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Found 6 results

  1. I know I'm pretty late to this, but can anyone tell me why ranks were reset a while back? I had pro rank on the server beforehand and when I came back, all my stats and times were gone. I noticed a few changes to the server when I came back, but I never got a definitive answer as to why all stats were reset.
  2. In my time on the GFL surf timer servers, there have been situations where maps have been getting extended 2,3,4 times which can cause some aggression in some players, as well as frustration in others that just want to play a different map. My question is: Would an extend cap be a good idea on surf timer maps? I understand RTV is a thing, but there are times where some AFK players aren't there to RTV which keeps the map going.
  3. Heya, I know you're currently looking for a way to make the ranking system more viable with the addition of a more maps and I just had a couple of ideas. Complete re-work/overhaul of all the ranks/points system. I know that people currently like there rank and have worked for it so maybe give the top 5/3/1 holders of the current !toprank special tags? Or something to signify that they held the top spots before a reset. ----- Maps I would like to surf surf_nyx surf_dragon surf_whiteout surf_school surf_me surf_mom surf_ardon ----- I;m going to come back and update this shortly. Just wanted to put it out there for now.
  4. i woke up to a message from frenzy saying i'm demoted it was fun while it lasted i'ma head out, tried to stick to the server but i should've left with everyone after the reset like all the others best of wishes with the server @FrenZy @CrusTi -An Oldie From GFL ☺️
  5. i have a personal surf server with the influx timer, the same timer that GFL uses and i was wondering if the parkour style can be added to the surf server. its a bhop style but i think it can be a good addition to the surf server. i can link the file its self or i can link the download from the influx timer website. http://influxtimer.com/download its in the bhop timer download. if you get it from the download on the influx site its this influx timer>addons>sourcemod>plugins>influx_style_parkour.smx the parkour style is this: left click is a 500 unit boost right click is a high jump, high jump will allow you to jump off walls as well i will link the file too. Regards Marksman_EAB influx_style_parkour.smx
  6. Introduction: The CS:S division has been succeeding in player-base with the Surf RPG Deathmatch and Bhop Timer servers. A major thing I want to fix with the CS:S division is transparency. I want to be more open with everything we do in the division and this forum post is a start. There was a recent idea of expansion in the CS:S that was brought up a few months ago as well as earlier this week. We have actually been working on a Surf Timer server for quite a while. This server has been long overdue and I take full responsibility for putting enough time to release it earlier. It is on track to be released sometime next week and I will be continually updating the progress of the server. As for the other major change to the division, the Bhop server will be going through major renovations that I have been hesitant to go through with. Due to an unfixable bug that major plugins to not load, we will have to replace the timer and many things that go along with it. This decision was a little bit hard because of people's varying opinions on the subject. I believe that I resolved most problems and kinks that may make people unhappy, but if you are upset by any decision, please contact either @Reeve or @Thomasdavid097 and tell us what we can do better. New Server Addition: With the success of both the Surf RPG Deathmatch and Bhop servers, we have decided to add another server to the division. We are proud to introduce our newest server addition, Surf Timer! This server has been long overdue, but will be finally released soon. I am currently working on finding a few admins to help me with the initial start of the server and working on minor details for the initial release of the server. If all goes well, we should be able to release the server sometime next week. I will continue to update everyone on the progress and dates for the the Surf Server. If you want to help out with the Surf server or just have questions about it, you can add me on STEAM. Major Changes for Bhop: Bhop has been experiencing some major problems for a few months now and it is only getting worse. There is a disgusting bug where on certain maps, plugins will not load. This caused the server to break, leaving the server completely unplayable until an admin was able to come on and change the map. Late at night and midday, when admins may not be available, this would cause the server to be dead for long periods of time. This bug is caused by a memory leak in the plugin that cannot be fixed. I have worked with the GFL developers to try to get this fixed, but the best option would be to just find a new timer plugin. This is pretty devastating for this server because of how old it is. CS:S Bhop is one of the oldest servers in GFL and has data from more than 5 years ago. It is sad, but with the new timer, I will be wiping the data of all past records. I know that many people will be a little disappointed with this decision, but I believe that it is for the better. I am truly sorry for all lost records and times from the old timer. Replacing the timer was the only way to fix the bug... I am very sorry. I am working to make the transition from the old timer to the new as smooth as possible. I want the server to transition overnight with no problems so I am being very careful with every decision i make. I am carefully planning the internal details such as ranks and styles for the timer as well as the actions we need to take after releasing the timer with my admins. I am trying to be as open as I can with any change I make and I am asking for any input that you may have. This server is for the people and I want everyone to be equally treated and have a say on everything. The plan is to finish up all of the details by next Friday, November, 24 and release the server overnight and have the server up and running on Saturday, November, 25. Because of the new timer, all of the maps will be unzoned. By the release, I will try to get at least 100 maps zoned for people and keep all of the unzoned maps off of the map cycle. After release, I will spend the next 9 days zoning all 1001 maps. Each day, I will lock the server at exactly 12:00 a.m. EST to zone maps. I will zone 100 maps a day and add them back to the map cycle until there are no more maps to zone. In less than 2 weeks, all maps should be zoned and playable. As for bonuses, I will leave that to the admins and other people with zones to do over time. Other than that, I believe this is this the best strategy for a clean transition of timers. If you have any comments or suggestions, please comment on on this thread.
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