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Found 50 results

  1. Ever since I played on ttt2 i realize how much more fun it can be especially with the special rounds, its not advertised on ttt1 anymore sadly but it should be and we should have ttt2 open and visable everywhere so people can join and expeirence the fun and actually have player models they can buy and stuff as well as the special rounds. do this, make it happen violator, you are our last hope
  2. just do this
  3. omegalul

    I'll trade my whole meme playlist for admin p.s @xSnowyAngel made me do this
  4. So I binded c to something a while ago and ever since then I could not access the credits shop as traitor/detective. I'm wondering if there is a bind for it, but I don't want to break more stuff searching for one. If someone knows a solution, please tell me. (BTW I have tried to unbind it, it does nothing)
  5. Just made a big mistake. @MilkMan @WigglesWorth @CabGrassy @BlakeS @TheSadBandit @Lawlness_ @Spazzin @MooTheCow Thanks for the fun. Also milk thank you for giving me a chance to become admin. But it seems im incapable for it and i just waste it. So good bye. See you soon
  6. When i first joined the server i had most of all of the pointshop items. Then, i disabled my add-ons, reinstaled my add-ons and now im missing all the player models. Any reason?
  7. GMOD

    So I was thinking of hosting a giant GFL sandbox where we play a bunch of different gamemodes through a couple of hours. I don't know A good time for everybody, but I think anybody interested can comment their timezone and availability ect. and we can set this up and have a good fun time. if interested comment below and i'll add you on steam. was thinking a week from now, but we can do sooner/later. just let me know. :')
  8. First of all: Hi, I'm Anna/Princess. Most of you guys probably dont know me, unless weve met on 1v1 server or via another community. I make and port maps in my free time, and although ive been busy this year my biggest project yet is just about done: My remake of TTT_Minecraft_B5: This has been a long time in the making, and even from the screenshot above some things have changed / been added. The point of this post is to get feedback on the changes ive made. I wanted to update the map, revamp it, remake it - but without changing the things people loved about it TOO much That being said, here is a list of features / changes in the map, and some more screenshots --- Features / changes: - (Obviously) redone visuals with prettier textures - New pathways and areas added - More entry points to the nether added so its less cluttered and campy - Weapon chests that equip guns into your hands by pressing E - Four driveable boats! You press E to hop in, then zoom around on them. Jump to pop out. - Completely redone nether! Now has (harmless) mobs, soulsand, and more features. - Added flowers and made the island feel more "lived in" (lol ik its minecraft shut up) - Added flying hot air baloon that loops the island at a semi-slow pace. - Added a bouncy mushroom (trampoline) that players can jump on (and T's can snipe at) - Fish AI. Literally I added fish. If you shoot they try to swim away, and yes you can kill them. - Added several locations with small gameplay changers like the occasional healthshot, or a secret hidden gun. - Totally redid the lighthouse. No longer a clusterfuck mess of ladder and cramped floors, has multiple ways to get to the top. - Improved FPS of the entire map. Im not sure how the original map even ran, it had 0 optimization done to it? - The original map had an "endgame event" that would give the innocents the win. I brought it back in a new and different way. *Some people think this would make it too easy for innocents, but there are 16 hidden ender eyes the innocents have to find, and T's can also use them for easy kills. Give me your thoughts. --- Well yeah thats about all the changes i can think of off the top of my head, so one last thing before more pics! * Do you want Traitor Traps or not? * Currently there is only 1 small trap that is very situational. I didnt want to change the map too much by adding too many, but most players seem to like them on my other maps. --- The chests that you open with E, then hit E on the contents to equip the gun with your skin on it. One of the 4 driveable boats. They are faster than swimming, you can shoot while steering them, but also be hurt by others while driving them. (move with WASD, look and shoot with mouse) This is a feature i wish more maps had. Back in GMOD there was a flare gun for use on dead bodies, burning them and hiding a kill a T had just done. This cauldron in the witches cave hides any bodies you throw down it, in a similar fashion as the flare gun. This was something I added but wasnt sure if people would think was fun or would hate. Whenever someone hits E on the book, it will spin and flip its pages upwards, launching anyone inside the space up in the air. Currently, they can die when they land. Directly above the book and invisible, is a healthshot floating in the air pretty high up. Should I make fall damage from the book's "magic" sending people up in the air be fatal or do 0 damage? Fish A.I. Nether 2.0 --- I think thats about it. I'll enjoy reading your feedback before i finalize and release the map. - Princess
  9. This is same case like nether. Whenever im standing on trap glass in tester. It give me some random damage and killing me instantly. Maybe we should change the map. Either it caused by skin or not idk.
  10. I just bought T pass to stab someone then suddenly server crash. ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°) Violator didn't respond so pls admun contact him pls. Can't wait to stab somebody in server ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)
  12. I know you guys get A LOT of admin requests to become an admin and all, but I really am fed up with the RDM in the TTT servers. I've been playing on this server for quite a while and just recentlt registered as a member. I get on at night time after I get off work to enjoy myself for a couple hours. Usually the admins are sleep, and people always get RDM'd and no one's there to do anything about it. I can't take it anymore. I just want to know what I personally need to do to apply for admin. I know I won't abuse it because I hate injustice and stupidity. I've played with Revolver, Billy, Keisuke, Monsoon, and and frequently with TheLastBee. I'm sure most of them will vouch for me. Just please let me be able to do something about the nighttime trolls.
  13. Me and @FEFE were playing around on another TTT server by ourselves and were enjoying some of the t weapons they had on there. FEFE came up with the idea of pitching some of them to GFL's TTT server so that is why I am making this post. Some of these were on that server and others we went and found on the workshop. Traitor Weapons: Poison Dart It would be a pistol with a few shots that, when someone gets hit by it, will start taking away 2 hp every second. HP Stations would cure you of the poisoning. It would be fun for traitors who don't like going into head-on confrontations. Holy Hand Grenade The Holy Hand Grenade of Monty Python fame would be a powerful t weapon that would work like any other grenade. Throw it and it will make the trademark 'hallelujah' sound and make a large explosion that would leave fire behind. It would be balanced by the fact that it takes a little while to go off and is very loud. Spring Mine A pretty simple item that, when someone walks over it, it will send them flying into the air. It does not work on traitors (so you can't troll your t buds). While it does send people high enough to be killed from the fall, it is easy to redirect into the water or onto a higher platform where you would take less damage and balancing it a bit. Banana Bomb Straight out of Worms, the Banana Bomb would work the same way it did in that game. You would throw the initial bunch of bananas and it would explode, sending bananas a short distance in all directions. Moments later, these bananas would explode (though much smaller then the initial bunch). Harpoon The harpoon is a large metal stick that traitors could throw at someone for an instant kill. Drawbacks to it are it only travels in a straight line and if you miss anyone can pick it up. Its also quite big in your hand so people would probably see you holding it. Death Station Simply a health station looking thing that Traitors can place down. Instead of healing you, it would take away some health from whoever uses it. Could combo with the poison darts from earlier when innocents get poisoned and try to use it to stop the poisoning. Cloaking Device Self explanatory item that, when held in your hand, will render you almost invisible. It has a few limits such as being unable to use your gun when cloaked, it making a loud noise when you uncloak, and the fact that your name can be seen when you are invisible (though you can use a disguiser to get around that) Detective Items: Hermes Boots A passive effect that detectives (and maybe traitors) can buy that would increase their speed by 30% Golden Deagle A well known item, its a one shot kill against traitors. If you shoot an innocent or another detective with it, you will die instead. Only has 1 shot. Defibrillator Simple item that would allow you to revive a dead teammate. While there are many versions of the defib around, the one I linked has a chance of failing. Many servers that have it also let traitors buy it, but I think it would work better as a detective only weapon. Other: MP7 Not a shop item but rather another gun you would find on the ground. It is similar to the M4 but has a higher rate of fire and does a little more damage. It would add more variety to the guns you would find around the map. Altogether, I know that probably none of these will be added to the server but we still wanted to post these so we could get other people's opinions on them.
  14. Hello, Here is the map list for CSGO TTT, ttt_apehouse_sg ttt_biocube_sgport ttt_caboose_v1 ttt_canyon_b1 ttt_christmastown_v1 ttt_clue ttt_coldblow_beta02 ttt_craftroom_csgo_v2 ttt_crummycradle_csgo_v1_1 ttt_deadfarm_sg ttt_dolls_sg_v1 ttt_drybone_swamp_v1d ttt_edge_winter_v2 ttt_haunts_sg ttt_highschool_v1 ttt_hoodrat_v1_4 ttt_hotwireslum ttt_island17_pezversion ttt_lttp_kakariko_a4_csgo ttt_minecraft_b5_csgo_v1 ttt_minecraftcity_dark_csgo ttt_minecraftcity_sgfix_v3 ttt_nipperhouse2_sg ttt_nukehouse_sg_fix1 ttt_office_sg_v2_1 TTT_PrincessCraft_BETA4 ttt_princess_skyscraper5 ttt_richburg ttt_roy_the_ship_csgoport_v3_1 ttt_subway_sgeditv2 ttt_teenroom_csgo_fixv3 ttt_terrortrain_v1_1_csgo ttt_tumbleweed_v1_3 ttt_community_pool_v1 ttt_afterglow_v1 ttt_vo_sg ttt_waterpark_v3_gfl ttt_westwood2_sg Green = Popular maps *If you have any recommendations or problems for a map(s) please post it here*
  15. Hey everyone, I'm a new member here on GFL. Been playing on the TTT server for a little while now and I really like it, so I just decided to join. You can call me ZeRo (And no, I'm not the actual ZeRo). Looking forward to having fun with everyone here!
  16. TTT Skins

    Could anybody please give me the link to GFL's TTT server skins? Thank you
  17. I see you r also a man of culture by clicking this title My name Is saltnpeppa Legal name: is a giant piece of shit name that i would rather not saylol How i got here: ttt ( i fucking love ttt) Personal achievements in ttt and other servers (screenshot key machine broke) c4'ing over half the innos ( no afks) 1 vs all clutch (none of my t's got kills before their deaths) wasting my life to it. Memes
  18. So I was on the TTT server this afternoon and somone said to me ''KOS off of tracers is RDM''. and I consulted the rules page and BEHOLD!! thats actually a rule!! so this is my proposition, tracers make EVERYTHING in the TTT game type less fun overall. new players to the game WILL shoot someone based off of tracers, T's are going to get mad that THEY died because of their tracers and innos are going to be frustrated that they cannot kill someone that they KNOW is a T becuase they saw a giant ass tracer fly out of someones gun. Due to All aforementioned reasons the tracers should be removed from the server as soon as possible. I will now give an example to help illustrate. (I, as an innocent, am watching another player that has an awp. The player I am watching, shoots his awp at a detective and misses, to which I shout ''{insertplayernamehere} just shot at a detective, he's K.O.S!''. The player IMMEDIATELY because he has a tracer states that he can't be killed on site due to them. The admin of course believes HIM to be in the right, and thus nothing can be done. They just all around make the game less fun for everyone. their ONLY attractive trait is their color. Otherwise they are more of a "hey everyone shoot me".
  19. **ATTENTION!** Do not post anything that will draw drama! I want this topic clean from that bullshit! Thank you. I've created one just like this for Breach where you post stories, screenshots, or a video of the most stupidest/funniest moments that have happened on the server. I think ttt deserves this because alot of stupid/funny shit happens here all the time. I'll start first. I was a T and there were a bunch of innos in traitor tester. So I bought a jihad bomb and just ran in there blowing everyone up but somehow I survived my own jihad. Then a moment later my body randomly flew accross the map and I died in the process. ( Shit story but it was funny. ) So what was your stupidest/funniest moment from ttt?
  20. Recently I added two new dualies, being dragon elites and the CSS elites. Currently dragon elites are buyable for traitors and detectives. The CSS elites are a random spawn. What would you like changed? Should be make it a traitor weapon only? Detective weapon only? How is the damage and the firerate? Are they overpowered at all? Just let me know what you guys think of the weapons.
  21. What is the best gamemode in gmod in your opinion. Could be DarkRP (scrub), Cinema, TTT, Murder, etc. Let me know P.S. recently mine is breach
  22. Slays/Reports

    You currently have a system where if you get reported you are forced to stay on the server until amod gets on. thats a good idea in all, but you dont have the staff to be on 24/7, meaning when i play and get a usless report against me i cant leave for like 5 hrs because there is no mod prescence. So my suggestion is to remove this system.
  23. Before you begin a player report, please try to reach an admin first on steam or on our discord http://discord.me/gflgmod You will need strong evidence to support your report. Screenshots, demos, videos etc. If you do not have any proof, please do not make a report. USE THIS LINK AND COPY AND PASTE THE TEXT BELOW Your Information Name(ingame): Steam ID: Their Information Name(s): Steam ID(s): Time of incident(include timezone and date): What happened: Proof:
  24. IWe should re add the spectator deathmatch so spectating isn't boring. When I die near the start of the round for any reason it ameks me want to leave the server becasue there is nothing to do. We should bring it back it is on other servers still.