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Found 43 results

  1. Hello good day/ evening. I just got banned on TTT, I think I know the reason why? I got dc'ed as soon as I got the chance to answer the report. Prompting that it looked like I ban evade/slay or report evade? The reason why I ''RDM'' I forgot the name but he was shooting at someone and didn't ID the body and keep on shooting while the body is just on his feet, I do apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you in advance if you choose to reply to this message. My ID is EXTERMINATUS.
  2. Ban appeal

    Name:Its_Xy or other known as UnknownTimes Steam ID::STEAM_0:0:458809633 Banned by:Zer0 Ban reason:Toxic Why you should be unbanned: I just wanted to say im sorry for being toxic to the staff and to other players. I just want to play on the Gfl servers again. And if I dont get unbanned. yes this is a short setence its because I am someone with little to say
  3. Name: Casper / Mimmic Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:55323118 Banned by: @Violator Ban reason: Massing Why you should be unbanned: This ban was made in 2016. I was a kid, I loved the server and I think I got mad I did not get T. I am hoping I can get a second chance. https://sourcebans.gflclan.com/index.php?p=banlist&searchText=STEAM_0%3A0%3A55323118&Submit=Search
  4. I was gonna do this, then decided against it. But I'm stuck on the phone today, so I guess I'm making this after all. Why am I a Credible Source for This? So, here's the deal. As a programmer boi who is hell bent on software performance and efficiency, I am often using my brain to theorize and figure out ways to make the program I am developing to operate as efficiently as possible. This has actually exposed me to a new way of thinking. I have kind of "taught myself" a process to figuring out problems related to consistency and efficiency. It's a process I have just adapted after endless hours of programming. And considering how prior to programming I barely had any problem solving skills at all, this was an improvement haha. How does this relate to the m16? Well, the m16 became a project I began working on. And it served as a chance for me to apply my problem solving skills into figuring out an efficient way to use this dumb gun. After a month of this, I have come up with many strategies that I have been utilizing. Especially when I was gone for 2 weeks. I came up with many new ideas during that time. Before Continuing on With This Tutorial... You need to know a few things. I am not an expert with using the m16. I have only been using it seriously for a month. Due to this, I will only be sharing strategies and concepts that I KNOW have helped me so far. Anything I am currently theorizing or figuring out will not be mentioned (at least not until I find them to be valid and useful ideas that I was able to utilize). There might be future tutorials covering new things. You should also note that this tutorial is meant to be something you read and study in parts, and come back to later on. You should not try to digest all of this at one time. Of course this applies to any tutorial, but since this is only text and nothing visual you need to have a clear mind while reading. Otherwise there will be details you'll miss. Lesson #1 Here's the first lesson in using the m16. Don't use the m16. No seriously. The mp5 is more versatile. The shotgun is easy to use. The HK has more ammo. And of course the m16 is not for you if you are a rifle user. Using this gun will put you at a direct disadvantage due to how hard it is to reliably use. Don't use it. Lesson #2 Well now that you have sold your soul to Satan on your way here, you are officially an m16 user. This next lesson is a fundamental part of every single strategy with this weapon. Every lesson builds off this very thing. And it is incredibly important for you to know this. Headshots are key. You only have 20 shots. Those shots will disappear much sooner than you think. And a long reload animation will hurt quite a lot more than you might realize. A big part of using the m16 effectively is bullet management. And headshots are the most effective way of using each bullet. Lesson #3 Bullet management is essential. As stated in lesson 2, you only have 20 shots per clip. This is not complimented well with the long reload animation. Due to this, managing your bullets will be an incredibly important part of many m16 strategies. If you have good bullet management, you shouldn't have to complain about running out of bullets. And the best part? Running out of bullets will be the thing that kills you the most when you use this gun. So have fun with that. These 3 lessons are the biggest parts of literally every single strategy or lesson in all the tutorials you read. And yes, lesson 1 should be followed religiously. Unless your soul is in the devil's hands, in which case ignore lesson 1. If you're still here, get ready for many wasted traitor rounds. Because learning how to use this gun hurts like hell lemme tell ya. Lesson #4: Tap Firing The m16 is not an automatic weapon. No it isn't. Don't even try to argue. If you are going to be managing bullets, you are sure as hell gonna struggle if you hold down and spray your lead everywhere. No, you don't use the m16 as an automatic gun. That's too inefficient. To use the m16 well, you're going to need to learn how to tap fire. What is tap firing? Simply put: you don't hold down to fire bullets. When you are using an automatic weapon, the gun will autofire for you as long as you hold down. The exact instant the guns delay runs out, it'll fire a shot. When you have 30 bullets to a clip, this doesn't hurt that much. But you only have 20. It is also harder to aim when you autofire, but that is something I will explain later. Tap firing is when you click your mouse to shoot. Of course tap firing isn't an official name for this, I just made it up lol. But it's an easy way to label this strategy. Tap firing is essential during bullet management. This is because you are more in control of how many bullets are being fired, and what rate they are being fired at. You can tap slowly for precision. You can tap quickly for semi-precise rapid fire. You will be utilizing tap firing very often with the m16. Be ready to practice it. Don't feel discouraged if you mess tap firing up. It's super tempting to just hold that button down. Take it from me, I had to lose quite a lot of gunfights to drill tap firing into my skull. Tip: Use your m16 similar to how you use the pistol. Aim for the head, don't hold down. Only difference is, you can shoot faster now. You may have worse recoil and kick, but who cares. Lesson #5: Aiming One thing I noticed when I was learning how to use the m16 was the struggle of mindless repetition. When you have an automatic weapon, you have a weapon that can essentially aim for you with enough practice. Fighting recoil can become second nature and get burned into muscle memory with time. Fighting Mac 10 recoil or mp5 recoil is rather easy, really. It might trip you up at first, but it quickly becomes second nature. Once you know how to fight recoil, you just need to learn how to keep a crosshair at head level. This can also become second nature. With all this in mind, everything suddenly becomes automatic. The shooting is automatic, the aiming is handled automatically by your muscle memory, and your recoil fighting is done automatically through muscle memory. Everything just becomes... Kind of a mindless process. Breaking out of this process will be the first brick wall when you pick up the m16. The fire rate is different, the recoil is different, the timing is different. Everything is suddenly different. This is what kills off many m16 users. And this is why tap firing is so important. To use the m16, you are going to need to learn how to pay attention to your crosshair. And when I say pay attention, I mean *focus*. This isn't like using an mp5, where you don't have to have 100% focus when you shoot. Utilizing this gun DEMANDS complete focus on where you are aiming. This is especially true during tap firing. You will essentially be adjusting your crosshair after every shot when you tap fire. Nothing will be automatic. Every motion will be done by you, not your muscle memory. And believe me, this is not something your brain will get used to overnight. Breaking habits will be a sacrifice you make when you start using this gun. Get ready for it. Lesson #6: Bullet Velocity Here's a fun fact. Bullets have travel time yay!!! Bullet travel time is another confusing part of using the m16. It acts like ping but without the bad internet connection. And unfortunately, there is no true tip in consistently handling bullet travel time due to how many variables there can be. The first step in handling bullet velocity is understanding that it exists. When you shoot an m16, pay attention to the speed your bullet travels. It seems fast, but it really isn't. This is due to *actual* ping and hitreg. It just adds to the confusion. You'll have to adjust to this. Good luck with it. Here's a tip though. Do you have someone who suspects you're a traitor? Are they just strafing back and forth without moving forward or backward? It seems hard to hit right? Not really. Just wait for them to reach the far left side of their straffe pattern. As soon as they begin moving to the right, shoot directly in the middle of their straffe pattern. Aim for where their head will be. This is due to how reaction time works. Since they are mindlessly strafing in one direction, they will just walk right into your shots. By the time they realize they are taking damage, you will already have them down by 60 health due to headshot damage. It's quite funny. Plus, this also deals with bullet velocity and ping since you are shooting ahead of where they actually are! Lesson #7: Trust... The hardest part of tap firing is trusting yourself. When a situation isn't absolutely perfect, you are instantly tempted to just spray and prey. Don't panic with this gun. If you want a gun you can panic fire with, the mp5 and shotgun already exists. The m16 demands consistency and efficiency. Now, I should mention that autofire isn't something you will never utilize. There are moments when you will autofire. But! Panic firing is not one of those moments. The only time you will ever autofire is when you are in full control of the firefight. If you had full control of the firefight right now, you wouldn't be panicking. Even if the situation you are in is not good, still try to aim for the head and tap fire. 60 damage is a lot. And even if you don't survive this firefight, you will leave your opponent bleeding quite a lot of blood. Plus take it from me. You are more likely to survive if you keep your cool and tap fire. Panic autofiring will very rarely get you out of bad situations with this gun. Lesson #8: Don't Fear the Reaper Ha classic rock music reference. A big part of using the m16 is not fearing your opponents gun. You are very likely going to take damage. Don't be afraid of that. There is a chance you will lose your brains during a firefight. Don't be afraid of that. I have come to learn that I do much more in my traitor rounds when I don't play safely with the m16. Of course I don't do stupid shit, but I don't shy away from a good kill just because they have a shotgun and we're up close. Let me tell you a little story. I had a traitor round where I tore through 5 people with the m16. Nothing special of course. But, what made it special was the people I fought. I fought and killed a detective who had a double barrel while we were at close range AND while he was looking directly at me. I fended off against 3 people at once and still got all 3 of them. I took a ton of damage, but I payed no attention to it. I did all of this just because I didn't shy away. Don't fear the reaper. Taking risks is the only way you're going to do well with this gun. Lesson #9: A Hop and a Skip... Bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce... You ever tried to kill a person who is constantly jumping with the m16? Did it end in you dying in horrible ways? Yes? Hey same. There is a trick to handling jumping players. But it will require good timing. When a player jumps, there is a point during that jump when they are floating. It is a very small window, but it's enough. During that float, the hitbox catches up to the player model. This will mean that the head hitbox and the models head will be lined up pretty decently. This exact moment is important. Remember, these strategies are made to aid in consistency. And at this very moment of your opponents jump? This moment will be the most consistent headshot you can get. The goal is to make your first shot a headshot. And it needs to be a headshot. Otherwise, you're going to get hurt. If you make it a headshot, it will be much easier to take out your hopping opponent with body shots. It'll only need 2 more shots after all. And this moment during their jump? This is when you need to get that headshot. The timing depends on distance due to bullet velocity. But more often than not, you are going to shoot early, and aim your crosshair where the head hitbox will be. The bullet will have to travel a little distance. And by the time it reaches your opponent, the head hitbox should be there to greet the bullet. Since you are going to be shooting early (aka shooting where their head is going to be by the time the bullet reaches them), you are going to need a consistent means of timing the shot. Luckily, people like to constantly hop. This will make it much easier for you to time your shots. Lesson #10: That's Not Fair! Special thanks to @pehnicholasfor this one. This guy was the first one to expose a small issue known as the crouch button to me. People can unfortunately crouch. And this will hurt you when you are tap firing. So the goal? Patience. If you know your opponent crouches during firefights, you are going to need to handle this much like how you would in lesson 9. You need to guarantee your first shot is a headshot. Once you get the headshot, aim low and for the body. Try to wipe them out that way. You cannot rely on headshots with this guy. How do you guarantee a headshot? Wait for the perfect moment to shoot. You have to know it will be a headshot, otherwise you're gonna struggle in the firefight. Otherwise people like Pehnicholas might ruin your day ;D Lesson #11: Maps r kewl The m16 isn't just shoot gun. You need to be smart with the places you shoot at. Sometimes you don't have this luxury when you're an innocent. I'd suggest you try to stay within areas you can handle. But as a traitor? You have the ability to chose your firefights (most of the time). Try to be smart with the places you engage a fight. Sometimes you're gonna fight more than one person. And when this happens, you might need to utilize autofire. Autofire in close quarters is the best kind of autofire. So try to engage fights in places that restrict the opponents movement. Make your opponent predictable. This will make clearing a crowd much easier. Sometimes you just have to predict and guess when you shoot. Try to make your predictions easier to make. Lesson #12: I am in Control! Being in control of a firefight is fun. More often than not, you are in control if your first shot was a headshot. If you are fortunate enough for this to be true, guess what? Autofire is an option! Well, sort of! Remember, bullet management is an essential part of using the m16. When you autofire, you should only have to use at most 3 shots to take down your target. And of course, aiming for the head entirely depends on the situation. Sometimes you can just aim for the body. This is where gamesense comes in. Good examples of when to autofire is when your opponent is close and their movement is predictable. One example of this is actually when you are KOS'd. People tend to mindlessly run at you when you are called out. Most get too excited to kill you. It makes their movement very predictable, especially in enclosed environments. This has resulted in me tearing through 3 people without taking a lot of damage. When you aren't called out, tap fire unless you are under control of the firefight. But if you are called out? Tap fire if your opponent is smart, autofire otherwise. Knowing when to autofire is something that comes with experience. So you might make the wrong move here and there. There will likely eventually be a part 2 so yay. Hope you enjoyed! Last tip: don't be afraid to come up with your own strategies after studying this post. I made this to give a guideline, not make laws. Hopefully this opened you up to new ideas and concepts. I have been working on this for nearing 3 hours now, I need a break.
  5. Banned by the admin "Adversary" on the TTT server for the reason "Consistent" which means nothing, I was not RDMing and was playing detective rounds well using a brain, something this admin clearly does not have.
  6. Ban Appeal

    Name: verisoN (in-game/in steam) Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:480855021 Banned by: Console Ban reason: Karma too low Why you should be unbanned: I planted a C4 as an innocent, got disarmed by a Detective, killed 3 other innocents. I really enjoy playing on this server, but I made a stupid mistake and wish to be unbanned, please. ;(
  7. Currently on the minecraft city map, everytime the round officially starts, I get teleported into a wall above the underground T room and remain stuck. I want to know if anyone else has experienced this glitch and or if there's a way to fix it. Thanks, Bag321
  8. Name: Mr.Pickles Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:47096738 Banned by: Not suire Ban reason: RDM/ Leave Why you should be unbanned: I should be unbanned because i never left the server. I got killed and did the shift+tab to open youtube and watch something while the round goes on. all of a sudden i get this pop up that ive beeen banned for rdm and leave. Im not sure who did it but it was a mistake by their part in my opinion.
  9. I have under-lined everyone involved in this matter in-case you need to contact them. So basically i was playing Gmod - TTT games on the server that is not minecraft mapped, and was banned for mass rdm-ing as an innocent. The round went roughly at the start, I killed an innocent named Volk (I think a VIP) after him repeatedly running at me and telling me to kill him. Now that is very sketchy, i know, but the thing is, he is not the one that reported me for rdm. The people who actually reported me were the 2 traitors I correctly assumed were traitors and proceeded to kill. The two people who reported me was "Sick Ducker" and "Pinormerk". I believe that Pinor is an admin or something high ranked, but i am not sure if Sick Ducker was even a member. So first I killed Sick Ducker. The round started with me going immeadatley to the basement part of the map with a total of 3 T-Room entrances, 2 are directley from the room and the other one teleports you into a closet. I was near the closet trying to move objects in front of the 2 direct entrances from the t-room for a solid minute. When i was done with that i walked around and saw Sick Ducker walk out of the closet that has a teleporter in it. I started shooting at him, because for that entire minute i did not hear or see the door open and close. When i killed him, i ID'd the corpse and sick ducker was infact a traitor. Onto PinorMerk. About 2 minutes after i had killed Sick Ducker i heard pinorMerk say over comms "I just killed a traitor, im proven." But the thing was that PinorMerk never ID'd a body, so i told him "Why didn't you ID the body?" He mumbuled " I did " As soon as he said that it showed him ID - ing a body that was Innocent. I assumed that he just faked killing a traitor, when he actually just killed an innocent. I then went upstairs and killed PinorMerk, and it turned out he was a traitor. PinorMerk was the one who banned me, i'm not sure for how long though because it doesn't have a time next to the message. I believe this banning came from a little bit of salty-ness on Pinormerk's side, due to the fact that technically only 2 rdm's with reports against me was met with a ban, instead of an auto-slay for a couple of rounds. Thanks - Pewdis
  10. soolee rage ban

    Video speaks for itself. He thought I was "ghosting" because my friend was in the game. When in reality, I clearly heard the shotgun shots, ran toward them, SAW THE MIC'S of the people disappear, knowing they were dead. Used common sense, and see a guy swimming with a shotgun away for the crime scene. You are a bad, butthurt badmin, soolee. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Msi7NNdUcj0&feature=youtu.be
  11. I have been playing ttt on this server for a long time and all of a sudden i have been banned for "Too low karma". Please help i love this server!
  12. i got perm gag

    i got a new mic so i dont have to yell for my mic to pick it up so i can talk normally
  13. so in ttt i had a slay and my vac kicked me out the game now i have rdm/leave for 6 hours and i was wondering if i can get that removed to i can just get the slay without the ban.
  14. Thanks for reading, just wanted to let everyone who remembers me or cares to know that I'm back after around a year or so of being silent. Around the time I left, some pretty big things happened that took all of my attention away from here; some regarding my own health, and others that I feel that - out of respect for my family, shouldn't be said. As of now, my doctor has had extensive talks with me about my health and how to maintain it the best I can moving forward - as of today all I can say is everything seems fine. I wanted to also say I'm sorry for the abrupt leave, and also to the TTT staff for not letting you all know I was going to be gone for a while, especially when I held a position on the team. In regards to everyone here, thank you for keeping this place alive, and thank you to all of the staff on the site, regardless of server or rank. We're all one big family, and I hope I can be with you for as long as I can.
  15. Name: Tombstone Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:155743702 Banned by: I don't know who banned me Ban reason: Mass RDM Why you should be unbanned: I was at bottom of the tower, and a RDMer shot me so I shot the person that i thought was shooting me, but then about 5 guys shot me so I shotgunned all of them, because at first I didn't know who shot me and then I was then quickly killed.
  16. Name: *Insert Username Here* Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:103369843 Banned By: WigglesWorth Banned reason: Hacking Why you should be unbanned: In January (The time I was banned), my computer was glitchy at the time and while on the TTT server, My player moves around where he looks and I've been testing my mouse by going on my sandbox and see why it was happening. When I join other servers, the player doesn't look around by itself and I don't detect any hacks and I was wondering if I can be unbanned for that
  17. wise guy eh

    Name: Wise guy, eh? Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:80183513 Banned by: console Ban reason: karma too low Why you should be unbanned: for about 5 consecutive rounds I killed a fellow t or inno BUT I was not rdming. One guy pickaxe'd an afk, one got hit with tnt even though I called it out (I always count down 3 2 1) one in lighthouse walked past an un id'd, and one in tester walked past an un id'd, and I also think one was from trying to throw an incen out of the traitor room door but it landed inside, that one was my bad. Please unban me
  18. ***Ban appeal resolved by TLAR via private message. Forum may be closed/resolved. Thank you!*** Name: SkydivingSquid Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:81405515 Banned by: TLAR Ban reason: "RDM/L" Why you should be unbanned: I pressed F9 in game instead of F8. I was attempted to watch my death scene to prove I did not RDM. F9 places me in a solo match. Within 10 seconds I was banned for "RDM and leave" by @Tlar. I have played at least 10+ hours with TLAR and have never even received a slay from him. I have followed the rules strictly and even have an Admin Application in. I do not RDM, and I definitely do not RDM and leave. I didn't even have time to get back into the server. Furthermore, I did not RDM. A guy reported me from a previous round because I shot at him for sniping people. I wanted to check the death scene before his T buddy killed me. I had done 26 damage to the guy, but he reported me. The report was finished (I responded to it), but had hit F9 before the admin checked it out. Regardless. I feel the ban was unwarranted and was done far too quickly . . . I couldn't even get back in fast enough. Please reverse the ban. I am a VIP on this server and have an active Admin request in. I follow the rules strictly. I do not RDM. I don't even get slayed. . . @TheSadBandit @MilkMan
  19. Name: Wet Toilet Seat Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:60227094 Banned by: thesadbandit Ban reason: "Consistent" Why you should be unbanned: I apparently got banned for consistent RDMs when the only one i can remember was intentionally pushing someone in the T room however I apologized right after. I disconnected a while later to eat and i come back to this with no warning. Really?
  20. dumb guy

    Name: Bog Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:60676131 Banned by: Console Ban reason: Karma Why you should be unbanned: uuuhhh how do I go into spectator mode? I went back on to get evidence for the aimbotter (this is him https://steamcommunity.com/id/Darkelf46/ STEAM_0:1:189897348) and it said I was in spec mode so I thought I was good, but I got banned again. sorry for the time wasting.
  21. ttt ban appeal

    Name: Bogdanoff Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:60676131 Banned by: karma Ban reason: karma Why you should be unbanned: Lots of random rdm, killed a guy after he shot diamond into water, killed two more right after who started shooting me, stuff like that unban pls, also I have the ID of an aimbotter I'd like to give, he killed whole server with headshots and left
  22. So I binded c to something a while ago and ever since then I could not access the credits shop as traitor/detective. I'm wondering if there is a bind for it, but I don't want to break more stuff searching for one. If someone knows a solution, please tell me. (BTW I have tried to unbind it, it does nothing)
  23. Name: SirGapeHorn Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:427948981 Banned by: CONSOLE Ban reason: Karma too low Why you should be unbanned: I had low karma because there was more mass rdmers than usual so I would kill them and they would be innocent also this would be considered my first ban and this server has T pass and has a decent community with plenty admins and is normally populated.
  24. So I was banned from the your Garry's Mod TTT server because of low karma and I wanted my ban removed because I was killing people rdming and T baiting (Not Innocent) Another reason is this is the only good server with T passes and this would be considered my first offense also the server is always populated (Which is why many people join and constantly rdm) and has a decent community behind it.
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