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Gif (Art) Request

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  Type: Stream gif /(and maybe signature)

Size: I can re-size it on OBS, but I prefer it to be big enough so it doesn't get super "pixelized"

Image:  094.gif


Text: N/A

Other Specifications?: Okay, so I only want greg (the long, brown haired guy) to be in the gif, I just want the gif to be transparent with him in it (and the microphone too)


d400c25d71065dd7fa748e57fa67611f.png  Do not add this part into the gif, just the other part, showing his whole body 



I honestly don't care, as long as someone can do it well, and to my specifications


I would do this myself, but I'm limited to Paint tool sai as my "photo/gif" editor which makes it harder because of the settings I'd have to tweak to get it just right, and I'm too lazy.

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