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Found 4 results

  1. Mc_Nugs Unban

    Name: Mc_Nugs Steam ID: STEAM_01159528215 Banned by: Milk Man (Told by other staff) Ban Reason: Ghosting Why should you be unbanned *I was not ghosting- I was playing SP (by myself) for only 4 rounds. I didn't even have my mic set up. I was in DM (deathmatch) asking people to join " Use DM" so i could pvp while waiting ( I was bored) when I got banned. *I dont know what I did or what I typed to make staff think i was ghosting, the thing I wasn't and never have. I find ghosting to be unfair and ruin the game. *The only thing i can think of that i did that might have been simi-bad was asking a Guy to stop being toxic when he was having a insult back and for with an anime guy(but that isnt ghosting) *Im not a cheater,ghoster,toxic or bad person. i wish to be unbanned because i enjoy the server and dont want to jeopardize that. *I never mass rdm and I play on the US server sorry I cant find the app for it. But I follow all rules all the time.
  2. I wish to inquire into if the melon on site19 can be removed. You made the door close after it is opened but it is not enough. People still get the melon and abuse its powers to insta kill all SCP's and it is unfair and unbalanced. They have insta killed 682, 106 and 066 all in one game with the melon and they have complained but the admins say it isnt something worth punishing for. Please remove the melon so this never happens again. Thank you.
  3. Name: ZethranOverwatch Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:93039569 Gagged by: Wigglesworth Gag reason: "this is the end of the gag ladder" Why you should be ungagged: Wigglesworth gagged me permenantly. I dont know why and the only reason he gave was "this is the end of the gag ladder" ive never been gagged before. never been autoslain for rdm. ive put hundreds of hours into this gamemode alone. i know how to play. ive put over a day of time on this server already. i like the people. i really want to be a part of this community. I dont want to quit the server, but if im going to be gagged permenantly like this then i'm done. I'm not going to stand for it. Sorry.
  4. Firstly i was banned from doing anything on the forums about a month ago and i still can not type in the shout box which is retarded.
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