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Found 44 results

  1. Hello everyone I'm finally back! It has been a while since my last post and it's because I've been waiting for Haxray to give me feedback on my suggestions. So now that he has given me feedback I want to give my own feedback to him on the SCPS he overall likes (at least I think, except for 1 SCP but I want to do it because I have a new idea on it). Also I am very sorry for the terrible formatting, I will try to make it easier to read with this post and future posts. Anyways let's start from SCP-001 to SCP-1,000 see which ones were the best. I will give feedback to haxray, potentially change the idea entirely, and every single SCP I will be talking about in this post I WILL be searching for a model for it. Now lets begin! SCP-040: I think your idea on having it be an enemy SCP is good, so I will go back to my original idea for SCP-040 and improve on that. Playable Enemy SCP: SCP-040: Health:1,000-1,250 Attack:100% (50% when she has a maximum amount of pets) Speed:Fast (a little slower than a normal human) Origin: SCP-040 is a safe class SCP that is a girl that can manipulate the cells of living (and dead) beings and make them into new animals, her nickname on the wiki is "Evolution's Child" Abilities: SCP-040 In game will be able to turn up to 3 people into SCP-040-1,SCP-040-2,and SCP-040-3, She only can have 3 pets, however whenever one or more pets die she can make someone else a pet until she reaches her limit again. It's like 049 but there's 2 different things that make her different, 1.Once she has hit her limit on how many pets she can have she can actually attack and kills others, that might not seem like much but I actually have this idea on her that whenever she kills someone she can reform the dead body to become an animal that self destructs whenever someone gets to close to it (kinda like a living mine), this is a passive ability too, automatically activating when someone gets killed by SCP-040. 2.Now let's talk about the pets she can have. SCP-040-1: Health:500-750 Attack:4% (it's rapid damage though) Speed:Fast (Same speed as humans) Origin: SCP-040-1 Is a type of symbiotic organism made by SCP-040, it can act as a coat for SCP-040, and feeds off the nutrients SCP-040 gets in exchange for keeping her healthy (I think). Abilities: SCP-040-1 in game can be able to heal SCP-040 whenever it is near her (2-10% every 2-5 seconds) however if it is near an enemy it will do rapid damage to them instead of heal them (4% damage every 0.25 seconds, killing an enemy in around 6+ seconds) SCP-040-2: Health:750-1,000 Attack:25% or can use weapons Speed:Moderate (Around the speed of SCP-2845) Origin: SCP-040-2 is a floating orb with multiple hands... I can't really say anything else. Abilities: SCP-040-2 in the game will be this floating orb that can pick up items and weapons with it's hands and shoot others with it, either that or do 25% damage with every click, basically a drone soldier. SCP-040-3: Health:1,250-1,750 Attack:50%-75% Speed:Very Fast (as fast as able and john cena) Origin: SCP-040-3 Is a wolf-like creature that is very very agile, being able to jump on walls and other impressive things. Abilities: SCP-040-3 in game will be able to do this bounce ability that makes it be able to jump on walls, ceilings, or just pounce in general, it will have a 2-3 second cooldown. Every click will do 50-75% damage. Models: I wasn't able to find a model for SCP-040 herself but I did find a model for a purple haired girl in general since she has purple hair so this is the best model I could find for her: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=599704874&searchtext=purple+haired+girl As for the pets SCP-040-1:I could not find a playermodel for SCP-040-1 but I think the closest you can get to SCP-040-1 would be using the skeleton playermodel. SCP-040-2:I could not find a playermodel for SCP-040-2, but I think it would be easy to make an object that is an orb with hands, or at the very least an orb. I have no idea if you could make it a playermodel though. SCP-040-3:I found a playermodel for SCP-040-3, just a wolf playermodel in general:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1148695125&searchtext=Wolf SCP-137 I think you're idea of having the default being a princess doll and one life having a form on a list is a very good idea, in fact better than my original idea so I'm going to change the idea! Playable Enemy SCP: SCP-137: Health:300-500 Attack:can use weapons (default form) Speed:Fast (as fast as a human) Origin: SCP-137 is a entity that possess toys and makes them real, from jetplanes to gorillas to soldiers, they can become real whenever this entity possesses a toy. It's current form is a princess doll being a real princess. Abilities: SCP-137 in game will first spawn in as a princess AKA it's default form, this form can use weapons but doesn't have any other form of attacking, well maybe u can add punching like john cena but I don't think that's exactly good. However whenever she dies she will respawn once as another toy from a list that she can spawn in as. For those toys I think I'm going to have the same 4 toys I chose in the original post but u guys can change that if you so desired, it was just a way to implement extra toys, if any of you want to check out what other toys I added for SCP-137 check out SCPS-101-200, but basically I had a soldier,bear,pokemon,and FNAF toy, but like I said Haxray and the others can pick whatever they want as a list of toys SCP-137 can use. Model: I found a wedding princess peach playermodel for SCP-137 but they can find a different Princess playermodel I bet, https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1276621898&searchtext=Princess+Playermodel as for the other forms that's all on them, though I do have to say there is a LOT of pills for FNAF, quite a few pokemon playermodels, and quite a few soldier playermodels if you want to talk about the toys I suggested. SCP-168: I'm Glad you thought my calculator was a great idea, I can't really change anything about it. Model: This was easy. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=216219205&searchtext=calculator https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=683852364&searchtext=calculator SCP-247: Guess your right on that part with the crosshair being a buggy thing, So I guess the crosshair won't be added, however I thought of this new ability it can have, when it gets closer to a player trying to shoot it, it will do less damage depending on how close SCP-247 is because it will be harder to shoot it because of it's anomalous aura of calming it's prey down by being "non-threatening", also an extra note, redskull38 will not have the heart to kill this thing if it's in the game XD. Model: This was the best I could find other than a garfield and neko playermodels XD. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1224456258&searchtext=orange+cat+playermodel SCP-354: Yea my original idea was it to have a map for itself, I can't really say much about it because I already said enough from my 2 posts about it, probably combine the 2 to be a map with all the enemies I listed off. BTW sorry for the terrible format on SCP-354 I know it was especially terrible. Model: Well there is literally a map for this SCP so I guess ill just have the map be here. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=827696835&searchtext=SCP-354 SCP-469: This is the only SCP in this highlight reel that haxray didn't really like (I think) But I wanted to talk about this once because I have a different idea for this angel with wings. Playable Enemy SCP: SCP-469: Health:1,250-1,750 Attack:25% (gets stronger with each hit) plus rapid 1% damage aura Speed:Moderate (a little faster than SCP-2845, maybe as fast as SCP-966) Origin: SCP-469 is a many winged angel that attacks others with it's wings if someone gets too close. Whenever sound is around her her wings grow, when bells wing she wakes up and proceeds to (data expunged) Abilities: SCP-469 in game will be awakened after the ringing of bells and can walk around and escape the facility, it has this aura that will do 1% damage every 0.5 seconds and each time it hits a player they get slower and slower until SCP-469 can get close enough. Whenever she attacks a player it will do 25% damage, however when she does this a scream sound effect will play for said player, whenever that happens her attack does more damage, 2-5% to be exact, and can go up to 100% damage. Model: I was actually very surprised by this but there is no playermodel for an angel, however there is a weeping angel playermodel and an animated wings model, so you could find a model of a human and make it have animated wings i guess, but I'm actually very surprised by this. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=238736284&searchtext=angel+playermodel https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=320418292&searchtext=angel+playermodel SCP-553: I 100% get where you're coming from, in fact that is exactly why I put it in the Joke SCP category, because of the playermodel issue. But i will try to find a playermodel for SCP-553 anyway. Model: Yep it went as expected, the only thing I could find is the SCP unity SNPCS. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1567738473&searchtext=SCP-553 SCP-594: No Playermodel huh? Yea I get where you're coming from, let me check and see if I could find a Playermodel for a sheep myself, but otherwise I can't really add anything else to this SCP Model: I actually found a sheep playermodel! Take a look :D! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=926090979&searchtext=sheep SCP-609: I 100% get where you're coming from as well it would be very difficult to implement, I can't really change anything about SCP-609 Model: I could not find a model for SCP-609, literally. But if you want you can make it just a ball in general but I don't think that will slide with you. SCP-665: I'm actually very surprised you liked this one, I thought this one was one of the weakest SCPS I ever suggested, I will go look for a playermodel for this SCP cause I literally don't have any better idea for this SCP other than maybe making it an enemy or D class SCP, I have no idea though. Model: I found quite a few robot playermodels but I think this one might be the best, but you can find more robot playermodels if you aren't satisfied with this playermodel. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=119968146&searchtext=robot+playermodel SCP-706: Yea I get that it would be hard to implement, but let me see if I could find a ghost or genie playermodel for you to help you out a bit, I can't think of any better idea for this SCP btw. Model: I found one kinda, I couldn't find a ghost or genie playermodel other than shante (which is a definite no) but I did find this one playermodel of someone called "Thresh" that might be good enough I have no idea though, you decide. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=272249278&searchtext=genie++playermodel SCP-738: I have a few ideas on where it can be placed, it could be placed in Dr.maynards room! It has a desk and chair, plus there isn't really any other use of Dr maynard's room anyway (at least what I'm aware of), you can potentially put it in the cafeteria or any other open space in entrance zone as well, but if you think that isn't good I ain't sure what to tell you. Model: I mean if you used dr maynard's room I think you got the table and chairs done, I ain't sure if there's 2 chairs in the office so maybe u could add extra chairs, as for a devil playermodel I think I found the perfect playermodel for this one, it has a buisness suit and everything, I think you'll like this one. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=315394811&searchtext=demon+playermodel SCP-846: I get what you're saying maybe it can be a D class SCP instead of researcher, but idk if that would be op either since D class usually kinda die easily by TRO or SCPS but it could be OP as well, not sure however. Let me see if there's a robot playermodel. Model: This is the closest I got:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1158241463&searchtext=robot+playermodel SCP-953: Now that I think about it yea your right, I think it would be better as an enemy SCP, here's the changes I would make, and yes it will include the class disguise thing that SCP-939 has. Playable Enemy SCP: SCP-953: Health:500-1,000 Attack:can use weapons and items Speed:Fast (Normal Human Speeeds) Origin: SCP-953 is a entity that has different forms and looks, and can change her form whenever she likes, she manipulates others into killing themselves, harming others, etc. Abilities: SCP-953 will be able to change her form to look like a researcher, D class, MTF Gaurd, and more. If she is shot she will turn into her nine tailed fox form (like SCP-939). She can pick up weapons and items too, and manipulate others by having them think that SCP-953 is their teammate, this is more of a stragety SCP tricking others and stabbing them in the back in the worst moments. Model: I saw that someone else got a model for SCP-953 and I bet the one I got is the same thing but I'm going to send the playermodel anyway just in case. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=388906716&searchtext=Nine+tailed+fox+ SCP-963: Aw man no chainsaw cannons ;< but nah I get where you are coming from, it is a bit too crazy but I had a lot of fun making this one, Feel free to talk to me about ideas for adding SCP-963 into the game 😄 I would love to talk about that. Model: Most people use a chimpanzee playermodel for Dr.bright and I couldn't find a Dr.bright playermodel so I'm going to do the same and use the chimp playermodel, also I couldn't find a model for SCP-963. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=549120288&searchtext=monkey+playermodel SCP-971: Hey thats a good idea 😄 go ahead and add SCP-971 to other maps, I wouldn't mind it one bit, plus maps like area 14 version 3 and site 61 don't really have any food SCPS in their cafeteria so I would love that! I can't really add anything to this SCP. Model: This is all I could've found for a menu for food. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=609716049&searchtext=food+menu Conclusion: That is all the SCPS that Haxray liked/think would be cool to add in the game (except SCP-469 but again I wanted to change that one). I hope you liked the highlight reel of the first wave of my SCPS suggestions and I really hope this is easier to read and I formatted this post better than my previous posts. I will be starting wave 2 of SCP suggestions going through SCPS 1001-2000. Until then I hope you liked this post and I will see you soon.
  2. Hello! I wish to apologize for a lack of any actual communication in regards to the suggestion bot in the discord channel. The bot is kinda disorganized, and there was a lot of spam. Regardless, in order to deal with this, I've made this thread. Monthly(From now on, the first posts are a bit of a mix from several months), i'll be adding a new post to this thread and discussing the suggestions posted that month. I will only cover non-meme suggestions, and suggestions that are still relevant. Suggestions with more downvotes than upvotes will not be covered unless it is related to adding a SCP, as those merit a bit more of a discussion, or if the number of upvotes/downvotes are close together. Note, this is only my opinion, and not the opinion of other server managers. "Add MTF SCP-076 back"(Welsh Wildlife Lover): I would rather remove Omega-9 all together. While it is cool to have a reference to one of the most infamous MTF and sideplots on the site, it led to weird situations like having two 076s in the game at once, and the MTF 076 tended to suck horribly as it couldn't respawn and didnt have immunity to SCP melee kills despite being only having a shitty sword. SCp-073 is such a terrible replacement in of making literally no sense and being boring. At some point I wouldn't mind another redo of 076 so hes actually using his correct 'sword' instead of a random Katana. Revert Anti-Bhop Fix(Sir ButterToast, various others): Yes. Make mapvotes less frequent(Various): General response to all suggestions related to this: it sounds like a good idea on paper, but reducing or removing automated mapvotes has a bad habit of causing the server to get trapped in an infinite cycle of Site-19. While I understand there is very mixed opinions on maps that aren't site-19(im not particularly fond of Site02 or Site14 myself), a lot of people are just plain fed up of playing on the same exact map constantly, and currently Site-19 is still always voted in whenever it is an option. This feels like a vocal minority versus a silent majority situation, as there is plenty of people who enjoy other maps who aren't on the Discord or Forum. GET A BETTER SUGGESTION BOT THIS ONE IS SHIT(Banjo): I dont really mess around with Discord much, and i dont know if there is a better Suggestion bot, but I do agree the current one is kinda awful for keeping track of suggestions when it starts getting flooded with suggestions, even if its not junk suggestions that just take space(BUCKET TRUCK). Its why im using the forum for this to keep better track of responses to suggestions. MY OWN VERSION OF THREAT LEVELS(Various): Any kind of work regarding Threat Levels or alternative forms of 'spawn management', we are certainly interested in attempting to impliment such a system, however it will be a while before any visual progress on this front will be seen and revealed to the community. Such a feature requires a massive rewrite of a core chunk of the Gamemode's code, and as such requires a lot of work and time investment. Add the 914 Super Fine Buff back again: If this was removed, this was related to a GMod update or a update to the base map, and not something done on our end(far as im aware). Otherwise, I would be against the re-addition of this feature due to the sheer amount of bugs it caused with people keeping the buff permamently over mutiple rounds, and having little practical use outside of the buff. "SCP-239 WITCH CHILD(Miguel the Mammoth King): No. SCP-239 is of itself a poorly written SCP. There is a good reason it was used as the kick off point for a site revamp on writing standards and an early wipe of various mary sue stuff that was floating around at the time. Writing quality aside, this suggestion was repeatedly spammed by PM to Duc, and has gotten annoying at this point. Its not a particularly good suggestion, as its very generic and a lame use of a Reality Warper with the gimmick of 'only casting spells she believes she is able to'. Additionally, aggressively stating 'DON'T THROW GMOD LIMITS AT US', is not a good way to make us want to read a suggestion that also additionally had terrible formatting. Also this is just a lame attempt to get your Touhou waifu into the game. Buff X weapon(Various): Weapon balance changes have been put on hold due to getting dramatic and varied responses whenever weapon changes were done, like last year with attempts to revert guns back to their previous state/stats after people complained. Additionally, simply stating 'BUFF THIS AND BUFF THIS' is not particularly useful feedback. It doesn't help point out why the weapon needs a buff or a nerf, nor does it suggest a potential fix. Additional Max ammo to balance out SCP resistance(StarAura): Yes, this is why i removed it originally, among other things. Damage resistance is effectively just additional health added to SCPs to make them bulletsponges, which in particular reacts poorly to scps intended to have super low health, AND scps intended to have super high health. People repeatedly requested to add it back, and so it was. I will admit my attempts to just boost SCP hp to avoid having a balance problem with individual scps caused by a global damage modifier failed due to it causing weird crashes(likely some kind of overflow error?), so I don't have a good alternative currently. We'll be looking into possibly adding additional ammo, but worried this could quickly spiral out of control. SCP-023 The Black Wolf(Miguel the Mammoth King): I understand a lot of scps need slight adaptations to abilities if they were to ever be a viable addition(Example: SCP-049). However, changing a SCP whos gimmick is killing loved ones in an unrelated accident a year after viewing to killing the person after a minute if they look at 023 is not a good conversion and loses the flavor of the SCP. Additionally this would be an incredibly unfun mechanic regardless if SCP-023 is killed during this time period, for both SCP-023 and the players. SCP-023 doesnt get to do anything except sit there and get pummeled or attempt to run away as people die, feeling like they didn't have any actual impact on how anything goes, and the people get frustrated as its a guarateed instant death for them they can't do anything about. Note: No, we wont be adding a gun that shoots backwards(StarAura). Fun idea for a 914 upgrade at some point. Playable SCP-008-1(Miguel the Mammoth King): The suggestion is literally just SCP-610 with additional fire damage, and being able to actually defend itself outside of a timed infection. So no, this won't be added. If SCP-008-1 ever gets added in some form, it would have to be after some kind of SCP Spawn management system rewrite is implimented. Pizza Guys Task force(Miguel the Mammoth King): This particular suggestion is a no, straight up. However, the surprisingly large amount of upvotes(Even if it also had a sizable amount of downvotes) does lead me to be more open to the idea of openly silly MTF references(Begone Thot stands out as a big possibility, as does the Cyborg Shark Punchers). BubbleGun Just for Fun(Welsh Wildlife Lover): Im not a big fan of the one round items, and I believe there was some issues when attempting to add this particular one in the past. Im not 100% sure, as Duc handles pointshop content currently. Permanent Items in Pointshop(Various): No. Im 100% against this as this tends to ruin the flow of gameplay, as well as being a blatantly pay to win feature(or play to grind to win feature) due to VIP and additional ranks getting faster Pointshop points. Add SCP-1000(Myfu): While suggestion was worded as 'ADD BIG FOOT BABY', I'll assume he meant SCP-1000, Bigfoot. This is an example of a bad suggestion, especially when it comes to requesting additional scps, as it doesnt give any general idea as to what SCP-1000 should do, or even properly state which SCP it is. I would not be against SCP-1000 if someone has a good suggestion forit, however SCP-1000 does have a small problem of being rather devoid of any actual powers. SCP-040 Evolution's Child(Miguel the Mammoth King): Again, has terrible grammar and formatting making it difficult to actually read. Ignoring that, it doesnt state what the "pets" should do, just that she has them. SCP-040 is a bit of a weird case of scp to add, as it works by simply looking at someone and instantly transforming them into a monster. While this opens a lot of possiblities for potential monsters/pets for her to spawn, it also means its difficult to adapt her while still being enough SCP-040. Making it a click instead of looking at people just makes her SCP-049 with differnt zombies. Might be added if a spawn management system for scps is finished. Add back SCP-1799 with laugh removed(Greyh): No. SCP-1799 was notably a terrible SCP, in both that it didnt have anything related to the actual SCP or article outside of the Laugh(which was done in an akward way), and that it was also really boring to play, being just a dude with high health and a revolver. SCP-1799 might come back with a redesign at some point, but not in the near future. Re-add SCP-323(Toaster Sam Howell) SCp-323 had severe gameplay issues regarding the skull blocking important doors for the entire duration of the round. if SCP-323 would be re-added, it would need a mechanic to destroy the skull. Additionally, outside of the Skull Gimmick SCP-323 didnt od anything interesting, and infact could be frustrating to play as health tended to rapidly drain. Event that chooses the top 5-10 suggestions of the past month from here and the forums and add them(Carthing): No, because this would require adding some suggestions that are either not possible or unhealthy for the server as a whole. Additionally, it is vague as to what would count as a 'top 10' when including forum posts. I am willing to make this thread a monthly thing in the future, though. Lower SCP-079 Health(Myfu): I believe his health is so high as to give a chance for other SCPs to come to his aid, as well as his traps in his room, even if they are on the weak side currently due to the control room being a safe spot. I don't feel like reducing his HP currently without other changes would be a good idea, and this would just be a direct nerf to SCP-079. Fix SCP-939's Friendly Tag(Exhaustive): Sure, as soon as I am able to. I've been trying to work on how to solve this for a while, but it gave me a bit of a headache. While i would also love to redo 939 at some point, as it currently is way too different from what SCP-939 is supposed to be, this is a bug fix that would greatly help. Bounty Feature(Various): Im a bit against this as this dramatically alters the focus and flow of the gameplay if such a feature is implimented, as well as not making much sense in the context of the gamemode. However, I do know Duc is onboard with this idea, or was at some point. Regardless, this feature also requires quite a bit of work to get functioning. Fix SCP-378(Various): Will be done once the cause of his issue is discovered. Buff SCP-1471(Various): Scp-1471 is one of the SCps i would most want to remove. Has nothing in common with the actual SCp or article outside of its model and 'only certain people see it', mechanic, and has bee notably one of the worst SCPs on the entire server, as well as leading to several cheap deaths via being in an elevator when it randomly targets you for a teleport. I am currently holding off on Buffs for SCP-1471 for this reason. SCP-3108 Nerf gun(Various): A very popular item scp suggestion, mostly involving the idea that it disables SCP abilities or reduces health. My main issues with this suggestion is both balance related problems, and the fact that it has barely anything to do with the actual SCP.(Original one transforms you into something the viewer sees as worse, not just make you weaker). Fix SCP-173(Various): Scp-173's problems are core to both the gamemode, how he was coded, and issues with netcode and Blink interactions. SCP-173 is actually high on a list of SCPS to be be potentially replaced, and nearly was until his replacement ran into issues. Custom TFO Models for Pointshop(Various): Up to Duc, but I remember hearing that custom models for TFO tend to work weirdly due to how equipped armor already changes the model, and TRO/MTF spawning with armor on. SCP-622(Exhaustive): Actually a bit of a neat idea. While the original SCP-622 is exclusively a spray and possibly lasts nearly forever(and a long period of time), i could see some rational behind one exploding due to some kind of home-made fuse and only lasting a few seconds. A DOT grenade that causes the radius to slow is also cool. I might end up doing something with this. Special Round where SCPs access intercom(StarAura): No. Just intended as a Grief round and would also be a bit of a pain to ensure it didnt cause bugs that carried over to other rounds for little to no benefit. 610 root infection show popup(MiraiHurricane): Despite having 1 more downvote than upvote, I am onboard with this idea, as deaths via infection from SCP-610 roots feels incredibly cheap and random, ontop of the random chance to get infected by the root and ability to be infected by a root you didn't see through a door or wall. SCP-1832(StarAura): Doesnt make the most sense for SCP-1832 to be researcher-sided due to the nature of ability and personality, but he is a cool potential SCP to add at some point for a D-class spawn(or even SCP spawn). Bring back point notifications in chat(Myfu): If it is doable, sure. I believe the notifiations were removed to prevent chat spam, however, as it lead to difficulty in reading chat messages at times. I'll look into it. SCP-187(StarAura): SCP-187's ability is incredibly difficult to actually impliment, and seeing objects through walls is not a particularly good way of doing so. Likely not going to be added due to akward ability. Ability to Gas D-BLock(Various): Various suggestions of this sort have bene made since Secret Lab added the feature. I dont think this is a good idea to add to breach,as the main driving motiviation for this change is people upset at afk d-class and occasionally an afk scp. This would cause more problems than it solves. SCP-1022(StarAura): Practical use of item is basically null as SCP-020 is the only bacteria related SCP in the game, and it doesnt even make sense for SCP-1022 to affect it(020 is invisible, not microscopic). SCP-1021(StarAura): No. Would only be implimented if a map is ever added that features a Cinema for some reason. Special Round: Out of the Bag(StarAura): Basically just spawns cat scps only. Might be fun i guess, but very limited in scope and likely get old fast. SCP-187 older(StarAura): This is much better in regards to functionality, however it doesnt make much sense she would know Dr.Maynard or 939 due to 'lack of severe differences'. Still likely wont be added. Reduce Medkit Heal time(Welsh Wildlife Lover): Maybe. Im not sure if it would be a good idea due to the intended purpose of the medkit changes, but i'll consider experimenting with it at some point. SCP-183(StarAura): Invisible Spider(Or person I guess) that lays invisible spider web that deal damage. Neat idea. People might not like the feeling of getting randomly killed by invisible objects, so the web might end up disappearing after 3 minutes for balance reasons/anti-frustration features(Im willing to speed up several hours to 3 minutes for gameplay). Worth looking into at some point in the future. Buff SCP-457(Various): Been on my plate a while, is not currently a priority, but is something i plan to look into. Add Back exploding Melon(StarAura): No. Caused too much griefing and was a popular choice of SCP-939 related abuse. Plus its not a real SCP in the first place, and the number used for it has been taken. SCP-1097(StarAura): Cloning mechanic as suggested is not particularly good or accurate to the original article, however it does offer potential as a hostile SCP with a weird gimmick at some point down the line. SCP-049 Special Rounds(StarAura): Wait, those were removed? SCP-230(StarAura): Not particularly accurate to SCP-230's abilities. SCP-230 is a weird SCP due to his abilities, and difficulty in ensuring people don't 'cheese' his aura effect. SCP-262(Various): Difficult to add as an intentional power-up due to 'multiple arms'. Might actually serve better as a hostile SCP due to its behavior when it obtains or is placed on a dead corpse. SCP-990(Various): while I'm all for a fun spectator role that impacts the round indirectly, SCP-990 is a bit of a weird one to use for this purpose due to his nature of only appearing to people in their dreams. SCP-170(StarAura): Difficult to impliment and not particularly interesting for gameplay, plus numberous potential issues and bugs. SCP-3881(StarAura): Not accurate to the behavior of SCP-3881. SCp-3881's behavior means it will be incredibly unlikely to be added to the game unless a map with the area in question was added. SCP-182(StarAura): Main issue with this suggestion is that SCP-182 is Blind and Deaf. However, SCP-182 might be an interesting hostile SCP of sorts due to the incident log when he was sedated. SCP-991(StarAura): Main issue is that SCP-991 is known to cause brain damage in those who use it to 'donate' memories, and 50 damage doesnt seem a very good way of showcasing that. Additionally, potential teaming issues and gameplay issues caused by this item existance is huge. There is already a lot of problems with SCP-049 and SCP-500 in this regard. SCP-181(StarAura): If enough 'RANDOM' events with a mix of postitive and negative results end up being added, then SCP-181 could be a fun addition. As it is currently however, there is not enough mechanics that SCP-181 interacts with. SCP-2288(StarAura): While a fun idea, SCP-2288 doesnt actually ragdoll in their article, just generates a dead corpse of themselves. Might consider it regardless. SCP-2396(StarAura): SCP-2396 is already an idea i had in mind to experiment with, but most certainly not as a Chaos Insurgency allied Researcher. SCP-2586(StarAura): Is not a glove but a GAW Little Mister. Might be fun as a scp if spawn management is introduced. SCP-999 Healing Nerf(Star Aura): I do feel SCP-999 needs a major nerf or removal but past responses to such behavior resulted in mass Out-rage. Additionally, SCP-999's main issue is not its heal, but its ability to essentially turn any SCP it wants into a sitting duck to get mowed down en-mass. SCP-912(Various): I dont know why literally everyone has a desire to turn this into an item or a MTF guard. It is a sapient floating set of Police Armor armed with a Baton that does not understand any kind of context behind actions and is known for massive amounts of police brutality. If anything, 912 would be a hostile SCP, as it reacts to people holding guns as a crime, and attempting to even touch the cracks in its armor has caused it to assault multiple people.
  3. Alright it's Sunday and now it's time for the first wave of suggestions with the new format, I will describe each one in the following order:Playable enemy SCP, Playable friendly/army SCP, SCP item, and joke SCP. Now let's begin: Playable Enemy SCP: SCP-082(rework): HP:1,250-1,750 Attack:45-55% SPEED:moderate (around the speed of the deer or 106) Ablities:I have 2 different ideas for SCP-082 to be reworked and I'll use both of them:The first ability will be whenever 082 kills someone he can heal himself by 50-100hp by "eating" the corpse due to his canniballistic nature, and the second ability is the lower the health he is the faster he will get, and healing himself will make him slower. Playable Friendly/Army SCP: SCP-040: HP:125-150 (SCP-040-1a:100-125 SCP-040-1b:125-150 and SCP-040-1c:175-250) Attack:can use weapons (SCP-040-1a:3-5% constantly SCP-040-1b:20% SCP-040-1c:30-34%) SPEED:Fast (SCP-040-1a:Fast SCP-040-1b:Moderate SCP-040-1c:very fast) Abilities:SCP-040 and 040-1s can respawn in later in the round like MTF and the other groups, SCP-040 herself will have the normal MTF weapons and is pretty much the leader of the group, SCP-040-1a is an organism that has a heal aura that slowly heals the group along with other MTF and friendly and neutral units, however against hostile units it will slowly damage them unless they leave the aura. SCP-040-1b can fly and can damage enemies by attacking them like other SCPS. And SCP-040-1c is a wolf like organism that can cling to walls and jump off them like SCP-372, and can attack others by biting like other SCPS. SCP Item: SCP-004: So this is an interesting item, it's mainly centered around helping D class escape, but other can use it too. SCP-004 is a key that can be used on any door, but what happens when you open the door is very interesting, so there is a 5/6 chance that when you use it on a door, you'll die immedietly. However there's a 1/6 chance that it will teleport you to gate A (not outside the gate) so you can immediately call the elevator and escape, and I said gate A because I want to give TRO a chance to get to Gate B and kill the D class that uses it and gets lucky or so MTF that spawns can be able to kill the D class so it isn't too overpowered and it's balanced in a way. So it's an item that will be for those who are feeling lucky or for speedrunners. Finally the Joke SCP: SCP-027: HP:750-1,000 (50-75 for vermin) Attack:0% (10-20% for vermin) SPEED:Fast (Very Fast for vermin) Abilities:SCP-027 himself can't attack but every 15-20 seconds he can summon 1-3 vermin that he can control to attack others (vermin can include:rats,bees,crows,cockroaches,spiders.etc. The developers can choose any of these as the vermin that he will spawn, it can be just one of the vermin to be the model). Whenever he dies if he is close enough, the person that kills him will become SCP-027 instead. I hope you enjoy these suggestions, I put a lot of thought into these and tried my best to make sure they are balanced and fair. I hope some of these can actually be in the game because these are some new and unique mechanics that I want to see be implemented into the game 😄 see you later for SCPS 100-200!
  4. It's time for part 2 now, SCPS 101-200, it was a little harder to get the 4 SCPS I wanted to suggest than 1-100, but I manage to get some good ideas, so without further ado, let's begin! Playable Enemy SCP: SCP-137: HP:1st form:200 2nd form:500 3rd form:400 4th form:750 Attack:1st form:can use guns 2nd form:25% 3rd form:34% 4th form:100% SPEED:1st form:fast 2nd form:moderate 3rd form:very fast 4th form:slow Abilities:SCP-137 is a entity that can possess a toy to make them real, and in game she can go in 4 different forms:the 1st form is a soldier that has an SMG to begin with but can pick up items too. The 2nd form is a pokemon (I'm going to choose pikachu but the creators can pick any pokemon they want) and pikachu can use thunderbolt every second dealing 25% each time (there is pokemon moves in gmod, SCP-017 uses one of them). The 3rd form is a bear that can bite others, the special ability is a charge that makes the bear faster. And the 4th form is freddy fazbear (I decided to do fnaf cuz there is SO MANY fnaf merchandise including a LOT of plushies and there is so many pill morphs for FNAF and many of them are very good), every 5-15 seconds he can teleport, if people get too close they will get 1 shot by a jumpscare (feel free to make it not FNAF and instead another animal or something else). SCP-137 can change it's form but it has a 1 minute cooldown whenever she does transform so she can't transform again for a minute, and they can choose whatever form they want (feel free to make it random instead), however if one of the forms has taken damage, that form will keep it's current health whenever they transform back to that form, and whenever they die in one of the forms, they will respawn, but they can't go back to the form they died in. And when all 4 forms die, SCP-137 will die. Playable Friendly/Army SCP: SCP-191: HP:125-150 Attack:Melee attack does 50% damage. Ranged attack does 20% a hit. SPEED:Fast (the speed of a normal human) Abilities: SCP-191 is a cyborg child that will rarely spawn in with TRO and she has level 4 access like how scrubs use their guns as level 4 keycards. SCP-191 will have a melee attack using her claw that will do 50% a hit (they can use the gunslinger model that is from tf2), and she will also have a special gun that does 20% a hit (can use the laser bullet model from TAU-5, not sure about the gun model but there's many guns in gmod so they can easily find a gun model). SCP Item: SCP-168: SCP-168 will be a new one round Item, there's 2 ways this can be used: 1.It will be a calculator and whenever you right click a calculator will pop up on your screen (like SCP-294 when the keypad appears on your screen) and you can use it like a normal calculator, occasionally though it will talk to you by using the world chat, having many messages like "hello" or "I will help you solve problems" or "I swear to god if you divide by 0..." or 2.It will be a calculator, and whenever you type in the chat a problem, it will solve it for you using the world chat, it will still say messages to you. Joke SCP: SCP-105: HP:125-150 Attack:varies from 15% to 100% SPEED:Fast (the speed of a normal human) Abilities:SCP-105 will rarely spawn in with TRO (they can change it to where she spawns in with Omega-7), and she has level 4 access. She can use a camera to manipulate objects that are in the picture she takes, and whenever she takes a picture the damage that enemies take can vary from 15-100% whenever they have their picture taken (the damage is higher the closer the enemy is to the center of the picture). She can also use the camera to teleport to where she took the picture, the camera shot has a 3 second cooldown. That is all of the suggestions I have today :D. I want to end it off with why I put SCP-105 in the joke SCP category, so I know SCP-105 has an important place in the SCP lore with her place in Omega-7 and Alpha-9, but I put her in the Joke SCP category because.. I didn't have too much of an Idea on what she will be able to do using her camera and everything so what I came up with for her was more lackluster than the other SCPS I've suggested. Feel free to let me know how to improve the idea I've presented with SCP-105 or even if you have a better Idea for SCP-105 than what I came up with. Anyways see you tomorrow for SCPS 201-300 and let me tell you, the Joke SCP in SCPS 201-300 definitely has a lot of meme potential...
  5. Hey folks. I felt it would be nice to have some kind of rules set-up for the suggestion forums, in order to better clarify what the server managers are hoping to see in the suggestions. Please, don't take this as a personal insult or anything if you feel like one of your previous posts or threads violated one of these rules, there will not be any kind of forum ban or punishment. These are mainly guidelines, and suggestions that don't follow these guidelines are likely to be ignored. 1. Please make sure your post is legible. We are likely to gloss over your idea if its written with incredibly poor English and grammar, and is a giant wall of text that is difficult to read. I understand that English is not everyone's first language, but the very least you can do is attempt to space it out so it is easier to read. 2. This place is for suggestions only. You're free to comment on suggestions, but any actual threads posted here should be relevant and a suggestion of some sort. Do not try to derail someone else's thread by posting your own suggestions there either, unless it is related to ideas on how to improve the post or suggestion. This helps keep the section organized and clean. Please note that posts that don't belong in suggestions will likely be moved to General or Hidden. 3. I mentioned this in the other pinned thread, but I'll put a brief version of it here. Please, do not suggest deleted SCP articles in the suggestions. They will not be added, and they will remain ignored. 4. When directly suggesting a SCP from an article or tale, please try to keep it as accurate to the article as possible. There has been many suggestions, both in this forum and on the discord, that had nothing in common with the original SCP article that it is based on except for the name. An example would be taking a Canteen that has an infinite amount of water inside it, and attempting to make it a playable SCP that teleports people into the ocean to drown them and can shapeshift. This does not mean, however, you can't suggest the Canteen as an item that can be used as a weapon by flooding rooms(We wouldn't be able to do such a thing, its just an example). 5. If your suggestion is directly based on a specific SCP article or tale, it is very helpful if you provide a link to the original article or tale. This allows easy access to verify that the suggestion is related and not something you made up on the spot, and helps catch attention, especially if the article or tale is particularly interesting to read as well. 6. While this is not mandatory, it greatly boosts your chances of getting an addition to the server added if you can provide a link to a model or addon that would serve to help make the SCP. Models is one of the hardest things to find in regards to playable SCP or other role suggestions, and having one available is a massive boon.
  6. It's time for SCPS 201-300, these ones I was able to easily get the Enemy and Joke SCP but the SCP Item and Friendly/Army SCP was very difficult to find but I managed to get those, but let's go ahead and begin now. Playable Enemy SCP: SCP-250: HP:1,500-1,750 Attack:34% (66% for special ability) SPEED:Fast (around the speed of 017 normally) Abilities:SCP-250 is a Allosaurus Fossil that acts like a normal Allosaurus, considering humans as prey. It is a bit slower than normal humans except when his passive and special ability activates. So whenever SCP-250 finds a human to attack, if the crosshair is on the human, it will slowly get faster and faster the longer the crosshair stays on the human but if the crosshair isn't on the human no more it will slowly get slower until it's at normal speed. It's special ability is whenever you crouch for 3-5 seconds, when you uncrouch you will have a short burst of speed for 2-3 seconds being faster than able and john cena but a little slower than SCP-096 when he's angry, and if it attacks a player when having a short burst of speed it will do 66% damage. A side note, if they can't find an allosaurus fossil model, there IS a allosaurus npc from a mod called "Dinosaur SNPCS" that the creators can use as the SCP-250 so they can easily add it in the game in terms of the model, and if you think the model is too big... *COUGH* *COUGH* SCP-682 *COUGH* smaller model *COUGH*. Playable Friendly/Army SCP: SCP-273: HP:125 (has 3 lives) Attack:25%+burning damage SPEED:Fast (the speed of a normal human) Abilities:SCP-273 is a human phoenix that can use fire to her will and will rarely spawn with TRO at the beginning of the round, She can only pick up healing items. Her special ability is shooting a fireball that does 25% attack plus around 20% burning damage (if the creators want to, they can give her a fire aura like SCP-457 too). Whenever she dies, she will respawn either at the same speed as able and the cat or after 15 seconds, she can respawn twice, but the third time she dies she will die for good. SCP Item: SCP-216: SCP-216 is a chest that can store anything in it and whenever you open it again the items you stored in there will still be there (basically an ender chest from minecraft, I am not kidding). In the game it will be an item that will spawn in random places and it can be one of 2 things. 1.You can press E with an item to store the item in the chest and you can pick up the chest as an item, and you need to drop the chest to get your items back, when you press right click on the chest you will get your items back. 2.The same mechanic as 1, but instead of picking up the chest as an item, it will change it's location every minute. Joke SCP: SCP-230: HP:750-1,250 Attack:5% SPEED:Fast (a little slower than SCP-017) Abilities:SCP-230 is the gayest man alive............ yea this is why it's in the Joke SCP category. It has a gas around it's body that whenever someone gets too close they will be affected by the gas, and they have to stay close to him from now on, if they don't do that they will take rapid 5% damage killing them in around 3-5 seconds, so there will be choices for both SCP-230 and the person affected by the gas, will you befriend or will you kill? Will you back him up, or try to kill him at the risk of your life? The choice is yours (It's kinda like how both the SCP-607 and the binded player has a choice of friendship or death). And that is the SCPS that I've decided to suggest today, I hope you like these ideas because I had a little trouble trying to find a good Friendly/Army SCP and SCP item and I hope those were good enough even though I had some trouble getting ideas for them
  7. i have new idea about more SCPs SCP-126 : she,s spawn on her chamber she,s can help the player and protect the player from hostile SCPs and chaos insurgency. Can be used as a comedy aid, and to close the door without having to touch it. so you get a SCP-126 chamber in the game and you can open it and after opening you can sometimes hear the scp-126 sound that surprises the player once in a while. Are there thoughts? Only an idea. More for factors that unsettle players than others. In certain areas of the complex the player will hear footsteps without the body (high heels) moving, and sometimes can be pushed / pushed by something invisible. SCP-347 : she,s spawn on her chamber she,s help the people,protect the player from hostile SCPs,she,s can fighting she,s can beat chaos insurgency SCP-347 is an invisible woman and because she is invisible she can sneak in the facility easily, also because of the thief's skills she is able to steal key cards and other items from NPCs such as researchers, who have since been completely transparent to her must be naked. and she will be cold from it, the colder she is the more she loses stamina points and health points, which weakens her, so she can't go to cold areas unless she wears something. claudia is in her chamber she is changing her clothes she is wearing a dress that is a dress white with brindle light green she wears a round hat with a middle red color on the lower end of her hat. when a player meets her claudia will interact with the player friendly and talk joking to the player then claudia talk to the player to release her from her containment claudia says she will promise she will help the player if player release her if player release her she will say thank you to player then she left the player when the player walked the player found claudia's clothes and her hat was lying in the hall most likely the mtf team found claudia roaming the facility when mtf chased after her claudia took off her clothes and hat then she didn't look mtf lost track of claudia and only found her clothes and hat then mtf continues searching the facility. when the player walks to the door suddenly the door opens itself allegedly it was Claudia's action when the player stops within minutes the player can feel that his hair has just been rubbed by claudia the player will talk like someone is rubbing my hair? When the player walks, the player will get a claudia whisper to help the player when the player walks in a room. A useful item appears in a random room for the player given by Claudia. When the player is in the cafe where there is SCP-458 and SCP-261 the player can see Claudia opening the box SCP-458.then claudia eats the pizza the player can hear the sound of claudia eating pizza then she go to SCP-261 shes orders apple juice then apple juice comes out of the machine SCP-261 then claudia drinks apple juice until it runs out the sound of claudia drinking can be heard. when the player meets mtf claudia will protect the player then claudia will fight mtf and beat mtf claudia will says they are very easy i beat the player will be followed by claudia. SCP-040 : scp-040 is interesting because of its evolutionary strength during violations it can turn its enemies into abnormally friendly friends that remain by its side, plus scp-040-a, b and c will become partners like it can ride scp-040-1j around facilities like can you imagine this big furry animal running around the location at full speed which destroys everyone who approaches? Also with scp-040-b it can use it to send it to places that normally cannot be reached. By the way, for a little nerf, her movement [turning people into monsters] requires a lot of strength from her and she can't use it too much or she runs out of stamina. SCP-134 : this little girl she,s like peterpan because she,s grow only to child she,s helping the people She can be in her cell waiting to be saved. That could add to some challenges to help her get out, or take her to a "safer" place. Because she is blind, players can help her walk or carry her, becoming more vulnerable to other SCP attacks. SCP-191 : SCP-191 is weak on its own, and its claws, though polite, are not really useful and due to movement defects (caused by a chip in the brain), chewing because some of the modifications are perfect for using technology that she can like hacks in the scp base system and open doors and can pass some other obstacles, such as scp-079, because it can store more memory than 079 because the corse system is much more advanced than that. Plus she can do a number of things and hack tricks again SCP-239 : Sigurros ... I feel she is a bit too op because of her abilities, but we can make her work as a boss. You fight her in the part of the game where she distorts the site (because of her magic, the site overview has changed significantly, like stretching the wall and the whole map is distorted plus you meet strange fables like creatures created by her Imagination) after you meet her, she will want to play against you for fun, players will be transformed into fairy tales like themselves and they will be equipped with swords, then they will fight scp-239. the witch's child will move on a broom and she will attack you with basic witch attacks such as using her wand to use spells against you or throwing random potions. In the second phase she will use the power of terrifying reality warping, and this attack is very powerful and can almost shoot players. In the final phase, she and the player will turn into a dragon made of light (inspired by the clef-kondraki incident) and you have to press the button to defeat it, like a kirby game. After her defeat, the site and players will return to normal and you will find scp-239 experiencing headaches on the floor, definitely weakening, then after a while she will stand up and thank you for a pleasant fight, then she will give you the key to the next level from the site. If you go back to her boss's room, you will find her practicing some of her spells, if you talk to her she will give you an item, a broken telekill sword. SCP-999 : SCP-999 must roam around the facility itself, and if it appears SCP-999 will start slime towards the player, reach for you. What will happen next is that the player starts to slow down and laugh. The laughter gets louder when 999 continues to overpower the player, and the player must struggle to get out of his grasp (running, walking, etc.) SCP-999 (if left out) will follow the surrounding players. The player must bring SCP-999 to a safe place if the player is in the safe room SCP-134 will see the player then sees SCP-999 following the player SCP-134 will take SCP-999 then thanks the player then SCP-999 is treated by SCP-134 the player can see SCP-999 take care by her. SCP-134 gives candy and sweets to SCP-999 SCP-134 rubs SCP-999 happily SCP-999 climbs SCP-134 head. SC-134 is happy when SCP-999 on her head. SCP-2295 : scp-2295 "karios the bear" helps you if you have physical damage (it restores your health) kairos can be found in SCP-134 containment cells. SCP-2019 : Contained in the containment of light. He was sleeping when the player accidentally dropped something then SCP-2019 woke up from his sleep then SCP-2019 looked to the player SCP-2019 would talk in body language. When the player approached SCP-2019 he would hug the player tightly the player must release the close arms of SCP-2019 after the player detaches from it SCP-2019 will give the player something in the form of his own liquid. SCP-2019 liquid can be useful to regenerate the player if the player drinks the liquid. SCP-2338 : SCP-2338 is in the light containment zone SCP-2338 still on chamber and SCP-2338 children roaming around the facility and some children are still in detention cells. When players meet them they will interact through their body language and be friendly to the players. ask players to play players will play with them like hide and seek, make origami, play games when they have finished playing with SCP-2338 they will thank the players then they will give useful items to players when players go SCP-338 will congratulate stay to the player when the player leaves the containment. the player can find SCP-2338 roaming at their facility will be able to interact and be friendly to the player. the player will see another SCP-2338 in containment if the player enters the player can see two entities SCP-2338 namely SCP-2338-A and SCP-2338-B are in the water tank. When the player meet them they will look at the player SCP-2338-B will speak body language to the player.SCP-2338-B speaks to the player sadly because she has a very painful life SCP-2338-B speaks with her finger growling asking the player in the form of a vitamin drug for her the player can give to SCP-2338-B is a SCP-500 when the player pours SCP-500 into the SCP-2338 tank then she will take the pill then swallow the pill SCP-2338-B immediately improves very well.SCP-2338-B speaks in body language says thank you I feel more OK .CP-2338-B swims looking for something then back SCP-2338-B will open the tank and give the player a Lv5 Card SCP-2338 say thank you to the player. SCP-054 : she,s appear on her chamber she,s swimming on her tank player can see her. SCP-1913 : they are appear on facility they are roam on facility if the player meet them SCP-1913 start chase the player.the player must hide from them. SCP-2792 : SCP-2792 appear on her chamber she,s sitting on sofa if player meet her she will interact to player after finish interact player can feel cold on her chamber. SCP-2506 : she can be found in the architect's room she is accompanied by SCP-2506-1 namely niles she is confused about events on the site when players meet her SCP-2506 will interact to the player SCP-2506 will offer the player what technology the player wants then she will make a technology useful for players. Sarah will explain about some SCPs and technology. SCP-2599 : the player can find her container zena is sitting on the floor with a sad face the rabbits appear to cheer her up when the player meets her zena interact to the player sadly because she does not know who her parents are and the scp foundation is not very well taking care of her. zena will hug to the player gently followed by the rabbit then zena invites players to play with zena after they finish playing zena happy with the players zena will bring up something to the player in the form of items useful for players. SCP-166 : You can find her walking around the facility but if she is in front of you it will bring you to sexual relations does not end. her room has a bookshelf that contains various books and magazines (mostly religious), a table with a copy of the Bible and Catholic rosary on it and a bed. SCP-166 is satisfied with religious entertainment. There is also a small bottle filled with human cement, which is intended for her. Next to her room there is a telephone. You can only enter these rooms with a level 4 key card or higher, because you need a level 4 security permit. Besides being classified as eucilid, there are also signs that indicate cognitohazard. All men who see it will try to have sex immediately. In the game, it must be a special room with a description of the first paragraph. SCP-166 is an NPC. When a player watches SCP-166 directly, he will be captivated. When watching SCP for too long, players can no longer look away and obsess with it. When lured for too long and watch SCP for too long, the player will try sexual contact. SCP-105 : The interview notes and the failure of Pandora's Box make me feel she can serve the same role as 035. Maybe she can try and reason with players to help, for just a moment. Like, she can be a little relieved from all the fears, if that makes sense. Or can she try to manipulate the player for something she has or might know about? Maybe 105-B is on the site and she needs it to get it, even if it's not the most important thing right now? Maybe she just needs it to get out? Of course she could not follow her anywhere, maybe she could be on the other side of any locked place? Maybe 105-B can be a gift and she can help open a lot of things? SCP-811 : she will appear in the men's bathroom, going back and forth. If you approach SCP-811, it will become aggressive, slowly moving towards you for 6 seconds. she will then start running towards you by crawling at running speed, occasionally spewing corrosive vomiting projectiles at you (which has a 10% chance of happening). If SCP-811 is close enough to you, it will start slashing you with its hands, like the zombie SCP-049-1. You can hide from SCP-811, which will make it slow down and try to find a player. If she doesn't find a player, she will surrender, get into tame conditions again, and roam around the facility. she will continue to chase you if you enter her line of sight, always starting with the slow approach that was seen when you first met SCP-811. the idea for SCP-811's behavior is recognized to be very similar to SCP-096, but it still has differences. For example, you can hide from SCP-811, as you can from MTF. If she loses consciousness where the player is, she will (literally) shrug, surrender, and go into obedience, roaming the facility. If she finds a player, the chase will continue. So, the behavior of SCP-811 is somewhat like SCP-096 and the combined MTF. SCP-458 : SCP-458 can be found on the chamber you need keycard lv4 to enter containment SCP-674 : SCP-674 (Pistol Exposition) may have some potential relating to SCP-079 and SCP-895. You can stop the SCP-079 intercom broadcast by shooting him with it or just bothering him with it. Using it on SCP-895 images can counteract its effect. Of course, using the jade ring will cancel that effect. SCP-2999 : SCP-2999-A in the game is roaming around the facility, SCP-2999-B on the other hand might be roaming around the facility, it will not pose a threat to the player, but will notify the player about some of the less known SCPs, and what the property is doing anomaly. Players can find SCP-2999-A roaming facility, players can see her on the monitor in the zone area. Players can find SCP-2999 containment chamber players can see laptops turn on by themselves then SCP-2999-A appears on the laptop screen with a smile SCP-2999-A will interact with players SCP-2999-A will explain Anomalies and SCP after SCP-2999-A finishes interact she,s disappear on the laptop screen the player will get help by SCP-2999-A like door opens by itself, drones roam in facilities controlled by SCP-2999-A, SCP-2999-A notifies the player and advises the player. SCP-117 : SCP-117 can be found on storage this SCP useful as weapon and anything SCP-2091 : player can see them on they chamber they are waiting for help SCP-3970 : the player need SCP-249 for teleport to the SCP-3970 SCP-3960 : the player can found them on chamber player can use them for protect player SCP-3613 : player can see them on chamber they are do activity SCP-4000 "Taboo" : you can found the portal to the taboo on heavy containment chamber or talk to sigurros for bring the player to the taboo.the player will see creatures on taboo. SCP-4525 : the player need SCP-249 for teleport to the SCP-4525 player will appear on dado store if player enter the store the player will meet shopkeeper say welcome to the player the shopkeeper will bargain to the player about product dado and dr.wondertainment product the player can buy product for utilization.after player buy the product the shopkeeper say thank you to the player then player will send back to the SCP facility. SCP-277 : the player need SCP-249 for teleport to the SCP-277 the player can see SCP-277-R roaming on area SCP-1867 : everyone,s favorite Gentleman Slug is sitting in his tank. Can offer advice and encouragement to players. Everyone's favorite Gentleman Slug is sitting in his tank. Can offer advice and encouragement to players. (Even though this is a horror game, so the advice must be very small and meaningless, like "Don't look at the face of SCP-06", that's fine, but people who don't know who 096 might consider it to be a useless suggestion and for those who are know will say "Thank you for letting me know something I already know") SCP-1926 : they are appear on chamber player can found flopsy he was roaming the facility SCP-2118 : she,s appear on her chamber if player meet her she will speak body to the player. SCP-3473 : the player can found obeservatorium in all zone the player can see SCP-3473 using telescopes found in each of them. SCP-4966 : SCP-4966 on containment the player can interact to him and play with him SCP-2050 : they are fighting hostile SCPs and chaos insurgency SCP-4845 : the player can see SCP-4845 with telescope SCP-4846 : they are in they chamber the player can see fossil walk and roam on facility SCP-2845 : he,s appear on heavy containment zone the player can see him he,s just standing and see the player if the player near him SCP-2845 will turn the player into pillar and then explode. SCP-2331 : the player need SCP-249 for teleport to SCP-2331 player see people dance and disco music can be heard entirely player will see SCP-2331 playing dj music. SCP-1284 : the player can see her with telescope SCP-1284 will interact to the player on communication monitor. SCP-231 : The player can find SCP-231-7 in the medical room, she is lying on a hospital bed. The player can hear the whisper in the room then the whisper disappears when the player meets SCP-231-7.SCP-231-7 looks at the player SCP-231-7 will interact with players if the player invite SCP-999 to the SCP-231-7 room SCP-999 will see SCP-231-7 then jump onto the body of SCP-231-7 and tickle it.SCP-231-7 is happy to see SCP-999 because he is a child of SCP-231-7. SCP-231-7 will speak with the following sentence: SCP-231-7: SCP-999 are you alright? (SCP-999 moves his head saying yes) SCP-231-7: (gently rub SCP-999's head) I'm glad I can see you again my child (SCP-231-7 hugging SCP-999 tightly) (SCP-999 looks at the player then SCP-999 jumps to the player then checks the player) (player laughs) SCP-231-7: Enough SCP-999 (SCP-999 jumps again to SCP-231-7) SCP-231-7: Thank you for leading my child to me Players can see the open Achievment ie SCP-999 meet his mother SCP-231-7. SCP-2085 : we start with the Wizard (scp-2085-1), as said at the Stealing Solidarity center, the Wizard lacks the technical and aggressive skills of the entire company, and acts as a face during operations - the eccentric billionaire image and his bodyguards are easily digested by the target, and lead to the sense of security that can be exploited in the target. his expertise: Public relations, fluent speaking, inspirational speeches, damage control, team mascots. for scp-2085-A has just read stealing the solidarity hub on the wiki, it has all the information for cat girls included in their expertise. SCP-2117 : the player can found SCP-2117 on heavy containment zone if player enter on spaceship and hiding the player the player can see wizard and cat girls enter the ship then they prepare for go off after spaceship fly away from facility.matoko will see the player hiding they are surprised they will speak to the player how he,s enter they ship then they will talk to the player they will do adventures on space then the player will adventure with SCP-2085. SCP-953 : she walks around the foundation looking for humans to kill, players must hide from her or they are killed right away, it can also be seen killing several D-class and guards. Admit it. When you hear "Nine-Tails Fox" through the intercom you think it will be 953. And I thought, why not? Why not have 173 and 106 with soft tails and ears only to realize that 953 is actually in disguise? You don't even need a new model, just copy the old one and add some features. Or did he disguise himself as an MTF soldier and did he become another wandering character? This game needs more roamers in my opinion. SCP-956 : SCP-956 will be found around the facility. If the player is too close, the player will freeze, Scp 956 will hit the player until the hp reaches 0, and an animation will show the player to crack, candy burst out of the player leaving the player to die. Other notes: Although Scp 956 only works for people under 12 years of age, that part must be removed when Scp 956 is applied. SCP-006 : SCP-006 can be found on chamber the player need lv5 keycard to enter SCP-006 SCP-3540 : the player need SCP-249 for teleport to SCP-3540 the player can see SCP-3540-1 and SCP-3540-2 they are talking SCP-1530 : the player need SCP-249 for teleport SCP-1530 the player will meet SCP-1530-2 and SCP-1530-3 they will interact to the player and the player will sit on outside SCP-1530-2 and SCP-1530-3 accompany the player. SCP-2991 : SCP-2991 on the sofa on chamber the player can interact to SCP-2991.SCP-2991 will interact to the player about dr.wondertainment company SCP-073 : It will wander aimlessly through the facility screaming for help or to see AT LEAST someone. It can often roam in storage, believing that SCP-939 is a scientist and then meeting them, they attack SCP-073, both SCP-939 and SCP-073 start screaming in pain, SCP-073 will then escape jumping (Even though he does not can get hurt, he feels sick). If you meet him, he will be able to interact and be friendly to you and will start following you. If you are with him before MTF, you can use it as a shield (Poor Cain) against MTF, injure them to escape, MTF will then declare "A Class-D escaped with SCP-073, we tried to kill Class-D, but SCP -073 got in the way and we caused injury. " SCP-073 will help you with things like staring at SCP-173, but if both of them blink, SCP-173 attacks SCP-073, the sound of rock cracks will appear but our SCP-173 will remain intact and SCP-073 will be lying on the floor, unconscious. If MTF finds SCP-073 before you, they will return it, unable to see SCP-073 again. SCP-106 will not attack SCP-073, and it's the trick to avoid it. Also, if SCP-073 gets hit by the Tesla coil, he will vibrate like a cartoon, fall on the floor, and recover. cain is a man who is peaceful according to the wiki and is always willing to help the foundation. so I think you can find it in the game and when you do it will follow you around. now his ability is to reflect the damage he has done to the attacker while he has not received any damage and killed all plant life. so, I say when he follows you, he will protect you from the mtf unit shooting at you. SCP-076 : he walks around the foundation looking for humans to kill, players must hide from him or they are killed right away, it can also be seen killing several D-class and guards. SCP-208 : SCP-208 is treating scientists being injured at a medical place but SCP-076 suddenly appears then SCP-076 attacks him SCP-208 evades SCP-076 kills scientists being injured SCP-208 immediately runs from SCP-076.Player can find him in the patient's room in hiding. the player meets with him SCP-208 will interact friendly to the player then SCP-208 treats the player then SCP-208 leaves the player to find a way out. SCP-317 : she,s roam on the facility the player can interact with her she,s can give the useful item to the player SCP-2854 : the player need SCP-249 for teleport to SCP-2854 player can see SCP-2854-1 and SCP-2854-2 try talk to the Employee but the Employee run away with scary SCP-3008 : the player need SCP-249 for teleport to SCP-3008 the player will on inside SCP-3008 the player must survival from SCP-3008-2 the player must find the door for exit from SCP-3008. SCP-1550 : SCP-1550 on chamber the player can see SCP-1550 roam on chamber SCP-1553 : SCP-1553 can be found on containment chamber the player can use SCP-1553 for protect and anything SCP-1338 : SCP-1338 on his chamber he,s sitting on grass if the player meet him he will interact to the player with friendly and he will heal the player after finish healing he will say thank you to the player for meet him he will back sitting look plant and tree. SCP-747 : SCP-747 on chamber they are just standing on they chamber if the player near them they will turn the player into SCP-747-1. SCP-3740 : he,s appear on his chamber sitting with relax you can ask him the player interact to him what does the player want ask from SCP-3740 like SCP-3740 will show creatures,gold,money,infinity stones from marvel,etc SCP-1765 : they are appear on facility they are roam on facility if the player meet them they will give the test to the player if the player succesfully finish task SCP-1765 will say thank you they will give to the player is a useful tool then they teleport and disappear SCP-343 : Just heard or watched on the monitor or if he really appears giving good or bad advice to another SCP or even killing you depending on the situation or if you attack him SCP-343 ("God") violates containment and escapes through Gate A. He sees you and helps you escape from helicopters, guards, etc. When you go through the hallway, you arrive at a large elevator. Chaos Rebellion runs through the door behind you and runs fast. "God" closes the elevator door and takes you upstairs. When you go up, you arrive at a field covered in corn stalks. "God" opened a path through corn. You walk and look back. 3 helicopters appeared from behind the elevator post, and 4 guards descended from each. "God" looks back while shouting "run" back to you. You run and still look back. "God" raises his hand, and in a flash of light, he saves you. Then the achievement menu appears. Then, the radio thing: 1: "Sir, 2: "You mean, someone with the memories of the Foundation burning in their minds has run away?" 1: "Y-yes, sir." 2: "Tell the MTF unit to straighten their work or they will do an assessment ... * whispers * What? You mean, he managed to be far from contamination- * explosion and metal twist * 1: "Sir? Sir?" SCP-3812 : appear he,s roam on facility you can see him if the player meet him he will interact to you then he,s teleport SCP-2070 : the document can be found on laboratory SCP-2192 : she,s appear on her chamber player can see dead guard with body has burn.if player near her she will talk to the player for not near her if player near hear the player will burn alive and dead SCP-590 : the player can find him on his chamber if player meet him SCP-590 will interact to the player he will heal the player but all pain will appear on body SCP-590.if player go to the laboratory player can see SCP-590 on window SCP-590 pick pistol from dead guard then he,s shoot himself then dr.bright appear and start crying to SCP-590 say sorry to SCP-590 for force him for experiment then dr.bright start screaming then he,s gone. SCP-321 : she,s appear on her chamber the player can see her on her chamber SCP-1192 : the player see SCP-1192 on his cage on chamber SCP-2256 : the player can see SCP-2256 on monitor SCP-2700 : SCP-2700 on heavy containment zone if player turn on SCP-2700.SCP-2700 shoot the laser then the universe destroy. SCP-2207 : SCP-2207 on storage room the player can use it for open portal to the alternative world SCP-2634 : the document and picture also the player can hear SCP-2634.SCP-2634 telepathy to the player SCP-3022 : SCP-3022 appear on the chamber the player can use SCP-3022 for open portal to the another universe SCP-2115 : SCP-2115 on the chamber the player interact SCP-2115 the player want interact. SCP-706 : Similar to SCP -035 but this one really gives you a useful item or something like that, players can meet him in the server room. The girl can run fast in the hallways of the facility just to frighten like jumpscare on a girl SCP-1432 : the player can found tv and SCP-1432 dvd on table the player will put SCP-1432 on dvd under the tv rack the player will watch SCP-1432 same like the document. SCP-2030 : the player can found dvd on table and put it on dvd the player will watch SCP-2030 SCP-805 : he,s appear on his chamber if player near him the player will transform into woods SCP-1156 : he,s appear on his chamber SCP-1156 will interact to the player and give advice to the player about SCP. SCP-765 : the player need SCP-249 for teleport to SCP-765 the player see SCP-765 the player will sit and relax on SCP-765 SCP-5000 "Leaderman" : he,s appear on post credits sitting on Lounge chairs on beach the people australian appear to talk to him he,s name is a josh chandler he,s army leaderman voice imitates the voice of Thanos from marvel they will speak with this sentence. leaderman : so what good news you here josh? josh chandler : i got news about SCP foundation they organization destroy sir leaderman : well that,s good leaderman : the foundation can,t track me because im live on this universe name is a the outer world if i on they universe the foundation will write me and call me SCP-5000 josh chandler : yes sir they only think to do reserach and experiment they do leaderman : well this is gonna be good now (leaderman drink sprite bottle then done place bottle on the table) josh chandler : so sir how you feeling now leaderman : im feel good josh (marcus sparks member of church of the broken god walk to them) leaderman : oh look its marcus leaderman : hello marcus marcus sparks : hello leaderman im here to talk to you about our god you has fix it for us leaderman : nah im only fix for use him as weapon war josh chandler : eh sir who,s he? leaderman : Josh introduce this marcus sparks he is a member of the church of the broken god josh chandler : this is weird that word like this religions marcus sparks : this is difference josh josh chandler : oh okay josh chandler : so what you plan leaderman? leaderman : my plan is im gonna eradicated human life and rebuild new with my way then they will see it why i do it like that (laugh creppy) (post credits end) SCP-116 : You can remove it from the booth in the light-holding zone. If you do, he will go around searching for methods of suicide. Eventually it will be killed by 106 or 173, or will commit suicide. SCP-1293 : they are appear on they chamber the player can see them SCP-1293-A will interact to the player cheerful manner.SCP-1293-C roam on facility the player must hide from SCP-1293-C SCP-3329 : SCP-3329 on storage if the player taste and lick SCP-3329 same like doument http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-3329 SCP-053 : the player may be able to find her room and if the player has the right key card can enter, she will sit in the middle or maybe she will roam around the room, if the player touches it (Bumping into her) or stay nearby for too long the player will shake and run towards her wants to kill her the player immediately dies when the player strikes into SCP-053. SCP-3026 : the player can find him containment chamber the player can see him on chamber SCP-2721 : the document can be found on laboratory the player can see picture of SCP-2721 SCP-4208 : the player can found her chamber SCP-4208 will interact friendly to the player she will gonna help the player. SCP-179 : The player can found observatorium in all zone player will see SCP-179 using telescopes found in each of them.the player can interact with SCP-179 on monitor on observatorium SCP-001 the gate guardian : he,s appear on the monitor player can see him SCP-1903 : I have two ideas for this one. The first is that 1903 made its way around the map through air ventilation, so that it met her in all three zones. After emerging from the vent she will run towards the player (speed similar to 049) and claw them to death. The second idea is that 1903 was not found directly but the documents. Keep reading, players will immediately receive damage from time to time due to the effects of information. After a while the player will vomit and then fall to the ground, producing a game and a text that read "Nine Fox Tails meet, and then captured, examples of what appeared to be 1903-1. Brought for testing. SCP-2818 : this gun can be found on storage the player can use gun for shoot hostile SCPs and guard. SCP-447 : appear on chamber the player can use SCP-447 for healing or improvement. SCP-1619 : the player need use SCP-249 for teleport to SCP-1619 the player will see SCP-1619-2 roaming on site SCPs country SCP Chinese SCP-CN-505 as minigame SCP-CN-380 as minigame SCP-CN-1166 as minigame SCP-CN-1710 as minigame SCP-CN-1256 as minigame SCP-CN-556 as minigame SCP-CN-790 as minigame SCP-CN-549 as minigame SCP-CN-617 as minigame SCP-CN-322-J as minigame SCP-CN-747 as minigame SCP-CN-654 as minigame SCP-CN-316 as minigame SCP-CN-559 as minigame SCP-CN-382 as minigame SCP-CN-049 the player can see her on her chamber SCP-CN-985 the player can see her on tank on her chamber she,s do activity SCP France SCP-096-FR the player can see them roaming the facility if player near them they will give jumpscare to the player then they gone SCP-054-FR the player need SCP-054-FR for teleport to SCP-054-FR the player can see surfboard on wave get eating by SCP-054-FR SCP-288-FR SCP-288-fr appear on chamber the player need lv5 keycard to enter it the player can use SCP-288-FR for dig to the dungeon world the player will meet creatures live on dungeon world SCP-350-FR the player need SCP-249 for teleport to SCP-350-FR the player will appear on SCP-350-FR the player can see creatures on SCP-350-FR SCP japanese SCP-155-JP the player can see her on her chamber she,s playing with SCP-155-JP-2. SCP-020-JP player can see her on her chamber SCP-020-JP try flying but always failed SCP-201-JP the player need SCP-249 for teleport to SCP-201-JP the player will get food from SCP-201-JP SCP-402-JP he,s appear on restaurant as cameo on SCP-201-Jp SCP-1019-JP the player need SCP-249 for teleport to SCP-1019-JP the player will appear on SCP-1019-JP the player must careful with SCP-1019-JP-A-2 Group of interest Serpent Hand - Small organization that embraces the use and existence of paranormal items and abilities as well as anomalous lifeforms - Use anomalous items for infiltration and combat purposes. - Is a loose collection of cells not acting as a group - One has only to consider himself a member of the Serpent’s hand to be one - Congregate in the Wanderers' Library, an interdimensional nexus, filled with books regarding the paranormal - Hostile towards the Foundation - Try to protect innocents from harm, but no one else Chaos Insurgency - splinter group of the Foundation, created by a rogue cell that went A.W.O.L. with several SCP objects in 1924 - Uses anomalies for its own benefit and to secure its power status - Deals not only in anomalies, but also weapons and information gathering - Exploits poor and developing countries with authoritarian regimes for resources and test subjects for their experiments, purporting ongoing ongoing wars in the process as a source of income - Hostile towards the Foundation - completely unscrupulous regarding human life Church of the broken god - Religious Organisation worshipping mechanization and believing flesh and life to be evil and "broken" - Believe in a deity called the "Broken God", which is scattered, dispersed or otherwise rendered inert - Try to bring the pieces of their god back together using anomalous technology to bring about some sort of techno-organic apotheosis - Members tend to augment their bodies with technological parts, either technical or electronic in nature - Hostile towards the Foundation - Disregards human life and wellbeing, given its believe Dr.Wondertainment - Is a manufacturer of anomalous objects and entities, most often children's toys - It is unknown if the entity Doctor Wondertainment is a company or a person - "Toys" made by Doctor Wondertainment can be straight up super toys every child would want or downright terrible constructs nobody would dare to play with - The Foundation is mostly an annoyance for Doctor Wondertainment - Given some of their products, they don't care much about the wellbeing of their customers Promethous lab - Multinational conglomerate researching anomalous objects for use in developing new technologies, founded in 1992 - Sold anomalous technologies to governments, militaries, and Groups of Interest - Dissolved in 1998 due to financial decline - The breakup resulted in the loss of many products and the layoffs of numerous personnel, as well as the formation of various successor companies - Prometheus Labs showed a nominal amount of cooperation with Foundation, even collaborated with it on occasion - Had no real wish to harm anyone, but the buyers of their products are another story altogether Anderson Robotic - Company specializing in the creation and production of of anomalous robots, androids, artificial intelligences, computer programs, and cybernetics - Lead by Vincent Anderson, a magic user - Surprisingly good at espionage despite its size, has remarkable resources - Like to employ sentient machines for their goals - Hostile towards the Foundation, but unable to win a full scale confrontation - Try to avoid causalities among civilists, if possible Sarkicism - Religious/philosophical system that encompasses a variety of traditions, beliefs, and spiritual practices largely based on teachings attributed to “Grand Karcist Ion”, - Adherents practice ritual cannibalism, human sacrifice, corporeal augmentation, thaumaturgy, and dimensional manipulation - Capable of manipulating flesh, allowing some members to transcend human limitations by argumentation to points that aren't human anymore - Disease is viewed with reverence, as means to "cull the weak" and therefore actively seek to ensure their spread - Is divided in two subsystems, Proto-Sarkicism and Neo-Sarkicism - Proto-Sarkic cults are cults often found in isolated villages, and fear technology and modernity - Neo-Sarkic cults can be found anywhere and are cosmopolitan, publicly embracing modernity and showing no apparent qualms with technology, although families tend to have some sort of scandal to need care of _ Global occult coalition - An openly political organization, tasked with the destruction of all anomalies - Sees itself as the police of the paranormal world - Equipped high-end tech experimental technology - Despite its stated mission, it allows magic users, so called Thaumaturgists, to join and even uses anomalous objects in the field - Is a rival to the Foundation, both carried out many joint-operations, but there were also assaults with the goal to destroy certain SCP objects - Tries to keep civil causalities to a minimum hand dinodon "serpent hand korean" - Korean branch of Serpent's Hand - Originally, "the Underground Taoists" which deserted from the Joseon Dynasty's secret governmental agency in 1701 - First contact with Serpent's Hand was made in US, in 1910s - Shortly after the first contact, declared themselves as Korean Serpent's Hand and gained access into Wanderer's Library - Fought against Imperial Japanese paranormal agencies by assisting the Korean anarchistic resistance in 1920s-30s - A woman named Hoya became its current leader in 2016. She is a daughter of SCP-953 - Hostile to GOC, but avoiding the Foundation - Politically anarcho-syndicalistic. They distrust paranormal capitalists such ans Marshall, Carter & Dark or Dr. Wondertainment - Tries to avoid harming civilians, but can be ruthless to operatives of the paranormal world if it needs be Raptor tech industry - Manufacturer of anomalous weapons and AI for the black market - Former supplier of the German branch - Hostile towards the Foundation - Not completelly immoral but most often money is most important Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting - Traveling circus run by anomalous beings - Most human performers use anomalous deformities for the sake of performance in some way - Leaves behind persons and objects for the Foundation to pick up then and when - Possesses the Kaleidoscope, a device allowing it to create portals through space and dimensions - Is on a constant run from the Foundation - Normally tries to keep its audience safe, but errors can happen. A similar fact holds true for performers. Herman Fuller, the ringmaster, is a special case, that abducts, hurt and kills people as it suits him Horizon Initiative - Organization created in the late 1960s by various influential sects in the main three Abrahamic religions - Tasked with the destruction or recovery of anomalous objects to further and unify abrahamic faith - Led by the three leaders of the three largest sects involved in its creation - Internal strife takes some control from the administration - Possessiv ist own combat unit - Sentiments towards the Foundation fluctuates, one time they are hostile, another time, they are cooperative, depending on the task at hand - Not above hurting and killing "heretics" LETTERS Entertainment - Producer of video games for all platforms imaginable - Normally products doesn’t have side effects, but their unique idea of game production leads to problems then and when - The Foundation considers buying products for different uses, be it recreation or training - LETTERS Entertainment has many different game developers, resulting in many different games, but they all influence reality in some way. - Some game developer seem to strife for being better than others - Tries to evade the Foundation - Takes the health of its customers into account ECO Press - Anomalous News Publisher and business trust company from a parallel universe - Produces anomalies using information technology, which most of the time do not affect the physical body of those exposed to them - Creates anomalous items of appearances of normal information carriers (paper, disks, etc.) - Products are often dangerous, because the human capabilities for using them are either overestimated or misjudged - Structure and leaders as well as the general world ECO Press is situated in are unknown, although history of both universes seems mostly the same - ECO Press has only a limited ability to view our universe - Exists in a dystopia world where the ECO Press has taken over all the governments - Fluent in Chinese, but some members also know English - Amicable towards the Foundation, since they only want to explore our universe - Does not actively try to harm people St. Christina College - Secondary school that possesses many anomalous objects, founded in 1952 - The campus was never located by the Foundation - Aims to cultivate the most outstanding students through the application of anomalies - Also teaches its students how to create anomalies - Lead by an individual named "The Principal", who is adored by staff and students alike - A lot of students later join anomalous organizations, the Foundation included - Doesn't care about the Foundation - Tries to keep its students and personnel from harm Home Wonders Ltd. - Organization producing and selling anomalous everyday objects, furniture and kitchen appliances for example - Products are often dangerous, despite being intended to improve life, either because of unreliability or malfunction - Organizational structure is unknown - Hide from the Foundation - Apparently hold the wellbeing of their customers not in high regard Autonomic Recon Group with Undefined Specialization Inc. (A.R.G.U.S. Inc.) - company leasing/selling well-trained soldiers and/or anomalous heavy military equipment, training militias and producing potent psychotropic drugs and other stimulants. - Works undercover as a private security company, mostly undertaking recon tasks and guerrilla operations, but was also part of larger conflicts - Have often fallen into conflict with governments - Products help users to gain the upper-hand in battle, but also cripple them - Is in continuous contact with unknown organisation called "Creators" - Hostile towards the Foundation - Have moral standards, but money is more important most of the time The Millionaire, Mr Royer - Benefactor of the Foundation - Not much is known about this individual - has a lot of real estates related to SCP objects - Tries to help the Foundation - His morals are unknown Japan Organisms Improvement and Creation Laboratory (JOICL) - Organization creating anomalous life forms, such as animals, plants and objects which behave like creatures - Almost all creatures manifest anomalous properties or additional functions - Rarely sells their creations - Purpose of the organization is unknown - Hide from the Foundation - Not restricted by standard ethics Das Wunderkabinett - Teleporting store that sells anomalous items - Specialized on fulfilling peoples awishes, with varying success - Run by several anomalous beings - Owner is Ms Mirabilis - Amicable towards of the Foundation, for the most part - Tries to prevent innocent victims but doesn’t view itself as liable for misuse of its products God SCPs mekhane the machine god yaldabaoth scarlet king he who made the light and he who made the dark mary yakama
  8. HI folks! This is a thread to suggest ideas for 914 upgrades for items. Currently 914 only upgrades keycards and heals people when used on Fine, with little to no interaction with other items(I think snav becomes snav ult?). We want to change that in the future eventually, and figured It would be nice to listen to your ideas. Suggest an upgrade to any item you want. This includes scp items that are currently on the server. The only exception is SCP-500 as it is obvious what that would eventually end up upgrading to. We probably will not accept upgrading an item into an existing SCP item though(Example: upgrading 207 into 1863). Feel free to mention the setting that should trigger the upgrade.
  9. Quite simple. This is just a list of changes and fixes breach desperately needs right now. Fix 079's 939 spawn so it no longer spawns in the ceiling. It is infuriating that this happens and there is not always an admin on with the ability to teleport out the stuck player. Remove SCP-160. No one enjoys playing it, and it has so many issues with it(Terrible controls, lack of audio, glitchy area portals, etc) that i dont think its salvageable without a complete redo from the ground-up. Reduce the DR on Scps. It still feels way too high. SCps should be hard to kill, but not to the current level they are now. In return, nerf Mu-7's horrid machine guns. Nerf 268. Make it cost 5 health a second or something. Its currently way too strong and frustrating. If need be after the DR nerf, buff the TFO sniper class or remove it all together. It is the second worst TFO class to spawn as and has the worst DPS against scps and struggles against human players as well, ontop of not being able to pick up additional ammo and almost no benefit to having a long range sniper rifle. Buff the Flamethrower in general as its the worst weapon in the game. Requires too close ofa range to use and requires pinpoint accuracy even at close range for little to no benefit over using another gun. Buff the Knife so it actually has a reason to be used. Up it's damage or something, or add in its actual intended ability. Fix site61's pitfall problem. Way too easy to rush D-class spawn with little to no downsides. Adjust 011's gun to only have one shot in the gun at once. The way it currently is makes no logical sense and makes him frustrating as all hell to play against. Nerf SCP-2845's health. The weapons slowing down movement speed really caused this SCP to go from garbage to fantastic combined with the DR. Dr nerf might be enough by itself, however. Do something about the body snatcher scp. Nerf its Hp again, nerf its speed, nerf its damage, do something. Its by far the strongest scp in the entire game and no one likes fighting it.
  10. The biggest issue most people have with the new guns is how useless they feel against scps. Even the volk doesnt feel particularly powerful against scps. Outside of the LMG that mu-7 get, it feels like it takes forever to actually kill a SCP or do meaningful damage. While scps should be tanky its to the point it feels like you're not doing anything to them 90% of the time. Currently i heard the DR is 33%. I dont know if t his means they take 33% of gun damage or if it means they take 33% less(honestly the damage values that show up point to the former in some cases, but im too lazy to do the math right now). I would suggest changing it so they take more. If its 33% of gun damage, change it to 50% or even 60%. If its the latter, change it to a 20% or even a 10%.
  11. SCP-069: Brief Description: SCP-069 is an anomaly that takes the form of an individual who died near it. It believes itself to be said person, and mostly acts the same as said person, except with an increased drive/desire to accomplish its goals/ 'set things right'. Stats: Health: 100 Speed: Normal human speed Model: Uses existing D-class/Researcher/Guard model(explained below) Spawn: Normal D-class/Researcher/Guard spawn Gameplay Description: SCP-069 has a chance to spawn whenever a human player dies to another player. It is a low chance, and doesn't apply to SCP sided players(so no Serpent Hand respawning). Said dead player respawns as scp-069. The person who killed them originally is now marked as their target, and they are neutral to all other players(Including scps), meaning they can work together with whoever they want or kill whoever they want. They gain no points for any kills outside of killing their target. After killing their target they gain their original role's team a massive boost in points(or however the gamemode decides which team wins now) and return to being a spectator(aka they die). The same thing happens if their target dies through some other means. They can use items and weapons the same as any other normal person. 069 would be a fun albeit rare 'random event' to happen during a round. A lot of players wish they could team with whoever they wished(which is why teaming is a commonly enforced rule), and 069 would give them the chance to do so. He would also open up exciting gameplay as they could either tunnel vision onto their target or cause as much damage and chaos as possible along the way, and basically just stir up a round.
  12. SCP-212-1 Brief Description: One of the various results of using SCP-212 on foundation personnel was a guard who was modified to be, essentially, a cyborg attack dog with long claws. Stats: Health: 300-400(Unsure of what range should be, TBH, due to power of new guns) Speed: Same walking speed as 372 Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=970841075 Spawn: Potential 'special' TFO spawn(One max) Gameplay Description: SCP-212-1 would be similar to a foundation-sided 372 in abilities. While it cannot cling to walls, it has a leap that is essentially the same as 372. Its attack is also similar to 372, except doing 50 a hit(in order for it to be more effective against scps). 212-1 would be a rather fun and unique addition to TFO spawns, as they currently exist of different weapons, armor, and keycards. He could also be used as a MTF spawn instead, alongside something like Alpha-9 or Omega-7(If both exist at the same time, that is).
  13. SCP-3033-2 Brief Description: SCP-3033 is a weapon used by the chaos insurgency consisting of remote controlled drones(SCP-3033-1s) and a pilot/controller (SCP-3033-2). Mind controlled drones are almost invulnerable to damage but drop dead if the controller is eliminated. Most notable event regarding SCP-3033 involved an assassination attempt on the defected creator of 3033. Stats: Health: 100 Speed: normal human speed Model: Researcher model Team: CI (Disguised) Gameplay: SCP-3033-2 is given a random researcher as his target at the start of the round. Unlike Dr.Maynard, he is unable to use items other than for his starting 3033-1 weapon. The 3033-1 weapon has no visible world model and acts like a level 3 keycard. When used on an enemy(researcher or MTF) it turns them into a SCP-3033-1 instance. SCP-3033-1 instances have 100 hp and normal human speed, but are CI sided, cannot use items or weapons except for their fists(Same as shark fists on shark puncher round), and have a massive damage resistance to gunfire(think like 80 or even 90%, but this wouldn't apply to melee weapons). SCP-3033-1's all instantly die if SCP-3033-2 is killed. SCP-3033-2(and the CI team/D-class team as a whole) gain a massive point boost when his target is successfully killed.
  14. New friendly SCP SCP 2295 Kairos the Bear http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-2295 (kinda like an echo fighter for 999) Description: SCP 2295 is a patchwork stuffed bear that activates whenever it is near a wounded human. SCP 2295 will anomalously produce tools and materials and tend their wounds, being able to replace entire organs with patchwork materials. How he'll work in-game: He will be able to team with all humans and non-hostile SCPs He will be able to heal humans and non-hostile SCPs He will spawn in instead of 999 Abilities and stats: He will be much faster than humans (maybe around 795's speed) He heals slightly slower than 999 900 HP - 1.3k HP Possible Specials: I'm thinking maybe he should have a special that is an AoE that heals nearby friendlies (maybe about 966 AoE's range or smaller) for 25-50 HP and it takes 30 seconds or 1 minute to recharge. OR A passive ability to detect wounded humans, that are below 50% of their HP, through walls, much like 2521 (or maybe a new voice command in the B menu, forgot what its called, to yell for help which will allow SCP 2295 to know where you are). That's all I have so far for this idea, I'm open to suggestions P.S: I'm having a little trouble finding any models so I would appreciate it if you link anything you find in the comment section This is my first suggestion so don't clap my cheeks too hard m8s thx
  15. (Note i am making this, and other suggestions, separate threads again since frankly people don't like reading the big thread. I am still gonna post em on the big thread though, just also separately). SCP-569: Brief Description: A group of animated disembodied marble heads that, when angered, transform into floating marble skulls and vomit muti-colored marble onto people or nearby walls. Stats: Health: 800-1000(Idk good health values anymore) Speed: 049 speed Spawn: Unused containment cells on 02 and 61. Not sure for other maps. Model: Default hl2 skull model(do the same trick you did for 681). Gameplay description: 569 has two main abilities. With its left click it vomits rainbow colored marble all over enemies. This does less damage at range than up close. This turns the person's model rainbow colored slowly after repeated exposure to the attack. It also applies a permament and stacking 1% slow per tick of damage. This slow can only be removed by using a scp-500(which would also remove the rainbow effect) or by intentionally taking mutiple candies from the candy bowl. Visually/mechanically, this attack could either act similar to the vomit swep(linking it so you get an idea of what that looks like/acts like) or like a 'beam' attack of some sort. His second ability, on a minute cooldown, allows him to plac... i mean, vomit, a rainbow colored wall infront of him. No one can pass through these walls and they last til they are destroyed. They have 'effectively' 300 or so hp. Vomit Swep: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=450215397
  16. A special round based on the End of Death Canon hub(TL:DR< no one can die anymore no matter what, as brain activity can never be stopped). Special Round Team spawns: -Normal D-class spawn groups -Normal Researcher spawn groups -Normal Reinforcement spawn groups -Normal SCP spawns EXCEPT for 049, 610, 378 or any other scp that 'transforms + kills" people(future proofing, essentially) -Normal Guard spawns, except they get a guarateed 049 spawn that has the same equipment as a TFO medic Special Round Mechanics: Like the canon hub its based on, no one can truly die on this special round. Whenever someone would 'DIE', they instead get set to 1 hp and can no longer move, shoot, or use items. They are essentially frozen. They can still talk, however. Using a medkit(or any other healing effect that can be applied to another person, such as the tfo medic's medkit) on someone in this state would restore them to 100 Hp and let them move again. This 1 hp/frozen effect also applies to scps. Players can still escape as normal. In order to avoid statemates, people in the frozen state would count as dead for the round ending(Example: if everyone but foundation members are frozen, round ends). If this is not possible for some reason, simply having everyone on a team die when all members of their team hits 1 hp would also work(Albiet ruining the flavor a little). Misc Notes: The reason 049 spawns as essentially a TFO medic has to do with a tale/article related to the canon hub(essentially a soft rewrite of his article to fit the setting, where hes been permitted to serve as a surgeon to combat his ever increasing depression and the fact he is essentially harmless). No infection scps allowed due to how weirdly they would work with the gamemode's intended gameplay/be broken as all hell(Imagine 610 infecting mutiple people stuck in the frozen state?).
  17. Since XY rarely moves threads to implemented/denied, i figured i would go back to having one thread with mutiple suggestions on it again. Specifically in order to keep everything organized(and since i got a few older suggestions that didnt get much attention). Not gonna include ones i regret posting for obvious reasons(No scp-3312-1 on here). In order to help keep this organized, everything is going to be split into its own sections and color coded. One section for playable hostile scps, one for items, one for SCPs that aren't hostile(with colors collaborating with the team they are sided with. Green for CI, Orange for D-class, Blue for foundation), and a final section for non-scp related suggestions(Also color coded). Bigger gameplay tweaks will still get their own thread. Suggestions are in chronological order of me posting them(so oldest ones are first). For the most part. If a suggestion on here gets added or 100% denied, it will be removed from the thread. Edit: Im only gonna include actual 'playable' scps on this from now on. Playable SCP Suggestions: SCP-2999-B Brief Description: 2999 is a combination of 2 entities, A and B. A is a reincarnated foundation researcher in the body of a rotting cat with its skeleton on the outside, and B is a malicious spirit turned computer AI. B's 'MAIN' file is currently trapped on a laptop but it is able to copy and control any kind of electronic hardware it is moved to, and possibly still controls several drones outside of containment. Stats: Health: 200-250 Speed: Normal human speed(with ability to sprint) Spawn: Reinforcement spawn(Similar to Serpent Hand) Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=512977777 (A floating drone would be better, but I would rather it not end up in a similar situation to 681 in terms of hitboxes). Gameplay Description: SCP-2999-B is armed with a powerful energy rifle and a special 'hack' tool. The hack tool acts like a level 5 keycard when it comes to opening doors, but also has a one use left-click effect that changes a door's keycard requirement to level 5. When it spawns, a laptop item would also spawn somewhere(probally using either d-class spawn points or random misc item spawn points) that is also called SCP-2999-B. If SCP-2999-B successfully retrieves this laptop he is allowed to escape like an ordinary SCP. Attempting to escape without it applies the deserter penalty that MTF and TFO have. SCP-2999-B would add some variety to reinforcement spawns(Currently theres one CI spawn and one SH spawn, the rest being different flavors of MTF(excluding omega-9 whos rather unique in their own way). Having a more direct goal than the SH and being a bigger individual threat, as well as the unique ability to increase the security level of doors, being able to block off routes unless people are able to obtain an 05(possible on all maps currently in some way or another) Suggested weapon link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=638917975 (Its cool and Sci-Fi enough to fit the very sci-fi nature of 2999-B) Model for EMP Hack Tool: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=151771469 Model for Laptop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1542441214 SCP-093-1: Brief Description: SCP-093-1 is one of the "Unclean". Giant torso entities living in an alternative universe accessed through 093. They instantly devour whatever they touch, converting them to 093-2 instances which are completely invisible but slowly drive people near them insane through prolonged exposure. Stats: Health: HIgh(think 610 levels of health) Speed: Slow(as slow as 610) Model: Fast Zombie Torso model from zombie survival(as it has the required animations). Could maybe be textured completely white. Spawn: Exclusive to Site61 or Site-02, replacing 610 on those maps. Gameplay Description: SCP-093-1 is, essentially, another flavor of infecting scp. While it is super slow(But bulky), it summons some rather special minions. Instead of simply being a timed clone of itself(610-b) or a meat shield army of zombies(049-2), it instead spawns scp-093-2s. SCP-093-2s are completely invisible and invunerable to damage, and have a weak AOE of 1 damage while near them. They move at slightly slower than normal human speed(not MUCH slower, but slow enough that people can outrun them). SCP-094-2s all die if the original SCP-093-1 is killed. You can see 093-1s with night vision goggles, however. Gameplay wise, SCP-093-1s are a slowly stacking threat. A single one or even 2 or 3 aren't much of a threat, but they become much more dangerous in higher groups, ableit in a different way compared to 049-2 or 610-bs. While those minions tend to serve more as cannonfodder/meatshields charging directly at enemies, 093-1's are more on the support/area denial side, excelling at pushing people away from specific areas (like on the surface near the elevator) or simply slowly wearing down people over time. Model for SCP-093-2s: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=387694489 (It doesnt have any animations but should work fine and is close to the 'blurred grey outlines' seen of the 2 instances on camera feeds). SCP-1504: Brief Description: SCP-1504 is a nearly indestructable man who can only be knocked out instead of killed. Additionally, any actions he takes will be perceived as normal and unremarkable, no matter how severe they are. Stats: Health: 400-700(should be low due to the nature of his ability. Could possibly be the same as 939) Speed: Normal human speed Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1694831210 Spawn: Containment cell on Site-02 or 61. Should replace 939 on those maps. Brief Gameplay Description: 1504 would appear to be on the same team as whoever is looking at it. (D-class looks at him it shows up as friendly and he shows up as d-class on the scoreboard for those people. Same goes for MTF, Researcher, and Chaos Insurgency). He is able to pick up and wear vests, but is unable to use other items(this is so he can properly disguise himself away from his normal model). He has a close ranged attack that does 20 damage but can be spammed rapidly(similar to old 1471 or 372). This attack doesn't flash the victim's screen red as well as having no sound or knockback. Gameplay wise SCP-1504 is incredibly similar to 939, serving as an undercover 'infiltration' unit of sorts. However, his disguise isn't lost when attacking, unlike 939, and is effectively disguised as all roles, instead of just a researcher. The downsides is a weaker attack compared to 939 as well as being able to give away his own disguise by having mutiple people of different roles near him.(For example, a researcher sees him as a researcher, MTF sees him as MTF. They realize the roles dont match up and blow his disguise). While this does result in the issue of him being a lot weaker at lower player counts(as vigilant MTF players can compare who is in spawn to who is labeled as a MTF on the scoreboard), it shouldn't be too much of an issue/weakness in terms of balance. Since 1504 is so similar to 939, I suggest having him spawn instead of 939 on either site61 or 02, in order to add a bit of unique flavor to those maps, similar to how scp-1048-B is exclusive to maps that aren't site-19(or how 106 didnt spawn on site-12). SCP-016: Brief Description: SCP-016 is a virus that causes its host to become more violent in an attempt to spread the infection(despite its incredibly low infection chance). It is also capable of mutating its host if the host gets into danger in order to help keep the host alive. Stats: Health: Low-Medium(around the 500-1000 range) Speed: Normal Human speed Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1650179345 (Post transformation) Spawn: Site02 or Site61 Containment cell, replacement for 939. Gameplay Description: SCP-016 starts out with a d-class model instead of his 'true' model, and appears to be a d-class to everyone else on the scoreboard(other than for scps). He also only appears to have 100 hp while not transformed, and can use items and weapons normally. After taking 100 damage('killing' him, similar to scp-378) he changes model to his 'true' model. He is no longer able to pick up items but he still keeps the items he previously had(any vest or armor he had on would be dropped/removed from existence), and gains an special melee weapon that allows him to charge forward knocking people he hits out of the way(think like the charger from l4d2 but without the pinning someone against a wall). He can also use it normally to deal 40 damage a hit. SCP-016 would be another 'disguise' scp, but uniquely unlike the others would permanently lose his disguise after taking a specific amount of damage and can't choose when it wants to lose it, leading to a nasty surprise to the poor guard or trigger happy researcher thinking he was just shooting a normal d-class who promptly transforms into a giant monster. Like my other suggestion for a disguise SCP, it should be exclusive to either site02 or 61, replacing 939's spawn on the chosen map. SCP-4725: Brief Description: A robotic exoskeleton from the "end of Death" timeline/canon hub piloted/controlled by a Chaos insurgency member. Incredibly durable, and has the ability to absorb the brains of other people into itself, as well as 'swap' between said brains. Stats: Health: Low (should not be too high but should prob be slightly more durable than a normal person. Maybe 125?) Speed: Normal human speed Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=449559300 Spawn: Unused Containment cell on 02 or 61, could replace 378 spawn on chosen map. Gameplay Description: SCP-4725 is able to use items and weapons the same as a normal person, however it spawns unarmed except for its own special melee weapon. It does 70 damage, and upon killing someone with it, adds a brain to his brain counter. Whenever he would die, he instead uses up one of his brain counters to restore to full health. It is unable to use healing items, however. A rather simple scp serving as a sorta mix between a 'stacking' power scp like 334 and a 'gun using' scp like 378. Would allow a more consistant way of SCPs accessing keycards to open checkpoints and doors compared to 378 but lacking the disguising and ambush power. Could serve as a replacement spawn for 378 on maps other than for site-19 to add more variety in available scps. SCP-4104: Brief Description: An strange anomaly disguised as a foundation researcher, he goes around and literally erases specific people from existence, causing them to only exist in certain people's memories. Stats: Health: 100 Speed: Normal Human Speed Model: Normal researcher model Spawn: Any available spot on any map(preferably maybe site61 or 02 specific). Gameplay Description: SCP-4104 spawns and is given a random researcher or other foundation-sided personnel as a target. He gains no points(or whatever decides which team wins at the end of the round) from kills made except for his target, and only if he uses his special 'eraser' weapon. His special eraser weapon is a close range instant kill that can only be used on his current target, and also removes their name from the scoreboard. When his target dies, be it from his eraser or another source, he obtains a new target. He can see his currently selected target through walls with an outline in order to make tracking them easier. If there is no foundation personnel left alive he remains without a target until more spawn. Outside of his eraser, he can use items and weapons normally.(He doesnt gain points for killing his target with weapons other than for his eraser). Serving as a 'interesting' sort of infiltration scp, he essentially plays kinda like a hitman(or literally, hit man the game) attempting to isolate his specific target and assassinate them without blowing his cover. While he could just escape if he truly wanted to, it would be much more interesting and fun(as well as rewarding for the chances of the SCP team winning overall) if he stuck around and kept going after targets, but with the risk of him getting caught being higher and higher with every kill he makes(and the closer it gets to reinforcements spawning in which usually would instantly blow his cover if they're not friendly), leading to a risk vs reward playstyle as well. Him removing his victims name from the scoreboard(obviously temp til they respawn or the round ends) allows for an interesting mindgame, as someone paying attention to tab would notice the person suddenly vanishing while last seeing him(simulating the fact only some people could remember the person erased), while someone not paying attention could chalk it up to people leaving or not even noticing it at all if there was enough people alive. SCP-1258-1: Brief Description: SCP-1258 is a special kind of martial art that, if preformed infront of an animal, causes them to try to study and learn it themselves, slowly changing them to a more humanoid appearance if needed, before becoming hostile to people and attacking them. Stats: HP: 150-200(It should be on the low side due to its mechanics) Speed: Normal Human speed(with access to sprint) Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1480280832 Spawn: Site 02 or Site61, unused containment cell Gameplay Description: SCP-1258-1 would be using its martial arts to go around beating people up. His default fist attack does the same damage as a shark on SPC breach, however he has several active abilities he can use to enpower his fists, as well as passively dealing more damage and attacking faster from repeatedly hitting enemies(as well as healing from damage done). He can fire off a special punch that, while not benefitting from any buffs his passive fists boost does, applies a slowing effect to the person he hits and making them take more damage from him for a short period of time. He can also leap into the air, causing him to deal damage in a radius around him when he lands(not much however), as well as a straight up damage boost and healing boost to his normal attacks, but disabling the effects of his passive for the duration. Finally, after dealing enough damage/taking enough damage, he can activate a special strike where he stands(or hovers) in place for a moment gaining some health back before slamming into the ground where his crosshairs are(or i guess where-ever he ends up hitting) dealing a massive amount of AOE damage in the area(more damage than his leap, obviously). SCP-1258-1 leans more onto the fun side of things than bringing anything special to the table(indeed he is probally weaker than a lot of other scps if put in a 1:1 comparison), but what he brings should be fun, encouraging a sort of crazy combo gameplay as he goes around chaining punches and leaps to get from target to target and trying not to lose his attack buffs and constantly healing off damage recieved, but floundering and dying quickly if he fails to keep up his combos. Swep I based the abilities on: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=935300356 (Should be a useful reference). SCP-527: Brief Description: Mr.Fish is one of the many little meisters from wondertainment. Despite this, the only special feature about him is having a fish for a head and not liking the foundation very much. He was presumably made in order to troll the foundation. Stats: HP: 100 Speed: Normal human speed Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1124162421 Spawn: site02 or 61, replacing 378 Gameplay Description: Mr.Fish's only real ability is being able to use items and weapons. That being said, he also offers a consistent way for the SCP team to access keycards and healing items. He is able to heal himself, as well as other scps with medkits. (Note: This should not be too overpowered considering how easy it is to kill mr.fish). He doesnt start with any items on spawn, however. Serving as a support SCP and the first(and hopefully only) SCP team 'healer', Mr.fish serves as both a funny joke scp and a genuine threat in his own way to other players. SCP-019: Brief Description: SCP-019 is an incredibly difficult to destroy pot that constantly spawns monsters from within itself. These monsters are small and fast, but fragile. They don't last long when not near scp-019. Gameplay Description: -SCP-019(The Pot itself) would spawn in a cell somewhere on the map. I suggest using one of the 3 rooms past 049's containment in order to prevent it from getting killed easily. -SCP-019 itself isn't playable. it instead allows the playable SCP(SCP-019-2) to keep respawning until killed. It should have around 2k HP. -SCP-019(the pot) can be escorted by serpent hands once they reach it, allowing the player to successfully escape(like how 079 worked). As a result, serpent hand is guarateed to spawn when SCP-019 has spawned. -SCP-019-2(The actual player) has infinite respawns so long as scp-019 is alive. Escaping as SCP-019-2 doesnt grant any points.(Unless you dont want SH to escort the pot, in which case SCP-019-2 can escape normally(Same thing that happens when able escapes where they dont respawn). -SCP-019-2 has incredibly low hp(having only 50 hp) but moves incredibly quickly(SCP-173 speed). -SCP-019-2 would be using a modified version of the fast headcrab swep from Zombie Survival gamemode(same way scp-049's use a modifed zombie swep). Model for SCP-019: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=491054640&amp;searchtext=Pot (Pot from this pack. Bonus points for the fact it breaks/scatters already). Model and Weapon for SCP-019-2: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=105462463&amp;searchtext=Zombie+Survival (The fast zombie weapon from this gamemode also comes with a fast headcrab model with animations and hitboxes. I imagine it should be usable). SCP-1507: Brief Description: SCP-1507 is a collection of sapient and highly intelligent plastic pink lawn flamingos. They tend to attack in large groups and can call out to bring more to their side. Stats: Health: 150-200(not sure where about it should be) Speed: Human sprinting speed(they should be fast) Left Click: Same damage output as 795's default attack and same speed, but applies a small slow(2%? 5%?) that stacks(so like old 2521's primary) Right Click: Spawn in a group of additional scp-1507-1s(5-7) at a 'reinforcement' spawn point. (Similar to how 079's SH spawn acted in regards to cooldown(starts on cooldown, basically can only be used once per match). Cooldown shared between all SCP-1507-1s. Passive: Other SCP-1507-1s are highlighted and can be seen through walls. Have jump height equal to low gravity special round's jump height. Brief Gameplay Description: Unlike most other SCPs, 1507 doesn't spawn in as a single person, but instead, a group of 5 to 7(not sure how large the swarm should be, tbh) SCP-1507-1 instances. They all spawn together in the same cell. While individually weak, they are encouraged to work together in a swarm as well as ambush unexpecting players(their high jump height allows them to get up to unexpected places to swoop down on people). As this SCP would end up incredibly weak as the round goes on due to members of the 'flock' dying, they can spawn in an additional group later in the round.(also something they can do in the lore, so yay). Model: Pink Flamingo from 1950 model pack: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=663083175&amp;searchtext=1950s+pack+II Spawn Point: Unused contaiment cell on site02 or site61. Unclear of where spawn should be for other maps. SCP-239: Brief Description: SCP-239 is a reality bender with nearly infinite amount of power, kept under control by being made to believe it can only use its power in the form of 'spells'. Permamently kept in a coma after an incident. Stats: Health: 200-300(Should be low-ish health for a scp) Speed: 'Standard' SCP speed(Same speed as 049) Attacks: Explained in gameplay description. Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1654787671 (I mean 239 thinks shes a wizard, and the age mostly matches... wouldn't mind a better model tbh). Spawn: One of the existing and empty containment cells on site02 and site61. Uncertain where she could spawn on the other maps(especially site-19). Gameplay Description: 239 has access to several different 'spells'. She can select them by pressing the key binded to them(This is shown via a custom hud). Magic Bolt: Her basic attack, essentially. Does 25 damage a hit and is ranged. Fired with the left mouse button. No 'cooldown'(minus for delays between attacks). Lightning Bolt: Deals 50 damage and applies a slow, if the attack hits. Regardless if it hits or misses, goes on cooldown after being fired. 10 second cooldown Magic Blast: Hits a target causing an delayed AOE explosion that deals 50 damage. Regardless if hit or miss, goes on cooldown. 17 second cooldown. Blood Curse: Fires a 'curse' affecting a single player. Repeated attacks on the same person heals the SCP and slows the target. 10 second cooldown baseline in the swep, might need to be changed to 20 seconds or even 30 seconds. Calamity: Has to be charged first by taking and dealing damage. Upon reaching fully charge, does AOE damage around the SCP and heals. Calamity is able to charge itself off its own damage. 239 is essentially a squishy scp with a lot of potential ranged power and healing ability if she gets the chance. She would likely lose any direct fight with groups but easily handles a 1v1 situation. Her low HP(might even need to be lower than the 200-300 range, not 100% sure) ensures that she will die quickly if she is played poorly. Calamity is a incredibly powerful crowd wiping ability once she has it available and even being able to possibly fill itself a second time if a large enough group is hit, but also gives away her position and requires her to get close to groups, which should generally give away that she has the ability ready. I believe the variety in her spells/abilities would give her an unique playstyle compared to the other ranged scps currently in the game(2845 and 378 after it has taken a host, to a lesser extent 076-2 counts as well due to being able to throw his sword) as she is more damage focused but has severely less HP than the others, and is better against single targets than groups. Link to Swep: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=940672885 SCP-896-A: Brief Description: SCP-896 is a MMO(Likely world of warcraft) that causes increases to your character stats to affect you in real life if you use your name as the avatar. Investing in too much of a single stat over the other causes your physical skills to deteriorate over time. SCP-896-A is one of several d-class used in an experiment regarding SCP-896 who invested all of his points into endurance, and tried to escape alongside two others. Stats: Health: High for a SCP(Think around the same health as 2845 or even 610) Speed: Slow(Perhaps only slightly faster than 682's base speed, or perhaps exactly the same) Spawn: Unused containment cells on 1730 and 02. Not sure on other sites Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=105153463 Brief Gameplay description: SCP-896-A is armed with a shield as his basic weapon. It does 50 damage a hit and has high knockback, but swings incredibly slowly and has a short range. This is made up for by two other abilities he has access to, a charge ability and a taunt ability. His charge allows him to move with a sudden burst of speed towards a specific target. Upon imact with the target, does percentage based damage(so more damage to a scp-035 or a tau-5 than to a normal person, and ignores damage reduction from armor). This ability should have a 20 second cooldown and be tied to the R button(same as other scp special abilities). Should end after a set amount of time if he is unable to reach his target. His second special ability is Taunt. He activates it with his right mouse click and upon being used, forces everyone in range to face him and walk in his direction. He also gains a 30% damage resistance(may need to be higher, idk) during the duration of the taunt(as taunted players can still shoot at him, as can un-taunted players). Taunt on players ends after 5 seconds. SCP-896-A, much like during the escape event in the original article, is intended to mostly serve as a movable 'wall' or barricade for players. While he is still capable of killing people on his own(by a combination of his charge + a swing or taunt + swing), his main usefulness comes from blocking off potential routes of escape or tanking(literally) damage for other scps. While there already exists several scps with a large health pool, they tend to not be very effective when it comes to serving as a tank or meatshield for other scps due to how they are intended to be played or(ironically) large hitboxes. In essence he is a support scp similar to 681. Where as 681 focuses on area denial while being really squishy on its own(provided you can actually hit its admittedly weird hitbox), 896-A provides more active protection as well as being tankier. Suggested Swep/model for shield: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=380702193 Best looking shield I could find on the workshop, and comes with attack animations for the swing(as well as already having the damage and knockback built into the weapon). Taunt Swep: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1628472725 Charge Swep: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1613402560 While I dont expect you to literally use these sweps, im linking them as they could serve as a useful reference. In particular the charge swep is super close to how 896-A's charge should work minus for having knockback. SCP-511: Brief Description: SCP-511 is an horrifying abomination in the vague shape of a black cat that appears in dark crowded areas surrounded by SCP-511-1's("ordinary' cats that are completely feral). SCP-511-1s 'create' scp-511s by collecting biomass. Stats: SCP-511-1: Health: Same as 795 Damage: 10 with same attack speed as 795 Speed: Same as 795 Spawn: Dark crate filled basement area near 682's cell on area-02(Or random unused containment cell). Unsure for other maps. Model: Current model that 795 uses. SCP-511: Health: Medium-ish(Same as 049 or around that level) Damage: 50 a hit, similar attack speed to 939 Speed: Slow Spawn: See Gameplay Description Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1408511659 (I searched, and searched, and searched, and the closest thing to a deformed black cat i could find was this. I'm sorry.) Gameplay Description: SCP-511-1 originally spawns, instead of scp-511. It is a rather weak SCP taken solely by itself, considering it only does 10 damage a hit(even if rapidly) and has low hp. However, if it gets 5 kills(Might be too much) it is able to spawn a SCP-511 with right click. SCP-511, obviously, would be taken from spectators. Only a single SCP-511 can be alive at a time. SCP-511 is slow but has a decent chunk of HP and can hit decently hard(not as hard as a 049-2 zombie but still rather hard). However, it also has its own special gimmick. It can commit sucide in an explosion anytime it wants, instantly killing it but dealing 100 damage in a wide radius around it. (For a mental picture, if it was in the middle of the 4 hallway crossroads in site-19, its explosion would reach to each doorway). SCP-511-1, in terms of gameplay style, is closer to 334 than 049, seeing as its a rather weak scp that relies on getting kills in order to get stronger(or in its case, spawn a stronger meaner cat). Due to being a sorta 'summoner' of sorts, its main priority would be to try to hunt down weakened players or set up ambushes for unarmed players so it can get scp-511 up as fast as possible. While scp-511 is still not a 'INCREDIBLY' strong threat by itself if handled correctly, scp-511-1 IS able to spawn mutiples(just not more than one scp-511 at a time) if given the chance. The sucide explosion on scp-511 would serve as an effective way to clear out campers from certain popular areas(like the 4 hallway point in entrance or people near gate-b) even if not as effective as some other scps. SCP-511 would also serve as another way to allow specators to rejoin a match in progress and continue playing, an idea a lot of people would be happy with. SCP-3480-2: Brief Description: SCP-3480 is mount olympius, which due to a broken reality anchor is connected to an alternative dimension's version of scp-2000 that is faulty and constantly creates reality benders, labeled as SCP-3480-2. They tend to be delusional and believe themselves to be gods like the greek gods of legend. Stats: Health: Low-Medium(low being 795's current hp) Speed: "Average' SCP speed(049 speed, or 939 speed for a comparison) Spawn: Unused containment cell on area02 and site61. Uncertain for other maps. Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=935473450 Any of the 4 models from this you want.(Hospital clothes/growns to fit that they likely just been cloned and popped out the portal) Gameplay Description: SCP-3480-2 normal attack is a standard fist/punch, almost exactly like the shark punchers from SPC Breach round. It is not particularly strong on its own, but its made for by his other abilities. SCP-3480-2 is able to create a shield around itself completely blocking bullets. This lasts as long as 3480-2 doesn't move and goes on a 5 second cooldown as soon as he does. However, people can walk through the shield and just hurt him that way. He is also able to freeze time in space in a specific place hes looking at. All players(including teammates) hit by it are frozen in place and are unable to do anything, but also cannot take damage until the ability ends.It should last around 3-5 seconds due to the potential power of this ability, with a cooldown of 10-20 seconds. Finally, if 3480-2 manages to get 10 kills(the amount is high for a reason, trust me), he can fire out a time distortion the next time he uses his attack(or via an ability bind, whatever is easier) that kills anyone hit by it instantly(and has a cool ass visual effect if xy decides to use some of the code from the add-on I linked). SCP-3480-2 is yet another support scp, except serving as a more direct support and a psudo-healer of sorts with his other 2 abilities. His shield is incredibly useful but is not intended to be as good as another scp i suggested(*COugh* the literal tank *cough*) at tanking damage. His time freeze ability has tonnes of utility, being useful for both helping teammates get kills/advance as well as protecting teammates stuck in a bad situation. However, due to his low HP and low offensive power, he is very much reliant on other scps to help him accomplish what he wants to do. Time Distortion is unlikely to happen more than once in the average breach game due to how weak SCP-3480-2's default attack is, but if he DOES manage to obtain it, it is an amazing lightshow of both power and eyecandy. It is so powerful to make up for how long it would take to obtain. SWEp For reference: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=811647374 Note for Xy about Swep: Obviously you would need to modify this swep fi you choose to use it, but considering how the SWEP wasn't designed for a specific server in mind, it should be fine to use it/modify it. Im suggesting this in particular due to the wonderful visuals given via the time blast/time distortion and the other abilities. Granted im unsure how the shield would interact with the current weapon base we use. SCP-020: SCP-020 is a mold that is invisible to the naked human eye. It can spread rapidly between human hosts and modifies the person's behavior to be more social after prolonged infection. 020 hosts have been known to turn violent at near critical stages of infection, however. Stats: Health: 100 Speed: Normal Human speed Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1295498985 Spawn: TFO spawn Gameplay Description: SCP-020 spawns along with the rest of the guards and looking identical to a normal guard. He is also not aware he is scp-020(SCPs on the scoreboard WILL see him however, and he is still considered as being on the scp team, he is just unaware of it, and so is other players who aren't on the scp team). He can use items and weapons as normal for obvious reasons. Whenever scp-020 gets near someone, they get infected by the mold. They aren't told they are infected and their role doesnt change. However, anyone else they get near also gets infected by the mold. Someone infected by scp-020 who tries to escape will count as a SCP escaping instead for terms of who ends up winning a round, instead of their normal role.(EX: infected d-class escapes, counts as a scp escaping). After 5 minutes have passed, the original 020 host 'turns' and becomes aware he is scp-020. Everyone else is also aware he is scp-020. He is still able to use items and weapons after this state, but his model changes to the one linked. You can tell if someone is infected by 020(including the original host before he changes) through either a s-nav ult(people infected would show up as scp-020-1s instead of their 'actual' role) or NVG(which would cause them to be displayed in grey when looked at). You can cure a scp-020 infection by using scp-500, or by lighting the infected person on fire in some way. The original host cannot be cured, however. Gameplay wise, scp-020 serves to cause a form of paranoia. No one would even be sure if there was a scp-020 in the round, or a 939, or some other disguised SCP even if the reduced amount of scps on the scoreboards alerted them. afterwards, people would be paranoid of each other not even sure who is infected, or even who is the original scp-020. Considering 020 wouldn't know his own role unless he discovers it in some way before he 'turns' 5 minutes in or after he turns, it would result in a rather unique mindgames quite different from a normal disguised scp or ci spy. Edit: wearing a hazmat suit would also render you immune to being infected by being near a 029 or 020-1, but won't cure your infection if you already have it. SCP-2043: Brief Description: Resembling the 'aged up' photograph of a missing child, 2043 duplicates whenever someone makes eye contact with her then breaks it. 2043 and its duplicates feel the pain all of the others receive. Corpses were retrieved of a similar case regarding a missing male child. Stats: Health: 200-500. (Note: not sure where it would be, would require playtesting) Speed: Normal human speed Spawn: Unused cell on site02 or 61. Could be a map exclusive SCP. Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1697857071 Or, if you want to go full meme: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1697736161 Gameplay: SCP-2043 can use items like a normal person, this includes healing items. However, 2043's main special effect is that whenever someone sees 2043, another 2043 spawns as soon as it steps out of sight(kinda like how 689 can teleport to people only when its not looked at, but it has to be looked at by someone first to be able to teleport to someone). The second 2043 would spawn near where the original scp-2043 is currently standing. The copy has the same HP as the 2043 currently has, as well as exact copies of all of their equipment(EXCEPT for healing items) They also have the duplicate effect. Whenever a 2043 takes damage, ALL other 2043s also take damage. The same applies for healing: if one heals, all of them heal. 2043 would, essentially, be a unique 'human' scp. The duplicates aren't under their control of when to spawn for a reason. They are both an advantage and a disadvantage. The more 2043 duplicates there is, the faster they'll die(as mutiples can be shot at once), but the higher their firepower. SCP-569: Brief Description: A group of animated disembodied marble heads that, when angered, transform into floating marble skulls and vomit muti-colored marble onto people or nearby walls. Stats: Health: 800-1000(Idk good health values anymore) Speed: 049 speed Spawn: Unused containment cells on 02 and 61. Not sure for other maps. Model: Default hl2 skull model(do the same trick you did for 681). Gameplay description: 569 has two main abilities. With its left click it vomits rainbow colored marble all over enemies. This does less damage at range than up close. This turns the person's model rainbow colored slowly after repeated exposure to the attack. It also applies a permament and stacking 1% slow per tick of damage. This slow can only be removed by using a scp-500(which would also remove the rainbow effect) or by intentionally taking mutiple candies from the candy bowl. Visually/mechanically, this attack could either act similar to the vomit swep(linking it so you get an idea of what that looks like/acts like) or like a 'beam' attack of some sort. His second ability, on a minute cooldown, allows him to plac... i mean, vomit, a rainbow colored wall infront of him. No one can pass through these walls and they last til they are destroyed. They have 'effectively' 300 or so hp. Vomit Swep: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=450215397 Allied SCPs: SCP-3033-2 Brief Description: SCP-3033 is a weapon used by the chaos insurgency consisting of remote controlled drones(SCP-3033-1s) and a pilot/controller (SCP-3033-2). Mind controlled drones are almost invulnerable to damage but drop dead if the controller is eliminated. Most notable event regarding SCP-3033 involved an assassination attempt on the defected creator of 3033. Stats: Health: 100 Speed: normal human speed Model: Researcher model Team: CI (Disguised) Gameplay: SCP-3033-2 is given a random researcher as his target at the start of the round. Unlike Dr.Maynard, he is unable to use items other than for his starting 3033-1 weapon. The 3033-1 weapon has no visible world model and acts like a level 3 keycard. When used on an enemy(researcher or MTF) it turns them into a SCP-3033-1 instance. SCP-3033-1 instances have 100 hp and normal human speed, but are CI sided, cannot use items or weapons except for their fists(Same as shark fists on shark puncher round), and have a massive damage resistance to gunfire(think like 80 or even 90%, but this wouldn't apply to melee weapons). SCP-3033-1's all instantly die if SCP-3033-2 is killed. SCP-3033-2(and the CI team/D-class team as a whole) gain a massive point boost when his target is successfully killed. SCP-212-1 Brief Description: One of the various results of using SCP-212 on foundation personnel was a guard who was modified to be, essentially, a cyborg attack dog with long claws. Stats: Health: 300-400(Unsure of what range should be, TBH, due to power of new guns) Speed: Same walking speed as 372 Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=970841075 Spawn: Potential 'special' TFO spawn(One max) Gameplay Description: SCP-212-1 would be similar to a foundation-sided 372 in abilities. While it cannot cling to walls, it has a leap that is essentially the same as 372. Its attack is also similar to 372, except doing 50 a hit(in order for it to be more effective against scps). 212-1 would be a rather fun and unique addition to TFO spawns, as they currently exist of different weapons, armor, and keycards. He could also be used as a MTF spawn instead, alongside something like Alpha-9 or Omega-7(If both exist at the same time, that is). SCP-069: Brief Description: SCP-069 is an anomaly that takes the form of an individual who died near it. It believes itself to be said person, and mostly acts the same as said person, except with an increased drive/desire to accomplish its goals/ 'set things right'. Stats: Health: 100 Speed: Normal human speed Model: Uses existing D-class/Researcher/Guard model(explained below) Spawn: Normal D-class/Researcher/Guard spawn Gameplay Description: SCP-069 has a chance to spawn whenever a human player dies to another player. It is a low chance, and doesn't apply to SCP sided players(so no Serpent Hand respawning). Said dead player respawns as scp-069. The person who killed them originally is now marked as their target, and they are neutral to all other players(Including scps), meaning they can work together with whoever they want or kill whoever they want. They gain no points for any kills outside of killing their target. After killing their target they gain their original role's team a massive boost in points(or however the gamemode decides which team wins now) and return to being a spectator(aka they die). The same thing happens if their target dies through some other means. They can use items and weapons the same as any other normal person. 069 would be a fun albeit rare 'random event' to happen during a round. A lot of players wish they could team with whoever they wished(which is why teaming is a commonly enforced rule), and 069 would give them the chance to do so. He would also open up exciting gameplay as they could either tunnel vision onto their target or cause as much damage and chaos as possible along the way, and basically just stir up a round. SCP-3143: Brief Description: SCP-3143 is an unique anomaly that believes itself to live in a Noir film, and is able to alter events around itself in order to behave like a Noir film. People under the influence of SCP-3143 dont recall what happened after the event. Notably, 3143 shows limited to no hostility towards foundation staff provided they aren't hostile to him already, and tend to instead focus on scps causing a containment breach. Stats: Health: 100 Speed: Normal human speed Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=474029314 Spawn: Reinforcement Spawn Gameplay Description: SCP-3143 spawns alone as potential reinforcements. He is armed with a powerful revolver(or hand-cannon, if you prefer the term). He is unable to pick up or use items, but is able to open any door regardless of keycard level needed. He is hostile towards TFO(and by extent, most NTF spawns outside of omega-9) and SCPs, but friendly to researchers and d-class. SCP-3143 would be a rather unique spawn in the vein of omega-9, where they have unusual allies and enemies. In 3143's case, he shoots guards and scps, but not researchers or d-class. His revolver would be uniquely powerful(dealing damage equal to a deagle but with higher fire-rate and less recoil) and accurate, making up for the fact he spawns alone. He would serve to shake up the gameplay in a interesting direction once he shows up. As a special note due to the unique nature of SCP-3143, if he gets added in, he should get a special unique announcement voiced by himself in the first person. Suggested swep for revolver: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1689763235 SCP-3660-1: Brief Description: SCp-3360 is a zipper that attaches itself to an individual, and after a brief period of 5-10 minutes, 'zips' down, turning the person's normal appearance into a 'costume' and turning them into a random animal. Dr.Scarlife was an unfortunate victim of the SCP during an power outage and was turned into a cobra, but still works for the foundation despite this condition. Stats: HP: 100 Speed: Faster than normal human sprinting speed but slower than 682 or 096's sprint. Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1142075062 (Sadly has no animations but shouldn't be super noticable considering its a snake and small) Spawn: Normal researcher spawn Gameplay Description: SCP-3660-1(Or Dr.Scarlife, as she would be refered to on the scoreboard) is a special researcher spawn in the vein of scp-999. She moves much faster than a normal player, but this comes at the cost of not being able to use items or weapons as normal. She is able to bite people, dealing 20 damage but applying a poison effect that acts much the same as bleed, but cannot be stopped by medkits and always stops at either 20 hp or 1 hp(the poison itself cannot kill someone) or after 30 seconds. This poison effect can be applied to scps. Optionally, could make her unable to use voice chat and have to use text solely to communicate. Gameplay wise, she would simply serve as a fun 'addition' to the researcher team to add a bit of flavor. While she is not nearly as powerful as 999(who is incredibly overpowered if the TFO and 999 know what they are doing), she has her own unique power in terms of being incredibly slippery to catch as well as possible hit and run attacks on aggressors. SCP-963: Brief Description: SCP-963 also known as Dr.Bright, was a researcher caught in an accident involving a convoy escorting an artifact liquidated from a ritual. He died during this accident, but became tied to SCP-963, and anyone who touches it or wears it becomes a copy of Dr.Bright. Stats: Health: 100 Speed: Normal human speed Model: Default researcher model Spawn: TFO Spawn Gameplay Description: Dr.Bright would spawn as a potential TFO spawn at the start of the round(One max). He is armed with a random pistol(except for a desert eagle) as well as carrying SCP-963. SCP-963 is a single use item that, when used on a d-class, changes their role and model to be that of a researcher. Dr.Bright is a commonly suggested addition to the server, but its difficult to do much with him or the SCP-963 item outside of turning d-class into researchers/copies of himself. However, i believe making him a possible TFO spawn would be more fitting to the character("LOLFOUNDATION" or more serious bright regardless, he is able to handle himself and I could easily see him joining up with facility guards in order to get other more vulnerable staff members out first and attempt to stop breaching scps) while also solving the potential issues having him spawning as a normal researcher brings to balance, and is more interesting than just the item spawning by itself somewhere. SCP-4210: Brief Description: SCP-4210, also known as 'Your friendly neighbourhood keter", is a teenager with the ability to generate a portal to a pocket dimension containing a single item of whatever he wishes, as well as make 'exact opposite' copies of anything. These copies will instantly die alongside with the original creature if they touch. SCP-4210 was used for maintenance and a single field mission before being recontained to his cell due to his potentially dangerous nature. Despite this, he regularly breaks out of containment to aid the foundation whenever possible. Stats: Health: 100 Speed: normal human speed Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=973495935 Spawn: Reinforcement spawn Gameplay Description: SCP-4210 can use items and weapons like a normal person, and spawns with a random gun(can be a pistol, smg, or rifle) and a crowbar. He is treated as part of the TFO/NTF. His main special ability, however, is that he can choose to spawn a 100 hp foundation sided copy of any normally hostile scp. He can do this a single time per round. The SCP copy has all of the abilities the scp normally has except for its reduced Hp.(For xy's sake, he shouldn't be able to spawn 076-2 or 1471, or any scp with a 'targetting' system). He would be a rather unique MTF spawn, considering he essentially spawns with himself and one other player as a weak foundation-sided SCP of his choosing. However, this uniqueness would help to make interesting gameplay whenever he spawns. SCP-507: Brief Description: Scp-507 is an ordinary looking man who randomly(after a period of 2 weeks have passed) gets transported into an alternative reality, before returning in another random period of time. He is on incredibly good terms with the foundation(To the point they let him freely walk around the facility, be equipped with a knife and a fire-arm loaded with rubber bullets, and even have internet access). He returns in a position in 'normal' reality matching to where he was in the alternative one. Stats: Exactly the same as a normal researcher(Maybe starts with some kind of knife weapon?) Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1420574712 (Closest thing I could find to a mostly ordinary looking dude) Gameplay Description: Scp-507 is essentially the same thing as a normal researcher(same spawns, and has a lvl 2 keycard(and maybe a knife)). However, once per round at random, he will 'dimension jump'. This results in him becoming invisible to all other players and all other players becoming invisible to him(Very similar to scp-1471, minus being able to see other scps/the infected person). He also cannot hurt any other players or be hurt during this state. He cannot read messages sent from other people and they can't read his messages. He can still interact with the world as normal(Open doors, pick up items, etc) as well as escape. After a period of a minute to 2 minutes, he returns back to normal. SCP-507 wouldn't add much to the gameplay by himself, but people want to see more 'special' researchers and d-class. While scp-507 wont dramatically change gameplay, his random uncontrollable 'shift' effect could lead to fun moments for both the scp-507 player and other people. SCP-055: Brief Description: SCP-055, also known as nobody, is an individual with an anti-meme that causes anyone to witness it to forget what it looks like or that it even exists. This renders the foundation unable to describe or even figure out what scp-055 is. However, SCP-055 is in reality the mysterious "Nobody", an individual occasionally lending aid to the foundation despite no one being able to recall that it exists. SCP-055 is not officially a foundation asset, and is technically breaching containment everytime it leaves its cell, but does so purely to aid the foundation. Stats: Health: 100 Speed: Normal human speed Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=413362216 Take the one without the mask Spawn: Special(see below) SCP-055 would have a chance to randomly spawn every minute after 10:00(Aka, it can spawn at 10:00 with a small chance. if it doesnt, its next chance to spawn is at 9:00, and so on). There is no announcement when scp-055 spawns, and scp-055 doesnt show up on the scoreboard. Additionally, when looked at, no name or role will show up. This does not take up a normal NTF or MTF spawn. SCP-055 is allied to the foundation, and spawns with 100 HP, a crowbar, eyedrops and NVG. He can pick up and use items like a normal person. SCP-055 is, again, mostly a for fun 'wildcard' spawn. People like seeing popular SCPs in the game, and 055 is one of the most popular ones but with seemingly no way to impliment it normally. That is, unless you base it on the stories/tales where scp-055 and Nobody are one and the same. He is unlikely to wildly unbalance or break the game and would seem like a fun addition and another way to have specators rejoin a match.
  18. Kinda doubles as an april fools suggestion i get. Where as the other special round references actual joke scps, this one would just be making a joke out of every existing scp. Round Details: -MTF spawn as normal -D-class spawn as normal -Researchers spawn as normal -Reinforcements spawn as normal -SCPs spawn as normal but with altered abilities Listing off all of the scps and their changes: SCP-173: Cannot move when NOT looked at. Special makes people unable to blink but lets him move freely. SCP-106: People touched by him dont warp to the pocket dimension but instead to the d-class spawn. They gain a heal over time instead of a bleed SCP-1471: Only infected people can't see him, he can only hurt non-infected people. SCP-076-2: Whoever he kills gets to respawn, cannot respawn SCP-795: Left click instant kills, right click turns everyone alive into a rat. SCP-689: Teleports to a random person who didnt see him, can only teleport when looked at SCP-681: Gas heals people instead of dealing damage, always sprinting, right click causes him to move slower but gain health SCP-682: Always sprinting. Right clicking causes him to revert to normal walking speed but lets him attack SCP-049: Trying to infect someone instead turns scp-049 into a scp-049-2. SCP-049-2: Right click does 25 damage, left click instant kills SCP-610: infected people turn into normal SCP-795 SCP-372: Can only attack when cloaked. Randomly flashes invisible instead of visible. Lunge goes backwards instead of forwards. Serpent Hands: Spawn with 207 instead of 500 and https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1449427632 instead of guns SCP-457: Can only take damage from flamethrowers. Cannot sprint. Slows people instead of burning them. SCP-334: Starts insanely fast and high aoe damage. Gets weaker and loses health everytime it kills someone. SCP-966: Invisible if you got NVG on. Left click is a spammable AOE and right click is a strong melee on a cooldown. SCP-066: Plays super muted rap music and moves faster when attacking 1048: Is supersized and has highest HP total 2845: His attack is instant and has no cooldown but only does 1 damage. 096: Slows down and becomes vunerable for a bit after being seen
  19. People keep asking for joke scps in breach, and considering several running jokes on the server already, why not give it to them(In a certain way?). A special round dedicated to joke scps and general silliness. Round set up: -D-class Spawn as normal -Researchers spawn as normal -MTF spawn as normal -Special SCPs for this round spawn.(SCP-049-J, 1938-J, SCP-Spooky-J) -All gun spawns are replaced with sillier guns(linked below) Special Round Description: Laughing matter mostly plays like a normal breach round, except for all of the silliness. As the main difference is the scps(and the items), ill just go over them. SCP-049-J: Same model as 049, same health. Is armed with a medkit that does damage instead of healing people with its right click. 1938-J: Uses Alyx model. Permamently breaks any keycard locked door she touches(they become unusable) and any item on the ground she touches disappears. When she gets near people their vision gets distorted and they take damage.(If possible, have fake pop-up ads cover their screen as well. Maybe even toss in 'annoying ad audio' as well, or something like 'FUCK YOU BALTIMORE') SCP-Spooky-J: USes 689's model. Cannot move. Teleports to random people on right click with a 10 second cooldown and then plays spooky scary skeletons, behaving like 066's attack. Replacement guns: All rifles are replaced with this: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=842668577 (Could also replace grenades I guess) All pistols are replaced with this: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=870156675 All smgs are replaced with this: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=821713377 All shotguns are replaced with this: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=685339250 LMGs replaced with this: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=765428970
  20. I'm aware the change was just made today to replace 076 in Omega-7's spawn with 073(cain). But the fact it makes literally no sense(ignoring the fact Cain is a pacifist and would never take to the field) as the announcement for omega-7 still mentions able kinda irks me. I think it might be better at this point to rename it to alpha-9 and give it a new announcement. 'MAYBE' include a guarateed TFO sniper spawn renamed as 105 along side it as well? Shouldn't be too hard and would be less triggering.
  21. This title is clickbait, because i only wish for one change to be done to the flamethrower. Please remove the speed decrease related to the flamethrower. The flamethrower already has a small hitbox on the actual flame, as well as making it harder to see, eating through ammo fast, and having a short range. The speed decrease you passively have while equipping the flamethrower effectively kills the weapon. It makes it nearly worthless against scps, and its already of questionable usage against normal players(due to its lack of range).
  22. I want suggestions for custom campaigns/maps that we can use on the server. I'm already planning on adding tank's playground and resident evil maps. List: Tank's Playground - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=121108123 Resident Evil - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=533677587 Questionable Ethics - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=339143805 Will update list as more maps are suggested.
  23. This is the thread I said i would make in my other thread focusing on the current maps on the server. This basically includes any and all SCP related maps i could find on the workshop. This is split into 3 sections: "Site maps"= maps that could possibly work for normal gameplay. Might have shit layouts or other issues, this is just a list of potential candiates(I think some of these were ruled out in the past but i can't remember which are which right now) "Special event only" = maps that would only work with a different starting round or used solely for special rounds/events. "Can't be used" = maps that have no practical use or way to be used, or other issues preventing the map from being used. Site maps: Sulfuras SCP:RP map remastered(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1611171556) Site Unknown(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1608414732) Werewolf gaming SCPRP V5(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1600070210) Site 20v2(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1589186751) SCP(Map) (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1585318734) Comments claim its a site of some sort, can't prove. Correlation SCP RP map(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1569803557) Site 14 Advanced Edition(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1557540893) SCP_Retribution(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1556882913) SCP Site 22(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1538873905) Site Unknown Old(May be better than newer one) (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1536054623) SCP Site 82(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1532551796) SCP Site 54(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1519962982) Site 05(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1443506648) Site 05 Dark(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1502442780) Deep Gaming SCP RP(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1475821840&amp;searchtext=SCP) Novus Research(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1419086434) RP_SCP_Map(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1418212838) Site 29(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1415117462) RP_Foundation(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1411948078) Deep gaming Serious RP map(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1404577764) Site 29 v.1.5(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1408746641) Site 29 V1(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1408706013&amp;searchtext=SCP) Werewolfgaming V4(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1396060981) SCP Insurgence RP(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1394032650) SCP Irisa site 18(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1377992349) Revival SCP map 2.0(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1329449915) United gaming SCP(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1355600722) Site 12(Seems to be a newer version) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1323245330 Site-17(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1314313393) Site-8(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1276741781) SCP Secret Lab(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1272507182) Area 14(Possibly different from current site14 map) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1266323444 SCP foundation TTT(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1228959544) SCP site-52(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1212484806) SCP site-13 Blackwell(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1189397880) Werewolf gaming SCPRP Map(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1147853814&amp;searchtext=SCP) SCP Site 8 V2(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1107841272&amp;searchtext=SCP) Original Time of eve RP map(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=952529902&amp;searchtext=SCP) Newer Time of eve RP map(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=948432271&amp;searchtext=SCP) RP_SCP(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=932544297&amp;searchtext=SCP) Original site 13 map we had on server(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=887231651) Lenti SCPRP map(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=701182231&amp;searchtext=SCP) Site 56(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=652176278&amp;searchtext=SCP) Area 19-A(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=610718090&amp;searchtext=SCP) TTT_SCPV1(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=371649270&amp;searchtext=SCP) Sulfuras SCP RP map(Original) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=550103363&amp;searchtext=SCP Special Event Only: SCP-076 Containment Site: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1564792967 Area 02: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1416972843 SCP-1030-RU: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1297201567 SCP-015 map(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=853726646&amp;searchtext=SCP) SCP 432(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=836902003&amp;searchtext=SCP) SCP-354(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=827696835&amp;searchtext=SCP) Slender SCP Foundation(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=426357214&amp;searchtext=SCP) Can't be used: Outbreak Servers map(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1586855551) Content is in a seperate add-on that would be difficult to add to DL, as well as potentially piss off original server Br_Siteguard(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1622476336&amp;searchtext=SCP) Content in seperate add-on SCP Map demostration(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1621941211) An unfinished terrible first map of some mapper. Lava_Pocket Dimension(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1593578214) Incredibly ugly looking deathrun styled map that barely resembles the thing it is named after. Revival SCP map(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1579124384&amp;searchtext=SCP) Map creator requests no server use it, content is in seperate addons. Site-19 Rus(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1497289093) Appears to just be a russian translation of site-19. Hotnight SCP Rp(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1463809718) Content split into mutiple addons RP SCPMAPV3(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1339958336) A broken pile of shit RP_SCP_Docks(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1314690703) Not a site map, nor is it usable for an event. Also unfinished and ugly. SCP-1197 room(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1225914512&amp;searchtext=SCP) Not useful for any kind of special event due to size SCP Breachdown(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1172333788&amp;searchtext=SCP) Split into mutiple addons SCP-970 map(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1129664238&amp;searchtext=SCP) Not useful for any kind of special event RP Legion(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1094580345) Stolen content from other maps, requires way too many addons RP_SCP_V1(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=882956616&amp;searchtext=SCP) Too many content addons required SCP087B map(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=843560792&amp;searchtext=SCP) Useless for being a special event SCP containment Breach(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=843494209&amp;searchtext=SCP) Port from tf2's slender fortress. Unusable for breach or special event SCP-002(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=841976561&amp;searchtext=SCP) Useless for any kind of special event SCP-1346(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=820097253&amp;searchtext=SCP) Useless for any kind of special event SCP-087(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=818733574&amp;searchtext=SCP) Useless for any kind of special event SCP_Urban(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=360084734&amp;searchtext=SCP) More of a city than a SCP site SCP_Urban 2(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=322344822&amp;searchtext=SCP) More of a city than a SCP site SCP Containment Breach Source(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=264478959&amp;searchtext=SCP) Useless for a special event or normal gameplay SCP foundation V1(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=267145465&amp;searchtext=SCP) Useless for gameplay or special event SCP foundation V2(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=270810292&amp;searchtext=SCP) useless for gameplay or special event GM_SCP173_Construct_day(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=140845359&amp;searchtext=SCP) Literally GM construct with scp-173's cell slapped onto it GM_SCP087_v3(Useless for special event)https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=140535620&amp;searchtext=SCP SCP facility(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=125884961&amp;searchtext=SCP) Original map, useless for gameplay or special event GM_SCPChamber(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=107349698&amp;searchtext=SCP) literally just scp-173's cell SCP087 Stairwell(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=106160786&amp;searchtext=SCP) Useless for any kind of event or gameplay
  24. Look, i get that doomhack suggested it and wanted it to be a friendly scp, but it just doesn't work. Outside of the annoying bullcrap that it can transform its teammates as well, its not fun to play against for scps. Its the same situation as scp-999 where it doesnt matter that they can kill it when they're getting stunned and will be gunned down before they can even attempt to kill it. Sure, it only has 100 HP, but 9 times out of 10 it will transform the SCP Before the scp can even hit it. Even if it does hit it, chances are they'll get transformed anyway due to it transforming people who damage it. I would much rather turn it into a standard hostile SCP than how it works currently. As such, heres a suggestion on how to do that. Health: 300-500.(Perhaps same baseline as the eevee? not sure) Spawn: Spawn instead of a 610(can't have this and 610 in the same round). Left click: same as current claw attack Right Click: Turns someone into a rat. 10 second cooldown. Since now a hostile SCP, only works on non-scps. Bonus ability(Not sure what key to assign it): on a 2 minute cooldown, turn another non-scp into another cat with the same abilities and health as the original. 2 minutes might be too long, but it shouldn't be able to spam it.
  25. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1520783966&amp;searchtext=Janitor This would be a model for D Class, In my opinion, it should be 2500 points since it's just a different color nothing else really.
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