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1 hour ago, Aurelien said:

As you have noticed, I have not played JB at all recently, this is due to not finding interest in the gamemode anymore and thereforeI am resigning as an admin from JB.


I want to thank @HackingPotato for giving me the oppurtunity to be an admin, altough I was extremely cancerous :pogchamp:.

And thank you @denros, @bballallan, @PaulaDeen, @Sajco, @qzed, @Dogger, @Leks, @iPro, @KeeD, @Addy, @Darkling, @King_Wailord, @FlippySpoopy, @O5-X_Council, @Johaw, @Ahsim, @PParrot, @Swishizzo, and @bobe for serving with me.


Don't get me wrong, I am not quitting GFL, but I am quitting CSGO JB, so you're still stuck with cancer.




Didn't get to play with you very often but the times we did play together were great, "that guy's got a gun!" 


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when you tag the person who got demoted for scamming and using fake accounts for likes but can't get a text back

My Steam Profile (from SteamDB)


  • Worth: $943 ($530 with sales)
  • Games owned: 174
  • Games played: 112 (64%)
  • Hours on record: 5,797.5h

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Posted  Edited by King_Wailord

It was great fun having you around man, you were always there for me as a Trial when I didn't understand something or simply needed help. The server needs some more autism to fill the huge gap that you left (haha). See you around dude #neverforgotten :rip::biblethump:

Edited by King_Wailord

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