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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys this is my resignation for TTT Rotation staff. I first joined GFL on May 20th of 2019. The server used to be really dead back then. I joined the server to be met by only two other people. These people happened to both be trial admins. If they hadn't been on at that time, I'm sure I wouldn't have stayed because of my social anxiety. Right before I was about to leave one of them talked to me and we just started kind of messing around and talking a bit. I stayed here for maybe a week and one of the trial admins suggested that I apply for member, so I finally did. Luckily I had @Liloz01 on the server to accept me right away . After a little while longer, I had the thought in my head to apply for staff and was encouraged by the same trial admin to apply. So, after a little while of trying to find a sponsor, I asked @Zero for a sponsor and immediately got denied because he didn't know who I was :)). After that though, my trial admin friend got his friend @VilhjalmrF to sponsor me. It took about 5 days for me to get accepted but after some +1's and a couple of neutrals, I got trial admin. It really was a nice experience when I first started off. I was so excited to the point where I preferred to handle reports rather than actually play the game. I feel like that's most of the reason why I was able to stay for this long because I actually enjoyed being staff. I got full admin a month later and finally got Senior Admin April 4th of this year. I met some good friends and even my boyfriend @Myst56 on this server. All in all, I'm very grateful to GFL and very happy that I joined it. Now, the reasons for which I'm resigning from staff. I'm not getting paid to do this yet I'm getting yelled at for being inactive for 3-4 weeks due to being slightly burnt out and the server being changed drastically to the point where it's beyond recognition. There's just been so many things that have been added at once that I feel so out of the loop and I'm being yelled at for losing motivation because I'm overwhelmed with all of the new things added to the server and apparently that's an inadequate reason. I'm expected to be more active simply because I have 'senior' in front of my Admin rank because apparently not being on the server means that I'm just useless. I've been helpful and active on the discord and I've been active with my member acceptor role (which I will keep) but apparently that's not enough for one of our server managers. There have been admins and even senior admins before me that have been more inactive than I have and I realize that we're under new management, however, it seems that I am under more criticism for my inactivity. I used to be on the server for 7 hours a day and now it's gone down to me not being on at all. I used to like handling reports but now it's becoming more of an annoyance than anything. This used to be something that I enjoyed but now it feels like a job. I just don't enjoy it as much as I used to. The server used to be more fun when there were less people and everyone would just roleplay and kill bind. Now there are just tryhards and too many people to deal with in general. It's understandable for the managers to want their staff to be active but not to the point where my opinions are essentially invalidated. Yes, I should've had more insight to give a reason for my inactivity beforehand, however, I thought it was a small bout of it. I thought it was only going to last a week but here we are at almost 4 weeks of not joining the server. I know that this resignation might seem sudden to some, and I'm sorry about that. I ended up thinking things over and realized that it's just not as fun as it used to be. A couple of days ago I had thought about getting on the server after I agreed to keep in mind @BraeLyn2212's proposal of getting on the server whenever she was on so I could learn about all of the new things if I needed help. Braelyn, I'm very grateful that you offered that, you are very kind. Soon after that, however, Duck ended up talking to me about my activity which made me think, do I really want my only activity on the server to be forced? Do I really want to get on the server just because I'm told to? The answer was obviously no. If it was yes, I don't think I'd be writing this resignation right now. I am resigning from staff fully, not just senior admin. As you might be able to tell from my reasoning as to why I'm resigning, admin would not be any different from being senior admin to me. Now some final words to some people. @BraeLyn2212 Thank you for offering to help me learn things. I really do appreciate the gesture. Also, congratulations on getting senior admin. I think that you're a great admin and I think you'll be an even better senior admin. @Adversary I know you're not staff anymore but you were a really good staff member that cared about the server a lot. I think that you're a good friend and I appreciate you being there for me when I had bad days. @Royal. You were also a really good staff member. You're a really good friend and I hope that we can talk more at some point. (Remember to message me if you want the link to join my discord) @Duck. Sorry that this is sudden but you should've expected something like this trying to push someone into a corner. I do still consider you a friend and I hope that you'll join back in my discord soon so we can all talk things out. @JadedJade You are a good friend and great server manager. You've been a part of GFL for a very long time and I think that you have good experience from it. Keep @Duck. in line Also remember that you can talk to Myst or I anytime if you need to talk or just want to hang out. @Myst56 I love you so much and I really hope that everything goes well for you and that you're able to move down here to Texas. I miss you a lot and hope to see you in person again sooner rather than later ❤️ @Waylon Smithers Congrats on senior admin. I never really talked to you much and I was honestly confused that you've been here for a longer time than I thought but, either way, I think that you'll do great as senior admin. @Kirito_dualswords Keep up the streaming, you're doing great. You should get drunk more often, that was funny. To all of the other Rotation staff that I didn't mention, I wish y'all luck in your future staffing! (Sorry if I didn't mention you, I either didn't know you very well or didn't have anything to say.)
  2. I believe that the time has come for me to step down from staff entirely. As you may or may not know, I have been going through some really REALLY stressful times right now. My father has a crack addiction, and this addiction has been getting worse. It has gotten to the point where I don’t know if we are going to have a roof over our heads by the end of this coming month. During my absence, I have been endlessly trying to find better employment and attempting to get a car ASAP, just so in the worst case scenario I could live in my car for a little bit. Long story short, my life is at a low point at the moment; and worrying about RDM reports and all the countless new overstimulating “content” that is being added is the least of my concerns right now. I have been a part of this community since June 11th 2019, 10 days later I became staff. I miss the good old days of Fast food. I miss the coal mining RP, and I miss all the people that have come and went with time. @Zero @Pancake Jenkins and @VilhjalmrF to name a few. As time progresses I tend to find myself treating this position as a job that I just try to go to every day just to make a paycheck… except there is no paycheck. My desire to play has been slowly diminishing and It has finally gotten to the point where I am so focussed on other things, and the only time I think about the server is when I'm thinking about whether or not to resign. It also doesn’t help that it is being run by a person that doesn’t even try to speak to me and has actively avoided me since June 11th, 2020. I feel uncomfortable to join a server that has this immature and unprofessional principal. I will take this time to mention some people that i’d like to address formally before my resignation: @JadedJade I love you girl, you are fucking amazing and I wish we could talk more. You have been supportive and understanding to my situation and I appreciate having you as a friend, and I hope you continue doing the awesome work that you’re doing. Just know that you can come to me about any problems you are having or even drop by and say hello. @Duck. You can choose to take this as me calling you out. Or, you can take this as a sign that your actions have effects on other people. And those actions may be causing those people to not want to be on the server anymore. I miss you. I want to be able to call you a friend again and hang out and play video games. I have heard your “reasons” as to why you up and ghosted me but I just wanna talk man. Stop running away from it and talk to me. @Kirito_dualswords You are a funny guy and I hope your streaming hobby really kicks off. You are entertaining to watch and I enjoy hanging out with you on call. I hope you can evolve as a staff member and as a streamer and really make a name for yourself. You have my best wishes and support. @Magiconix I think 100% of people figured this was a given but I love you and I can’t wait to go up to Texas with you and start a life with you. I think about it every day and I thank this community and this server for bringing us together @Royal. You’re a real one man, I love talking to you for hours on discord about real stuff and I hope you can find your purpose in life and achieve happiness. I miss hanging out with you and hopefully we can catch up soon TL;DR: It's been a blast being part of the TTT Rot staff; however, there are some external factors that prevent me from being a proper staff member so I feel it is time for me to resign. I love all of you guys in the GFL community and I hope to still get on the server every once in a while once my situation clears up. Until then, I bid thee farewell.
  3. On TTT ROT the current rule is that you have to call out holy nades, jihads, and traps in some form or fashion. It should be made so that you have to call it out in text chat as to make sure your tbuddies are aware of your traitorous acts. This is also beneficial for staff because it provides clear cut evidence as to if someone has actually called out their explosives. Rather than someone just saying "i said it in vc not my problem you didnt hear". This would make it much easier on staff to determine whether or not it was called out or not. Similar to how t weapons must be called out in text chat.
  4. I am here on behalf of members of the community who demand a Minecraft Steve player model. If you stand with us on our platform please show your support below!!
  5. I am here on behalf of members of the community who demand a Minecraft Steve player model. If you stand with us on our platform please show your support below!!
  6. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1862414362 Split Ravine is designed to be mostly aimed at snipers with some indoor locations as respite. IMPORTANT: All non-metal doors can be shoot through, be aware that hiding behind a door still makes you an easy target. Metal and T-doors are still safe. There are locations that will always spawn rifles and shotguns, but they do not have any extra ammo directly at the location. The rest of the weapons spawn randomly with only 1 extra ammo pickup. To get more ammo (aside from roaming the map and hoping), you must simply open a storage area where most of the ammo is located. The traitor tester is mostly the same as seen in ruin, but without a t trap attached to it. I REALLY like the fear it gives people who are being tested. There are 3 T doors that let the T escape into one of 2 T rooms. There is no way out of these rooms except to manually exit it this time. RIP any inno who somehow gets inside. The typical way into the skybox is still included, and for the sake of simplicity, requires the same set of items to get inside. I forgot to include a detective room, but no one REALLY needs it right? ;D And now a couple of images. For the sake of it, this is the button to open the ammo room.
  7. I donated to VIP level 2 days ago and every time the map changes or i log on to the server my tags get reset to default GFL VIP instead of my custom tags. I hit save tags every time i change them but they still get reset
  8. So, here is the thing. I love making custom levels/maps for others to play on, and after spending some time with GFL, I knew I had to make something for the community. So here is the first map I've made specifically for GFL. {Link Removed} (broken version) {Link Removed} (old bad version) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1851412909 (version with water trap) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1862399555 (current version on the server) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1963884165 (version with the most recent changes... v4m4) [Changelog3] Completely removed a chunk of the level with the water and the ramp, people kept complaining about the layout being complicated and open, this should help make it a bit more linear. Added a large crusher in the path from top-spawn into the tester room. Both because I think it's cool, and it should help add more options/flow to the map. Changed the textures on the "side" areas to a white stone. People complained about all the colors being the same, so now you get blinded. Some other really minor changes. (Like more boxes for variety.) [Changelog2] Removed the water trap in the sand area completely, including the ability to lock those doors. Added a way to break the t-tester. Removed the illusionary walls (the ones that were non-solid but could only see through one side). Added a couple pillars near spawn. Some other really minor changes. [Changelog] Nerfed the outside wooden wall in of itself. (Thanks nep model) Made it easier to climb up to the T exit that is near the outside. Added a little bit more structure to the outside. Made it easier to climb out of the tester room off of the rubble near the stairs. Completely removed a medium sized redundant room that would circle into another room. Changed the colour of most of the trim to help add slight diversity/understanding of which section you are in. [End of Changelog] Instigated Ruin is designed to be mostly mid-close range with some long range areas. In terms of weapons, there is around 100 randomized weapon spawns, to attempt to make sure every player has at least a mediocre primary, but also making sure they wont just take the same path every round to get their shotgun. You have to search rooms and paths to find the better guns. There is a very small detective room, that has 2 guaranteed shotguns and 2 guaranteed deagles. This room has an emergency button that will open a door out permanently. This detective room is also directly attached to a T room, of which the Ts can open and invade at any point. Traitors have to worry about who can see them with each move they make, but have an easy time actually getting about by using their two small T rooms. They can enter them from 4 different locations, and exit out into 3 different rooms or use teleports into 4 other rooms. The traitor tester was designed to feel completely different than normal, where you used to just put someone in, see them, wait, and get results... this time you do not get vision inside and it's them pressing another button that gets the results. There are a few T traps, one of which will cause a complete change in the flow of the map. After 3 minutes, a button will activate, letting a traitor flood one connector of the map, preventing anyone from crossing through it, effectively blocking off 5 doors, one of which is completely sealed off except by a traitor door. The other T traps include a breakable floor, a falling rock, and locking the tester door for nearly a full minute (have fun teasing the person inside with a c4, but do not accidentally give the innos a win by time limit). There are a few other ways to goof off, some hidden goodies, and even a turtle out in the open to dance with. Have 2 ingame images, just to give a feel of the map.
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