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Found 4 results

  1. SCP-2901's Wiki: http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-2901 Description: SCP-2901 are a species of nocturnal carnivorous scavengers of limited intelligence; averaging 1.7m in height. SCP-2901 usually appear as having an ellipsoid shape and possess 2 large eyes layered with photophoric tissue. SCP-2901 are covered in a layer of minute iridescent lamellar scales, similar to Lepidopterans. SCP-2901 are able to move through space-time freely, granting them certain abilities such as levitation, flight, and teleportation. SCP-2901 are, however, tangible and susceptible to conventional firearms. SCP-2901 Stats: Team: SCP Objects Health: 770 Attack Damage: 40 Attack Speed: SCP-076's Attack Speed Movement Speed: Human Sprinting Speed Spawn: Replacer spawn for SCP-372 (Meaning both of these cannot be in the same round naturally) Mechanic: LMB: Attack RMB: Teleportation (5 second cooldown setting teleport)(15 second cooldown when teleporting) Reload: Toggle flight (35 second duration) (20 second cooldown after the duration) (Can cancel flight before the duration ends) Details: SCP-2901's RMB sets a teleport where your standing and it has a 5 second cooldown for setting the teleport. After the cooldown ends, you can use your RMB again. If you do then you teleport to the last place you set your teleport to. SCP-2901's Reload allows SCP-2901 to have flight for 35 seconds. While flying, at the bottom of the screen is a timer that counts from 35 to 0. Once it get's to 0 you stop flying and descend. You can cancel your flight while the duration is going on. Speed boost while flying. Both cooldowns show at the bottom of SCP-2901's screen and if the RMB or Reload is ready it will say it's ready. Playermodel: Mothman playermodel (2nd bodygroup) in the addon "Cryptids and legends" Cryptids and legends: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=819516849
  2. SCP 553's Wiki: http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-553 Description: SCP-553 is a butterfly looking thing that has sharp wings because of it's material that is similar to quartz. When an instance of SCP-553 is damaged, it produces a special sonar that let's the other instances of 553 know. SCP-553 attacks by using their sharp wings. There are these things called crystal seeds which are like eggs that make more instances of SCP-553. SCP-553 (Original Instance) Stats: Team: SCP Objects Health: 800 Attack Damage: 15 Attack Speed: Rapid Movement Speed: Human Sprinting Speed Spawn: Replacer Spawn for SCP-610 (Meaning both of these SCPs cannot spawn in the same round naturally.) Mechanic: LMB: Cut/Slice (Attack) RMB: Lay Crystal Seeds (60 second cooldown) Special: Sonar Details/Information: RMB (Lay Crystal Seeds): SCP-553 lays 3 crystal seeds, each crystal seed can be destroyed and it has 150 health. Every 10 seconds, an instance of SCP-553 will hatch from the crystal seed. One crystal seed is capable to make 2 instances of SCP-553. So if the 3 crystal seeds survive, there will be 6 new instances of SCP-553. Once the 2 instances are created, the crystal egg will disappear. Special (Sonar): If SCP-553 is damaged, all of the SCPs in the SCP Objects team can see SCP-553 by a highlight similar to 2521. The highlight will last 10 seconds before disappearing. This will help SCP-553 survive since the SCPs are able to know where 553 is an could potentially help SCP-553 out. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SCP-553 (Created Instance) Stats: Team: SCP Objects Health: 150 Attack Damage: 10 Attack Speed: Rapid Movement Speed: Human Sprinting Speed Spawn: By the crystal seeds Mechanic: LMB: Slice/Cut (Attack) RMB: Sprint Special: Sonar Details/Information: RMB (Sprint): Increases Movement Speed similar to SCP-457 for a short period of time. Special (Sonar): Already explained at the details/information of the original instance of SCP-553 but make the created instance's highlight blue instead of red. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Models/Playermodels: Crystal Egg: (White Crystal) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=944141639&searchtext=Crystal SCP-553: (Brown Winged Butterfly) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=781361305&searchtext=Butterfly
  3. Hello this is a tier list for every std- I mean SCP. This is the TRUE tier list meaning, well this is the TRUE tier list. Every SCP will be will be in tiers from S to A to B to C to D and to E. I will check all of these SCPs strong points and weak points. We'll be starting from the bottom tiers and up! E Tier: SCP-2521 This is literally the worst SCP in existence. If you get chosen as 2521 consider yourself the opposite of lucky, meaning unlucky. I'll explain why this SCP is truly garbage. 1. Unnecessary nerf to SCP-2521's LMB. SCP-2521's slowness ability was once his attack as well. It's slowness was the only thing that was making it kill people. Now it's slowness and attack got separated. That's right. THEY GOT A DIVORCE! And now 2521 is suffering because of it. 2. Not alot of health and it's slow. SCP-2521 is extremely bad because of it's slowness and lack of health. When SCPs are slow, they usually have lots of health to take some nice hard bullets. But 2521, NO. HE GET'S NOTHING BECAUSE HE HAS "a longer ranged attack" ABSOLUTE GARBAGE. 3. Low attack damage. Ok, sure 2521 has a rapid attack and it has a pretty decent range. But there is one thing. NUMBER 2! HE'S SLOW AND THEY CAN ESCAPE IT EASILY. INFACT, I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THAT 2521's SPECIAL AND LMB HAD A DIVORCE. I THOUGHT IT'S SPECIAL WAS REMOVED. SCP-610 Alright. I am absolutely disgusted of what SCP this is. Sure, it's slow and has lots of health. Infact, it's the SCP with the most health out of all of the SCPs. But there is one flaw with it. It's infection mechanic. SCP-610's LMB is to infect people but it they can easily prevent this from happening AND they can beat the crap out of SCP-610 before they turn into SCP-610-B. It's special isn't that good too. It makes it stay still for a whole minute doing absolutely nothing but tanking a hell load of bullets. Ok I think you get the point. D Tier: SCP-372 Alright the reason why SCP-372 is the lowest on D Tier and in fact the only one on D Tier is because of 3 things. Trust me I like playing as SCP-372 but there are some flaws. And flaws mean absolute garbage. 1. Flickering for 1 second. The flickering mechanic kinda ruins SCP-372's invisibility power since anyone can see it for 1 second and know "gys there tree-seven-to here" 2. Attack Range is too small. Sure, it has amazing mobility but it's low attack range kinda ruins it. I remember I was 372 and I was literally clicking a 2639-A and I was close to 2639-A and I literally couldn't hurt it. 3. Lack of health. It's lack of health completely RUINS 372. If a 999 stuns you with one MTF Guard well your going to be at the 700s. C Tier: SCP-173 Alright this may seem way to low on the C Tier for SCP-173 to be in but trust me. I have an higher IQ than Albert Einstein... I think. And there is one big problem with 173. Running into a room with alot of people with weapons. In fact I once crowbared a 173 to death by myself. Truly an awful SCP. SCP-049 SCP-049 is also known as the army maker. If you've never heard people call 049 the army maker well that's because no one calls him the army maker. SCP-049 spawns near LCZ meaning he can grab a couple of D-Class and do a 'special' thing to them, making them do the Frankenstein. But there is one flaw with SCP-049 and his Frankensteins. Their all slow. In fact I just completely ignore the Frankensteins and attack 049 instead of those freaks. SCP-106 SCP-106 is that one guy who looks at all of the kids in Chucky Cheese with a creepy grin. SCP-106 is slow because he's an old geezer but unlike old geezers he has a lot of health. But, like every SCP there is one flaw. His pocket dimension is easy to escape. (If you know what your doing) It's been so long since I've seen someone die in the pocket dimension. So he's trash. SCP-2845 SCP-2845 is one of the unique SCPs. She is the only SCP with an infinite ranged attack. And it one hits. But there is 2 simple flaws. SCP-2845 is slow and it's attack is easy to dodge. SCP-795 This kitty cat recently got a buff and now I actually die because of this little shi- 795 is a neko girl- I mean a cat that has a small playermodel, an ACTUALLY GOOD RAPID ATTACK and it's pretty good in speed. It's special turns an enemy into a rat and I swear to god if someone calls it a mouse I'm going to make a suggestion for every SCP to have a special that effects themself badly. It's only problem is a lack of health. B Tier: SCP-457 SCP-457 is a man that's very hot. SCP-457 has alot of health, a pretty decent ranged attack that constantly goes around him, rapid attacks to gates, and even a sprinting special. It's only flaw is that it's fire deals low damage. He is on B Tier because he's hot. SCP-334 SCP-334 is a plasma fox that looks like an eevee for some reason. I KNOW THERE ARE FOX PLAYERMODELS OUT THERE BUT NO. This should really be called "Maximino007 complains about every SCP" SCP-334 does more damage than 457 and it has a smaller playermodel AND it gains health for killing people. BEAT THAT 457 YOU HOT MAN BEAT THAT. SCP-682 SCP-682 is a reptile that ate too many big macs that has a terrifying playermodel that will give children at the age of 4 nightmares. SCP-682 has lots of health, 1 hits people, pretty long range due to it's playermodel AND a sprinting special to get close and get dirty. It also heals/gains health for killing people. SCP-682's main weakness is it's huge hurtbox. A Tier: SCP-096 SCP-096 is an albino depressed man that can't take damage but it can ingame so it breaks lore. SCP-096 cannot take damage while being raged, meaning it has no weaknesses while charging up. SCP-096 is then fast and I think it should be able to 1 hit people but whatever. Even elevators can't kill SCP-096 while T-posing. SCP-1471 SCP-1471 is a furry that has a lot of por- We are going out of topic. SCP-1471 is a dog man thing with a skull as a face that's very hairy and it likes to scare people. When I say scare I mean kill. SCP-1471 teleports to a random players with a radio, S-nav, or I think nightvision. This means 1471 doesn't have any strategy for playing. SCP-689 SCP-689 is part of the 68 trio. The 68 trio has SCP-682, 689 and SCP-681. SCP-689 has some kind of strategy since it can teleport to the last person who has seen it. SCP-689 is also higher than 1471 because it's not a furr- SCP-066 SCP-066 is one of the best SCPs i'd even seen. It is capable of doing 200 damage if you get hit by all of it's ear blasters. Therefore it is overpowered and it needs a nerf. SCP-1048-A D O E S N ' T E X I S T . N O M O R E Q U E S T I O N S . S Tier: (Also known as God Tier) There is only one SCP in this tier and it's high and mighty. It is truly the best SCP ever. And that SCP is... SCP-681 SCP-681 is balloon also known as the leader of the 68 trio. This balloon is stronger than every SCP combined. It has no weaknesses. It's hurtbox is small. It has a bunch of shit clouds that damages people and it get's everywhere. This is truly a god SCP. Well that's all of the SCPs (I think) SCPs that don't exist are not included! 017 shall not be here because it's too overpowered.
  4. I do not have the remote interest or time and effort to make an image like strawberry's, so instead i'm doing it the old fashioned text way. Split into tiers. Rating is judged purely by how effective the SCP is at helping his team win/escaping/overall power level. This does not take into account player skill possibly affecting the SCPs. Like most tier lists, this is split into multiple tiers based on the scp's relative effectiveness. The following tiers are Special: a unique tier for scps who are technically S+ tier, but not in a good way.(Will explain more in each individual scp's case). S+ tier: The best scps all around. A tier: The most 'balanced' scps, having reliable counterplay while not being way too weak in return. B Tier: SCPs who have situations where they can rampage, and situations where they will be utterly worthless. C Tier: SCPs who require incredibly specific situations in order to be good, and are useless most of the time, or just generally weaker than a B or A tier scp. D tier: SCps who are only good if they get good luck, or the situations they are good in are still out-classed by other scps. S+ Tier: SCP-106: "WHAT?!" you may exclaim, seeing 106 labeled as among the best scps in the game. 'BUT 106 IS SO SLOW, AND IS NEARLY COMPLETELY INCAPABLE OF KILLING PEOPLE!" And you're right. SCP-106 probably has the single weakest attack out of any scp in the game in terms of actually killing people. Not only does it not provide any points to the SCP team for pocketing people, but people who die inside the pocket dimension don't grant points either. His bleed effect automatically ends once you reach 30 HP, so it can only kill you if you were below said threshold when you start bleeding, and there is plenty of ways to heal the bleed effect before then regardless, thanks to the abundance of medkits, and the coffee machine having the ability to heal it as well. Escaping the pocket dimension is also incredibly easy once you learn how to avoid the pillars, and even easier if someone puts a spray above the pathway that leads to one of two exits(106's cell or a hallway near light containment zone). With all this, how is 106 one of the single best and strongest scps in the game? The answer is simple. His large HP pool and how close he spawns to the entrance zone means that 106 can run straight for either gate-a or gate-b(Gate-b being preferable) and start breaking it down. The small cramped rooms near the gate means it is incredibly difficult if not out right impossible to kill or stop 106 from breaking the gates, and if he breaks gate-b down and has at least 1k Hp left, there is absolutely no way you can stop him even if you're camping the surface elevator. This means 106 has the single best escaping ability of any SCP in the entire game if he so chooses, and leaves an easy path to follow for the other scps to also escape. Escaping is the only way 106 grants points to his own SCP team, so theres no reason NOT to just bumrush the gate-b and exit if you care about your team winning. However, this results in a rather polarizing and unfun experience when playing 106. Playing the 'proper' way results in escaping quickly and sitting out most of the round, and the inability to actually kill people(outside of a sudden lag spike or a newbie) renders trying to hunt for kills pointless, to the point it can end up working against the rest of the scp team. SCP-457: SCP-457 is essentially in the same boat as scp-106. Spawning incredibly close to the gate area and MTF area, combined with his large Hp pool, inability to obtain points from kills, difficulty in obtaining kills(Not as weak as scp-106 in this regard, however), and incredibly easy time escaping. While he is more effective than 106 at getting kills, he is also easier to stop from gate camping than scp-106. Enough to make him weaker than 106, but not enough to make him not a S tier scp. S Tier: SCP-372: (im aware he doesnt look like that ingame, shush) SCP-372 is probably the single best scp in the game when it comes to killing people, when played properly. He is the most consistently fast scp, as 682, 457, and 096 all have cooldowns on their sprint abilities. In addition, while he can't kill instantly he does still kill incredibly fast. He is incredibly mobile, being able to jump off of walls or hide in a rooftop area somewhere to set-up an ambush. He lacks a clear moment of weakness(even the moments where he flashes visible aren't really 'weak' moments as he can still attack or leap around during this time), and his cloak, while not 'true' invisibility, is more than enough to let him easily escape through the surface area even if MTF guards are sitting there due to the wide open area. SCP-372's main weaknesses are not being as tanky as some other scps, not being able to instant kill, and the biggest one, not being able to damage or break gates in any way. This means if 372 is the only remaining scp and none of the gates are open, all he can do is sit around and wait. His low HP does mean that he can be worn down if he gets shot multiple times during failed attack attempts. But the main thing that tends to kill 372s is player skill level and knowledge. A lot of scp-372 players dont know how to use his lunge properly, or don't realize they're not fully cloaked when invisible and end up taking a boat load of damage before being able to attack anyone. This has resulted in the idea or illusion that 372 is not as good as it really is. A-Tier: SCP-017: While many people consider 017 incredibly overpowered or among the best scps in the game, due to his AOE attack, killing power, and immunity to damage while in shadow form, this is not the case. 017 IS certainly strong, and can kill a lot of unsuspecting players or easily trap someone in a corner unable to do anything to escape. However, he also has clear weaknesses we need to take into account. His attack doesn't always 1 shot(indeed, he can't even 1 shot omega-9s, Tau-5, or scp-035 even with a direct hit) and he has a delay before he is able to attack again. This opening allows people to run in and essentially beat him up while he is defenseless until he is able to attack again. This, combined with his low speed and low hp, can result in him being killed by door closing. He is also terrible at breaking gates, due to his incredibly slow attack speed. That being said, he is not instantly worthless even when countered, and is fun to play as well. His sheer potential power level of being able to kill mutiple people at once with an AOE attack, trap players in a pincher between them and another SCP more effectively than any other, ability to avoid gunfire for extended periods of time, and even being able to attack a short distance through doors and walls solidly places him in the highest of the A Tier. SCP-689: Again, similar to scp-017, people jump to complain about how overpowered(or in some cases, underpowered) scp-689 truly is. This is inpart due to his high kill speed and silent teleportation powers. However, once again there is clear weaknesses inregard to scp-689. Once again, he is slow and lacks any form of ranged attack or defense(outside of his teleport), allowing him to be easily pumped full of bullets over time. Unlike scp-017, he cannot avoid gunfire for extended periods of time, but also has more HP and can break gates easier. The main thing that prevents 689 from being S tier, however, is that if you continue moving he is unlikely to be able to hit you even after teleporting to you. This results in being able to effectively avoid 689 provided you are aware he is going to be teleporting to you, keep moving, and dont sit in a small cramped one way room with the door closed, like an elevator. This can result in tearing apart scp-689 and is his main weakness. However, due to the fact that, unlike his closest counterpart SCP-1471, he is both aware of who he is going to teleport to, can manipulate who he is going to teleport to, and has a shorter cooldown on the teleport, this allows him to effectively play mind games with the other players, who might not be certain if he is still able to teleport to them, or teleporting to them at an idea time to trap them in a bad situation. I consider 689 to be on par with 017(possibly better, but i need more ingame experience), and so being placed below 017 should not be considered as me stating he is worse. SCP-939: While SCP-939 lacks the killing power of similar SCPs on this list(he can still kill things, but not nearly as fast as 689, and he can't instant kill like 017) he makes up for it with his disguise. While it is incredibly easy to break his disguise(Getting hit by crossfire or any form of damage essentially breaks it, and people calling out who you are effectively renders it null and void), there is ways around this, and his ability to ambush people or simply let Guards open the gate for him to escape is nothing to be scoffed at. The ability to re-disguise was a massive boon to him as well, giving him the ability to kill someone who's getting suspicious of him and then disguise again, or to allow him to kill off d-class or researchers without wasting his disguise. Outside of his disguise, however, he is a rather big target who is slow and lacks a good gap closer by himself, much like several weaker scps. He can be killed rather quickly by skilled players, and his gate breaking speed, while far from the worst, isn't the best either. There is also ways for skilled players to instantly know theres a 939 that spawned in by looking at the tab menu. If the amount of SCPs shown at the start of the round doesn't seem to match up to the total amount of players, then there is likely a scp-939. 939 also has collision, which can give him away if he accidentally bumps into someone. Regardless, his disguise definitely makes up for the downsides. His lesser killing power does put him slightly below the other A+ scps, but he is far from godawful, nor is he strictly worse. SCP-334: Jokes about eevee model aside, SCP-334 is a genuinely good SCP if played right, even if he is definitely weaker than the other A-tiers in some regards. 334 starts out with an incredibly low HP pool for a scp, and his speed and damage isn't particularly great either. However, the more kills he obtains the better he gets. With some help from his SCP teammates(Or good ambushes on d-class/researchers making their way through heavy containment), he can quickly become a force to be reckoned with due to constant health increases/healing and increased speed. That being said, his weaknesses are WAY more noticeably than the other A-tiers. He can struggle to kill an armed player if he doesnt have enough stacks/kills yet, and his spawn near the entrance zone can lead to him being quickly overwhelmed by guards if he goes for them too early. His HP/healing is tied to getting kills, so going an extended period of time without kills can start to wear him down. His baseline HP is low enough that he can end up losing it fast if he is not careful, and he is incredibly noticeable from a distance due to his unique model.(This fact may or not change depending on if scp-2935 gets added and what model scp-2935 ends up using, but it should still stand out regardless). He is very much the lowest of the A-tiers, but i dont feel right giving him a B-tier ranking as he can snowball out of control consistently enough with proper use that he doesnt suffer from the severe flaws holding B-tiers back as much. That being said, he is probably the most questionable A-tier choice IMo, and i would be willing to instead place him as the highest B-tier if I get enough reason to. SCP-173*: SCp-173 is a weird choice for me to put here. While I cannot deny that, provided his abilities actually work properly and dont bug out, and the person using him is decently smart, he is definitely a A tier SCP, and above scp-334 and possibly 939(But below 689 and 017). The problem is, he tends to glitch out and behave erratically, leaving his actual performance woefully inconsistant. This is mainly tied to his blind mechanic, as most bugs tied to blink are generally leaning in favor to scp-173. Due to the severe bugs with his blind I really don't feel right putting him any higher than the lowest A-tier spot. Otherwise scp-173 boasts one of the highest HP pools out of any SCP, as well as an instant kill melee attack, and great gate breaking speed, as well as being incredibly fast.(Can outspeed 372, but doesnt really count). of course, this is in check due to the fact he cannot move or attack while being watched, and eyedrops existing as an item. His blind is one of the most powerful secondary abilities in the game, essentially rendering those hit by it effectively defenseless to both himself and other potential dangers. B Tier: SCP-049: As the current top of the B-tier(possibly competing with 334, again, possibly), SCP-049 is a popular choice for one of the strongest scps in the game. He has an instant kill attack that turns people into zombies, allowing the amount of scps to quickly skyrocket out of control if given the chance. He is relatively tanky compared to a lot of scps, and his zombies can also instant kill with a right click. However, he is plagued(shoot me) with a lot more issues than is noticeable at first glance. The biggest one that is easy to miss is that infecting people to turn them into zombies doesnt actually give the SCP team any points directly. While zombies escaping is sure to skyrocket the scp team's points, as is kills made by the zombies, every person he infects is someone the scp team didnt get points off of killing, and is also a relatively easy target for other teams to kill in order to snag more points of their own. In addition, scp-049 is incredibly weak if he cannot get his zombie army rolling. This particularly stands out more than scp-334 as even after he starts getting people infected, theres no guarantee they'll manage to get much more done, or could even kill people you are trying to infect. This snowball effect IS similar to scp-334 in a way, but i find scp-049 has a harder time pulling off said ambushes against smart players than scp-334 is, due to his spawn location giving his spawn away to attentive D-class and researcher players. It is also incredibly easy to know when a scp-049 has spawned ingame as the scp numbers on tab tend to skyrocket way faster than with the other infectiveous scps. The other major issue is that the zombie hit detection is notoriously wonky, making it easy/possible for players to juke them or even run right through them if they time it right. Zombies can even be cured with scp-500s, being effectively an instant kill on the zombies. That being said, a scp-049 who has snowballed a LOT of 049-2s can be incredibly difficult to stop, if not impossible depending on the amount of surviving players. SCP-610: While I still utterly hate 610 with a passion and feel like there is plenty annoying stuff with it, it is still behind scp-049 in terms of snowballing power. While their snowballing power IS similar, 610's tends to be weaker in several key areas. The main differences are that 610's infections aren't instant, and that his minions will eventually die after 2 minutes or so. This means his snowballs take a lot longer to kick into gear, and can result in him taking a lot of damage, despite his higher HP total than 049(being the highest ingame currently), and his minions having an impressive 1k HP for being minion spawns. The use of scp-500 can also cure being infected by 610, which allows a much safer window for those with it to attack and kill 610 or minions than it would be to attack 049 or his minions, as the only way they can hurt you is by infecting you. Similar to 049, 610's infections also dont generate points for the SCP team. Add in the fact his minions can't kill either and die over time, and it is much harder to generate points than scp-049. 610's right click doesnt add enough to really be a major factor in deciding how good he actually is. Regardless, if he can get a big enough snowball going he can be an incredible threat in the form of a literal meat sponge for other scps, and his impressive HP total makes him difficult to stop if he manages to get through gate-b. Particularly pairs well with SCP-106 or 457. SCP-966: Bringing up the rear of B-Tier is scp-966. While certain people believe he is stronger than 372(And they are wrong), the fact of the matter is 966's success or victory depends on how many people manage to both be armed and equip NVG. A single person with NVG can easily gun him down due to his incredibly slow speed, loud breathing noises, etc. Chances are, there will be more than a single person armed with NVG< which greatly hampers his effectiveness. However, the fact remains that against people who lack NVG, the only warnings of his presence is his breathing(which can be hard to hear over other sounds and has a short pause between playing) and being attacked by him. He can kill people rather quickly, and can easily strike fear into people as a result. This makes him an effective 'mop up' scp of sorts, for when the majority of the guards or people with NVG are dead and he can focus on the stragglers. His biggest strength outside of situations where NVG dont spawn in large quantities, however, is the ability to slip past any reinforcement group if need be. Not a single possible MTF or CI spawn start with night vision goggles, rendering them almost completely defenseless against them if they are unable to quickly obtain a pair. This can also elad to scaring them enough to sit on the surface instead of going down into the facility, in fear of letting 966 slip by or killing them en-mass. That being said, his snowballing power is way weaker than both scp-049 and 610, and his weakness is possibly the most obvious and easiest of any SCP on the server. I considered putting him C tier, but he has enough situations where he is useful to barely sneak into B-tier. SCP-1048-B:* I find it incredibly difficult to judge this scp, as he doesn't spawn on site-19, and as such i've gotten very few glimpses of the potential of this scp. From what i've seen, however, he is potentially incredibly deadly held back by his incredibly low HP. While hard to hit due to his small size, it seems unlikely he would reach A-tier due to his HP being chipped down incredibly fast over time. Still, this is probably the single SCP i am the most conflicted about, as I simply lack enough of a chance to evaluate him in a fair setting. C tier: SCP-076-2: Formerly an incredibly strong candidate for A-tier, several nerfs to scp-076-2 has greatly hampered his effectiveness. While far from the most useless scp, his low damage, loud sounds, and low hp renders him a weak threat by himself against skilled players. He simply struggles to effectively do much against players who can aim well, even with his ranged attack. That being said, he does have the power of constant harassment on his side due to his plentiful respawns, and his ranged attack(even if it is avoidable if people are paying attention), and is particularly nasty when having to deal with him alongside other scps due to his higher than average speed. That being said, you still would much rather face an 076-2 than a 372 or a 017(or any other higher tier scp) on average, and you would much rather face lower tier scps than 076 most of the time. SCP-096: 096 is a case of more bark than bite. While he does turn invulnerable while getting enraged, and his enrage speed is the fastest movement speed in the game(outside of 173), 096 is held back by some major flaws. His HP, while not particularly bad, isn't particular high either. Similar to another scp that is lower on the tier, shutting doors can render his en-rage useless, and after his enrage is over he is incredibly vulnerable to being attacked due to his slow movement speed(Slowest in the game when not enraged) and being unable to even defend himself in this state. He is also completely unable to break gates. However, he does have some potential uses. He can quickly kill unprepared players if he can unexpectedly ambush them in a cramped corner or room after being en-raged by another source. His invulnerable period when enraged, as well as his hitbox, can allow him to serve as a temp body shield for other scps during this time. While he does have a large window where he is vulnerable after the rage is over, he is unlikely to suffer much damage while under the movement speed increase. These tend to be few and far between in most rounds, however, especially with skilled players. SCP-682: 682 and 096 are incredibly similar. However, there is several things that render 682 weaker than 096. While 682 has a much longer range than scp-096(thanks to his model), and can choose when to sprint, unlike 096, and can 1 shot people AND attack while not enraged, unlike 096, he has one massive drawback that greatly makes up for it. Similar to 096 he is incredibly slow when not sprinting. His sprint also lasts a lot shorter than 096's, allowing him to be hampered by a single door where as 096 can make it through several doors before his speedboost ends. But the major downside is his massive model and hitbox allowing him to be hit very easily, and even regularly shot through doors and walls. This can completely tear through his HP incredibly fast with a skilled guard team around, and as such renders 096 a lot more effective. 682's main advantage over 096 is being able to break gates and being effective at guarding himself while doing so, but this isn't enough to make him better than 096. Regardless, both scps are heavily on the weaker side. SCP-2845: Even ignoring the infamous claims of how OP the moose/deer was at the beginning, the moose is still not a very good SCP. his attack is slow and horribly telegraphed, and while you can't as easily crowbar him to death anymore, it still takes a long time to kill someone just by being near them. I would honestly consider this SCP in the D tier if it wasn't for the fact the combination of his attack, kill radius, and fast gate breaking speed makes him a good 'buddy' for breaking out if theres no 106 or 457, as he can watch the door/gate while also breaking it. 106 and 457 are still way better at this than he is however, since they have more HP and spawn closer, while 2845 can infact be gunned down before he makes it by a determined MTF squad. SCP-2521: SCP-2521, by himself, is probably one of the worst SCPs in the game, and could easily qualify for a D-tier SCP. He was hit hard by nerfs after people complained about his slow being built into his attack, and is now a separate attack/ability from his damage. This, combined with his speed, Hp, and lack of an instant kill, results in him being incredibly weak and easy to take out by any skilled players. The effect of being able to see people through walls is hilariously moot as its incredibly unlikely for people to actually type out his name in order to trigger it in the first place. However, his slow effect keeps him out of being D-tier due to potentially powerful synergy with scp-049 and 610, where he can slow someone without dealing damage to them to make it easier for the other scps to catch up and infect them. This, while not being the MOST powerful combo in the world, and requires 2521 to sneak up on the target(as well as active team work between the scps) is still enough to keep him out of D-tier, but just barely. D tier: SCP-066: The ball of Beethoven loving spaghetti in all of his lame, lame glory. Having low Hp, being incredibly visible, an attack that, while decently fast at killing people, is easy to avoid 90% of the time and can even be healed through, and large periods where it is vulnerable to being attacked(When not being shot at by range) is just a few of his many problems. SCP-066 is a popular choice for a weak scp or one of the weakest scps on the server, and its not much of a difficulty to understand why. Even in situations where 066 obtains kills, you would much rather have another scp inplace of 066 most of the time. The reason scp-066 is top of the bottom tier, however, is due to his niche ability to kill people in elevators through the door. While INCREDIBLY niche as to the situations where this will come into play, it is none the less his main power and advantage over other SCPs. Alternatively his damage does soften people up(Often being hard to avoid taking at least a tiny bit of damage from him) for other scps, such as 076-2 to take advantage of. Even with these 2 small upsides, it is incredibly difficult to consider 066 as being on par with a lot of the other possible scps you could be playing as or against instead. SCP-1471: Malo, the master of pornography everywhere, is one of the worst scps, a fact basically everyone(minus for a FEW insane people) can agree with. Being added mostly due to heavy fan popularity/request, 1471 struggles to do much against even the worst of players. His teleport is on a long cooldown and is incredibly random and unpredictable 90% of the time as to who you will teleport to. His attack, while kills fast, doesnt help much when he is incredibly slow and his teleport stuns him for a slightly bit longer than 689. His HP goes down quickly, and his special ability of only being able to attack or be attacked by people infected by him is more of a blessing than a curse as it limits his options for assisting other scps or even getting kills in general. He is also(far as i can remember) unable to break gates. What keeps scp-1471 from being the absolute bottom of the barrel when it comes to SCPs is the fact that, similar to066, he does have niche(ableit heavily rng based in his case) uses in clearing elevators or getting a lucky teleport straight to the exit, and is one of only 2 scps(the other being 689 who does the job WAY better with higher consistency) that can stop someone inside the nuke room, provided he is infected.(This does not count if the nuke door is left open). While both are rarely going to come into play due to the high luck and RNG needed to benefit from this, it still gives him a slight edge over the last SCP on this list. SCP-795: It pains me to say it, it really does, as scp-795 is one of the more unique scps when it comes to gameplay effects(being able to turn people into rats unable to defend themselves and then promptly finishing them off) and is certainly way more fun than 1471, but 795, in term of sheer power level, is likely the weakest SCP in the entire server/game right now. Incredibly low attack power and damage compared to other scps, a HP pool that is about average to slightly below average for SCPs, and a special ability that, while cool, doesnt help as nearly as much as it should. As turning someone into a mouse also reduces their hitbox AND doesnt reduce their speed, this doesnt let 795 have the same ability 2521 has to set up infections for 049 or 610. This is mainly due to being a byproduct of converting 795 into a SCP when it was originally foundation sided... where it was promptly incredibly strong as the transform effect is way more useful against SCPs than against normal people.
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