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Found 4 results

  1. Kinda dispersed from manager unannounced and thought i should explain why. I fucking hate the playerbase lmao. I've been playing since the middle of 2017 and i've never seen it any worse than it is now, it's in a complete state and as a result the server has become unfun to play on. The server has had something that had made it survive for so long, something very few other servers had; considering HnS as a game-mode gets less than 35 players peak - It had a chill playerbase. Often, people would join HnS not to play but just to talk, joke around and have fun. Recently however, those players have disappeared and have been replaced with toxic, cancerous players who take joy in fucking with people and killing the server. Tryharding, encouraging people to rulebreak and no sense of being nice has brought the server from an average of an off-peak-time 20 players to sometimes less than 10. I've been an admin for almost a year and a half, and the manager for 3 months, and i've enjoyed near every second of it. Well, except for being manager to such a toxic and shitty playerbase, fuck you guys you know who you are. Here's a thank you list to people who actually deserve recognition over the years. If you're not in it well... that answers itself : ) The originals; @Mr. Bones I love you. Never change. @cancerous_cunt M O O N @Jat One of the first admins and someone who still tries to be chill @GARYBANAPPEAL (I couldn't find your current profile lol) My first sponsor, a good friend and a great guy. RIP that you got caught-up in this whole toxic shit. @mbs l a z y b o y The Collgate kids club members list; @Clufyretard @Clueless C. What did you DO to City 8 @Rennadai UwU @Superden30 I miss you buddy Doink Furry trash <o/ @BlockHero Chill boy, where did you GOOOOO @nblock ShootnSuch I miss you're very deep, alluring, sexual, commentator worthy voice. @CheesyFishBitz ERUGHHGHGH @nelso531 h e n t a i s p r a y s Ember h e n t a i s p r a y s 2 e l e c t r i c b o o g a l o o Eternal Chill boy, where did you go @MB101 Get trumboned @shelby Women on HnS don't exist @DethZoro Stop being so annoyingly depressed, it's depressing! @littleshake serbia_gang.mp4 @Musical Hi Dad, i'm Dad, Dad. @bnewton Spiders are cute and all but please don't lewd them Viper ICH LEIBE SPRACKEN HUNTZ @Zexired Who is sex and why did i offend them!!!1!1!1! @Fafy EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE @PsquawOsaurus get active sooooooon maaaaaaaaaaaaan @Diablodoggy28 you should kiss Prodigy @NaratoHeHeXD What is a bhop and why did i script it Smoreswaffles Why did you disappear : ( @Symba Bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye I'll still be a chode around the discord and maybe play if certain... others don't exist. Cya gents, was a blast.
  2. Hey, so basically I know I don't play Breach at all anymore, but still. I hear a lot from other players and whatnot, and I think It'd be appropriate to remove SCP-323 and SCP-1799 entirely from the game. SCP-1799 is not that good of an SCP on itself, due to it's conceptual issues, and problems regarding balance. Starting with it's debut, it has bounced between several nerfs and buffs and it would seem it's a lot harder of an SCP to balance on itself, people always find a way to complain. It would be better off being removed. Similarly, it is also a bit redundant due to the addition of SCP-049's new mechanics and the previous addition of SCP-378. Though I do agree, it had an interesting concept with the revolver as it's main basis for offense, it has become redundant by other gun wielding (in sense, range) SCPs that have made it in a way, useless. SCP-323 also suffers terribly from issues that it would be no question that if it were to be removed or not. The entire method of which it attacks has to leave it as one of the most boring SCPs to play in the entire game. It has the be the epitome of m1-to-kill SCPs, and the fact that all you could possibly do is attack people by spamming left click makes it inherently boring and add nothing more to gameplay than any other SCPs. The only interesting mechanic it has is it's skull, which compared to other SCPs, isn't that intruiging on itself, as it's somewhat unintuitive due to the fact that it's not controlled by the player of SCP-323, but rather by the fault of people running into SCP-323's skull. Players can additionally purposely touch SCP-323 near other teammates, and thinking about it, shows the unbalanced nature of the system that the skull's mechanic proposes. It's system of attack also makes it somewhat unfair to play against, as it deals high amounts of damage in small amounts of times, giving the impression of instant kills to most players if they're not lucky enough to slip by. Overall, SCP-323 and SCP-1799 should be removed entirely from the game, or if not, than they should be replaced by another SCP class that could be added into the game.
  3. Yeah so I basically want to become god himself on Site-07. I want official permission to do fun stuff on Site-07, namingly my RP rounds. Some people have questioned whether if it's abuse, and let me just tell you, it definitely fucking is abuse, lol. So now I want to be able to do it officially, because it's such a fun event to do in the server. The entire premise is bringing every player into the town, and letting them just have fun. Teaming is allowed, and you can kill whoever you'd like. Just have fun. It's just fucking around on a shitty map, that's all it is, and I want to do it more often. Also can you give admins access to respawn commands again askdmalskdmlaksmdklamsxlkmaslkdmalksmdlk rngs
  4. i thlnk stpds have mising potental and i tink they get beter stuf. SCP-035 Change: Team Switch ( Chaos Insurgency ) Current Team: Class-D Personally, I think SCP-035 should be in the Chaos Insurgents team to be able to escort Class-D. This doesn't really change anything. SCP-096 Change: One Hit Current Damage: I don't fucking know So 096 is relly strng so i thiks it shold 1 hit. (Seriously though please.) SCP-106 NEW THING: Black Mucus trail!!! Property: Slowness OR rapidly deal 1 damage So when 106 moves it leaves this black mucus trail that either slows down or damages youuu it 20 seconds before disappearing! The trail is this black stuff on the flooorrr SCP-939 & SCP-378 Change: Both of these SCPs shouldn't spawn in the same round naturally. SCP-939 and SCP-378 extremely different but they both can disguise into another team. AND I DON'T WANNA DEAL WITH TWO SCPS THAT CAN DISGUISE AT THE SAME TIME. SCP-334 Change: Playermodel Playermodel: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1368927958&searchtext=SCP-023 I don't want a fucking eevee. SCP-795 Change: Health Buff Current Health: I HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE BUT I KNOW IT'S LOW So SCP-610-B has more health than SCP-795. Think of that. SCP. 610. -B. Has. More. Health. Than. 795. Seriously? I remember seeing 795 die before the first NTF wave were called. SERIOUSLY. WHAT THE FUCK. EVEN 795'S DAD WANTS IT TO HAVE MORE HEALTH. DO IT. DO IT!!! SCP-457 NEW THING: Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu! Current RMB: Sprint They just copied and pasted 682's RMB onto 457. Let it shoot a fire ball. LET IT. If anyone thinks this is a shitpost I will tell my uncle which is the creator of minecraft and he WILL ban you. He bought me this steve doll from Toys R Us before it closed.
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