was still intact and wasn't looted. He quickly grabbed whatever he could, shutting the door behind him. He could hear them off in the distance, the sound of metal on metal. Shit, they were heading this way. Not even the Ethics committee thought much of it when it happened. Janitor forgot to clean out scp-173's cell one day. Not a big problem. Simple Stern telling off and cleaning up the mess. But somehow, this single incident exploded into something much, much worse. The door slid open, revealing someone in a scp-173 costume holding a crowbar. It froze as he stared at him. "Goddamned Statue Right workers" he muttered as he gunned the lunatic down. ======================================================================================================================================================= Okay probally kinda cringy short story aside, onto the actual suggestion. Special Round name: SCosplayers Details: One person(Yes, ONE) spawns as a guard. Everyone else spawns as a SCP-173 cosplayer. The guard has all of the normal equipment a guard does(Random weapon, a lvl 3 keycard, etc), and spawns in the medical bay. The scp-173 cosplayers all spawn together in the d-class area. SCP-173 Cosplayers are armed with a crowbar and have 100 HP. They share scp-173's limitation of not being able to move while being looked at, but don't have access to any kind of blind ability. Their goal, obviously, is to kill the guard while the guard wants to kill all of them(or at least survive until the timer ends, I guess). No reinforcements spawn on this round. Round time would be the same lenght as the TTT round(Aka, shorter than normal). Model for SCP-173 Cosplayers: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1644302916&searchtext=SCP-173 (Model is intentionally awful. XD)
  15. Well, to the people who've been playing Breach for a long time, you probably remember SCP-178-1. Good thing this isn't about SCP-178-1, we're now gonna' shift the subject to SCP-008. Anyways, to those who don't remember, SCP-008 was an special round exclusive SCP, and its round was notorious for being extremely difficult to survive. That's practically the only reason I'm suggesting this right now, because the 008 was probably one of the most fun rounds due to how hard it was. To change things up a bit from the old round however, I want to suggest some new additional features. -At the beginning of the round, Only 5 players are chosen to become SCP-008-1, due to the incredible snowball effect. -SCP-008-1 instances are identical to how they used to work like before. One hit = instant infection, the reason why the round was so difficult. -Maz Hatters have an especially high chance of spawning in as reinforcement waves. (see below) -Because of the Maz Hatter's vest, you deal 25 damage to them instead. You are Mobile Task Force Beta-7: ("Maz Hatters") You have have been requested due to high amounts of biohazards in this breach. Your hazmat suit blocks 100% of infection, as long as you don't unequip it. Escort researchers and kill SCPs. Spawn Location: Reinforcement Wave Does not spawn if SCP-610 or 049 aren't active. If 610 or 049 are active, the more instances of each SCP that are alive will cause a greater chance of Beta-7 spawning. Has a 75% chance of spawning as a reinforcement wave on an SCP-008 round. Gameplay Mechanics: Equipment: +Random rifle with sidearm. +All other standard NTF equipment. Passives: +Zero chance of infection while suit is worn. -Suit has standard vest slowdown. Stats: Base Health: 100 Resources: Maz Hatters
  16. Based off of the only tale 'officially' part of the little meister series. Round Setup: No D-class spawn. No researchers spawn. Only 2 SCPs spawn: Mr.Redd and Mr.Scary Everyone other than for the SCPs spawn as a TFO guard. A single person spawns as 05-04. Items and Weapons spawn as normal. Special: In the medbay(on site-19 and site-14, forgot if its still on) and in one of the cells in EZ in 61(The room where the pillar is crashed through), 231 would spawn. 231 is not controled by any player and is just an entity. 231 would use an Alyx model.(So either just an 'ALYX NPC STANDING THERE' visually, or an alyx 'ragdoll' on the floor. Whichever is easier). Description of Special Roles: Mr. Redd: Stats: Health: 1000(Might be too high or too low, would need to playtest to see) Speed: Normal human speed(with ability to sprint) Spawn: D-class spawn Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=634290441 Description: Spawns with a knife(Can use one of the CS:GO knives models) that does 50 damage when stabbing someone with it. Additionally, he passively regenerates health over time(3 hp a second). Mr.Scary: Stats: Health: Same as SCP-457. Speed: Human walking speed Spawn: D-class spawn point Model: A d-class model or a civilian model with a 'rusty' looking texture applied. Description: People near Mr.Scary take 10 damage a second and get afflicted with a damage over time('RUST') that lasts for 10 seconds and slows them by 40% until it wears off. Wearing a hazmat suit renders you immune to the DOT but not to the radius damage. People with the Rust can spread it to other people while they still have it. Using a scp-500 instantly ends the Rust. Seventh: Stats: Health: 9000 Speed: 610 walking speed(i believe its slower than normal but still faster than 682. If not... well, a speed faster than 682's walking speed but slower than any other walking speed) Spawn: Special Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1111387590 Description: Spawns when Mr.Redd or Mr.Scary reaches 231. His weapon instant kills anyone it hits, and instantly destroys gates no matter their health. He has long range(682 range). If he escapes the round instantly ends in SCP victory(Except, instead of reading 'SCPS WIN' it reads 'SCARLET KING WINS', and plays this as the win audio: 05-04(Mr.Collector/Dr.Wondertainment): Stats: Health: 150 Speed: Normal human walk and sprint speed Spawn: With TFO Guards Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1643209928 Description: Can freeze people in place with a special starting weapon and heal people(behaves exactly like scp-999's swep). Can carry any amount of items(EX: he can carry a medkit and a scp-500 at the same time, can carry one of each gun at the same time, has no max cap for picking up ammo, etc), but can't carry duplicate items. Shows up as 05-04 ingame(only included the 'other two names' on the suggestion incase anyone who read the tale is complaining). Round Description: Its up to the TFO and their totally not suspicious at all 05-04 to prevent Mr.Redd and Mr.scary from reaching 231 and releasing the scarlet king's 7th son upon the world. When Redd or Scary reaches the 231 entity they vanish and a random person respawns as the Seventh. If there is somehow no one dead to respawn as the Seventh, a random living person will be respawned as the Seventh instead. Even if Redd and Scary manage to reach 231, any surviving TFO can make a last ditch effort to prevent the Seventh( as well as Mr.Redd and Mr.Scary) from escaping, no matter how unlikely it is due to the Seventh being intentionally overpowered. Bonus: Add in BFG division from doom to start playing when the Seventh is spawned to really add to the mood.
  17. People keep asking for joke scps in breach, and considering several running jokes on the server already, why not give it to them(In a certain way?). A special round dedicated to joke scps and general silliness. Round set up: -D-class Spawn as normal -Researchers spawn as normal -MTF spawn as normal -Special SCPs for this round spawn.(SCP-049-J, 1938-J, SCP-Spooky-J) -All gun spawns are replaced with sillier guns(linked below) Special Round Description: Laughing matter mostly plays like a normal breach round, except for all of the silliness. As the main difference is the scps(and the items), ill just go over them. SCP-049-J: Same model as 049, same health. Is armed with a medkit that does damage instead of healing people with its right click. 1938-J: Uses Alyx model. Permamently breaks any keycard locked door she touches(they become unusable) and any item on the ground she touches disappears. When she gets near people their vision gets distorted and they take damage.(If possible, have fake pop-up ads cover their screen as well. Maybe even toss in 'annoying ad audio' as well, or something like 'FUCK YOU BALTIMORE') SCP-Spooky-J: USes 689's model. Cannot move. Teleports to random people on right click with a 10 second cooldown and then plays spooky scary skeletons, behaving like 066's attack. Replacement guns: All rifles are replaced with this: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=842668577 (Could also replace grenades I guess) All pistols are replaced with this: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=870156675 All smgs are replaced with this: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=821713377 All shotguns are replaced with this: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=685339250 LMGs replaced with this: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=765428970
  18. Basically 4-10 scp 795s against researchers or class-ds. The number can change depending how many players are currently playing. Subject to change by the community.
  19. This is a pretty straightforward suggestion for Special rounds in Breach to possibly include in the Special Round vote. They should be simple to setup as well since they only affect what spawns really. Doom: When facing a demonic invasion, one doomguy was enough. When facing SCPs we may need a few more. Spawns: 45% MTF Tau 5 - 20% researcher - 35% random SCPs (or demonic type SCPs). Details: Disable Nuke? Bomberman: Play a game of bomberman, avoid the bombs released by SCP-2845 Spawns: SCPs spawn 4 SCP-2845, standard round spawns otherwise. Details: Standard round rules. Alternatively could be d-class only. Swordfight: Go medieval during a containment breach. Spawns: 50% scp-076 MTF - 50% scp-076 SCP Details: Disable gate A, B. Disable Nuke. Disable spawns.
  20. Simple and silly round.(SCP-1258 is a form of kung-fu or martial arts that, when an animal witnesses it, promptly becomes more humanoid, masters it, then starts beating the shit out of people with it). All players except for one spawn as the shark punchers(they're not punching a shark, but it fits their silliness). One player spawns as SCP-1258-1. Unsure what health should be(i imagine maybe 200-250) and is armed with this swep: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=420588836 Edit: Alternatively, he can use one of these: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1513353321 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=463342892&searchtext=fist Another edit: Forgot to add model. For some reason theres no Kung Fu panda model on the workshop(Mght as well embrace the silliness with the scp right) but this exists. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1186654855
  21. Throughout the different kinds of media, there is a wide range of different anomalous creatures and places that could potentially fit in the SCP universe. However, there are none that I have been more interested in seeing a crossover with other than that of the Doom universe. Since Doom is reaching its 25th anniversary on December tenth, I figured I would go for a more left-field suggestion with this special round: Knee-Deep in the Dead Description: Knee-Deep in the Dead is a special round that will essentially be a scenario in which the demons from the Doom universe invaded the SCP Foundation. In this event, roughly two-thirds of all player will spawn as TROs (special variants included) with the rest coming in as a demon (sided as an SCP.) The objective of both teams is to simply eliminate the other team. Thus, Gate A and B will be locked down. Imp: The most common Demon players will spawn as Stats: -150 HP -Slightly faster than a human -Primary attack is a fireball -Secondary attack is a melee claw strike Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=820513207&searchtext=Imp Revenant: A much rarer demon that only one player spawns as Stats: -250 HP -Slightly slower than a human -Primary attack is a rocket from its shoulder mounted cannons -Max damage of a rocket should not be enough to one shot a TRO -Secondary attack is a powerful punch Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=846530103&searchtext=revenant (1730 game mode should take priority over this one.) Anyways, I am also curious about whether or not you guys would like to see crossover specials be incorporated into Breach. I have created a poll above.
  22. It's November, but let's make up a fun event for Christmas. I don't care if you do it now, or later, or never, it's just a idea. Ever since SCP-239 made Santa a real person in '04 after being told a christmas story, the foundation's been having trouble catching the magical entity ever since. However, it's nearin' Christmas, and there is a good little child named SCP-053's been wanting a present ever since they heard some stories. The foundation's getting ready, but Santa isn't going down without a fight. In this round, most of the people in the server will be the foundation guards, while there will be "Santa", 5-10 "Elves" and SCP-2845 (Remove it if too op). The gates are unopenable, no CI spys and such, just the guard and the santa troops. Santa has the rifles, a "magical tracker" (Nav-Ult), and a O5. while the elves have the SMGs and grenades, level 3 and medkits. When Santa is killed, the killer will either: speed boost or jump boost, or is healed to max and a bigger health bar (Like, 120 or 150) The SCPs (Santa Troops) will spawn in SCP-895's chamber and is held until the grace period is over, same with foundation. Santa Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=572267883&searchtext=santa Elf Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1468543911&searchtext=elf (Christmas Version)
  23. It's November, but let's make up a fun event for Christmas. I don't care if you do it now, or later, or never, it's just a idea. Ever since SCP-239 made Santa a real person in '04 after being told a christmas story, the foundation's been having trouble catching the magical entity ever since. However, it's nearin' Christmas, and there is a good little child named SCP-053's been wanting a present ever since they heard some stories. The foundation's getting ready, but Santa isn't going down without a fight. In this round, most of the people in the server will be the foundation guards, while there will be "Santa", 5-10 "Elves" and SCP-2845 (Remove it if too op). The gates are unopenable, no CI spys and such, just the guard and the santa troops. Santa has the rifles, a "magical tracker" (Nav-Ult), and a O5. while the elves have the SMGs and grenades, level 3 and medkits. When Santa is killed, the killer will either: speed boost or jump boost, or is healed to max and a bigger health bar (Like, 120 or 150) The SCPs (Santa Troops) will spawn in SCP-895's chamber and is held until the grace period is over, same with foundation. Santa Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=572267883&searchtext=santa Elf Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1468543911&searchtext=elf (Christmas Version)
  24. ========================================================================================================================================================= Error: Zero human vital signs detected in site-19. Error: Multiple breaches detected. Exit to facility not yet breached Deploy Mu-7? Error. Mu-7 unavailable. Deploy Epsilon-11? Error. Epsilon-11 unavailable. Deploy Omega-9? Proceeding... ========================================================================================================================================================== If that really short 'STORY' i included didn't tip it off already, the idea behind this special round is rather simple. SCP-2639 aka omega-9 aka the scrubs spawn in(the normal amount). Everyone else is a random scp. 966, 049, and 610 shouldn't spawn on this round. The escape zone is disabled. Omega-9's goals are to wipe out all of the scps, while the scps need to simply kill them. Reason to disable escape zone: Would make it too easy for scps to bumrush exit from gate-b or gate-a, and would encourage the omega-9 to camp the surface, which would be a very lame round.
  25. Rather simple special round suggestion, all scps spawn as scp-372. The name gag is too good to pass up.
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