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For those of you who have been wondering (mostly no one) about my absence on the GFL murder servers its because about a week ago my room was on fire and destroyed my equipment....I don't know when...or even if I'll ever be back on gfl ever again....Ive also been dealing with CPS recently because of the fire and the stafe of my room. Most of you already know that I most likely wont be on for maybe years.....Its been tearing me apart and ive been bredowng down every night since i realized my life was my pc......I miss all of you guys and I will miss every second of those servers....I think about them all the time...I really hope this won't be my final goodbye on gfl.....Ill be on steam with my phone...but thatd about it....heres a photo i took about 5 hours before i woke up to the flames which ruined my life.....thank you for all the memories...and goodbye for now...


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I wish you the best, dude.


Hope everything's alright.


And last but not least,


Come say hi again soon if you can. We'll miss you in Murder.


Good Luck Bud,






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7 hours ago, DeadAtNooN said:

Im not back...its gonna take a year or so to get my shit back...but thanks ig?


Oh I see. But you'll be mostly on forums instead, correct? So wouldn't it consider it as being back. 


credits to @Clavers

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