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like 95% of you don't know me, I'm from the surfing side of GFL, now it's been no secret that for sometime now, the surfing servers have been dying. So i'm gunna make this post to follow the others and leave GFL, now i know you are thinking it's because i wasn't accepted as OP, and that's not the case. it's the fact that they ask for your suggestion and opinions, but when your suggestion doesn't perfectly align with their's, your suggestion no longer matters.


You guys give all the reasons for people to leave, but never a reason for people to stay. 


GLHF; hope you guy's figure out whatever is happening to the servers, and hopefully this SM actually gets the member shop going for the people. 


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Looks like something has been going on with Surf lately, bummer.  I'm a shit-talker myself (no shame), and so I can really empathize.  It's one thing if you're complaining all the time and you're all alone, but it's another thing when you see a lot of smoke.


Anyhoo: Good luck!  I always praise people with a lot of ideas, and it's tough being the deviant.


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