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I've started doing this on previous forums and I noticed that some people liked it. Well, I improved by adding captioning and will be doing some of those famous songs during the '60s. 


I've done this song, named All you need is love, which is written by The Beatles.

There's this video: 


I apologize for any errors I made, but this is the most I can do in one night. Practices take hours. Editing took me a quite while...

I will be doing some more as well in this thread.





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Posted  Edited by Joshy - Edit Reason: Added the word "energy"

I absolutely love this.  Despite how shitty things turned out for me here, things like this is what drives me to stay within these communities.  Although there is no sound, you really compensate it very well with your strong character, energy and emotion; it also looks like a ton of fun.  What a great video!

Edited by Joshy
Added the word "energy"


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