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Art of the Month: February

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Posted  Edited by Bae


Brought to you by the GFL GFX Team


Welcome to the third Art of the Month (AOTM) contest. If you need to read over the rules and guidelines, refer to this thread:

The theme of this month is Poetry. Here is an example poetry:


After enjoying the supreme bliss
No need to have a replay swish
This need of once more aesthete
Literally you never get true repeat

Those unique feelings in deep secret
Of silent eyes of faithful evening sedate
No curtain falling will have same rehearse
Of those fading moments like dead verse

Those flashing visions can never be recited
And never be accomplished in succession
Just enjoy imagination and never get deceived
Listen unfathomable notes from innate ocean

Tune your mind for afresh heavenly pleasure
Like the Earth ready for daily bakes and bear

~~~~~~Jawahar Gupta ~~~~~~


You can submit any sort of poetry of your choice. There is no limit to how much you wish to submit.


As said before, the deadline is the end of the month, Feb. 28. Afterwards  a poll will be made to determine the winner. I recommend anyone with any actual poetic talent to participate. If you have any questions be sure to message me or the other GFX members:

@Azura @OutOfIdeas @inHaze @cankyarts @Tai @Radify25


Edited by Bae


credits to @Clavers

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Met a cute girl

On this fancy new app

Her name was Earl

She was actually a Trap


I'm sorry



"...You do a thing and it becomes the paint others will use on their canvas

of the internet for their memes" - Michael Stevens, Vsauce


2014 - 2020

Thanks for the good times, kings.

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Posted  Edited by Twig

An Ode to Him.



I look up in the sky and i fear,

that maybe my love is not near,

but when i talk to him, i remember so

that he is always with me, and i know.


I love him more than most love another,

More than a child loves his own mother

He makes me feel like i am complete.

Because without him, i am obsolete.


I wouldn't have gotten where i am without him,

And in my mind, i know i love him,

And this distance will never keep us apart,

and to my Charles, i know, i will keep dearly in my heart.


He's my friend, my partner, my lover

and like no other, he gives me cover.

And to my Charles, i will love you so,

no matter the rain, wind, nor snow.


- Twig

Edited by Twig

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10/10 @Twig

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I am honest in my admission that I favour prose over poetry, although that won't stop me from trying my hand. Here is a poem about the perfect imperfection of humans.




There is an old saying that holds merit,
In that humans are akin to clockwork.
Bound to the limitations of what we inherit,
Yet capable of spurring that which is yonder.
Machines without halt, art without fault.
Why is that, I wonder?


We are speaking of something complex.
Intricate, no doubt to a great vice,
For if a piece of the mind falls under a hex,
Lunacy becomes the bedfellow of wit.
War without pause, spite without cause.
Are we truly so unfit?


Ah, perhaps such an account is dishonest.
After all, one may be the disgraced tyrant,
Whilst another opts to be the exalted pianist.
The mistress of anathema breeds many a woe:
Slaves without charity, tenets without verity.
Is this all we have to show?


Our shared future is neither bright nor dark,
So please, free yourself from worry.
Your only concern in this life is that creative spark,
Knowing that your path is no longer a mystery.
Songs without lapse, life without maps.
A species to rouse the envy of history.


I won't take a photo—I'll tell it through words.

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Posted  Edited by Finnick

I'll give it a shot. I'm not the best at literature, but whatever :shrug: .




Who am I



The road I take is filled with darkness and confusion.

"Where am I going?", "What am I doing?" I ask myself,

My footsteps have no footprints.

I can not find my way back to where I came from.

I'm lost, in my own self pity.

For years, I thought I was fine, okay, or good.

In reality, I am terrified of what is to come.

The things I have done shape who I am.

But I don't like who I have become.


Who am I supposed to be?

Why am I feeling this way?

These questions distort my thought process and I can't focus.

My life is a blur and I can't see.


What am I doing?

This road I took looks as if I'm travelling into a road of nothingness.

My own self worth is gone, as I drowned in my own self pity.


How do I take this pain away

when there is no cure?

The throbbing in my mind has been tormenting me for the longest of years

I'm lost, where do I go?

Who am I?

Which path, did I take.

Edited by Finnick

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