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Do you drive?

Do you drive?  

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  1. 1. Do you drive?

    • Yes - legally
    • Yes - I know how to drive, but I don't have a license
    • No

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Posted  Edited by Joshy - Edit Reason: misspelled highway

I haven't drove in months as the city here uses the metro/tube very often, and I am super anxious to get back to a motorcycle (although my last one had a dent in its frame and the previous was stolen); aside from skateboarding, hopping onto an empty highway is another way to give myself some relief and personal/thinking time.  I was just curious how many people can relate to me so far as driving goes...  I don't care if it's a car, truck, motorcycle...  cement truck...  This is just a super vague question :)   I left a "gray area" answer for those of you who know how to drive and might even do it without a license, but this is mostly intended to be a yes or no question.


Obligatory picture to annoy the hell out of you guys :B|:


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misspelled highway


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Posted  Edited by iPro - Edit Reason: Grammar Error

I've been driving since I was 15. I got my temps the day my half birthday came up and went and bought a car on my 16th birthday.

(Keep In Mind I Owned A Business When I Was 15)


Between me and my girlfriend we own 2 cars, are are about to get a third.


My car is a 2015 Chevrolet Silverado Black Out Special Edition (1st picture)

My Girlfriend's car is a Dodge Journey 2017 SRT (2nd Picture)

And our future car is a 2014 Granite Crystal Metallic Jeep Wrangler  (3rd Picture)

We may like a little black / silver. :kappa:


Keep in mind none of these pictures are our cars, just ones online.





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Grammar Error

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Posted  Edited by Syrus

Well, I just have my roadtest to take!  I just turned 16 not to long ago and I've finished all my drive times.  As for @iPro bringing up cars.  When I get my license which should be really soon.  I will be switching between 2 cars (We haven't gotten one of them yet).  My mom and I will be switching between a Porsche Boxster and Nissan 350z.


Nissan 350z





Porsche Boxster (Car my family is getting soon)




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I have my permit, but not my licence. Since I can't get my license without taking drivers ed I have to wait because it's $300 to take it. I have to pay for my class and I have to buy my own vehicle.


37 minutes ago, TheKoolAidGuy said:

how many people ride motorcycles



Motorcycles are my life. My dad has a mini street bike that I've been begging him to let me ride.

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41 minutes ago, Joshy said:


I'm a guy.

did you just assume Yang Xiao Longs gender?


such a bigot



jk my man

your hair is hot

almost as hot as me wink wink

Adonie Had To Do It To Em by InvalidQuestionBeanie Pup Finnick YCH by InvalidQuestion

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Yes, I drive illegally :lenny:


Nah, gotta wait a little more than a year still.



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I've been driving for give or take a year and a half, I drive my Lamborghini Veneno typically. I asked Trump for a small loan of 4.5 million dollars and to my surprise he did! Here is a picture of it if you're interested:




Okay, I might have been lying and don't own a Lamborghini Veneno

:/ BUT I do have a 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor:


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Posted  Edited by rapperdan

I know how to drive I just don't want to pay the fees for insurance gas etc etc so I walk to most places and I never got my licence after taking my road test. So I don't drive also I feel more comfortable walking then driving.

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Not really. I've failed my permit test the first time because I was distracted and I got 7 out of 20 questions corrected, while I got 8 wrong, or w/e. If you're curious, just a fun fact: Deaf people are best drivers in the world. I could study, but this would mean I'll have to cut off my PC and my phone to attempt permit test again.





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I don't drive at all.


I never go outside so it works out well for me. Even when I get out of school, I'm probably not going to leave my house that often either.


Just going to take public transportation. Especially since I hope to move to Europe once I'm done with school.

"Be good people"

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