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Uh. Hi.

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Since new forums means people are doing these again,


Hi, if you didn't know me already, or forgot who I was, I'm Nubz / Mike. I've been a part of the community for almost a year and a half, and I used to be an admin+ for Jailbreak. I left for a while for personal reasons, but I guess I'm back and ready to play some games again. I'll probably be playing a lot Overwatch for a while so, if you want to play, just find me on TeamSpeak or something.



Liking the new site design though, 10/10

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Ex-GMOD Jailbreak Admin 

Ex-GMOD Jailbreak Server Manager.

Ex-Rust Admin





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Lovely to meet you, Mike. (Your voice is beautiful.)

I'd love to play some Overwatch with you and am glad you're back to games!

Add me on battle.net: Dano#21397 (Please no spam invites)

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