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[CSGO] - 1v1 MOTD

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[CSGO] - 1v1 Arena MOTD

General Rules

  • No Hacking / Cheating / Scripting / Exploiting. The use of any will warrant a permanent ban
  • No over-using racism (Hard R is a explicit no.)
  • Do not impersonate an Admin/Operator
  • No mic/chat spamming or excessive yelling
  • Listen to admins; They have Final say
  • No advertising or begging
  • No Ghosting
  • English only (voice and text)
  • Don't Loophole the rules


Arena 1v1 Information

128 tick 32 slot 1v1 server
GameMe server stats


Discord Server:  https://discord.gg/23aPdBj

General Commands

!knife - Opens the custom knife menu

!ws - Opens the custom skin menu

!gloves - Opens the custom gloves menu

!challenge or !chal - Opens menu to challenge someone

!guns - Opens guns and round preferences menu

gameme - Opens the stats ranking option menu

!calladmin <message> Call for admin to join the server and help with spammers or hackers


Unique Commands (These do not require  !   /  or  sm_)

place - Shows ranking and points in chat

rank - Gives your servers stats in a detailed manor

top10 - Shows Server top 10 ranked players

guns - Opens guns and round preferences menu


I hope you all feel belonged and have a good time in our Server!

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