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Found 3 results

  1. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1851728491 add this to the shop? how much does a brotha gotta donate to get this added in immediately
  2. I was banned from gfl ttt rotation for mass rdm. Im new to gmod ive only watched a few ttt vids. I was reporter for killing 3 innocents in a tester trap when i was detective. I didnt know how to test them so i pressed all the buttons near the tester one of the buttons dropped the people into lava. i did this twice without realizing i was killing them. Then some man told me to press the button and i did this was when i realized the button killed the people in the traitor tester. It was all accidental, and id wish to get my ban repealed please. idk if im supposed to put my ban appeals here please reply if im doing this wrong.
  3. Ban appeal

    Name: Detective Kirito, Aincrad PD Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:103331694 Banned by: Krzy Ban reason: First it was karma and then "massing" Why you should be unbanned: Well last night August 27, there were no admins on for about two hours and people were constantly rdming and shooting and throwing discombs in nether that end up Killing ME but besides that i came to the forums twice [about 30 minutes part time for each time i came] and no admin came online so i just shot back at the innos who shoot me first and unfortunately the suck ass and i killed them and now im getting banned for them trying to rdm? its my first day i played all day with TheClassyBandit and Emo Brazy and neither slayed me once for rdming , matter of fact they keep getting constant CORRECT reports of others rdming me. i just feel like my ban is unjusitifed .
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