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Found 66 results

  1. Name(ingame):Unknown Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:458809633 Their Information Name(s):Dismantled Steam ID(s):STEAM_1:0:37625377 Time of incident(include timezone and date): East 8:15 for him What happened: He basically aimbotted everyone and acted like nothing happened Proof: He sent me a link to his hacks ((LINK & SCREENSHOT REDACTED BY @Liloz01))
  2. i got perm gag

    i got a new mic so i dont have to yell for my mic to pick it up so i can talk normally
  3. we need MORE

    can we get more admins for more safety of rdms and stuff
  4. so in ttt i had a slay and my vac kicked me out the game now i have rdm/leave for 6 hours and i was wondering if i can get that removed to i can just get the slay without the ban.
  5. NERF THE SHOTGUN. The base shotgun is currently OP due to it being able to deal more damage than it should at medium to long range. I normally play on a server that reduced the shotgun's accuracy and that really helped make the shotgun balanced. By default the accuracy cone is at 0.085. We set it to 0.13 and that worked really well. Return the Mac 10's firerate back to vanilla speed. I feel like it's way too slow right now, and the vanilla firerate was already balanced. You don't have to do #2, but PLEASE DO #1. I BEG YOU. ktnx
  6. Thanks for reading, just wanted to let everyone who remembers me or cares to know that I'm back after around a year or so of being silent. Around the time I left, some pretty big things happened that took all of my attention away from here; some regarding my own health, and others that I feel that - out of respect for my family, shouldn't be said. As of now, my doctor has had extensive talks with me about my health and how to maintain it the best I can moving forward - as of today all I can say is everything seems fine. I wanted to also say I'm sorry for the abrupt leave, and also to the TTT staff for not letting you all know I was going to be gone for a while, especially when I held a position on the team. In regards to everyone here, thank you for keeping this place alive, and thank you to all of the staff on the site, regardless of server or rank. We're all one big family, and I hope I can be with you for as long as I can.
  7. Owing to the fact that ttt seems to have had a shitpost in the form of a guide recently, I decided to make an actually helpful ted talk guide-on the same thing that was on. How to make a player report: The best advice is to first don't make one, try to get an admin online. Use !calladmin (reason) to get one on. Make sure no admin is on/the online admin(s) are afk before doing this. You could also ask in the GMOD Discord TTT General Chat, or use steam to contact an admin you're friends with. If no admin will or can get on, you can make a player report, but player reports for things such as mic/chat spam (that don't involve harassing/targeting/racism/any other rule being broken) will most likely be ignored. Usually you want to make a player report for bannable things. You can find bannable things here. Use this format to make a player report, and post it here. Before making a report, check to see if the person has already been banned when you were not looking by going to sourcebans and using their steamid to check their bans. Follow the format. Do not just post a wall of text saying "this man did a bad and rdmed me and he also called me a faggot". Your name is your steam name, steam ids can be found here. Proof for RDM should be in the form of logs, as they are the easiest to read. Press f8 to open damagelogs, they are pretty simple to use from there. You can then take screenshots with f12. Don't send text RDM, that kind of thing is easily faked. This means do not send something like this: [00:03] Max [innocent] has killed AWZ [innocent] with Rifle Proof for hacks should be in the form of a video, as they are easiest to view and understand and less likely to be faked, i.e. if you post a few screenshots of deathscenes showing someone "snapping" to a persons head, the admins may think you just removed a few frames. To make a video, download a recording software such as OBS, and post whatever you record to youtube as an unlisted video. Send the link to it in the post. Proof for prop kill, should you ever report it for RDM and leave or mass rdm with props or the likes (you shouldn't be reporting a prop kill if it wasn't RDM and leave or another bannable thing), needs to be in the form of a video as well so it can be viewed easier. Record the deathscene, which you can view by right-clicking on a death in damagelogs One important thing is that you should NOT use player reports to report an admin. Use this link to report an admin. Use correct grammar to the best of your ability, as well as capitalization/punctuation. This is so admins can read the report and handle it. Make sure you have enough proof, for example if you are reporting mass rdm you should show logs of 3 kills, or attempt mass show 3 kills and 1 attempt rdm (they killed 2 people and hurt another), or for rdm and leave show that they left the round they RDMed. If you are reporting for a week ban, you could be helpful by going to sourcebans (link higher up) and finding out if they have any more week bans and saying so in the player report with a link to it, i.e. "Duc has a week ban already, here it is: https://sourcebans.gflclan.com/index.php?p=banlist&advSearch=Duc2000&advType=name" Finally, just don't fake a report. It will probably be super obvious and make you look like an idiot for trying to false report someone by typing out a fake log of them killing you and make you look like an asshole for trying in the first place. And that's how to make a player report, thanks for listening to my second TTT, or Tenacious Ted Talk. Duc out. #Ad Want to read my first Ted Talk? Here it is.
  8. Name: Tombstone Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:155743702 Banned by: I don't know who banned me Ban reason: Mass RDM Why you should be unbanned: I was at bottom of the tower, and a RDMer shot me so I shot the person that i thought was shooting me, but then about 5 guys shot me so I shotgunned all of them, because at first I didn't know who shot me and then I was then quickly killed.
  9. I understand a few threads may have already been made, but I'd like to throw some suggestions around that could help the server out. This post is simply my suggestive view on what could be seen as "good" changes. I am in no way telling what would work, but simply throwing ideas at a wall. Please feel free to add, or suggest your own ideas - or criticize what you see here. -Addons Some from of contracts could spice up game play quite a bit - would love to see some uniqueness to the flow of the game as everyone literally bolts for shotguns, so maybe giving players the incentive to grab a different gun for a sweet reward could achieve this. A level up system would be really cool, as progression + rewards are really a solid way to keep people coming back. Making the rewards for achievements enticing would possibly promote players to have something to work to. Maybe some form of rank system (diamond, gold, etc...) would also be nice to see, as it's just another reason for players to keep coming back to the server. It also promotes a form of competition among the community. -Changes Take a credit away from traitors OR increase the credit cost of one hit kill weapons (knife, golden sword, etc...) to 2. Traitors shouldn't be able to simply instantly have access to some of the most powerful weapons in the mode. Most T's will buy the knife (or others stated above) instantly, granting a free kill and requiring no skill. Give more incentive to detectives to actually do their jobs - Most people don't like to play detective, which is understandable as your'e a major target and most likely the first to die from T's, so why not give detectives some form of reward for killing/iding T's? Maybe a small amount of points could work, however I am open to any suggestion. Decrease shotgun spawn rate(?) I am sure this is possible, but I have no idea. Shotguns are very strong, and require little to no skill. I can see this being divisive so I won't argue this suggestion, but it is frustrating getting one shotted and not being able to fight back. Show that a T and Detective has armor equipped. The more information given to the player, the better. Again, this is simply my list of ideas that could positively impact the server - it is open to suggestion, criticism, and any amendments by me. Thanks, Monsoon
  10. Hello, I will be giving a little brief summery of some TTT admins, staff member, etc which I have remembered since I refuse to look at the fucking list and and see every ttt admin cause that’s stupid, LETS BEGIN First, id like to introduce @Zero_... oh wait, he isn’t a ttt admin? That’s right he is for murder, but who plays that anyways...roasted love ya zero no homo Let’s start with @Violator, who is this man? A man of a 1000 words some might say, he’s actually a man of 1000 afk hours, and when he does play, he either breaks the whole server or is dabbing on people, cringe boi Then we got @MilkMan, he made the mistake of making me admin and now I shall haunt him for the rest of his life, he plays league of Weebs using a magical stick that apparently turns people into fortnite memes, quality game get out stop reading this description of milkman Lets take a moment and talk about @motorsteak and @WigglesWorth, na I don’t have much to say I just wanted to ping them, hi mom and dad, I’m not saying which 1 is which so good luck nerds. Both Bully me every time when I don’t do my job right. Ya that’s like 24/7, please send help I’m being attacked Now we have @Spazzin, he’s a senior which means he’s old, old old old old old old old old old old old old old old old old old, ok let’s get more serious now. @everlasting365 aka dixbe is a trial admin, he’s pretty chill but it’s funny to just say he has a player report on him because he’s dixbe, get memed on nerd @Pancake Jenkins plays fortnite but also plays league of Weebs, probably plays with Milkman to be completely honest, idk these league characters but Pancake seems like the guy to play as bush, yes a bush, bush camper get out @MooTheCow I almost forgot, he’s a walking meme creator, probably runs a meme page to be fair, has over 1tb of gfl memes on his computer, the other being hentai, @flyingjoe32 luckily told me his username so I can tag him in this I don’t think I forgot anyone This is not shitpost I swear Totally legit forum 100%
  11. Ever since I played on ttt2 i realize how much more fun it can be especially with the special rounds, its not advertised on ttt1 anymore sadly but it should be and we should have ttt2 open and visable everywhere so people can join and expeirence the fun and actually have player models they can buy and stuff as well as the special rounds. do this, make it happen violator, you are our last hope
  12. Name: *Insert Username Here* Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:103369843 Banned By: WigglesWorth Banned reason: Hacking Why you should be unbanned: In January (The time I was banned), my computer was glitchy at the time and while on the TTT server, My player moves around where he looks and I've been testing my mouse by going on my sandbox and see why it was happening. When I join other servers, the player doesn't look around by itself and I don't detect any hacks and I was wondering if I can be unbanned for that
  13. wise guy eh

    Name: Wise guy, eh? Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:80183513 Banned by: console Ban reason: karma too low Why you should be unbanned: for about 5 consecutive rounds I killed a fellow t or inno BUT I was not rdming. One guy pickaxe'd an afk, one got hit with tnt even though I called it out (I always count down 3 2 1) one in lighthouse walked past an un id'd, and one in tester walked past an un id'd, and I also think one was from trying to throw an incen out of the traitor room door but it landed inside, that one was my bad. Please unban me
  14. ***Ban appeal resolved by TLAR via private message. Forum may be closed/resolved. Thank you!*** Name: SkydivingSquid Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:81405515 Banned by: TLAR Ban reason: "RDM/L" Why you should be unbanned: I pressed F9 in game instead of F8. I was attempted to watch my death scene to prove I did not RDM. F9 places me in a solo match. Within 10 seconds I was banned for "RDM and leave" by @Tlar. I have played at least 10+ hours with TLAR and have never even received a slay from him. I have followed the rules strictly and even have an Admin Application in. I do not RDM, and I definitely do not RDM and leave. I didn't even have time to get back into the server. Furthermore, I did not RDM. A guy reported me from a previous round because I shot at him for sniping people. I wanted to check the death scene before his T buddy killed me. I had done 26 damage to the guy, but he reported me. The report was finished (I responded to it), but had hit F9 before the admin checked it out. Regardless. I feel the ban was unwarranted and was done far too quickly . . . I couldn't even get back in fast enough. Please reverse the ban. I am a VIP on this server and have an active Admin request in. I follow the rules strictly. I do not RDM. I don't even get slayed. . . @TheSadBandit @MilkMan
  15. Name: Wet Toilet Seat Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:60227094 Banned by: thesadbandit Ban reason: "Consistent" Why you should be unbanned: I apparently got banned for consistent RDMs when the only one i can remember was intentionally pushing someone in the T room however I apologized right after. I disconnected a while later to eat and i come back to this with no warning. Really?
  16. dumb guy

    Name: Bog Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:60676131 Banned by: Console Ban reason: Karma Why you should be unbanned: uuuhhh how do I go into spectator mode? I went back on to get evidence for the aimbotter (this is him https://steamcommunity.com/id/Darkelf46/ STEAM_0:1:189897348) and it said I was in spec mode so I thought I was good, but I got banned again. sorry for the time wasting.
  17. ttt ban appeal

    Name: Bogdanoff Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:60676131 Banned by: karma Ban reason: karma Why you should be unbanned: Lots of random rdm, killed a guy after he shot diamond into water, killed two more right after who started shooting me, stuff like that unban pls, also I have the ID of an aimbotter I'd like to give, he killed whole server with headshots and left
  18. So I binded c to something a while ago and ever since then I could not access the credits shop as traitor/detective. I'm wondering if there is a bind for it, but I don't want to break more stuff searching for one. If someone knows a solution, please tell me. (BTW I have tried to unbind it, it does nothing)
  19. Name: SirGapeHorn Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:427948981 Banned by: CONSOLE Ban reason: Karma too low Why you should be unbanned: I had low karma because there was more mass rdmers than usual so I would kill them and they would be innocent also this would be considered my first ban and this server has T pass and has a decent community with plenty admins and is normally populated.
  20. So I was banned from the your Garry's Mod TTT server because of low karma and I wanted my ban removed because I was killing people rdming and T baiting (Not Innocent) Another reason is this is the only good server with T passes and this would be considered my first offense also the server is always populated (Which is why many people join and constantly rdm) and has a decent community behind it.
  21. Just made a big mistake. @MilkMan @WigglesWorth @CabGrassy @BlakeS @TheSadBandit @Lawlness_ @Spazzin @MooTheCow Thanks for the fun. Also milk thank you for giving me a chance to become admin. But it seems im incapable for it and i just waste it. So good bye. See you soon
  22. Appeal TTT

    Nick current : ┃Nuny Steam id : STEAM_0:1:227002806 Because I was banned : Prop kill Why should I be disbanded : A month ago I was banned for doing prop kill, I regret doing it and that I will never do it again, I made prop kill more I was playing and I realized that prop kill is not something cool, so I want to be banned from the server, Thank's for watch.
  23. When i first joined the server i had most of all of the pointshop items. Then, i disabled my add-ons, reinstaled my add-ons and now im missing all the player models. Any reason?
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