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Jacket and Ryan

What make GFL different?

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Most people join GFL like "What do I do now?" Do they make posts,  just be that person that never talks? Well, I am going to tell you what makes GFL different for other Clans or whatever.

First of all, GFL does not have these things --------->  5894fc0fd8fcf_Unnamedimage(13).thumb.png.a39fb8807a2ed9f13c595f15fb6689ec.png

If you do not know what that is it is a thing you put a the bottom of when you post. They can be annoying. Or they can just me dumb. Maybe they can be cool. I don't know let's get on to the second one.


Second, GFL admin are chill, relaxed and cool.(I AM NOT SAYING OTHER SERVERS DO NOT HAVE THAT.) Most other servers say Serious Roleplay. GFL is not like that.


Third, People are (kinda) nice. Not a lot of people on GFL are nice. But if you say your dad died people will not be mean to you because that is really bad. (Some people might be mean tho)



That's it thanks for looking at this post!


"Execute Order 66."

-Emperor Palpatine

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Are you talking about signatures? Because GFL has those.



"...You do a thing and it becomes the paint others will use on their canvas

of the internet for their memes" - Michael Stevens, Vsauce


2014 - 2020

Thanks for the good times, kings.

Former Global Admin

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