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Found 5 results

  1. Xy Escposed!!1

    This is a joke post, don't do anything I say in this post. by box box Hey Guyos Its Your Friend FortniteVirgin72 And I Just Figured Out The Truth About Xy, First, Observe This Photo I made With My 3000 Dollar Photoshop Program See Anything Wreong? If You Cant See, Kubnair's Post Has Almost 300,000 Views While Garry's Mod All-Time Peak is 73,750 People Playing At One Time, Is That Not A Bit Suspicious? It Is Really Strange And I Want To Know What You Guys Think As It Is Really Strange. and yes i know how to grammar it was for comedic affect but really though what is this dude
  2. Alright I decided to do this because I'm hella cancer on breach and Xy does not like that so okay yeah. Basically I am making a post that will be a list of terms and conditions for the continuation of my time as admin on Breach that concerns the amount of cancer I expose to the players and staff of Breach, and most importantly, Xy. Here is my new terms and conditions I will use @@@ sparingly, and will only use it for cancer memes for about 1-2 times per hour, but I may not even use it this frequently. I will not use @@ for cancer memes because i can just use @@@ for that instead I will use the intercom to meme whenever cause that's free real estate, but ear rape will not be present. I will reserve the right to scream after turning a corner and seeing an enemy because it is a genuine reaction and I actually do get scared from that. I will actually do shit as an admin but I'm not going to go out of my way to find rule breakers, if i'm told of a rule breaker then yeah ill do something but I ain't going cheater hunting. I will stop being extremely racist for no reason, but you gotta admit that sometimes it is funny tbh. I am still not going to respect players because anyone can be meme'd upon so I will do that. I will over all drop my cancer levels from about a 6/10 to a 4/10 so its a little better. @Xy if you agree then please comment "yes" if you accept these new policies. alright time to kms
  3. This is to make uncle @Xy happy https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=369102111&searchtext=Playermodel+ Hope you enjoy @Xy
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