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"Knowledge Base" Moved To Supporters+ Section

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Hello, just wanted to let everybody know the Knowledge Base forum has been moved to the Supporters+ section and all Supporters+ can view it. This sub-forum should help with some of @Roy's updates. 


This sub-forum is used to give information to our Supporters+ about certain things (e.g. NFO vs OVH) from a Higher-Up's point of view.


Feel free to browse through the sub-forum!



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I have some mixed feelings on this, but I think it'll overall benefit us if we do it correctly.  Something I mentioned of concern, to me, was about this section becoming too "Support" like rather than "Exclusive Lounge" for Supporters+, and it comes off as being a technical setting rather than a perk for being one of our supporters.


HOWEVER: The obvious good trade-off is that this helps with the transparency people seem to always complain about.  I was actually  just asking @rapperdan about this the other day because I'm beginning to feel like a lot of people kind of just say it (and mean it) [gentle stab here, Dan :9_9:], but I mean...  we've become one of the most transparent organizations that I have ever seen (even with my retail, pizza, and coffee shop experiences); I even admitted to them that we had recently purged our Community Advisors section because we're not even "pushing down anymore", we're starting these topics in sections like Server Admins or on the greater forums.  Now, the new "behind the scenes" is simply a PM of ideas between individuals, but it's nothing official among Staff.  Of course there is always room to improve just like Tony Hawk can and Rodney Mullen can improve their skateboarding skills, but is anyone complaining about them?



The "correctly" portion I was meaning above was to talk more about features instead of upgrades...  technically the same things, but presenting it in different ways.  You can sell a computer to someone and tell them about the specs of the computer or you can tell them how & why the computer will benefit them...  and that is if we do keep this section in the Supporter forums.


Overall... a great idea, but an even better way to optimize this - in my personal opinion - is to simply move it to a public/member forum.  I don't think there is any compromising information here that would exclude at least members from this knowledge base, but the trade-off there is that maybe we'll have a little bit more spam compared to "teching" this potential lounge area.

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