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Why i was karma banned

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6 minutes ago, PB-n-J said:

Steam  ID?

You could also look at his member application to find his steamid.



Anyways, when you're banned for low karma it means you went under 650 (i think) when you went on a killing spree. Damaging your traitor buddies can definitely lower it, killing innocent players can also lower it, you get the point, right? You should always keep in mind of your karma, by holding tab and it should be right before your kill score. If you notice your karma lowering, just like relax and sit back, don't do anything that could lower it even more.


credits to @Clavers

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Please read this before making a ban appeal. It's unnecessary to create a new one, though, so please just edit this current appeal of yours and update it with the format. 


TTT Admin

Breach Admin

Ragdoll Combat Manager




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