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Information on the ban: Well my friends and I like to play on your server... yet recently we had been banned for a week for ghosting.  This is absurd considering we weren't ghosting and we not even accused; it was just a sudden ban.  This is ridiculous... we have been playing on your servers for a while and suddenly this happens... So i ask for us to be un-banned, considering IT WAS UNJUSTIFIED.  We are all friends yes, but we DON'T give each other secrets on the games' status.


Information before the ban: There may have been other admins, yet the only one that stuck out was milk man (i'm unsure of spelling).  He had muted me, and I had asked him a few questions on how to become a member.  This is the only person i suspect of doing so, and he is the only person capable of carrying out the ban.


Other information: We go on your vacant servers (all of us, being me and my friends) and we have an extreme death match... but it doesn't matter because there is nobody else on these vacant servers except us.  If there are other random people joining, we are cautious and we tell them the rules of the game, (no shooting until 30 seconds after the start then we do death match).  We do this because there are some pretty nice maps and the traitor tries to kill everybody else.  


Me and my friends users:






Please anybody who has the power... un-do this unjustified act!  We were not ghosting, I can promise you that.

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Okay, so all I can say is copy the format found in this thread:

Find the ban appeal format then create a PM (Private Message) to @MilkMan that's the admin who banned you. Title the private message "Ban Appeal TTT #1" and fill the body part with the appeal reason.


Although you've alrady made a thread of it I've already tag the admin that banned you and here is the manager whose in charge @Violator


credits to @Clavers

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