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Found 3 results

  1. HI folks! This is a thread to suggest ideas for 914 upgrades for items. Currently 914 only upgrades keycards and heals people when used on Fine, with little to no interaction with other items(I think snav becomes snav ult?). We want to change that in the future eventually, and figured It would be nice to listen to your ideas. Suggest an upgrade to any item you want. This includes scp items that are currently on the server. The only exception is SCP-500 as it is obvious what that would eventually end up upgrading to. We probably will not accept upgrading an item into an existing SCP item though(Example: upgrading 207 into 1863). Feel free to mention the setting that should trigger the upgrade.
  2. There's been a lot of negative events going on recently here in GFL, and in the personal lives of us members. Sure, things happen to us on the daily. It happens, that's just how life works. But it's come to my mind recently that a lot of us here have been going through so much at the same time. Not only for the people here in this community, but even for the people in my personal life. It seems as though (to me) we've all been hit with some big thing of chaos. Think of the people you know in this community that has been having a rough time or people you simply care for or have a connection with. Mention them and let them know what they mean to you and/or just give them a warming line of thought for them. Random acts of kindness can go a long way. It can help just by letting them know you're thinking of them. Sure, this could be done in your own private messages, but I think the idea of seeing the positivity flow around would be lovely. If you oppose the idea, that's okay, don't participate! You're free to ignore it. But for the ones who would like to participate in this, I thank you. It's a lovely thing to do once in a while, especially if it hasn't been done in a while, or at all. This train could go on forever if it really needs to, haha. Just keep all the positivity going. I'll start. My dear Purge Staff, things have been fucking rough. For all of us with the server and personally. I know I'm still a bit of a newcomer, but I'm grateful for all of you. In my eyes, you guys welcomed me in with open arms and made me feel like I was accepted. Sure, we have people like @DaPainWayne who just likes to raid my shit and @BeatBoxBattleMe who abuses me and follows me around with thrusters on a chair, but I truly do appreciate the whole staff team for letting me be a part of something amazing (JOKES BTW <3). No matter what is going on in your guys' personal lives, you know I and the rest of the team will be here for support. We understand each other and feel for each other in difficult situations. Thank y'all for making me feel like I belonged with you guys, though you all know I'm "fucking the manager to become the new manager" - loveliest words from Beat. I love y'all and your weird beings. Stay strong with whatever you're going through! That last part goes for all of you as well. I know things get tough, I know sometimes we just hit rock bottom. I've been there and I know it's more than the words "it sucks". Power through whatever you're going through and try to keep a smile on your face. If you are EVER in the need of someone to rant to and blow off some steam, I'm one message away! You got this!
  3. Every week on Monday, I shall be posting a google docs link for this thread, unless giving criticisms, please refrain from commenting here. Here is an "educational" paper I wrote in my spare time on energy. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bGWuMSjONcilREDtdrwlj3sPGpIp-Oh5BBR9fH9PJws/edit?usp=sharing
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