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Found 44 results

  1. Hello! I recently finished one of my latest TTT Maps and figured I'd suggest it here. TTT Damons Bridge I also have many other TTT maps all available for Garrys Mod. This includes Kirbycity, Closequarters etc also available in CSGO. Check them out here: All Damons Gmod TTT Maps
  2. Username : UnknownTimes SteamId: STEAM_0:0:458809633 Admin who banned: Zero Reason for ban: Being Toxic, Spreading false information Reason I wish to be unbanned: I realized my mistake back then, when quarantine started I was thinking about games I could play and TTT came to mind. I then remembered being banned on GFL and realized how stupid I was to break the rules. I regret my decision but I ask if I could be unbanned so I can once again be apart of GFL. Thank you.
  3. Username : Crewmans BootSteamId: STEAM_0:0:458809633Admin who banned: ConsoleReason for ban: (consensually) "mass rdm" Reason I wish to be unbanned: Basically on the night of 5/5/2016 at midnight ct a bug was found that allowed to the player to rejoin the server even after being karma banned by console,while a couple people did abuse this I was one of the few who was testing it and reporting back on it in the gfl discord ( https://prnt.sc/sb3job ) anyways long story short,we were testing and I was massing with permission to see how low I could get my karma and If it would ever actually karma ban me,literally had like one report and a staff member banned first through the control panel without even stopping on the server to see what was going on,personally this feels abusive af but whatever,all im asking for is a unban and for staff to investigate who the banhappy mysterious console banner is.
  4. I am here on behalf of members of the community who demand a Minecraft Steve player model. If you stand with us on our platform please show your support below!!
  5. I was playing on the GMOD TTT Rotation server and many people rocked the vote for a map we were on. The vote eventually won, and the game was over (or so I thought). So I just went around killing people around me cause I was treating it like post-round moment. However, after killing about 5 people, I got karmabanned. Is it possible that I can get this ban appealed?
  6. Hello good day/ evening. I just got banned on TTT, I think I know the reason why? I got dc'ed as soon as I got the chance to answer the report. Prompting that it looked like I ban evade/slay or report evade? The reason why I ''RDM'' I forgot the name but he was shooting at someone and didn't ID the body and keep on shooting while the body is just on his feet, I do apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you in advance if you choose to reply to this message. My ID is EXTERMINATUS.
  7. Ban appeal

    Name:Its_Xy or other known as UnknownTimes Steam ID::STEAM_0:0:458809633 Banned by:Zer0 Ban reason:Toxic Why you should be unbanned: I just wanted to say im sorry for being toxic to the staff and to other players. I just want to play on the Gfl servers again. And if I dont get unbanned. yes this is a short setence its because I am someone with little to say
  8. Name: Casper / Mimmic Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:55323118 Banned by: @Violator Ban reason: Massing Why you should be unbanned: This ban was made in 2016. I was a kid, I loved the server and I think I got mad I did not get T. I am hoping I can get a second chance. https://sourcebans.gflclan.com/index.php?p=banlist&searchText=STEAM_0%3A0%3A55323118&Submit=Search
  9. Banned by the admin "Adversary" on the TTT server for the reason "Consistent" which means nothing, I was not RDMing and was playing detective rounds well using a brain, something this admin clearly does not have.
  10. Ban Appeal

    Name: verisoN (in-game/in steam) Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:480855021 Banned by: Console Ban reason: Karma too low Why you should be unbanned: I planted a C4 as an innocent, got disarmed by a Detective, killed 3 other innocents. I really enjoy playing on this server, but I made a stupid mistake and wish to be unbanned, please. ;(
  11. Name: Mr.Pickles Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:47096738 Banned by: Not suire Ban reason: RDM/ Leave Why you should be unbanned: I should be unbanned because i never left the server. I got killed and did the shift+tab to open youtube and watch something while the round goes on. all of a sudden i get this pop up that ive beeen banned for rdm and leave. Im not sure who did it but it was a mistake by their part in my opinion.
  12. I have under-lined everyone involved in this matter in-case you need to contact them. So basically i was playing Gmod - TTT games on the server that is not minecraft mapped, and was banned for mass rdm-ing as an innocent. The round went roughly at the start, I killed an innocent named Volk (I think a VIP) after him repeatedly running at me and telling me to kill him. Now that is very sketchy, i know, but the thing is, he is not the one that reported me for rdm. The people who actually reported me were the 2 traitors I correctly assumed were traitors and proceeded to kill. The two people who reported me was "Sick Ducker" and "Pinormerk". I believe that Pinor is an admin or something high ranked, but i am not sure if Sick Ducker was even a member. So first I killed Sick Ducker. The round started with me going immeadatley to the basement part of the map with a total of 3 T-Room entrances, 2 are directley from the room and the other one teleports you into a closet. I was near the closet trying to move objects in front of the 2 direct entrances from the t-room for a solid minute. When i was done with that i walked around and saw Sick Ducker walk out of the closet that has a teleporter in it. I started shooting at him, because for that entire minute i did not hear or see the door open and close. When i killed him, i ID'd the corpse and sick ducker was infact a traitor. Onto PinorMerk. About 2 minutes after i had killed Sick Ducker i heard pinorMerk say over comms "I just killed a traitor, im proven." But the thing was that PinorMerk never ID'd a body, so i told him "Why didn't you ID the body?" He mumbuled " I did " As soon as he said that it showed him ID - ing a body that was Innocent. I assumed that he just faked killing a traitor, when he actually just killed an innocent. I then went upstairs and killed PinorMerk, and it turned out he was a traitor. PinorMerk was the one who banned me, i'm not sure for how long though because it doesn't have a time next to the message. I believe this banning came from a little bit of salty-ness on Pinormerk's side, due to the fact that technically only 2 rdm's with reports against me was met with a ban, instead of an auto-slay for a couple of rounds. Thanks - Pewdis
  13. soolee rage ban

    Video speaks for itself. He thought I was "ghosting" because my friend was in the game. When in reality, I clearly heard the shotgun shots, ran toward them, SAW THE MIC'S of the people disappear, knowing they were dead. Used common sense, and see a guy swimming with a shotgun away for the crime scene. You are a bad, butthurt badmin, soolee. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Msi7NNdUcj0&feature=youtu.be
  14. I have been playing ttt on this server for a long time and all of a sudden i have been banned for "Too low karma". Please help i love this server!
  15. i got perm gag

    i got a new mic so i dont have to yell for my mic to pick it up so i can talk normally
  16. so in ttt i had a slay and my vac kicked me out the game now i have rdm/leave for 6 hours and i was wondering if i can get that removed to i can just get the slay without the ban.
  17. Thanks for reading, just wanted to let everyone who remembers me or cares to know that I'm back after around a year or so of being silent. Around the time I left, some pretty big things happened that took all of my attention away from here; some regarding my own health, and others that I feel that - out of respect for my family, shouldn't be said. As of now, my doctor has had extensive talks with me about my health and how to maintain it the best I can moving forward - as of today all I can say is everything seems fine. I wanted to also say I'm sorry for the abrupt leave, and also to the TTT staff for not letting you all know I was going to be gone for a while, especially when I held a position on the team. In regards to everyone here, thank you for keeping this place alive, and thank you to all of the staff on the site, regardless of server or rank. We're all one big family, and I hope I can be with you for as long as I can.
  18. Name: Tombstone Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:155743702 Banned by: I don't know who banned me Ban reason: Mass RDM Why you should be unbanned: I was at bottom of the tower, and a RDMer shot me so I shot the person that i thought was shooting me, but then about 5 guys shot me so I shotgunned all of them, because at first I didn't know who shot me and then I was then quickly killed.
  19. Name: *Insert Username Here* Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:103369843 Banned By: WigglesWorth Banned reason: Hacking Why you should be unbanned: In January (The time I was banned), my computer was glitchy at the time and while on the TTT server, My player moves around where he looks and I've been testing my mouse by going on my sandbox and see why it was happening. When I join other servers, the player doesn't look around by itself and I don't detect any hacks and I was wondering if I can be unbanned for that
  20. wise guy eh

    Name: Wise guy, eh? Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:80183513 Banned by: console Ban reason: karma too low Why you should be unbanned: for about 5 consecutive rounds I killed a fellow t or inno BUT I was not rdming. One guy pickaxe'd an afk, one got hit with tnt even though I called it out (I always count down 3 2 1) one in lighthouse walked past an un id'd, and one in tester walked past an un id'd, and I also think one was from trying to throw an incen out of the traitor room door but it landed inside, that one was my bad. Please unban me
  21. ***Ban appeal resolved by TLAR via private message. Forum may be closed/resolved. Thank you!*** Name: SkydivingSquid Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:81405515 Banned by: TLAR Ban reason: "RDM/L" Why you should be unbanned: I pressed F9 in game instead of F8. I was attempted to watch my death scene to prove I did not RDM. F9 places me in a solo match. Within 10 seconds I was banned for "RDM and leave" by @Tlar. I have played at least 10+ hours with TLAR and have never even received a slay from him. I have followed the rules strictly and even have an Admin Application in. I do not RDM, and I definitely do not RDM and leave. I didn't even have time to get back into the server. Furthermore, I did not RDM. A guy reported me from a previous round because I shot at him for sniping people. I wanted to check the death scene before his T buddy killed me. I had done 26 damage to the guy, but he reported me. The report was finished (I responded to it), but had hit F9 before the admin checked it out. Regardless. I feel the ban was unwarranted and was done far too quickly . . . I couldn't even get back in fast enough. Please reverse the ban. I am a VIP on this server and have an active Admin request in. I follow the rules strictly. I do not RDM. I don't even get slayed. . . @TheSadBandit @MilkMan
  22. Name: Wet Toilet Seat Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:60227094 Banned by: thesadbandit Ban reason: "Consistent" Why you should be unbanned: I apparently got banned for consistent RDMs when the only one i can remember was intentionally pushing someone in the T room however I apologized right after. I disconnected a while later to eat and i come back to this with no warning. Really?
  23. dumb guy

    Name: Bog Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:60676131 Banned by: Console Ban reason: Karma Why you should be unbanned: uuuhhh how do I go into spectator mode? I went back on to get evidence for the aimbotter (this is him https://steamcommunity.com/id/Darkelf46/ STEAM_0:1:189897348) and it said I was in spec mode so I thought I was good, but I got banned again. sorry for the time wasting.
  24. ttt ban appeal

    Name: Bogdanoff Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:60676131 Banned by: karma Ban reason: karma Why you should be unbanned: Lots of random rdm, killed a guy after he shot diamond into water, killed two more right after who started shooting me, stuff like that unban pls, also I have the ID of an aimbotter I'd like to give, he killed whole server with headshots and left
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