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Thy call me, tater tots

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Hey peoples! Some of you guys know me as upin. I play in the surf rpg server, I own, Do not worry about the top ranks, something is wrong with that, I should be at the top, but whatever. I am old, young, been playing before CS:S was around. I dabble in map making, you might have heard of them, I'm d best, you love it. We wont worry about then names of those maps, not important! I am a computer science major, I have free time from school while I take off for recovery. I am running for President, vote for me.

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Ah, computer science!  I think Roy (GFL Founder) is going to really like you.  I study electrical engineering myself.  I'm really glad to have you on our team as I think you will make a valuable asset.  Thanks for being with us!


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