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You need a KEY to PASS the BLOCKade but don't FIDLER around or you will VAUFF it up and A SOMEBODY named DARKHEROZ who gets more ANGRY than a SOCCER MUM who hasn't had a RIM YOB in a MILlion years will maul you like a rabid KOALA or AUELION. But if it gets SNOWY KIKOFLY up into the SKY all the way up to space, but watch out for SPACECOWs. If for any reason you get the WHIM to come down, don't get a TAKE FAXI because the driver will take a SMALL LOAN of everything you own and you will end up living on the streets eating pizza CUSTYs from VINZ(bins). You will take SHELTERCOMMANDER under DUSTY BLOCKs which get DANOgerous(dangerous) when WHIMdy(windy), not so VALiant now are you? You're in deep SHIKI(shit)now. 
Just a joke don't take any part of the story seriously and I know I missed heaps of people sorry XD. 

Just a prank don't be DEKES about it 


Can you KAKANOT get mad or you will hurt ME-ME

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Merged three posts

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Posted  Edited by 1mpact

Thanks, should have posted there originally 



sorry if if I had a negative 1MPACT (sorry had to go out strong):pull:

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