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Story of the Month - August

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Hello, and welcome to the next installment of Story of the Month!


As stated previously, I have decided to institute stricter rules this time around to see if this encourages more writers to try their hand at submitting a story. 


The rules for this go around are as follows:


  • No pornography of any kind. Keep it off-screen. Mentions of nudity are fine, but NO explicit sex scenes. Period.
  • Minimum of 4 paragraphs.
  • No troll/meme stories.
  • No tagging anyone who may be in your story. (No exceptions!)


Failure to adhere to the above rules will result in your submission being hidden and any future entries for the current month being withheld.


**Please note: Rules are subject to change!** 




All entries (within rules/reason) will be accepted until August 26th, 2017 at 12:00AM CST after which the voting thread will be opened to designate a winner.


(Only entries will be accepted in the comments. All other comments will be hidden.)




Story of the Month is currently subject to discontinuation depending on the stories submitted. If SOTM receives the same lackluster reception that the previous month did then I will discontinue future entries.


The ultimate goal of SOTM is to encourage past/present/future writers to come forth and submit entries. This is a chance to learn and grow, and part of the reason I agreed to host. I encourage writers of whatever level of talent to come forward with your story. Let us see what you are capable of.













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     It was a cold October day, and Harold the Baker was doing his normal duties of baking enough donuts to have 20 sets of Bakers Dozens. However, as the day went on, Harold noticed that his supplies were getting low. So, with 10 sets of Bakers Dozens done, he went to the store, to get enough supplies for 10 more sets. However, when he returned to the bakery, he noticed that half of the sets that were already baked were gone. Instead of going back to the store and risking the rest being stolen, he decided to bake up the next 10 sets, and THEN go back to the store.


     When arriving at the store the second time, Harold had noticed something different about it. There were no more ingredients left to make donuts! He walked over in disbelief, when he saw a man with the exact same amount of ingredients he needed. When approaching the man, he turned around and bit Harold on the neck! Surprised, Harold took the closet cookie sheet and clubbed the mysterious neck-biting man to unconsciousness. Harold took the supplies and went back to the bakery. Upon arriving the bakery, he noticed that same man taking his donuts! In a mad rush, Harold grabbed his cookie sheet and again clubbed the mysterious man to unconsciousness. 


     About four hours later, Harold had finally finished making the donuts, and was preparing to box them for delivery. As he finished filling the 19th box with exactly 13 donuts, he noticed that the 20th box would only have 12 donuts. He claimed for this to be impossible, and went to the back room where the mysterious man was laying unconscious. He saw the man eating the final donut! In an extreme rage, Harold took all 259 remaining donuts and shoved each and every donut down the man's throat, until the man couldn't breathe anymore. He looked in horror at the mess he had created, now down 260 donuts, and a dead man who was suffocated to death by donuts.


     Quickly, Harold shut down the little store he had, and opened up a new donut store in Canada. His business ended up BOOMING after moving to Canada, with stores expanding to the USA also! He retired at the old age 74 years old. He became known as Mr. TH, with TH standing as the initials for his successful business, named Tim Hortons.




Thank you @AceOfSpadesMM for the signature! Very much appreciated.

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Little Girl


One day, a man was reading his newspaper, quietly, in front of the TV. He was a quiet gentleman who lived not far from a forest. He had no neighbors and was completely secluded and, above all, alone. As I said, this man was reading his newspaper in front of the TV and he suddenly heard:
- TOC!
They had just knocked at the door. The gentleman got up delicately and headed for the old wooden entrance door. He opened and saw a little girl. She was as pale as a phantom, had long blond curly hair, as pale as her skin, had azure blue eyes, and was dressed in a tall, long white dress covering her feet. The man looked at her for a moment with curiosity before asking:
- What do you want ?
The little girl did not move and no word came out of her mouth. She continued to stare at the gentleman, his eyes empty. The gentleman, uneasy, asked:
- What's your name ?
The girl did not answer. The man, exasperated, closed the door and returned to his armchair.
The next evening the rain dripped on the floor and did not stop. The gentleman, sitting in front of his chair, looked at the information. Suddenly two knocks were heard at the door:
The man got up and opened the door. It was still the little girl who was standing in front of her door. He asked her :
- You want to come in?
The young girl nodded and the gentleman let her pass. Even if he found the girl intriguing enough, he did not want to leave her alone by this time.
He put her in the kitchen and sat down in his big armchair that he loved so much. As soon as he was seated, a flash of info lit up the TV. The journalist's voice was fast and jerky:
- Flash news last minute: A blond girl with blue eyes with a big white dress escaped from a shelter. It is very dangerous therefore we advise you to close all your doors and windows with double turn. Do not let her go home or she'll kill you!
Distraught, the man went to the kitchen to take a knife and suddenly 3 kicks were heard behind him. The gentleman turned quickly and had just the time to see the little girl who brandished a knife on him before giving him the fatal blow.


Caption: If you think of the little girl during the night, she will pay you a visit.

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Title: Dear Diary..


Dear diary, Today went well although I attended a funeral. I don't like people giving me attention or noticing me and surprisingly I didn't get much notice from anyone at the funeral.


Still not sure whose funeral it was, but it must have been someone close because mom and dad kept crying and wouldn't answer me when I asked.


I didn't really do much other than attend that funeral today though. I kept to myself and didn't want to see whose death it was so I avoided checking the coffin.


When we returned home mom and dad left for a dinner or something nicely dressed without a word and their mood went from grieving and crying to happy in the turn of a few seconds which was surprising.


I'm still waiting for them to return I mean who kills their own son just for a bit of misbehaviour and then fake tears like they miss him.


They won't get away with it I'll make sure. I'm waiting for you mommy and daddy. You'll be with me again mommy and daddy, I'll see you in hell.


Final diary entry logging off, For good.


Thank you for reading! I wish I had more time I would have written something bigger but I was busy and wanted to enter before time for entry ended. cus Pb begged me to enter 

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