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You know what I miss a lot? GFL's Gmod Prop Hunt server. It was because it them a little over 2 years ago that I became a member. I enjoyed that server so much. Sad though when I found out it was taken down. So many fun memories there.

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I too will give my random thoughts


Now I think about it, I used to be the cheating master mind back in high school. Due to the way I dressed and did back then, I have earned the title of "drug lord" since I always have everything like (calculator, writing utensil, etc) in every pocket on me..


I was a major influence in my classes, I would secretly hand out cheats before the tests/quiz to ensure the passing grades of my clients. Just like every cheater ever, I was caught and the grade of my clients went down as I "retire" from my job. 


Though I was caught "taking" testing material, but it didn't stop me from other forms of cheating.


No I don't cheat that much, the only "profit" I get was the trust from my clients because I used some of my clients for my own benefits in later high school years.


Oh yes I love secretly manipulating people in the shadows. Bending them to my will and take advantage of them became one of my "specialties".


If I were to catch someone doing unethical things, I probably will "talk to them about it" and make sure they don't do it again or else I release the information... Won't that be the same as blackmailing?




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